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    Damien, Hellborn Wizard converted to a Schubertian Gunslinger. Reaper Bones version, using the Bones Black Mist as a donor.
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    FIGURE...REAPER (# 02329 = SIOBHANA VAMPIRE QUEEN)... TITLE...Vampire Countess Gabriel Cane getting ready to drink a goblet of blood... ENTRY...This will be my 2nd entry in the (Painting Excuses/Jan-Feb 2014...Challenge Contest)... Hope that you like it. Paul (Catdancer)...
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    Nearly finished: Armoured Dragon by kittykat23uk, on Flickr Untitled photo by kittykat23uk, on Flickr Armoured Dragon by kittykat23uk, on Flickr Armoured Dragon by kittykat23uk, on Flickr Just need to touch up, glue the knight down and so on..
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    I SEE THE WORDS YOU TYPED AND I UNDERSTAND THEM. This guy looks great, very sneaky hiding your WIP in the WIP thread that's not your WIP thread! Oh, wait you painted him last year :) I might be able to beat your inception to completion span! Probably not.
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    Some of them can be painted to look differently...you'd be amazed at just how different two copies of the same figure can look with different paint jobs. Case in point, I have this fig done up as a Drow, and the difference between it and the one in the gallery are night and day. It sounds like on most, age is the biggest concern. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/male%20paladin/sku-down/14267 looks like its age is going to be wholly paint-job dependent [and the wings are a separate piece]. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/male%20paladin/sku-down/03039 I can't get a good look at the head of, but may also work. And "Praying Paladin" might work, since the face is largely obscured. Drexel's got a goatee that could easily be filed off, and that looks to be one of the easier sword conversions due to how he's holding it...and as it's so large, gives you a large range of replacements to work with. Bones are a give and take, when it comes to working with them. I wouldn't call them easier or harder, more that you need different techniques, or new ways to do old tricks, due to the difference in material. Pewter takes very well to filing, whereas bones need clean, smooth slices with a hobby knife to remove mold lines, for example. When drilling, Pewter you can use an exact size bit all the time, every time; Bones are slightly stretchy, and so a pin might not fit when using an 'exact size' drill bit...but always do exact size first; you can make a small hole bigger, but making a big hole smaller is an ordeal! So on, so forth. And of course, Bones being plastic mean no overheating drills, no getting spattered with molten metal, ease of clipping with a set of shears...and if you make an irreparable goof, you're out 1/3rd the cost. Mixing metal and plastic you have to be careful not to upset the balance, especially when putting metal in something held high and off-center like a sword...but putting the finished figure on a base, or even going the extra mile to use a hollow-bottom base and gluing a few washers [or nickels] to the underside, will help keep it upright.
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    If they did move forward with the project, don't know how without Egon, but it would be nice to see a CGI ghost of him in the movie as a little tribute.
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    I went for smoke:- I didn't want it too dark, so its just Linen White with a Light Grey wash, then Linen White highlights. I made a start on the gun, but I'm stuck on colours again. Finished all the Bones on my table, but I'm having difficulties taking piccys at the moment (as I thought my old set-up doesn't work with my new lamp), so I'll just show my finished Elf Swordswoman:- She's still looking rather angry. Do I really need finished pictures, with a background and everything? Its not like I submit my stuff to competitions and things, and it seems like such a waste of time to work out the lighting again, when I can get decent WIP pics very easily. With my Elf finished, I've started a new Bones to work on in the gaps, Goblin Girl:- I've gone with a classic green Goblin to get some practice with weird skintones (and lessen my reliance on Flesh Wash). Her skin starts with 3:2 Peacock Green/Sick Green, then pure Sick Green, then 1:1 Sick Green/Linen White. I think the shade layer needs to be a bit darker though.
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    I too have progressed on the mini. Still trying to figure out the base but thanks to Willen and others on the forum, I have started looking around the spice cabinet and other less obvious locations for materials. I hope I seal it well enough that the drug dogs wont react to it during shipment!
