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    So I received my order today in the usual timely fashion (two days) and was doubly lucky in that in my order was a "sample" (you know the drill) but it is pink or some shade or other and I have need of pink for an up coming project; so props to Reaper for that one!
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    Cool! Invisible man! and don´t worry about bended swords, they are called scimitars.
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    And now, Dogs & DogZ : (click on this pic to see more)
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    Damien, Prince of Hell There was his older brother again, showing off and stealing souls. It made Damien mad. Everything made him mad. Father said it would be a cold day in the Kingdom when Damien got to take the throne. Well, it was about to start snowing....
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    Yea, there's nothing like a DM killing you with your own dice. I found some 10pc die sets... some in tubes, on ebay. So, I know they're out there. Now I have to worry about the statistics and whether game science dice are worth the trouble...
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    So it seems like Scale 75 is doing another indiegogo. It looks pretty awesome, but sadly too expensive for me. I might pick up something 40 Euro or lower. The shipping is included worldwide which make this a bit better than retail price wise. Even better for the people in the states as well. Here is the link. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/steam-wars-2
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    Brothers will fight and kill each other. It is harsh in the world, an axe age, a sword age. Shields are riven, a wind age, a wolf age, before the world goes headlong. No man will have mercy on another. - Völuspá Here's Tharn Helmsunder the Cleric 02640 leading the way on the battlefield. He was sculpted by Todd Harris. I added hair on his forehead and the shield is from 03643 Aina the Valkyrie sprue. I painted the Midgard snake on his shield and Garmr the blood-stained watchdog on his cloack.
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    I keep forgetting how limited Photo Bucket can be. HOWEVER, I did manage to get the fabrication & priming on the crumbling retaining wall in the Graveyard done. Here are a few W.I.P. photos: AND the Beasty is underway...may I have an "OH BABY!" here? If not a comment or critique would be appreciated...same as always.
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    I feel your pain. I don't like Chessex dice, and finding Koplow dice is becoming more challenging. It would be less challenging if I could order from Koplow direct, but I don't think I can. My Koplow Red & Orange gem dice are brutal. I always lead with those, and then if I feel merciful I switch to Green & Blue gem dice because those are my character killers. (i.e. - the roll so bad they always kill my own characters) My orange gem Koplow are the sole reason my troublesome tiefling lived through everything - I think they've become magical.
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    Koplow sells 10 pc. sets (you'll need to look on the page for the type of dice you're interested in). BTW, Jim, 1997 called and wants its web page back. Darn straight, and that's why I buy so many dice. You can never enslave enough souls.
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    What?! We don't just like her, we luv her!
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    That makes sense, I'm up to try it out though and see which method works best for me. If nothing else I can always just slap on a coat of the stuff, hit it with a dark brown or black wash in the areas that are in shadow and call the metal good until the next time I feel up to trying it out. I have to admit it's been frustrating for me and has kept me from progressing on the two figures I'm working on so that's the main reason I did the throne modifications last night, I had plenty of time to paint, but I just couldn't make myself pick up the brushes to try the NMM again. Changing my train of thought and the topic, I did get a couple of things for a diorama I will be working on very soon, this is really going to be a work I'm creating for my good friend who is also my Pathfinder GM as I think he'll get a kick out of it and he supplied me with the ladies of the night to paint up for him, but as you'll see I have BIGGER plans. The diorama will have 5 figures in it: The three Townsfolk: Ladies of the Night (Reaper SKU #50157) Horace "Action" Jackson (Reaper SKU #80023) Sheriff Deputy Wayne Tisdale (Reaper SKU #80024) LAPD Sheriff's Vehicle 1/43 Scale (Amazon order) The plan in my head for the diorama at this point is the following: Set this up in a modern base on the city street (using street stuff from Worldworks Streets of Legend) at the junction of an alley during the evening Construct a big garbage can from popsicle sticks and plasticard Fire Hydrant (probably made from green stuff) Stop sign and other various props (bought the props from Worldworks) Make some empty soda cans from this tutorial. Brick building(s) or something that looks like brick The scene will be with the ladies of the night hanging out behind Action Jackson who is pointing his gun at the Sheriff Deputy who just got out of his car. Don't know if I'll be entering it into any contests, but I'll see if I can perhaps think of a song for it or see if you fine folks can help me.
