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    After taking care of the four bugbear grunts last month I had just enough energy to paint one of the bugbear heroes. They were blue so Kegg is green, which should help differentiate him on the tabletop. It's unfortunately not my best photography effort, but you get the idea.
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    A friend wanted Svetlana from Toughest Girls in the Galaxy painted like a soviet James Bond villain, so I gave it my best shot. She's the first one done out of four I'm currently working on.
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    Here's this weekend's work. I started this "Stone Lurker" yesterday and finished him up earlier. When assembling it I had some issues trying to get all the tentacles to fit in a slot. While you can tell that each join is uniquely shaped, the soft detail and mold lines made it so they didn't match up that well. I broke down and checked the gallery, but then I noticed that the stone lurker was also pictured on the core set box. They aren't put together the same way so I don't feel too bad about having issues myself. What's that? Hunting adventurers is just a side job? You work in Japan full time? You don't say...
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    @Cassu (#37): Thanks. I'm mostly following the colors from the 2-D painting, but tweaking slightly (lighter or darker, more or less saturated, pushing the hue a bit, etc.) to fit my ideas about color composition for 3-D miniatures. @Sanael (#38): Thanks, that was a basecoat in blue(-gray), and patterning in red. I saw the pattern more as "red lines on blue". Wayne Reynolds comes up with a lot of interesting (and intricate) patterns and freehand for his character designs. @DixonGrfx (#39): This is a master, i.e. first-generation copy of my original sculpt. If you have a production copy from a blisterpack (i.e. second-generation copy), do you notice any differences? Sometimes they are visibly more compressed (thinner front-to-back) or they have mold lines in different places. As for the weapons in her hands, please see what I wrote in post #2 above; before I began sculpting, I confirmed with the folks at Paizo that the art on the cover of the Adventure Path had been flipped, so they wanted the sword to be in her right hand. Also, I've added a link in my original post to my WIP (in 2013) of the iconic gunslinger character, Lirianne. To continue with Koriah: I did more of what I had done in the previous two hours, but on the torso and arms. Two more hours, now eight total. Derek
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    My Hasselfree stuff came!!! Whoo! Now, if I can buckle down and work, I might actually finish almost everything on my list! I've got my little student basing kits started and stuffed full of goodies. I even broke down and ordered little steampunk watch parts I'd been eying since I can give some away and therefore justify their purchase to add to my own collection! Yippee! I spent this morning trying to finish my golfer and design a base for Artemis. Soon!!
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    Today, I did the hair in a two-tone mode (light blonde-ivory on top, turquoise on the bottom). It looks much more vibrant in hand than in the cellphone pics. I also started sketching the warm ivory-white on the boots and corset.
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    Every time I think I'm getting clever with freehand, I just pop into this thread to come back to reality :p
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    I am thinking of an evening in 1992. I had obtained a copy of Rocky Horror on VHS, and a friend of mine wanted to hold a dinner party in which the tape would be played. The audience consisted of: DOC: Your humble narrator, and veteran of many midnight showings of RH; even played the Meat Loaf role in one live show. MAX: Gorilla's roommate, and veteran of many midnight shows. GORILLA: Lunatic, general fan of anarchy, and recent enthusiastic RH convert. GG: Gorilla's girlfriend, never saw the movie before. BRIT: British guy, exchange student, had HEARD of the movie and the phenomenon, but had never seen it. So we barbecued on the deck, and had a delightful dinner, and then watched the movie. And it was a terrible disappointment. Brit and GG did not understand why the movie was the colossal cult happening that it was, even in the early nineties. Gorilla, Max, and I were... well, feeling let down. We'd gone into the experience waiting for that terrific crazy energy that goes with a RH performance... and now, we were feeling... well... I can't use the phrase I'm THINKING without going into Beekeepers, so I'll just say "let down, disappointed." The Rocky Horror FILM and the Rocky Horror EXPERIENCE are two different things entirely; it's almost like two different MOVIES, albeit with the same soundtrack. It is a shared experience and electricity between people in the theatre; I could rattle off stories galore about happenings during past showings, like the time a screaming maniac accidentally poured a Big Gulp full of beer on my head, during "Wild And Untamed Thing," or that girl who