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    That would depend on the sculpt. Almaran should handle it fine, so long as the metal sword isn't too large. Bones are easier because you can cut away unwanted material so easily. Also, superglue acts almost like a weld on them, so you don't normally need as much pinning as you do in metal. To swap the shield you'll need to carve away the old one without damaging his shield arm. This can be done in either material, but is a lot easier in Bones plastic. You will likely need to put him on a base though if you add metal. This will add to his stability. Personally, I base everything, so even telling you this was an afterthought.
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    I wrote this for my 4yo and my goal is for him to know all these words by age 5. Copyright: ME! MINE! etc. Once upon a time - and let us be very sure about this, for the castle was built upon the World Clock and was itself made of smaller clocks - there lived a clockwork princess. The princess, though she was built of gears and cogs and springs, was nevertheless quite as pretty as all princesses were required by law to be, there in the palace of clocks upon the World Clock. Why such a law was made is a long and grandiose tale, but alas, it is not this tale. The princess’s father was named King Westminster Chime, but he was old and had long since wound down and her mother was constantly busy with affairs of state, so Princess Chime (for those were her first and her last names) was left largely to herself. She liked nothing better than to escape the clutches of her nurse and run off alone into the forest. Why is there a forest on a clock, near a palace of clocks, built upon the World Clock? I do not yet know, but when I do I shall tell you that tale as well. The forest was deep, dark, and green with verdigris, filled with the gentle tick-tock-ticking of the trees in the breeze. She would chase the delightful little creatures that lived in the roots, and be chased by them in turn. Her nurse would follow the shrieks of laughter and find the clockwork princess, grimy with verdigris, cogs in her hair, and gravely near to breaking the law of the palace of clocks that all princesses must be beautiful. She would scold the princess as she led her home through the tick-tock-ticking of the trees in the breeze. She would lock the princess up in the clock that was her bedroom in the three o’clock tower in the palace of clocks, overlooking the forest on a clock, near a palace of clocks, and scold her some more. “Yes, Nurse,†the princess would say every time, and plot her next escape. This is how the princess lived her life as days ticked into months ticked into years and the princess was no longer quite so young. She now took her nurse into the forest with her, and they sat and read books under the verdigris trees tick-tock-ticking in the breeze. What was in those lovely books? I do not know and I cannot ask, for the world has turned and ticked and no longer do I know the way over the World Clock to the clockwork palace made of clocks. Now it happened that the World Clock ticked on, as it sometimes does, and the lands and cogs changed around the palace of clocks. One dreadful Saturday the princess looked out of her window of the clock that was her bedroom in the three o’clock tower in the palace of clocks. She shrieked a clockwork scream, for the forest was no longer nearby. Instead was a catacomb of clockwork caves and cogs into which the princess was never allowed to go. She explored the catacomb of clockwork caves and cogs one furtive Thursday afternoon, but instead of the gentle tick-tock-ticking of trees in the breeze there was a hideous echoing clack-clonk-clank from deep within. Instead of being green with forest verdigris, the clockwork catacomb of caves and cogs was red with rust and grimy with grease. The princess was fortunate that she did not explore far in, for deep in the catacomb of clockwork and cogs lived a Clackling Garumphant. What is a Garumphant? It is like an aunteater, a little like a hellephant, and a lot like a knightmare. What are these? I shall never be able to tell you, lest fear turn you into one of these yourself. Clack! Clonk! Clack! its clackling claws clattered up the catacomb of cogs and clocks. It emerged from the clockwork cave and with its clutching claws went to snitch! snatch! catch! at the princess, but she had already run far away. The Garumphant crouched and coughed, grumbled and grimaced, and waited just inside the cover of the cavern’s front door. Friday morning came and went, and nowhere in the clockwork castle could the princess be found, for she had climbed the tallest clockwork five o’clock tower and stayed there weeping for her forest until four o’clock in the afternoon. However, at two o’clock her nurse ran to the queen. “I cannot find the princess!