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    Hello everyone! Finaly I've started posting speedpaints of my bones miniatures When I got my box of bones, I understood that only chance to finish all of this figures in time is to paint one miniature per evening. But if you want to make God lough - tell him about your plan. Anyway, here is the firs part. First - goblins, ive made them for D&D session in very short time This Orks was painted in few evenings betveen work and Tvsow
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    I just want to say, the fact that I'm not posting a WIP for the exchange mini is driving me nuts! I think I'm addicted to feedback... lol! It's getting close to being finished. Hopefully I'll be able to send it out by the end of the week or early next week! That's a good thing aso I've got a light box in route for pics...
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    HAUNTING AT CASTLE RAVENSTEIN WARLORD STORY EVENT - Table 16 - Friday @ 4-6pm & 8-11pm - will be played as part 1 and part 2 "The wealthy Duke Ignacio Marthingen resides at the infamous Castle Ravenstein in the western valley. A recent effort to expand the castle dungeon revealed the existence of a long forgotten catacombs and the tomb of Nacatheb, the Mad Sorcerer King. Now the castle is being over run by the undead even as Nacatheb himself stirs to join them." "You are agents of the holy Crusaders and you have been sent in to stem the tide of undead before Necropolis discovers their existence and marches on Ravenstein to take possession of them." Mission Objectives: Protect the civilian residents of Castle Ravenstein. Destroy all Undead forces within the castle. Seal, or destroy, the source of the evil and put an end to the haunting for good. I will have four Crusader models on hand for those brave enough to join the battle. Should you need back-up you can make use of what is left of the castle guards: the Captain of the Guard, four rangers, and four fighters. I would also entertain the idea of allocating undead forces as well if there are enough people. If you have a painted mini of your own you would like to use in the fight I encourage you to bring it (and it's unit card)!! Just one personal model per player though. Overwhelming odds are much more fun when they're actually overwhelming. LOL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Girot here! You will find me running a game at Table 16, before and after the banquet, Friday night. I will be in costume so you won't have trouble finding me, lol. This is mostly me wanting to share my mad GM skills with my friends BUT is also a chance for me to demo a few Darkraven Games products. We will be playing on printed versions of two of the six massive map levels AND I will be attempting to incorperate some soundscape support during the game. Not sure how the noise level will affect that but I'm going to try it anyway, lol. How this game plays out will directly effect the stretch goal roadmap, and overall story progression, of the upcoming Dungeon Ravenstein kickstarter! Once the event is over I will be donating two full sized (48" x 36" @250dpi) printed map levels from the Castle Ravenstein map pack to Reaper for the auction on Sunday. Level 1 and Level 0 (ground level and the castle catacombs) have been printed on poster board and laminated. Together they are a $300 value. I will also be donating physical CD copies of Darkraven's soundscape albums AND a few digital copies (also on disk) of Castle Ravenstein in its entirety. While this post is informational please feel free to comment, question, and concern away.
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    Yesterday, Husband and I watched The Croods, a movie that my sister gave us for Christmas. ...I want that hour and a half of my life back. ...I'm also extremely puzzled why my sister thought we'd enjoy it. I'm glad it was properly diagnosed too! I'm sure the exercises will help a lot. :) I'd also like to thank you for posting links, because after doing some reading about it, I think I may have it too, though it manifests a bit differently from what happened to you. It's something that's plagued me off and on for several years now, so after doing some reading, I think I'll see about toddling over to a doctor about it. I'm terrible about ignoring problems until they get really bad, so I should probably get it looked at before it gets to that point. I'm also grateful because the article you linked to mentioned that walking with the foot on the affected side turned outward can relieve the pain. I just tried it, and holy cupcakes, my back feels so much better already. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Ha! 51.8 f here today. Practically summertime. I might frolic naked in the bare patches of grass just because I can! That was just Buglips. --- AND WAIT A MINUTE?! HOW CAN IT BE SNOWING HERE AND BUGLIPS GETS SPRING TIME!!
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    Well as I had finished the shelf of shame I looked at painting some other models. I decided to get a few more of my Empire of the Dead kickstarter models finished. First up is the butler you get with the rule book. Next up is a Steam Knight. I really like the sculpt and decided not to attempt something to tricky so I kept it simple. Next up is Mycroft Holmes from the 221b Baker Street Set. Enjoying a nice cup of Earl Grey. Following him is Sir Baskerville. I still have the hound to paint. Next is Mrs Hudson Mr Holmes's Housekeeper keeping everyone well hydrated with a nice cup of tea. Comment and feedback welcome. Thanks for looking.