got real excited and wet herself, or the time in Dallas where somebody shot off a bottle rocket in the theatre and it landed in some guy's giant Afro and exploded, and blew out a divot of Afro the size of a softball, and the guy went berserk and durn near tore the theatre apart in the middle of the performance looking for whoever shot off the bottle rocket, and he decked the usher who tried to calm him down, and the cops came and dragged him kicking and screaming out of the theatre while this enormous hole in his Afro was still literally smoking, and up near the screen, the cosplayers just kept acting out the movie, and the girl sitting next to me wearing a wedding dress and cleavage clear down to South America just couldn't stop giggling... it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. And watching the movie at home on VHS is just watching a movie at home on VHS. It wasn't exactly DULL, but it was a pale, sad, minimal thing in comparison. I fail to see how any TV production could be much of anything more. Or, for that matter, at all worthwhile. The only motivation I can see for this one is profit, and I can't see anyone wanting to watch an emasculated Rocky Horror more than once.
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    I went out and obtained supplies to try a new painting style. I also decided to pick a non nude large mini to try this out on after a botched attempt on my spider demoness (botched demoness was prior to obtaining supplies). Cleaned and somewhat based. I didn't like my fast sloppy base so I did add more to it after. Primed, I read on the forums you can prime with Reaper liner. I only own red liner so I used that. Works super well, very pleased I got that info :) First coats of darker color. You should be able to do more of a wet blend on this style but my paint was drying way to quick for that. Will have to experiment. Done with my base colors. I worked up from darkest to lightest shades. I ignored detail and just tried to figure where I wanted my brights and darks to be. As you can see my pallet paper is a mess as are my hands, this was SUPER FUN! I thought not using a wet pallet would freak me out but so far so good. I may try my glazing after dinner. This may be a wonky first real attempt but it is so enjoyable. I only have a few wash colors to do the glazing. I am going to try to mix them with inks to alter them. I also ordered some stuff off Amazon to make my own washes ala the Les Bursley recipie, will have to see how they turn out.
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    Well, crappy pic. So very difficult to make the cellphone take a nice pic when so much of it is white, sigh.
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    Here is where I ended up on these guys. Thanks again for the help everyone!
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    I'm really pushing to get back to my normal schedule of 2 nights a week and one afternoon on the weekends. Not every night, but it's better than what I've been scraping by with. Painting on a regular basis definitely helps with skill retention and improvement. I need to make the time to have a daily paint session. Since I got Giraldez' book, I think I'm going to try my hand at Joan of Arc.
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    Rider on the dragon. The staff is used to rein the dragon in the right direction:
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    If only you could figure out a way to write this off on your taxes...
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    wow- this is amazing!!! What a wonderful project for the whole family!
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    And so, like all love affairs, another one comes to an end. I have fallen out of love with the Micro-Mark catalogue...I just got my first Scenic Express catalogue.
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    Minifig wargs, rehabilitation in progress: Just using some actual wolf colors helps considerably.
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    2 more Sundays, 2 more Sundays.....
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    I'd be mad if someone blew up my afro too! Those things take a lot of work!
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    If only I could use the funds from my charity account to buy my hobby supplies... Alas.
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    Here's a photo of one of my early attempts at making marble myself. I don't think it worked out for marble, but the mister suggested if I can recreate the color scheme without the cracks it might make a good one for sandstone bases for some of the egyptian miniatures.
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    Well, they say plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery...
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    Of course! This 20 is much larger than this 20. The concept of an infinitely large 20 has long been accepted in classical goblin mathematics.
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    D&D at the gaming store today was . . . disappointing. I kind of want to whine. Later there will be whining.