†she wept. At two-thirty the queen went to the captain of the guard. “The princess is missing!†she cried. At three o’clock the captain went to the soldiers. “We must find the princess!†he shouted, and at three-thirty all the king’s horses and all the king’s men galloped out of the palace of clocks, though the king himself had years ago wound down. The search soon led them to the catacomb of clocks and cogs. “Is she in there?†said a soldier. “She may be,†replied a rider. “She must be!†cried the captain, and in they went. The Clackling Garumphant giggled at the soldiers in its cave, and with its clutching claws went to snitch! snatch! catch! at the soldiers. The clutching claws caught them all, and with a garumphant gobble it ATE THEM ALL UP. So it was a very quiet castle of clocks that Princess Chime found when she descended from the tallest clockwork five-o’clock tower at four o’clock in the afternoon. For her naughtiness in disappearing and for her own safety, her mother and her nurse locked her in her bedroom in the three o’clock tower and set the only remaining guard to watch her door. “Yes Mother. Yes Nurse,†the princess said, and the door had not yet latched before she had let herself out the window on a rope of sheets and gears. No sooner had the princess reached the ground that she remembered all the things she had forgotten to bring with her, so she snuck back into the clockwork castle by way of the stables, and crept through amidst the tick-tick-ticking of the clockwork horses and the burnished brass shine of their flanks in the pale afternoon sunlight. The sunlight was so nice and her day had been so tiring that she was soon asleep in the straw. Now the Clackling Garumphant was a clever one, and furthermore had not enjoyed such a meal in a tree’s worth of years. Thus it was that when his narrowed eyes espied the princess on the castle grounds, his stomach gave a great growl as he slowly stretched up the caveside wall to the wide window of rock to see her better. He resolved then and there to make her his bride and then his dinner, for his mother had told him many a tale just as I am telling you this one, and he knew how monsters were supposed to act in fairy tales. Even though monsters in fairy tales were usually killed by the charming prince, sometimes the monsters won. The Clackling Garumphant burped and tasted charming nobility. He grinned, cleaned his teeth with a mangled sword, and set out. Clack! Clonk! Clack! its clackling claws clattered up the catacomb of cogs and clocks. Clop! Clatter! Cloph! it clambered on its claws through the castle gardens and flagstone gears. Creeeeak! went the stable doors, for of course no monster ever uses the front gates, not if he wants to survive. In addition to all her other princess skills Princess Chime had incredibly acute hearing, so as soon as the doors creaked, she was up and across the stable floor. She hid behind the rack of saddles and bridles and watched the Clackling Garumphant skulk and grouch his way inside. “Grumble, grobble grouch,†muttered the Clackling Garumphant as it nosed noisily near where the princess had nearly neatly hid. “HYAAA!†shrieked the princess as she leaped from hiding onto the Clackling Garumphant’s back, for she knew that he would try to either marry or eat her or both, and she wanted none of it. “Graaaaaugh!†grelphed the Garumphant, but it was no use. In an eyeblink the princess had fastened saddle, reins, bit, and bridle to the Clackling Garumphant and rode him on a merry five and a half times around the castle and three and three-quarters times through the clockwork forest. She rode the Clackling galloping Garumphant all that afternoon and all that evening and quite missed her dinner. She rode it until he agreed to burp up all the knights and never come near the clockwork forest or the clockwork palace, there on the World Clock. With that accomplished, the princess and the knights returned home in time for pudding. She then lived happly ever after, at least until the next Thursday when she had another adventure.
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    Hmmm PAX is in Melbourne from Oct 31 - November 2nd. I'll be going with my sister, brother in law and little nephew (he'll be 1 year and 3 months old). We've decided we are going to be going as an adventuring party.... Ie my sister (or brother in law) is going as a warlock... Oscar (my Nephew) will be going as the minion (headband with horns... chewable tail etc) I'll be going as a wizard/mage/caster... now to put together my costume. This is going to be exciting!
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    bah... just pick them all, paint them up... and play with the one you like the best! Seriously, what is a dozen or so minis? As long as you are under 20*, you should be fine! *and 20 is a board insiders joke... as that is how high a goblin can count, so our board goblin, Buglips, never has more than 20 miniatures at any one time...