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    Update time! The following shots are after 2 layers of yellow on the "armor" plates and a partial second coat of green where I went over those areas that should be more shaded (under arms, lower portions between ridges, etc) and 2 coats of matt coat. I really need a better set-up for taking pictures though. After tearing off his head, I later removed his wings as well as they were getting in the way and getting pigment on them when I didn't want them to. Findings so far: much harder to highlight/shade as desired with the powders. I also need some firmer brushes as the ones I have require a fair bit of force to get the pigments to tint the surface and it's leading to a lot of dusting. I'm either using too much pigment on my brush or I haven't quite figured out the appropriate combination of brush, pigment quantity and elbow grease. My current plan is to add another layer or 2 of green to the darker areas and then do a final full layer as some of the "higher" surfaces need a bit better coverage, plus this should help smooth everything together. Thinking I may need to add inks to my repertoire for this guy though as getting just a tiny bit of pigment into some of the deeper areas to shade without messing up the lighter surfaces is proving problematic. But we'll see.
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    Funnily enough the Koplow dice I bought in the tube are what I call my "party killers."
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    Having been trying to do NMM (and feel like I'm failing at it), I wanted to look into an alternative method. Glad I could provide the link to others like yourself Heidi who will find it useful. Massive Voodoo (Dontfear told me about the site originally) is awesome and seeing what Roman is able to do with figures is crazy. If you ever get a chance and want to see some of the best of the best go check him (who is ranked #2) and others out at Paint and Putty. Edit to add: If you go to Paint and Putty some of the painted figures are NSFW so just a small warning.
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    So, I am officially going to RC14! Plane Tickets already boght, hotel reservations made, just waiting for the classes to be opened and tickets ready to sell. But one question did strike me: What should I bring to the convention? Miniatures to paint, as well as brushes and paint? Miniatures already painted (for show-off and such)? Cowboy hat and blue make-up (to the maskerade ball)? Camera (or what happen in Denton, stays in Denton)? Any suggestions? I will be going with my 9-year-old son (who doesn´t speaks english) Thanks
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    Here's some stuff to tide you over for the next month(-ish) until I can paint again... SDE Candy & Cola (About a year and a half old, and my very first attempt at NMM.) SDE Paladin SDE Sorceress Legion of Everblight Nephilim Soldiers (My first major conversion attempt. They used to be Confrontation Nemesis somethings...) Legion of Everblight EXTREME Carnivean (You'll have to excuse the shine, this was a photo before I applied the matte varnish.) I'll go through my photobucket and post up some more later or tomorrow...
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    Yeah. My favorite is the purple-gray that I used for my PF Red Dragon. Love the samples, it's just too bad they're mistakes in the mixing process. The red I got is a perfect bridge between MSPHD Brick Red and GW's Blood Red. Love you, Reaper! (In a completely platonic fashion, of course.)
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    Not at all...I'm not planning on taking my secret methods to the grave. If you have a question, I'll be glad to answer it.
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    I need to do better with my sculpting, but I am looking forward to trying more of them with the Bones materials.
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    Learning a lot just by asking you questions and reading through your thread, hope you don't mind as I pick your brain.
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    I bought one of those once. Apparently, you can have enough dice...
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    Thanks, Amigo! It's a central piece of insulation foam with the walls done with fan style 1/4" insulation foam. I just draw & carve the stonework.
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    I'm salivating. I wants the paints so bad.
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    Personally, I print mine on cardstock, then glue it to foamcore. But then again, I don't intend to fold mine up. Cardstock is certainly more durable than regular paper, and their other sets have fold lines, cut lines, and score lines.