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    Well I can't believe it's been so many days since I last posted here. I have done a fair bit since then. First up is Freja Fangbreaker 77073 I am happy with how this has turned out after a coat of dullcote. I have waited until I had a few models to actually spray. Next up is Almaran the Gold 77058 I am not as happy with the skin on this model. It doesn't seem to have worked well. The rest of him I am happy with. Don't think he will win any prises thought to be honest. Comments welcome as always.
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    I'd so go for this, but I might need to find a better / more distinctive avatar. Hmmm..... How confused would people be if I cycled through 5 or 6 avatars in the next week?
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    I will be carrying my good pen and I could do a quick draw of one´s avatar in the name tag, if anyone is interested. Can´t promise quality though.
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    I am now at T minus 9 days (leaving Brazil 04/24 and arriving at Texas at 04/25 on the morning)... I can´t tell you how excited I am (and my son), It will be my first international trip since 2001 (or 1998 if you don´t count moving to live in another country as a trip). (hey! My 500th post. I am a Uber-Mensch now)
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    It is Texas, the watermelons are coming in from Mexico now. I'm sure we could make one for you. I will confess that I am disappointed in your lack of ginger goatee. Mine would be that color, but I don't have time now to grow it out. I figure I'll just ID you as the guy with the lady who, by her own admission, is squealing a lot.
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    More importantly, how did you get a cup holder installed on your shirt?
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    Leaving Saturday for a few extra days in Texas before the con. So I am running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done. Aaiiieee! Hope I don't forget anything.
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    quickly unpacks his A.C. Moore sculpting kit from his bag....
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    I actually answer better to Cash in anything but a family or work situation. Everything is always better with Cash.
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    A New miniature emerges! A Mouse with no name! (01530: 2014 Convention Mousling: Mouse with No Name by Victoria Lamb) So many new minis! I am drooling on them all!!!
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    Thanks for the input. I think now it up to me do decide what I want to highlight. I like how the grey doesn't draw attention to the background at first. Though now I have to agree that the blue definitely helps the highlighting of the dress and corset. And now that I think about it... I did spend most of my time on the mini with those two features. I have a feeling for most figures I'll stick with the grey. Bit I'm thinking the blues wins out for me. @Dontfear - thanks, I noticed those stray marks as well. I think I'll give a quick pass with the appropriate skin shade and matt sealer. Before I the final shot and post.
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    Get a checklist together perhaps? Yes, I have two, a to-do and a to-pack. And a shopping list.
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    I like "Mouse With No Name" better. Fits the character better for sure.
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    I've always put "Doc Bedlam" on my nametag. In recent years, I've printed out a little sticker with my avatar to add to it. It works. Ladt couple of years, I've also made a point of wearing my purple velvet top hat. It's an identifier and an attention getter. Not to mention extra storage space.
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    It is Texas, the watermelons are coming in from Mexico now. I'm sure we could make one for you. I will confess that I am disappointed in your lack of ginger goatee. Mine would be that color, but I don't have time now to grow it out. I figure I'll just ID you as the guy with the lady who, by her own admission, is squealing a lot. Don't let him fool you, there's ginger in his beard. Potentially I'll be the costumed vibrating chick followed by an irritated cowboy in a brown coat.
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    Thanks, Guys! The more I look at it the more ideas I get for a possible photo setting or a diorama. There are a few more pictures in her Gallery than have me thinking similar thoughts. ..really inspiring stuff. The Girl who suggested this site to moi, has fantastically interesting blog you might enjoy: http://www.gardensofhecate.blogspot.com/
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    Exactly one week from now, I'll be... right here at my desk, actually. I don't leave for RCon until Wednesday. I don't have any current sculpting projects going, but I plan to hang out and ask questions anyway. How else will I sweet-talk tips and spare handouts out of you, Andy? Check-List item: Food-stuffs to bribe artists.
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    Pfftt I know you painted that Malefactus, your just too modest to admit it!