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    Disney's not hiring Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel so that they can limit their character's screen time.
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    Just found these forums today....just found this thread 5 minutes ago. Holy cow!!! The progression of your skill is impressive! What a way to build your skill. And congrats on your 1st place! Really, very impressive. I have zero artistic talent, I butcher a stick figure drawing, but I have a few friends who are amazing at this stuff. You though, have really learned this craft well. Anyhow, even though I have no skill I figured I would share in your glory and give a thumbsup! Thanks for sharing!
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    Masterful. The hot/cold play brought in with the teal is just great.
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    Actually, watching paint dry can be very-- ... ... Never mind.
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    And there goes Ghostbusters III. Actually I think I liked him best in Stripes.
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    New update The items are through customs and are in their indy shipping hub. Soon it will be in their warehouse and they will focus on shipping. Also some shots of their miniatures:
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    Lee Pace is playing Ronan. I think he will be a major villain, though they have been keeping his character look under wraps. I'm guessing he won't be be revealed until one of the final trailers. Here is a toy though, paired with Starlord, showing approximately how he will look.
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    To be perfectly honest I doubt it would be suitable. That sword is about 4.5cm long! That would be bigger than the minis
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    Thanks Qwyk! I did see him and he was actually a model I was mulling over last night. I do admit, it is difficult for me simply because some friends and I were laughing so hard at the mustache...it's impossible for me to imagine the fig without that lol...I literally feel torn between about 15 figs for varying reasons and I have no idea how to narrow them down. Sigh lol You know the answer. Make a list, grab your d20, and roll. Done in one. In reality, you probably won't want the first result. If that's the case, he shouldn't be on your list, you can cross him off and roll again.
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    Fantastic work. I've never been very successful with this technique, so it's good to see how it can turn out :)
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    Loved seeing these! I feel so lazy and turtley enough for the turtle club when I see how many minis everyone else has done… LOL! Great work!
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    Took 2 months, and multiple emails, but I did finally get my Black Tree Design Daleks this weekend. In thier defense, I had ordered a 152mm Soviet howitzer, and they said the mold busted. They were hoping to fix it, but were not able to - said howitzer is no longer available on their website. And after I talked to them over email, they sent me an alternate cannon that was $2.50 more for no upgrade cost, and had a hand written note apologizing for how late the order was. I think their operations are much better, now that they moved most everything to Texas, rather than having it in the UK.
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    My thought regarding the rainbow, actually, was to start with a simple white base, cover it with silver (to give it a little shimmer) then try to do a butter-smooth transition across it with clear paints, starting with red, moving to yellow, then out to blue and violet. However, that's not what I'm going to do. I'm going to save the idea for another time. I've carved my runestone. It was a lot harder than I thought, I've never worked in runes quite this small before. Usually I'm carving them into leather at about three-quarters of an inch each, or onto wood about half that. These were like two mm. But, WIP! Sorry if the pictures aren't quite up to my usual high resolution standard, because of where I am I took them on my tablet. First I mixed up my epoxy and covered the face: For scale, by the way, it's about the same size as the last joint of my thumb. I tried to blend it with the rest of it as smoothly as I could, so there aren't any cracks between the epoxy and the clay, and when it's painted it will look like a single piece. Here are the sides: Then I used my texturing tool... ...to mark up the face and sides to give it an uneven appearance. The face is going to get drawn over, so I doubt much of this texture will survive, but it gives me a "safety net" in case I miss it. I then let it cure for about an hour, so it's a bit stiffer. I wonder if this was a mistake, and I would have gotten less "pulling" if i worked on it completely fresh. Anyway, I first made the outline, then I carved the runes. I went back over it several times to pull the epoxy back into place - carving it will pull it out of place. If anyone is interested, when writing is rendered in runes it follows slightly different rules than ones in Roman letters - you don't put in double consonants and accented vowels (long vowels, in pronunciation,) look the same as non accented vowels. "Ae" is a single letter, as is "th" and "ng." I was able to fit the whole line save "and men." It presently reads "Þat var grat ok hafði atta fætr, ok er sa hestr beztr með goðum" (He was grey and had eight feet, and was the best horse among gods.) Tonight I wash it, prime it, then tomorrow I can start painting it. I'm tempted to try and get the letters red, any suggestions there? My thought would be to paint it light grey, wash it dark red, then lightly cover up the red on the high spots, possibly through drybrushing. Then maybe do a very controlled black wash in the non-red areas.
