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    Recently painted up a few of these miniatures what do you guys think? Took the best pictures I could :)
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    Last night I was running my Kingmaker campaign, and the group, six 8th-level PCs and a 6th-level cohort decided at the end of a day of adventuring that they needed to cross a river. In the past, they've used Fly or Water Walking, and they have two characters who can cast Dimension Door, but they have a new Folding Boat and they didn't want to spend the night to get the right spells in the morning, so into the boat it was. So, seven humans get into a folding boat. Oh, and one paladin's horse, because you wouldn't want to use up your once-a-day summoning, right? Now, I decided (and told the players at some length) that while they could put seven humans and 1200# of horse into an 8'x24' boat, it wouldn't necessarily be an easy trip. Horses, even intelligent horses, don't like boats and the boat wasn't designed to hold horses and would be at or very close to capacity with that load. No worries; they all climb in. When they shove off from the shore, I ask for a Profession: Sailor roll (like you do), but none of the characters had any skill or experience with boats. They all point at the cleric, since, you know, Wisdom. (Never mind how much wisdom had been shown recently.) DC 10 was the target I had set in my mind – easy enough if you have any training, but.... He proceeds to roll a 3 on the die for an 8 total. "You're having some trouble keeping the boat steady as you try to row across the lake. Give me another P: Sailor roll to steady the boat." He rolls a 2. "The boat is rocking severely. The paladin's mount (who the party is convinced is the actual PC with the paladin as a cohort) rolls high, but I decided that the horse moving to keep his balance would be enough to require a reflex save for the rest of the party. (Again DC 10.) The "captain" and the wizard blow their rolls and into the water they go. Somehow the wizard makes his swimming roll (DC, you guessed it, 10), but the cleric "captain" starts to flounder. The duke casts Alter Self to turn himself into a boggard (to get a Swim speed) and jumps in, while the rogue grabs a rope and prepares to throw it. (Cleric continues to flounder.) Now, the reason that the party had the required material components to choose "Boggard" is that they had been attacked several times by hostile boggards over the previous two years. Since the cleric was floundering when the spell was cast, I asked for a Wisdom check to realize that the boggard he saw wasn't an enemy rising from the depths but rather a friend coming to help him. Natural 1. "I'm being attacked by boggards! Help!" He grabs the rope and is pulled toward the boat. Both he and the wizard try to climb on board. If you've ever tried to climb aboard a small craft from the water, you know that it can be a bit ... exciting. So, "Who's captain? Make a P: Sailor roll." The sorcerer grabs the tiller – and rolls a 3. And wisdom isn't a stat usually associated with sorcerers. "The boat is rocking severely. Make a P: Sailor roll to steady the boat." 4 At this point, I decided that after blowing two rolls in a row by more than 5, the boat capsized. "Everyone into the water. Make swimming checks." The sorc rolls a 4. The rogue, being a rogue, asks whether he can run over the gunwale and stand on the keel of the capsized boat. Result in the mid-30s, so "Sure, you nimbly dance along the hull as the boat capsizes. Now, with everyone in the water, (and thus nobody "helping"), and the boat being magical, I decided that it would right itself. (No rule for that, it just seemed like the kind of thing a magical boat might do.) I require another acrobatics check from the rogue. But I also allow checks from the cleric and wizard, who had been holding the gunwale, to grab the boat to keep from having to roll swimming checks again. The rogue rolls a 3 (into the water) and both the cleric and wizard roll nat 20s. Since it seemed like fun, I allowed them to be catapulted back into the boat while everyone else was in the water, At that point, they started acting more like a mid-level party and got themselves out of the water without too much more drama, but that's how a calm lake with no monsters almost TPKed an APL 9 party.
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    Since I won't be at RCon afterall, I figured I would post this. It took a bronze at last weekend's SCAHMS show. I need to repaint the eyes, but overall pretty happy. The photo isn't mine but I have permission. All C&C welcome.
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    Here is another Bones Cthulhu I painted up for a client Hope you enjoy it about 75% airbrush and 25% brush work.... oils and acrylics
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    And because it's a long weekend... The Girl from Bombshell painted up to be my Swordmage for Living Forgotten Realms; And a gnome Priest from Stonehaven, that I plan to use as a wizard. It's the first time I've ever done pink hair (& in honesty it's pink because I wanted to use the pinks I have :)), the general colour scheme was then inspired by some random bit of anime art (that I cannot find on Google again) based on using the pink hair.
