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    Only that they're really bad at choosing names. You don't think it could help them penetrate the terrain market?
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    Today is the first day I came home to no "likes" or anything else in my notifications section. Apparently, if you don't post anything much for a few days, people don't give you any likes...
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    Well everyone, the long battle is finally won! I just put the finishing touches on Sadie (erm... Sophie) Stormcrow and took the pictures! I'll wait to put her in the show-off section or on my FaceBook page until after her big reveal at Genghis Con, but I couldn't resist showing her off to all of you guys! Thank you so much for all of the excellent feedback and advice; she is definitely my best mini to date by quite a bit, and I couldn't have done it without your help! Genghis Con here I come!!!
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    Irony = Washing down vitamins with a can of soda. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I think I'm synchronizing with the cat. All I want to do is eat and sleep. A nice scratch wouldn't hurt, either.
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    Red hair: I start with gw deathclaw brown Wash with p3 battlefield brown Reclaim the midtone by painting every raised surface with the base color Then hit the most prominent areas with a 50 50 mix of the base and tau light ochre, a yellowy orangey brown. Now just the tau light ochre, a little bit less than the last shade. Now the very highest points with menoth white highlight, a nice warm white. Lastly, a watered down sepia wash. Hit the very brightest highlights again with the white. Here is the front so you can see a smooth area. Sorry for the crappy pics cell phone and all.
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    Just read the creators kickstarter bio... He's from Cockeysville MD. I'm not familiar with it. Is it a big place?
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    The Force is strong in this cat. When you go to feed him, do you get a sense that this was not the food he was looking for?
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    Been off for a while. Busy life! But had some time for some painting to relax...
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    Only that they're really bad at choosing names.
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    BlueJays? that sounds like Bluejays. I had some swallows visit my porch years ago. They would pull up sharply and 'jettison' any excess weight they might be hauling just as they zipped under the eave. Kept leaving little white splats all over my blue front door. So to discourage this I bought an Owl. Not a real one. I am much too lazy to be feeding an Owl. Probably not legal anyhow. I brought a proper fake owl, made of realistically tinted and coloured plastic. I planted him up underneath the eaves looking at the front door and overlooking the usual approach pattern the swallows were using. I got to see it work once. A swallow cruised down my sidewalk, pulled up sharply (apparently empty; there was no splat) he pivoted to land on the ledge opposite the door and then... Panic!! Emergency vertical dive! pull out almost on the deck, full afterburners, zoom and flee !!! But they got wise to it. A few weeks after seeing the panicked swallow I noticed they had built a nest right at the feet of 'their buddy' the owl sculpture. After observing them a bit more I learned that they were common Barn Swallows and that they eat flying insects. I detest all flying insects. So, I let the swallows have their way and just didn't use the front door much.
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    Pictures! Life has decided that I am not allowed to sleep. But I finally got the chance to take pictures this weekend! I am absolutely in awe of the amazing paint jobs that Leapardpixie achieved, and the bases are just amazing as well! So, here is what I received: All together this includes 3 painted minis, a bones Fire Giant Queen, and a happy seppuku stamp. I cannot express how happy these make me. And here are pics of the individual pained minis. Thank you so much!
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    The complete and over-wordy WIP is on my blog. Pictures are "larger" there too, skip all the words and scroll down to the bottom. It's been over two years since I gave a real go at painting/finishing something so I'm actually pleased with the result. Saw a few mold lines and clean-up I could do better, but I beat myself up too much; and my friend enjoyed his belated birthday gift.
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    It's been a long time since my last post. I've been very busy though and took pictures along the way; I just haven't had time to post until tonight. Feet: Someone on here (can't remember who) asked me to give details on how I do feet, so I took step-by-step photos. 1. Figure out the proportion of the foot. The length of the foot from heel to toe should be about as long as from the ground to slightly under mid shin. I mark the foot boundaries on the cork and then take an appropriate amount of putty, roll it to the rough shape, and press it into place. I should note that I also pulled the armatures up by about a mm to make room for the soles of their sandals 2. Invariably, I always put too much putty down at first, but that is good because it allows me to pin the foot down as I cut away excess. 3. I then spend a lot of time getting the shape of the foot right, smoothing it with my clay shapers. 4. I cut the sole of the sandals in under the foot shape. 5. Once the feet are shaped, I cut in the toes. Toes are proportionally in three equal sections: the big toe, the two center toes, and the two outer toes. Given this, I first use a sharp edged tool to cut the toes in three equal parts. 6. I cut the center and outer sections into two toes each. 7. Finally, I press in the nails and spend time detailing the toes and making sure that the feet are right. You'll not that I left a hole at the base of the big toe for the sandal thong to come through later. One thing you may note here is that the feet look too short and chubby. Part of that is the foreshortening in the photos. The other part is an optical illusion caused by the lack of leg. They'll look correct once I get the legs on. This is a good example of why it is important to know anatomical proportions and to stick to them. If I were to sculpt by gut feel here, I'd likely sculpt them too large and then have to rework them later. Measuring first saves me from that. Next, I'll post on the sculpting of the legs. Andy
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    Does it work in reverse? Because I'd like to give the Barbarian a Development Action Plan memo outlining where he could mitigate some perfomance issues and synergize with the rest of the team to actualize their potentials. His behaviour is disruptive to workplace efficiency and harmony, and management cannot authorize his promotion at this time. But he's a valued member of our organization, so we would like to find a way to work with him to support his continued growth in excellence. Barbarian: "What funny words mean?" Cleric: "It means stop breaking all the magic items, you oaf."