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    Looking Fantastic Citrine ! Bunader really reflects the Day ! Thanks for sharing this !
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    I'm looking forward to Mercs: Recon too! These guys are awesome.
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    Great job on a cool figure. Nice and savage.
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    Geez, I can't believe that I went a whole week w/out bragging about this here, but I played in an FFG Store Championship last week and got 3rd/4th place. (The prizes were identical: acrylic range sticks, and it was super late, so we didn't play a game. I could have taken him tho!) We had 16 players, and only 8 of them were from my league which was really awesome. We had expected to comprise the majority of the players there. (Guess we were still 50%). I've been suffering from a bit of Analysis Paralysis lately when it comes to squad building, so I decided to KISS and flew 3x Bounty Hunters. I went 2-0 in my first two games. Game one vs someone I hadn't met before, who was flying Wedge, Ten Numb, and Jan (Hawk). He made a mistake on his 2nd turn and split Wedge away from Ten b/c he wanted Ten to stay at 3rd range to use his Heavy Laser Cannon, but that meant for 1 round that Ten didn't get to shoot. Wedge put like 3 hits on my front ship, and I whiffed on my return fire, but on the next turn he misjudged a move and landed Wedge on a rock. Turn after that I blocked Wedge w/my rear ship and finished him off, so 1/3 of his squad only got to shoot once. Ten got in a bunch of incredible shots: w/the bonus die from Jan he scored 5 hits, 4 hits, and 5 hits in a row, but I maneuvered my ships so that he couldn't shoot at the same target every time. I did finally lose a ship, but won 100-33. 2nd game was vs a guy from our league who was running the Rebel Convoy (2 base YT's, and 2 Y-Wings w/Ion Turrets). It sucks to play against b/c it has a metric ton of HP and is all about action denial. At least usually it does. I liked my match up tho. On the first turn we could shoot, he tried to block my front 2 ships (they were in a reverse triangle formation) which would have meant that neither of them could shoot his ship. But I ended up literally 3mm short of his ship and all 3 of mine lit his up. 1 turn of shooting and his freighter only had 1 HP left on it. The next turn I killed that one and split some fire between Y-Wings b/c of where he'd moved them. Next turn I rallied and finished off 1 Y-Wing and it was pretty much over from there. For a few minutes I was worried that I wasn't going to kill off his last Y-Wing and wouldn't get a "Full" win, but after whiffing on 2 attacks in a row, I scored 3 Crits on a range 1 shot and put him down with just a couple minutes left in the match. We were doing 3 Swiss rounds, and that put me w/10 points against the only other 10 pt player in the tournament, who just happens to be one of my best buddies in our league. I also haven't beaten him since the first time we ever played, which was his first week in the league. Ugh. He was running 2 YT freighters: Lando and Chewie, each w/Gunner and Expert Handling. It was just too much for me to handle. He could fly circles around me and did a great job of never letting all 3 of my ships get shots in on the same target. It also really hurt that both of his ships shot before any of mine. Towards the end I had Lando down to only 1 HP, but my ships were spread out (got split up in the asteroids) and he cornered them one at a time. He killed my first BH off before it could shoot, so Lando still had 1 HP left. Ditto 2 turns later when he killed my second BH, and then he kept Lando away while Chewie finished off my 3rd. I was worried that I wouldn't make the cut to top 4, but strength of schedule put me in 3rd place against another league guy who I've never beaten, but I liked my Bounty Hunters against his TIE swarm. It matched up well. But then right before the end of the round, one guy conceded his match to his opponent, which meant the winner got a full win (5 pts) instead of a modified win (3 pts). That gave the winner enough points to jump from 5th to 3rd place and bumped me down to 4th*. Which meant that I had to play the #1 seed, who'd just pawned me in round 3. The semis didn't go any better for me. I actually played a hella lot better game, and pulled off some amazing moves during the first 3 rounds of shooting, and kept all 3 of my ships in good shooting position, but my dice crapped out. I had 2 ships both w/a TL and Focus tokens, shooting from range 2, and only managed to get 2 hits. Argh! If I'd managed 5 or 6 I would have been in a position to kill Lando on the next turn and at that point I think I could have finished off Chewie w/3:1 odds, but it wasn't meant to be. In the end, my opponent, Evan, went on to win the whole thing. * I was pretty upset about this at first b/c of how it changed the field, and I thought it was a cheap way to get 2 points in the rankings, but I later found out that the guy who'd conceded had originally set up 3 of his ships backwards and they should have flown off of the map on his first turn. The guy from our league let him flip his ships around and continue playing, so his opponent conceded since their game shouldn't have been as close as it was in the end. I have no idea how you could do something so obviously stupid, but then again the guy was the spitting image of Getty Lee from Rush, and looked like he'd done more than his fair share of recreational experimentation, so who knows?
