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    As I mentioned in my Show Off threads about the frost giants I painted, I'm running Against the Giants for my players, so I've been painting like crazy to try to finish all the miniatures I'll need before we get to each section of the adventure. They are still facing the frost giants, but the fire giants are next. I love the Bones Reaper giants and was eager to paint them, but I also really wanted to paint up a mini suitable for Fruppy, the hideous wife of King Snurre Ironbelly. So I used Talanka, ogre shaman, a Reaper metal miniature, and painted her as Fruppy, Queen of Fire Giants. The Bones Reaper fire giantess will be Snurre's paramour. First up, Fruppy (I photographed her on pieces from the Dwarven Forge hellscape set so she would feel and look at home).
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    Next are the two regular Bones male fire giants. I have the fire giant king part way done, but he still needs a lot more work so I will post him later when I finish him.
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    Next is the Bones female fire giant. I was happy with how the highlights on her hair turned out, especially from the front, but noticed only after I took the pics that I missed a big mold line on her hair, and that I forgot to highlight her crown. I guess she will need some touch ups.
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    Painted this one up fairly quick and thought I would post. Fun model to paint. No issues which was nice. He comes close to the color scheme of my Everblight army, but enough stands out to keep him from getting mixed up. Hope you enjoy.
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    Next, the other male fire giant.
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    More pics of the same giant.
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    Hi all, here's another WIP that I've started. These are two miniatures I received from two separate Red Box Games kickstarters. A barbarian and an orc. Here they are primed and ready for some paint. Front view Skin Base Coat and Fur Base Coat on the barbarian, and the still drying skin on the orc The orc brute is a slight conversion, I used one of the spare heads from the orc warlord on the head of the orc brute for a more menacing look. I can't wait to get this orc painted up because I can just envision him dragging that cruel and jagged blade on the ground as he approaches a foe (probably the barbarian!) Thanks for looking! I'm hoping you enjoy the ride as I work through this duo during the week.
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    Once the snow clears I have a plan for the Juncos. Since they did previously nest in the spot where I had my bridge over my drainage trench, and since I'm now aware of this preference, I'm going to make it nice and attractive for them. In about a week, when the snow is gone from the trench I'm going to dig it out a bit to get all the silt out. Then I'm going to hollow out a few small cavities under the grass, because that's what they like. And then I'm going to take my poor sandtable, now all warped and twisted from being out all winter, and place that upside down over these spots. It's strong enough to serve as my bridge later the summer, and a nice shelter for them. They ought to be quite taken with it, since it so perfectly mimics their preferred habitat. They didn't seem to like my coffee cans last year. I won't be doing any work down there until later July at the earliest anyway, and they should be finished having babies by then.
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    Oh good, something to look for while I drive into work tomorrow. --- As some of you might not know, I'm an intern (shhhhhh don't spread it around, this will get buried here in Beekeepers as we random banter our way through another 10 pages by tomorrow, but you the frequent will see this, and that's cool), and interns are famously busy. (Intern is just the first year of residency, for some specialties there is a slight difference, but not much). We are called Residents because we used to live at the hospital. And even though I complain now... Just a few years ago, it used to be much worse. Now we aren't supposed to can't work more than 16 hours in a row, and not more than 80hours a week (spread over 4 weeks) inclusive of all our 'work' but not inclusive of studying which we are supposed to do at least 2 hours a day. And we are supposed to have at least 10 hours between when we leave and when we need to come back. It happens most of the time on call days. And basically even though I work my butt off, I very rarely break those rules. The work rules were put in place so we have more time to study and learn, cause despite being in school 4 years already, I have to know ten tons more. And knowing things are good, because I usually don't have time to look up a bunch of crap on the job. Like the exchange I had today: Pharm: "You ordered this wrong, we need this based on this calculation." Me: "Ha ha ha! You are so wrong, because you aren't considering this other fact!" Pharm: "OooooRLY? Um.. yeah, I can see that. Ok, cool let's do it that way."* If I didn't know things, I would have just taken pharmacies word on it, and we would have been wrong. Likely nothing earth shatteringly bad would have happened, but it still felt really good knowing things. Problem is, knowing things takes time. Time away from mini painting, time away from my husband, time away from giving the kitty snuggles, and etc. And the last thing I want to do after working a 12-16 hour day + more (It's not always like that, but most of the last month and a half has been) it's hard to study for the additional 2 hours. And sometimes the nature of the job is draining. I sometimes literally have to answer this question "Do I let this person die today?", or I may have to tell someone "You may not die today, but it is coming soon, and here is what we can do." Which is draining, and I'd love to be able to just come home and get some minis painted, but I know hanging over my head like a sword of damocles that I have "miles to go before I sleep", and that I will have to wake up much too early for my own liking. But sometimes I remind myself, it could have been much worse. And try to remember that when I feel dragged down. My work load will probably ease in a couple days, and we just had our worst few days of the month, Where we pick up patients from 7AM Saturday to 7AM Sunday, And then Pick up all the patients who come in 7PM Sunday to 7AM Today, and take the 3rd and 4th transfers out of the ICU and CCU today, and then take the 1st and 2nd transfers tomorrow (they always have at least 2) and then Wednesday we are on call again and we take all the pts who come in from 7AM Wednesday to 7PM Wednesday. But after that, we should have smooth sailing for the rest of the month, because that will be our last weekend call. And maybe I can get my paint brush on a mini again by then. Thank you for listening, I've just had a particularly hard day, and it's not over yet, and i know tomorrow will only be longer, which in a way, only makes today worse, but like Dory says: I'll do it. *This vagueness brought to you by HIPPA, suck it anyone trying to find out if I violate!