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    I am sure some people dont, but people don't have a free afternoon. But I find it hard to believe people why play D&D don't. *Still shaking my head* I work two jobs, 7 Days a week. I play D&D. Between that and house and yard work and the camping trip i'm planning (Gonna play D&D in the woods, on top of a bluff) It is very hard to find time to paint everything I need, in the time I have. When I can I paint, but I have many prepainteds to fill in when needed. Like others have said, I don't have any emotional investment in prepaints. They get tossed in a bag, while metal and bones alike go in a case. So you can go on shaking your head at me, I don't have time to spare shaking mine at you :P PS This camping trip is gonna be boss!!
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    It is a Ral Partha hill giant, possibly made by Tom Meier. (found with little help from google, never saw this mini in person) :-)
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    I have the very rare afternoon free, and if I do, I can either paint minis, or play D&D. I've tried doing both, it usually becomes: Me: <tongue stuck out to the side, paint brush in my hand, trying to get a color on and blended before another one dries...> DM: Um, Thes, it's your turn, what do you do? Me: What? Huh? Oh umm. I'm right there? Oh... when did they move... now I can't cleave... umm.. Ok, I'll take a 5ft step... err... that wont work will it... hrm. DM: Do you want to delay your action? Me: No! I want to kill! Um... ahh... So yeah, painting and D&D don't work. The best I can do sometimes is clean mold lines.
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    Here are some shots of the model of the latest Cthulhu in progress
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    Here is another I painted that is some what darker.... I think the new one looks a little better What do you all say?
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    I'd really like to see some of the Warlord Cavalry models done up in Bones. Specifically the soldier models. I know we got some cavalry in KS2 but they were all leader models. I want a big group of horsemen for epic charges.
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    77103: Nor'Okk, Ettin I painted most of him a while ago. Today I made the last steps..
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    I've never had troubles with boats. Ships, ships are dangerous, but boats just need to be used smart. Unless you're in an all fired hurry, it's one case where it's okay to split the party. Ferry one bunch across, set them to making camp, while someone goes back and gets the rest
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    I would totally buy a bucket of goblins. Now I wish that was a thing. Why do you tease me?
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    Yeah, I don't do this all that often, either. And they've crossed many rivers and lakes with water walking. But here they were hit by a deep river in the mountains that they weren't expecting and they weren't willing to wait long enough to prepare. And if you're going to try to put a warhorse in a glorified canoe, well ...
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    I, too, have contemplated just painting some Bones to LE standard to supplement what I already have in LE. However, I just can't bring myself to do it. Once I sit down to paint something, I want to paint it to a higher standard. Call it personal pride. I realize I am allowing "perfection" to be the enemy of good, but that doesn't make it any less true. I also take this stance. I have emotional investment in each of my painted minis. Even ones I painted 15 years ago due to the time and care put into them during the painting process. However, I have no investment in LE. They are all tossed into a box, to be dug out when needed, then tossed back in when finished. Even though painted Bones are similarly resilient, I just can't see myself treating them the same way.
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    Boats are lethal. Also minecarts. Stealing treasure from under Tiamat's very nose is less dangerous than either of those. Or both combined, and you can bet it's one hell of a day when that happens.
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    I don't even have to buy them myself. One of my major complaints as DM last time, and why I quit it, was that I was funding all the minis, all the terrain, running the game, AND painting everything. While not everybody in my group wants to start painting, most would be more than happy to supplement my labours by financing prepaints to bulk out the monster selection. LE has the advantages of being both non-random and of the same type, and I can tell you that an occassional batch of LE orcs, bugbears, whatever would have gone a long way towards keeping me happy. ETA - one other huge advantage to LE is that they don't require shelf space. Anything I spend time painting goes on a shelf. I've invested effort in them. LE I can just chuck into a bag or box until needed. Just what I have in my immediate collection will eat 8 full shelves minimum. We can add at least anothe 4 to that by the time I finish picking through Bones 2, and probably close to twice that. When my painted minis wind up occupying 16 shelves, saving real estate with bulk forces is premium.