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    It's funny, with all the great work he did through his life, I'll always remember him on SCTV foremost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp5RdnkF-4k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXlHuRU-n24 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BftMylPpChw 69 is way too young, but you can't lead a much fuller life.
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    I had forgotten to post the photo of the green stuff mods I did. Someone might find it interesting or useful.
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    Hands are really cool. Like this guy alot. He would be terrifying in game to come up against.
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    Holy cow. Love this. awesome colors and shading.
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    A very talented and funny soul who will be missed.
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    Andoran, Steel Falcon from the Pathfinder line seems like a perfect fit. His mustache is easy to remove. Has the sword and shield, plate, and already has an eagle/falcon motif.
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    The wings are included in the blister, you can keep 'em if you want 'em...they're just a separate piece, which are the easiest kind to remove! Also: That sword looks similar enough it should be a straight swap. Go as per the quartermaster not understanding you, weight the base if you have to, and you shouldn't have any issues at all.
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    Egon was my favourite :( Huge shame
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    No you dont need to go the whole light box setup route for pictures. The goblin girls comes through quite crisp and (I assume) the colors look like they are true to real life. You are correct that the skin shadow does not seem to show as much as the midotne and highlight. (but this could be the camera and lighting situation... see above)
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    I really like where the NMM is going, and all your practice with glowing objects is making this guy come along perfectly! (Even if he is in sunlight. )
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    purple, or more of the teal would probably help with the highlights on the base. I like the idea of purple, and I think it might help differentiate the base from the boss.
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    A non-saturate purple might just be what is needed as a glaze color. The highlights on the elemental himself pull blue/blue-green to counterbalance the red/orange in the lava, which is perfect, and beautiful. But to differenate the rocks, a purple to balance out the yellow might be what is needed. And then it's not the same hue as in the elemental. But I don't know if I would go very purple purple... so a brown/grey/purple might work well. And break a leg at Reapercon! Wish I could be there as well!
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    Thanks everyone! Thes- I think you're right! I couldn't pin down what bothered me about them. I was thinking of glazing more walnut or purple into them. I'll fiddle. If I make it before the 3rd- great! If not, I'll just take him with me to Reapercon. You can do it Cash! Push to the finish. I swear, my apathy when it comes to orange really killed my motivation on this guy. I feel your pain!
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    I like the eyes, but they do not scream cat like.
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    Very nice! Excellent use of colors!
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    I might as well be the voice of dissent. Lol ;-). In general the arch is a good idea, but it looks off the way you mocked it up as you have a curved set of stairs. Coming through the arch to the first curve step suggests odd engineering. If you use this arch i would suggest angling it to have its opening parallel to the face of the first step. Now i will waddle off and pretend i am doing something useful...
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