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    OH BABY! That crumbling wall looks fantastic! What are you using for materials to get that wall done?
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    It's all about the crystals, baby. Paint can get cold and it'll be okay. But if it freezes to form crystals then it'll be all the way dead. My paint frequently gets cold in winter, because I'm far too cheap to pay for heat when I go to sleep. But it also gets regular warming every 7-8 hours so it keeps. Paint in transit usually lives because its passing through enough places to keep warm enough to prevent freezing - but I have an outdoor mailbox and if it gets in there and I don't get to it swiftly then I lose it. Funny thing is, though, that even frozen totally solid I've never had one burst the container. I wonder if it can? I may sacrifice one of my spares to find out.
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    All of these are looking really good! Great conversion on Thanos, can't wait to see more of all of these.
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    Okay folks, some added work... standard deviations apply. First up is the base coating and beginning highlighting work on our Valkyrie: A couple of glazes in on the elf, flesh is next. Vanja, Bones version (inspired by Maglok's version): I am several sessions in on this one, and the base is ALMOST COMPLETELY FINISHED (I rarely do this, as you all usually see). It should be noted this is one of my earliest NMM attempts. I know highlights need to be pushed further, as do shadows, but so far I think she's going pretty well. And, our favorite Mad Titan, Thanos, has some paint on him (as of last night).
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    Look at me, going right down to the wire! Progress has been made, and this post is more of a painting journal entry than anything interesting. One more good session should finish him off. Should. Base (done): Crimson Red basecoat, Walnut Brown wash, Crimson Red + Mystery Tan Sample* drybrush, more Walnut Brown wash, Mystery Tan Sample drybrush, Earth Brown glaze Boots/Belt: Brown Liner basecoat. Next steps: highlights... I'm thinking Ruddy Brown into Mystery Tan Sample Necklace: Brown Liner, with Crimson Red gems. Also shaded the staff gem with some Crimson Red because the orange/white washed it out. Next steps: highlights...orange into white. Touch up the staff gem with a series of the same. Hair: Walnut Brown wash, Earth Brown highlight. Next steps: More highlight, probably Mystery Tan Sample. Horns: Brown Liner basecoat. Next steps: highlights, but not sure which direction to take them. Brownish, but not up as light as the hair. Needs to be similar, but different enough to notice. Maybe use the leather recipe. Butterfly: Sapphire Blue basecoat. Next steps: highlight out to the edges in a fading blue, Brown Liner for body and maybe the edges of the wings. Buttons/Buckles/Studs: To do. Quick and dirty NMM with Armor Grey -> Rainy Grey -> Pure White, finish up pants highlights while I'm doing this, since they're similar colors. *Mystery Tan Sample is something that came in one of my Reaper orders. It looks sort of like a tanned flesh shadow without enough pink to pass for flesh. Sand maybe.
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    Love getting those really cool samples as well Cap'n! Reaper rocks.
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    The second ninth* rule of Fight Tub is, "Tubs are for water." If YouTube is any evidence, you're supposed to have a camera running for that part. 1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT TUB. 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT TUB. 3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over. 4th RULE: Only two cats to a fight. 5th RULE: One fight at a time. 6th RULE: No collars, no bells. 7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to. 8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT TUB, you HAVE to fight. *9th RULE: Tubs are for water
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    Very cool. I'll have to look at it when I get home as my work computer won't allow me to see images from photobucket.