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    I'm not getting in on this one. The gimmick of a double ended brush and all the fun of watching a kickstarter project with goals was fun; I got caught up and bought a couple sets of crappy brushes. The order I received had several brushes straight out of the package that were obviously made terribly. this was not a shipping accident or a brush that wouldn't hold it's shape. These things were made by someone who either had no clue what they were doing, or just did not care. the GnG folks did a great song and dance about how they'd ship me a new full set of brushes right away. Over a month later, I still had no tracking number. Another couple weeks to respond to that email, they finally did ship me a new full set of brushes. The set that arrived still had a few of the brushes of the same poor quality. If a customer goes to the trouble of making a return on an item, the replacement should be verified by someone as being good quality. Sadly, this did not happen. At this point I wrote them off and will not waste my time or money with them again. Not just bad brushes, but some were outright failures in craftsmanship. Very slow to correct the mistake, though they talked a good game. When replacements were shipped, they sent the same poor quality items without verifying workmanship.
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    Nuh-uh. All of my characters either have from the start, or quickly develop, chronic cases of hydrophobia and veloxrotaphobia.
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    Some of my old group mates hated these kinds of things, because they have been playing for years and have seen it all blah blah blah. And if the party has to cross every river on the map just to get to a dungeon, I agree, it's a bit much, but I also think that occasionally they need to confront this sort of thing, so they can realize how treacherous just getting there and back again can be.
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    Since you've been documenting your struggle with metallic paint, I thought I'd add one more observation. It looks like Reaper's metallic paints are more matte, and I suspect that the additive that gives this result is what was causing your problems. It might be that they need a lot more shaking to get properly mixed. Sometimes people really want a matte finish, so this would be where the Reaper metallics have an advantage. Plus you are painting Reaper miniatures, so the brand of paint you are using should not make you feel guilty.
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    Doug, you're making me miss playing my ranger-cleric. She was trained in the equivalent of her nation's elite naval force before becoming a cleric of an ocean deity. Needless to say she's got enough ranks in swim that she could make a DC 10 check while wearing a chain shirt. (And she'd be smart enough not to wear a chain shirt on board ship, too.) <sigh> Not that she gets the chance that often...
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    In the interim I was thinking about this, and I don't think painting my Bones to LE standard is worth the effort. It's worth the effort the way I'm doing them now, because they're better in the end than the prepaints and the price per model is good for it. But if I were to paint them to the LE standard, factoring in the cost of materials and how much my time is worth, that's not an attractive equation. That's only marginally less than the cost of the LE already done. I'd be silly to do that, if I could just pay for LE. Also, LE aren't prepainted Bones. Bones are unpainted LE. That's how they evolved.
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    77099: Nightspectre (this time with daylight) It was painted with drybrushing mostly. I have another Bones version and a Metal version. On the other Bones version I will try it the next time without drybrushing. But better don't wait for it. :-)
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    This is the last post on the WIP thread for Kaldrax. I thought I'd drop in a few last WIP photos, including the moss technique. I dyed the aquarium sand green with a few drops of ink before applying it, so it would look a bit closer to the final appearance (the light tan color was disturbing to see on the model): Then spread matte medium in cracks and on the tops and edges of rocks, and sprinkled the sand in it, until it looked more or less right: Then sealed it with another coat of matte medium and started painting brown, then green layers: Finally, a drybrushing of highlight colors, and placing random spots and streaks of moss colors: A last step after a trial assembly was the addition of a pin in the torso of the dragon. The dragon is connected to the base only by two pegs on the feet, which makes the body very wobbly on the base. A pin on the torso, and a hole in the matching depression on the base makes a third connection point and a triangle of sorts, and goes a long way towards stabilizing the dragon: Just make sure the pin is parallel to the pegs in the feet, which go in straight up and down. And at this point the work is done. The finished pictures can be seen at: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52852-gcbs-painted-miniatures/?p=861432
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    That's a sharp lookin Drax.
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    The thing I like best about this paint-up is that Cthulhu is generally described and pictured as being dark gray-green, and this model has only hints of green in it, except for the eyes! And it still looks "right"! What's the background you're using? The texture and neutral color work well. It looks like a gray furnace filter.
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    The army is astonishing! How do you keep your mind doing that repeat painting on that many miniatures? They look so uniform its fantastic. Kaladrax is wonderful. So controlled, and so well done ! Congrats !!!!