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    If you'd like to see my talented eldest's latest humorous summary of Shakespeare, here's the newly-minted "Macbeth":
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    Hello again, everyone! So, I wanted to get this guy done in time for ReaperCon, but school and life have just proven a little too busy for that to happen. However, I am still plugging along on him, and I've even done the green stuff work now! And that means... Sidequest 3: Minor Modifications with Green Stuff Before I get started, I wanted to quickly say that "green stuff" (or Kneadatite, it's official trade name) takes too long to type out each time I say it, so we'll just abbreviate it as GS from now on. With that out of the way, the first step in using GS is to grab your equipment and get your area set up. My equipment is shown below, and includes: a little glass of water, a paper towel, a variety of little sculpting tools, and an Exacto knife (seriously, what CAN'T you do with an Exacto knife?). Of the sculpting tools, however, 95% of my work is done with the bottom tool (which I picked up at a jewelry supply store for like $2) and my Exacto knife. Oh, and I should also mention that, while I work directly on the surface of the card table which doubles as my painting station, you should only do that if you don't care about your work surface getting "ruined". (In other words, don't work on you kitchen table.) Once I've grabbed all my stuff, the first thing I do is to wet my Exacto knife blade in the water and then cut off a chunk of the GS. I usually cut off far more than I need, but that way I can play around with the extra and practice my sculpting skills. If your strip of GS is like mine, you probably didn't get very even amounts of yellow and blue. The two colors can be mixed in different amounts to control how the GS behaves after mixing, but a 1:1 mixing ratio always seems to work just fine for me. I cut out the solidified barrier between the two different colors (this prevents hard spots from appearing in the final mixed GS), and then cut the two blocks of blue and yellow to equal size. The extra yellow and the hardened middle section can just be thrown away at this point. At this point, I thoroughly mix up the two colors, splash down a bit of water on my work surface, and lightly place the final ball of GS in the middle of the water. This lump is my reservoir from which I'll cut little pieces to apply to the mini. Okay, now that I finally have my GS all ready to go, I'll show you how I made a decorative buckle on the hat band of my mini. I've never done this exact thing before, so I would probably approach it differently in the future, but it looks all right for a first try. First, I cut a little ball of GS off of the reservoir, press it into place with a combination of my fingers and sculpting tools (which are always kept wet while working with the GS), and then cut off the edges to make a nice, flat rectangle. Keeping the texture smooth is my biggest challenge while working with GS, but I've learned that stroking the wet GS with a flat tool will smooth off any fingerprints or tool marks. The basic principle I try to follow is: rough placement, smooth, rough shape, smooth, final shape (with more "smooth" steps thrown in there as often as necessary), so, now that I have the buckle started, I begin roughing out the buckle shape with my primary sculpting tool. The biggest thing to keep in mind with all of this is that you will CONSTANTLY be going back to fix things. Sculpting (at least for someone with my relatively low level of skill) seems to be a game of "two steps forward, one step back", but just keep playing with the putty and you'll eventually get to a point where you're pretty happy with things. (Actually, this "finished" buckle photo isn't entirely true; I went back and tweaked things several more times.) Okay, so I wan't entirely happy with the buckle, but it was a good warm-up. I did the flame on his torch next, and that went much more eloquently (if you discount the fact that I completely started over halfway through). I started by mushing a big chuck of GS over the little brass pin that we left on the top of the torch for support and then using my fingers to rip the "flame" upward to create a jagged upper edge to the flame where the GS gave way to my pulling. After this, all I had to do was use my sculpting tool to detail the flame with big, deep, upward strokes through the GS. But then, what is a witch-hunter without a cross necklace? The necklace was my favorite little addition, and it actually fought me the least. I suppose that I should say that I had probably been working for over an hour with the GS by this time. GS certainly does slowly harden as you work with it, but sometimes that seems to be an advantage, so don't feel that you have to be totally done sculpting in like 15 mins. I started the cross by musing a little ball of GS where I wanted it to hang and then cutting away the corners of the ball with my wet Exacto Knife to make a rough cross shape. This rough cross was then gently refined with my primary sculpting tool. To finish the necklace, I rolled out two little strands of GS, pressed then against his neck/collar until they adhered reasonably well, cut them to length, and then gently pressed them up against his chest just above the top of the cross. I then proceeded to try to make some smoke coming out of the cauldron, and it went okay, but I subsequently realized that I did not angle the smoke in a direction that would make sense given the wind that was evidently playing with the mini's cloak and torch. Consequently, I broke the smoke away after it had dried and began sculpting again another day. The second day of sculpting began with adding a decorative fringe to the top of the torch. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with this at first (maybe more crosses?), but, after laying out a ring of GS around the top of the torch and cutting away some squares, I realized that I had something cool with minimal work. I then revisited the base that had frustrated me the first time around. This time I thought that it would be cool (and add some interest to the relatively flat base) to add some bones around the cauldron. However, after rolling out several small GS rods and positioning them around the base, I soon found out just how hard it was to add little knobs to the ends of the bones without some additional support. So, I just started playing around, cutting little angles in the GS and pulling little tendrils away from the main mass until I found that I had succeeded in making some cool, evil-looking, clinging, vine-like things. This went so well that I just kept right on adding more and making them adhere to ground and cauldron alike. This made the area around the cauldron look more interesting, but the cauldron itself was still pretty plain, so I placed a big mass of GS in the cauldron and spread it over the sides to make it look like something was overflowing. Then, I took the tip of a mechanical pencil and repeatedly stabbed the misshapen lump of GS until I had a bunch of little lumps that looked kind of like bubbles all over the GS. In the end, I think that a good coat of paint will sell the effect nicely, but the jury is still out. And, with that, all I have left to do is apply some of my Reaper Brush-On Sealer to some of the rougher areas of my mini (GS or otherwise) to give it a nice, smooth surface for my paint. After that, it's priming time!