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    Thanks again, ub3r_n3rd! I figure if I've done a terrain piece correctly, every time you look at it you'll see something new. It's hard to get the full effect with just photos, but I'm glad to hear it's coming across anyway. I did a "kind of tutorial" quite awhile ago. After I hunted it down, I could tell just how long ago by somewhat the lesser quality of pieces...of course, there's a date on the post as well. It's a bit down rom the top here: http://boringmordheimforum.forumieren.com/t4674p100-maudeheim-environs-part-i-updated-10-29-13
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    It's cool bro, I'll give it another shot tonight and see if I can clean it up with the NMM for Renault using the tips you and Cash have giving me on it. If I am still unhappy with it after tonight, I will give him a bath and try my hand at the TMM to see if I like that better for myself. A bit of a perfectionist like you, I want it to look good on the table and for the player who will use him, so I've been a little obsessive over how I paint him up. I'm going to try to thin down my paints even more and do some glazing to smooth out the transitions and highlights. Got a new ceramic palette for these glazes since the wet palette just seems to let the glazes run wild all over the dang thing.
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    Wish I was closer, I'd show you how to smooth it out. Its hard to describe in any way you haven't heard though.
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    Thanks a bunch everyone! I'm glad you like her!
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    Its harder because its harder to see what you are doing and metallic paint is just a different beast. if you thin it too much the flake seperates from the rest of the paint and if you don't thin it, it clumps. The biggest problem is determining what is reflection and what is where you have actually painted a highlight.
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    I like some of the Q-workshop dice, but they can be WAY too expensive for what you get...
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    Mummy Warrior is all based up, but I'm still a lamp short so no pictures yet. Did a bit more Frost King:- It might look like nothing has changed, but he now has lovely Oiled Leather based skin. Really pleased with his face, managed to do eyes for once
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    These are the Skrull. An alien race of which some are shape-shifters. Super-Skrull was originally just a Skrull war hero but their emperor had him made into their first super-being combining all the powers of the Fantastic Four. The photo above looks like a version but with the gear and powers of the Avengers.
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    Gamescience dice are kinda nice, but I am a tad disappointed in my set. the numbers are wearing out and need repainting. They aren't even a year old. Of course you can do what I did, and went to the FGS and bought a pound-o-dice
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    Reaper Paints; MSP and HD will be available at the convention. However, they disappear off the rack fast and people tend to not return them right away when they are done. If you are bringing contest entries I would definitely bring at least the colors you need for touch ups. Bring a light (rechargeable if possible, we don't really know what the power situation will be). Reaper does not provide lights for the open painting area, only for the sculptors and instructors. Bring your latest work to show instructors so they have an idea of what you are currently capable of. Bring you brushes and any other tools you might need. Be aware that some of this may have to go into checked baggage rather than carry on or it could be confiscated Glue if you need it, but bag it and then put it in your checked bag. Odds are someone will have this at the show already. Money to barter with the vendors for cool stuff..
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    rosemary loaf, or cookies,it went in a noble cause and not in vain
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    The thing that has caused him the most problems though is not communicating. Burying your head in the sand won't make the problem go away, and it will make those who were excited irritated, then move on to angry. If he'd just said - hey, its more expensive than I realized to ship, I will ship all of them but its going to take me time to raise the money but if you want yours faster send postage (my assumption of what went wrong - I'm just guessing) then I'm guessing a lot of us would have sent him postage.
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    Totally agree, those mushrooms are awesome. You just fill the world with SO many tiny details that we have to look at your work a few times to see most (never all) of what you are able to do. Have you ever done a tutorial on how you create your mushrooms?
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    I'll have to try these out. I need more parchment paper anyway as the last bit went to making a rosemary loaf on a baking stone... Or cookies. It might have been cookies... I suppose it'd be worth it to give the snail dish a break!
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    Woo! You got a stomp from OneBoot! Never stolen, imitated! Remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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    My table's DM has been using the same 4d6 for 30+ years to ONLY roll up his characters and they ALWAYS give him amazing rolls, so good in fact that he will usually deduct some points from his rolls so that he's better balanced with the rest of the party voluntarily. He says he has never used them for anything else, they are hidden away at his house and he doesn't bring them to the table unless he needs to roll up a character. I loaned a set of red dice to another guy at our table while he was DM'ing one day and I will never do so again, that red set was HOT in his hands, he rolled openly and almost TPK'd us 3-4 times, kept rolling 20's.
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