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    Can I say a Miniature is "Delicious": ??? The work is amazingly beautiful. I know that there is "Air Brush Magic" in there; but that is one beautiful piece of work ! Great Job !
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    Here it is http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51170-your-kickstarter-list-how-you-doing/page-17
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    Thanks for the words of encouragement!! I made some snake-tongues, but they seem like dorky sock puppets (which they were, I guess) so I'm thinking of re-designing thos as well, to go long with my other changes.
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    What are your thoughts on Knob Creek? My uncle brought some last night for a family gathering. I had three glasses last night. He left the rest of the bottle.
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    Oh Wow, Fantastic Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I admire anyone that can do what you just did there. I screw up hair instantly, then spend forever UNDOing what I started out with. Like the undercoat layer you put on also ! That is so well done :) Great Job !
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    Yeah, I'm in the same boat on the dragons. They look cool but I want just a dragon, not a mount. So i'm in for a warrior and spider demon for now. Sigh, I told myself I was going to resist this one too....
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    I might be in for the demon warrior...but the Saddles on the dragons just kinda mess them up for me...
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    My wife must have touched their dice Doug....
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    I had a mage killed because of a boat before. We were pursuing the parties nemesis, Ethran the Wanderer, determined to end his existance once and for all (again, he always was one step ahead of us). We finally caught up to him at a wide and deep river. he had just finished crossing in a boat and merrily waved to us from the opposite bank before disappearing into the long grass. Looking at out map, the nearest bridge or ford was a days travel down stream. Not wanting to lose that much time, my mage cast a fly spell, using a magic item to sustain it. I flew across the river tied th rope attached to the bow of the boat around my waist. Thus connected I began towing the boat back across the river. Shortly after leaving shore, the grassland pygmy's Ethran payed to slow us down pooped up out of the grass and opened fire upon me with bows. Suffice to say, they rolled well, I rolled poorly and I died. Since my item was sustaining the spell, I remained bobbing in the air like a blood stained balloon, as te current took both the boat and my corpse down stream. Ethran escaped once again.
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    The gnome wizard is terrific. It's amazing just how tiny the Stonehaven gnomes are, and you've done a great job picking out the details. I also love the base on the Swordmage.
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    So I drove back home to NH to get my car inspected and see my family for Easter. While I was here I got together with my old gaming group for some board game action (we get together too infrequently to role play). Since none of them had played Talisman before we gave that a shot. I know from experience that depending on how things go the game can take a while but we eventually had to quit after 6+ hours. We had some interesting results. My Assassin was able to eliminate the Ghoul early on. Unfortunately the Witch he kept landing on didn't like the blood on his hands as she turned me into a toad. I didn't like the result so I spent a fate point to re-roll. She was like nope: Toad you are. So I lost all of my gear, gold and followers. Same thing happened to me three times; rolled to be tuned into a toad, spent a fate to re-roll still a toad. The witch also turned several other people into toads as well. We had two guy make it to the square where they needed a talisman to enter, the Monk and Thief. The Thief was totally outmatched by the Monk, if they duked it out there was no way he could win. So he stole the Monk's Talisman and than used his Alchemist follower to destroy all three Talismans. The monk was low on life so was unlikely to survive the trek back to the middle region. So we called the Thief the winner for his skullduggery. Good time were had by all. Next time though I think we'll play Munchkin as it should be much faster. Assuming that I can find where my kids hid my copy.
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    I love the texture you have created in her clothing. I started painting mine tonight and your one doesn't look as badly miscast as mine, otherwise you did a great job repairing her face.
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    The hair you have scuplted is done very well. Put on primer and I doubt any of us would have known that it was not part of the original sculpt.
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    Now this is barbaric splendor! Nice work!
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    Love that teal! You certainly did do her justice. I'll echo the call for more basework...some of the cheapest and sturdiest bases out there are American nickels and pennies, and one jar of pumice paste will cover penny-bases for a loooong time. Spackle a little pumice down and drybrush it as dirt, mud, sand or grass and your minis will be in great shape for very little time, effort or cash. Love your background scenery, too! Edit: I said a thing that wasn't true, so I fixed it.
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    I have to be honest and say the mouselings have traditionally not appealed to me. But this 'Fistful of Cheddar' mouseling looks pretty cool.
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