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    Achievement unlocked: RCon basing mats acquired. These materials will be available to whoever wants to take some of them for the low price of a hug or a manly fist bump.
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    good work (I always enjoy these hunts when they're solved)
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    I might have a couple extras laying around. Give me a day or two to sort through some boxes. The Egg
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    You know, I have boxes full of blistered minis. Never occurred to me to throw up some racks to hang them on. Thinking about it now, thanks!
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    Jealousy....it is overtaking me....
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    I'm glad to have some warning about the demon horse before I get to Denver. At least I'm not flying in at night.
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    I'm jealous. I would totally do something (on a smaller scale) except that my basement WILL require underpinning to get finished. Considering I spent 8 months trying to get quotes for that with a number of contractors just ignoring me, the odds of that happening are pretty minimal. It turned out great too. I know how satisfying it is when all that hard work is finished and you get to enjoy the results.
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    Now I kinda wanna go to a midnight show. At least until I realize I'd be the oldest, least hip person there...
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    Every time someone posts a WIP that looks this good, it makes me want to dig out my own Bones and start work. All of you just need to stop. Right now. I don't have time for all this.
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    I wouldn't know. I tried, once, back in '79, and succeeded in looking much like Larry of the Three Stooges. My hair's too straight. That being said, I don't know that I'd have what it took to personally grab everyone in the theatre by the throat and scream, "DID YOU SHOOT THAT *&^%$ BOTTLE ROCKET AT MY HEAD?" to every single person in the theatre. He tried. He got through two whole rows and coldcocked one usher before the cops got him. As they dragged him away, I got a good look at a hole in his hair, still smoking, big enough to hold a volleyball. Next to me, the girl in the wedding dress who was on the verge of oozing out the front of her outfit giggled madly, despite the horrified look on her face. Didn't figure out until later that the dear thing was high as a kite...
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    What? Fa cryin' out loud, they're remaking GREASE, too? Man, what is the POINT? http://www.ew.com/article/2015/04/10/rocky-horror-picture-show-fox
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    Thank you all, I guess during my editing the post got posted, and now that I am finished I see that not all of the rest of my work is here. There maybe some edits if you looked at this previously. Sorry
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    Citrine, no luck yet. Looking at the pics, there is something odd about the base. On the left side bottom..to me it looks like something should be attached there. Or is it just the pic? Maybe it was part of something bigger?
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    I have received mine as well, hand delivered yesterday at the CMPA painting workshop.
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    That's the best argument for remastered SFX I've heard. I think I've been something of a reactionary fogey. I don't regard that as a bad thing. If they'd changed the actual episode, the actors' performances, twiddled the lighting, I'd be outraged. For that matter, I too am a reactionary fogey; I refuse to have anything to do with those new digital Star Wars HD things, because they insist on the remade explosions. I don't want ring shaped explosions. Ring shaped explosions don't happen in space unless they're geared that way. And I know I'm being ridiculous about it; I didn't mind the new Jabba the Hutt scene in the first film, but those explosions irritated me to no end. The remastered Star Trek episodes, on the other hand, don't tinker much. "The Doomsday Machine" is one of the most heavily reworked episodes, due to the many shots of the Planet Eater and the ships. And it's an improvement.
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    PM them. They may let you. Doesn't hurt to ask.
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    Sounds like you might be talking about The Doomsday Machine, in which a robot space monster that eats planets is portrayed by what appears to be a cone crafted of aluminum foil. I am told it was actually made by obtaining a windsock from an airport and dipping it in cement. It looks way better in the remastered version, though. Crazily enough? The episode was produced right after the first USS Enterprise model kits hit the market, and one of them was distressed and used as the USS Constellation in the actual episode.
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    Interesting concept... I've never seen a phoenix that wanted to be a blazing peacock, before. And I have no idea who made it.
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    It's too late. I coulda done Deadpimp, but someone thought of it first. Truly, my life is over...
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    What an great looking room so far, sure to be filled with many days of hobby time.
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