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    Ha! 51.8 f here today. Practically summertime. I might frolic naked in the bare patches of grass just because I can! That was just Buglips. --- AND WAIT A MINUTE?! HOW CAN IT BE SNOWING HERE AND BUGLIPS GETS SPRING TIME!! I guess you should have made a sacrifice to the blood moon.
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    0 Credits - - Insert Coin - - Another Coin Please - - Press 1 or 2 Player Button
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    All you projects are coming along super nice, and I love the new dwarf warrior!
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    O_O Shopping list. Car goodies!!!! /takes notes off your list
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    Bwahahaha the identity of Mr and Mrs Melons shall be a mystery except to those that we're car pooling with, doing back alley deals with, and classroom attendants....maybe games......and the auction.......maybe the banquet too...but only those people!! BWAHAHAHA!!
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    Standard trick is to get two nesting suitcases, pack the smaller one, inside the larger one on the way down. Either that or a folding bag. I'm taking a small duffel. The swag bags should pack relatively flat. In past years they have been re-usable non-woven totes, which fold down to nothing, assuming you don't want to use them to haul more swag. The minis and the plastic cup are the bulky items to worry about. Paint bottle you can squeeze into corners.
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    Thanks CashWiley; You had mentioned Tom Meier, and when I saw his work I flipped out! 25mm was a bit scary at first; until I started painting the smaller Reapers. The Quality Carving of Tom is astonishing. That Dragon pennant lance that comes with Arthur The King is jaw dropping. I put 8 knights from Thunderbolt Mountain on my Birthday and Christmas List :) So I worked some more on Arthur the King, will probably have that miniature all put together tomorrow. I decided to purchase the 8 bottle set of Vallejo Metallic Colors, and hopefully they will work better for me. I'm still going to learn NMM at some point. Just too much on my plate right now to start whipping up another stew !
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    I'm just as likely to forget my badge let alone remember to put my forum name on it.
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    I was going to say something, but perhaps it would be wiser to say nothing.... :0
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    Hopefully I get my skirt this week and I may try to talk the mister into letting me get some accessories or goggles. Oh and I still need matte sealer..........and to finish my contest entries. I'm procrastinating........not sure why. Probably second thoughts.
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    Strange, the other day he was listed as Jake Swiss.
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    I don't know what is in it... but it is incredible as a very fluid medium, isn't it? Yeah... "sample". Same reason I went back home with a full baggage of paints, additives, terrain stuff... ;)
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    I'd show up in my flight suit, but it feels deeply wrong to be in uniform while on leave.
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    I agree with Willen! The Vallejo thinner is the bomb!
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    Oh wow they even have GW mini's! lol When I had gone there years ago I went in looking for minis and they had none. Since they didnt have anything I felt no need to return. Now I will have to check it out. Though I am set for paint..I may want to go for some washes...just to sample.
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    so jealous. I want to have this to throw on top of my stack of minis already!
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    That's a really good point; it seems like they might solve a lot of the sanitation issues inherent with a medieval/renaissance-era city. Why don't we see more non-humanoid monsters treated as a boon to civilization?
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    You did a remarkable job with all those dang doors. I think I would have croaked with the repetitive nature of the project. Dang Dude, thats a lot of doors, and then I see all those tiles... Wow, and I thought I had patience. I have three sets in a bag that I have NO intention of painting...ROFL. Whats your next project ?
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    See, that's the problem w/cutting and pasting stuff from somewhere else. The stuff that you posted repeatedly says "I" so it looks like it's your KS.
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    Love the fleshtone. I bought some of the GoblinAid models and must paint them one day. Thanks for the inspiring paint!
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