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    Hello EFS, whats happening? Ummm, I'm gonna need you to go ahead come in tomorrow. So if you could be here around 9 that would be great, mmmk... oh oh! and I almost forgot ahh, I'm also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday too, kay. We ahh lost some people this week and ah, we sorta need to play catch up. --- As a side note of awesome, I got to talk to a guy today who operated amphibious vehicles for the Navy during that fateful day at Normandy. Pretty awesome.
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    Quite a delightful miniature. Drybrushed on black, with no washes. Also, this golem is well hard, having no regard for peoples’ flower-beds at all! C&C welcome
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    All work and no play makes me a dull boy. So I try to make time to do some painting in between. First up: Bones Zombies! The good: the bad: and the chorus line: I swapped the head of one of them, as it had gone wrong during casting or something, and mostly resembled an egg. So I used a spare mantic zombie head to see what it would look like. Slightly too large it turns out. It seems fantasyworld also has its cases of Hydrocephalus. Anyway, they fit ok in the Mantic zombie regiment i also did: Zombies are fun! Also easy-peasy to paint. Scruffy, ragged, dirty, blemished and full of gore and unmentionable stains. I used a black undercoat, uneven basecoats in differnet skintones, gore and details here and there, wash with army painter dark tone (the watery ink, not the dip), quick drybrush with a dirty bone tone, maybe some more detailing and voila! I have put the reaper ones also on Mantic bases. The integral bases they come with are very easy to cut down to fit in the 10mm hole of the mantic base. You know what inspired the blue-in-blue eyes. (hint: not their spice addiction). C&C welcome
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    The people who are texting you, only hear what your grandmother has told them, and of course that is a lopsided view of the truth. I think you should write to them, the words you wrote here: "The words written by <you> are some of the worst things someone has ever said to me. It disheartens me to think about the rift that has been created and the struggle we will have to mend this." I am sorry you have to go through this.
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    More work on Shaerelith. I think I've got the midtone and highlights of her hair where I want them, but the shadows look wonky. I think they're just too dark, and need to be lightened up, but I figured I would ask the forums to see what you guys think.
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    I feel the Mister's pain. Just moved to Denver last summer. Before that, I'd spent most of my life in south central Texas, where any snow at ALL is a major media event and shuts down the schools and all nonessential businesses. And now, towards the end of my first Colorado winter, I have learned many important lessons... not the least of which is "It ain't the snow. It ain't the ice. It ain't the weather, really. It's all the &%$# IDIOTS."
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    Yes. Yes it does. I'm still trying to make up for accidentally killing their babies last time they nested there. I'll share pics when I've finished my constructions, and then check the site in August. If they nested, the nests should still be there. Best I can do is give them a nice spot, stay out of the way, and let nature do its thing.
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    If Newfoundland is 'The Rock' also a nickname for Alcatraz Island, does that make Buglips the Bird Man of Alcatraz?
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    I am now the proud owner of a baby Eastern Redbud and a little Star Magnolia. Once I get them settled into their spots (with the help of my heavy labor) I will set about encouraging them to grow. And when they grow big and strong (like all little trees should) they will finally obscure from my view the gawd-awful mess that my neighbors call a back yard. Yay!
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    I think they're going to just keep churning out Maraliths instead of giving us Bones weapon sprues... Choppy choppy time!
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    So many issues with this model, I thought I would never finish it. The 3 sphere portions did not line up very well. Lots of putty. The eye tentacles did not glue on at all (resin/glue issue?), had to use putty which worked very well. Then I painted a he came out looking like mud. Stripped with Simple Green which worked nicely, but I was wondering if the smell would ever go away. So I put back together again, lots more putty, and painted. Did a lot of experimenting, which got me in trouble the 1st time, but I still consider myself new to this and want to try different things. In the end, even though he isn't exactly what I was attempting to get, I like him and pits well against my little band of heroes.
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    Ok before I posted the strumpet to the show off board. I thought I'd try out some new backgrounds posted from Anne O'Leary in the shutterbug thread. Here is the basically finished strumpet with a neutral grey Here is the bluish one. Opinions on which looks better?
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    Finally completed something else (how many "half done" paint jobs is "too many" ?). This is my new character for a short 4E dungeon crawl starting tonight. The figure is the Ricky Marrow, Ninja Halfling figure from Oathsworn. I'd planned on trying a bit more with him, but a nasty cold (2 weeks on, still coughing) slowed me down a bit. Still, fairly happy with him, for such a tiny figure.
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    3000 words! Overkill? Possibly! But here's my review of a whole bunch of R&C brushes of all types...
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    I'm curious about this story now. :) Well, since you asked.... While I was deployed (all of the horror stories concerning my wife start this way, she is convinced that Murphy just counts down the days until I get underway) the light above the stove went out. I have an island in the kitchen. On one side is a glass top stove and a sink, on the other is counter top. Above the island are three lights. One of the bulbs burnt out. My wife whose says that she married me to add some height to the bloodline couldn't reach the fixture to change the bulb and the step stool wasn't handy. So she crawled up onto the counter. while changing the light bulb (she is not blond so no how many X does it take jokes) she moved her knee and put it through the glass cook top. So now she has no stove. Turns out the model that we have has been discontinued and all of the replacement models actually are slightly smaller than the original broken one. That means that the cut out in the island is too big, thus we need a new counter top. Since she was changing the counter top and the stove, she might as well swap out the sink for one she liked better. Thus the burnt out light bulb turned into a mini kitchen remodel. When I came up for comms a few weeks later I got an email explaining all of this. My shipmates told me that she "accidentally" broke the stove as a reason to force a remodel. I told them that: 1) if she wanted a full remodel she just would have done it and 2) if she was trying to upgrade she would have opted for something other than a Formica counter top.