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    You're taking it personally. It's not personal. Moreover, it's not just the people here with concerns that are taking a risk. You are also taking a risk. If you take people's money and OW doesn't deliver, you are responsible for it. You took the money. If you are not incorporated, you may personally be responsible for it. Have you done a risk-assessment for worst case scenario if OW fails to deliver and you're on the hook for that portion of the money? Whether you consider yourself a creator and a writer first, you still have to reckon with hard business realities here. Whether your previous efforts have been successful or not, each project carries its own risks and challenges. What's at stake here is that you could find yourself ruined by this if things go badly - so you should be doing everything you can to mitigate your risks. I'm not trying to sink your project or beat up on you. I'm trying to get you to see that you have some salient issues to address, issues which would remain a reality for you whether I had said anything or not. I would very much like to see you succeed. I have concerns you may not, mostly due to your risky partnership. These are concerns which you can address and rectify, and you should. It is in your own personal interest to do this. That is what makes the crucial difference between successful projects and those that join the long (and growing) list of crowdfund horrors. Business realities may offend your sensibilities as an artist, and that's fine. Business realities often offend my sensibilities as an artist, too. But they are still business realities - monsters to be reckoned with. You can choose to be personally offended if you want, it doesn't matter to me. I'm not the one running risks here. Or you can choose not to take it personally, and deal with things so that your chances of success significantly improve. I want you to succeed. Do you want you to succeed? If that answer is affirmative, then you have to take a hard look at what people have told you here and make absolutely certain that you have done everything to achieve that end result. Presently I do not think this is the case, and I think you have put far too much of your own personal stakes into the hands of a third party who has proven unreliable. That terrifies me, and it should terrify you even more. Because however mean you think I might be by saying this, it's nothing compared to the reality you'll face if things go badly here. I'm just words on the internet - your project is dealing with real money.
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    On a sidenote, first mold, first cast! Woooo! Of course it's full of bubbles and stuff, but still, it works! Next up, probably basing Remorhaz/Colossal skeleton.
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    Well...i'm a conflicted person. I have a bird feeder, always had one. Today, i open the blinds and find a hawk eating a bird in my back yard >.< on one hand, it's neat to see a hawk up close like that... on the other....my biirrrrrddsss..... edit for a link to the culprit! Caught him on camera, guilty as charged! http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d58/Sirithiliel/DSC01096_zps99e87753.jpg
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    I was enjoying it until the Tolkien-is-a-racist BS showed up. Sorry, tLotR is NOT racist, and neither was The Professor. Modern critics prove their vast ignorance and just plain idiocy directing a modern lens and post-Freudian/modern imperialist revisionism at what is clearly and in the author's own words, an attempt at creating a mythology for Britain. Tolkien was born around (and as a child, rather adored by) people of color, and was quite fond of Jews, once replying to the question of whether Tolkien was a Jewish name by saying he was "honored" somebody would think of him as belonging to the Jewish people. He was on the whole, a rather gentle man. Sorry to derail, but that violently jarred me out of what was until then a quite enjoyable little piece.
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    Here are my D'Orks (Dark Orcs) that I finished back in Novemeber (I think) of 2013. I finally got them mounted on some bases. Bases were an experiment. Wanted to practice pinning into bases before doing my Gnomes/Wyrmgear diorama. Bases were just standard 25mm square with bits of grey stuff left over from working on my minotaur conversion mashed down with a Hirst Arts floor tile for texture. Colours on the base were to try out some of the P3 colours my wife got me for Christmas. Going for a mildew-y underground caves sort of feel.
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    Seeing as Bones II is on the way with 400+ more models (wee) I decided to go buckyballâ„¢ on some of the easy ones from the first :P Here's all the rats: I did the first 18 in 3x different browns + grey, off-white and black, one of each sculpt in each color. Then I did the final 5 that were left in two tones, some of which I think came out pretty nice. Next I really need to finish those spiders + spider swarms, and a bat swarm I have base coated. And maybe the gibbering mouther thing, maybe. It has sooo many eyes and teeth, and things. Now who wants to take that quest to rid the cellar of rats?
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    Well, here we go with another installment in my Ral Partha Forgotten Realms Miniature Set, Wulfgar son of Beornegar. For the Icewind Dale fans out there, I realize now I could have gone with my same basing method but changed the color to white. Here are some links to previous characters I've finished from the set [Bruenor] [Alias] [Elminster] Thanks for viewing.
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    And just like that a bottle magically appears..... The bottle appeared but it did not feel like taking the cold trip home! (I left it on my desk ) The rocks painted in a wash of earth brown and some GW grass added.. not bad for a first shot!