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    Finally finished it. The base isn't perfect, as I seem to have run out of greenery AND couldn't figure out what to do with that, but the dragon is DONE! I'm not touching this dragon anymore until I find a place to put it. C and C always welcome!
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    and if that doesn't work there is also another use for febreeze that you may wish to consider
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    I am allergic to certain perfumes, body washes. At one job had a "co-worker".. term used VERY loosly that would bathe in the stuff before coming into office. I requested she tone it down, amped it the next morning. I went to HR and said Hallway stinks, someone needs a bath, and I'm taking the day off lest I vomit. Came in next day was greeted with her empty desk... They fired her for stank it seemed. Soon a memo came out about "perfume in office".. less is best, or none is better !
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    My wife and I set a $50 limit on gifts for the grandchildren.. so I spent $70 on an Ultimate FX yoda lightsaber for my oldest grandson.. because quality lightsaber...
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    A fire burns in the downstairs fireplace; just poked it up and put another log on. Just finished a bowl of beef stew from the crock pot; it's been simmering all day. Snow is falling outside. And I have a fresh brewed cup of coffee with the Darth Vader Chocolate Espresso creamer, the kind that's so dratted hard to find. Life is gooooood.
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    yeah. There are some people that really make the work place unpleasant. Around here, there are lots of places that ban staff from wearing anything strongly scented, including most perfumes. I am good with most scents, but there are some that litteraly make my skin crawl. I remember a few years back now, passing through a store in the mall, and, as is all to common, they beauty counter was right by the exit into the mall proper. Just passing through, and for the next hour I had a full body itch, from the scalp to the soles of my feet, I just wanted to roll in sandpaper and scratch everything
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    Sadly Febreeze makes me sick to my stomach. Usually smells, like air freshners and candles, do not bother me too much but perfumes give me migraines and my cubicle neighbor has been wearing one recently that has been causing me to have coughing fits. Luckily it seems to have disappated now so I am good and lunch is soon so I can escape to fresh air.
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    Hi all. Get busy for one day you y'all get multi page prolific. Tonight is my annual Christmas dinner for the gaming group: lamb with a pomegranate reduction sauce, mashed spuds: heart attack style, peas in minted butter sauce, and a dessert of chocolates, cookies, and port. Then some gaming and general fun times for the evening. received the worst scam yet. I got a letter telling me that my data had been stolen and that they were providing me with free credit protection. sounded reasonably legit until I looked at the data they were collecting and then contacted the company that supposedly had lost the data. Turns out they hadn't been intruded on and this was a known scam. How joyous. To those with work problems, I really feel your pain. It sucks to be in that kind of position and its also can be really hard to work up the energy, and the courage, to escape. Especially if you are in a position where the compensation or the side benefits of said job are hard to come by. for those with perfume problems: Febreeze, if you can take that scent, does work really well at breaking down other odors. just saying that a shot of that into the air in their vicinity can reduce there emissions noticeably.
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    Been working on the Norse Lord today. Loving everything about this one. For RobinH, He's a Red Head ! I dislike Nordic blond anything. I can play with this color. I've been to the Vikingmuseet in Oslo, so I have seen the things that this figure is based on. The heads on the throne are from a sledge that was dug up with the Oseberg ship near Holmestrand, near Tonsberg, NO.
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    Bryan knows how to contact me. C&D may be the worst of your concerns
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    For the Fairy wings on sophie there are a couple options now that the boneyard is gone.. Best option is probably 03486: Fairy Wings Or else 02793: Arianna,Fairy Princess
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    Got these guys to fill up one of my Halloween orders. I'd had my eye on them for a while. Kept hoping they'd get made into bones but finally made the plunge to get them in metal. Recently ran a very short two-shot campaign in a gothic setting where they were perfect for NPCs so I painted them up. Enjoy, comments & criticism appreciated!
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    I'm not wearing pants right now, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
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    I choose um um 'Mad Painting Skillz' gives +1 to blending, dry brushing, washes and elite ability at painting small details!
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    I'm feeling kinda crummy and I'm missing a friend's sorta-Christmas party (the spread he's put out is insane, he's been sending me pictures to tease me for missing it) but I'm feeling well enough to do some crafting (a new terrain project is incoming!) and I might be watching a fun movie with eldest tonight, so while life isn't perfect it's still pretty darn decent.
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    Some more glazing on leather, then rough base coat for the cloth. Not super happy with the inks on the leather, besides the amount of gloss it is going to take a lot more finesse to highlight and weather vs if I had just layered it normally (I really like how the straps and scabbard on Rollo came out, for instance). I've been struggling to make good leather for a long time!
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    My nose could use some anesthetizing right now. I just came back from the apartment laundry room, and SOMETHING, whether it was someone's detergent, perfume-soaked clothing, pet dander-infused bedding, or a combination of all three, set off both my allergies and my asthma. I suspect the small pile of clothing and bedding that were sitting on the side counter. *puffs inhaler and takes allergy pill* Hugs and sympathy likes to everyone dealing with difficult things right now; theft of one's personal information is a super scary thing, not to mention a tremendous headache to deal with afterwards. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Sorry to hear it. I got my letter a couple of months ago. Same here. Back in...October, I think.
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    Very cool. What can you do on a Chromecast? I've never used the device or anything Chrome other than the Chrome browser on a PC. I'm curious what it does beyond web browser and media functions, if anything. Streams media from Chrome to your Dumb TV. Or from any Android (and I think iPhone) App that has the Chromecast function. I know Netflix has it, for sure (which is why I'm getting them; 52" Netflix is better than 17" Netflix), and a bunch of others are listed on the Chromecast site. All you need is a device, a Chromecast, WiFi, a TV with HDMI input, and a power source. EDIT: I should add that it's pretty useless if you already have a Smart TV.
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    I love the scales what wonderful color choices.
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    I had no response on my order notes this time. Thinking they're too busy. Basically said: "You're an awesome person! Tell the next person you see something positive and spread the happiness. Merry Christmas!"* * Not exact wording...
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    Same. Perfumes, even scents I like, can give me migraines and make me puke. I have one by Loretta Swit (Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Hooligan from M*A*S*H TV series) made (adorable woman... her) called Ubshati I love but can't wear. So it sits on my dresser.
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    I finally got time to finish Chiral last night. C&C is welcome.
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    I'm in Hawai'i. I haven't worn pants since I got here.
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    I might. Maybe. I buy a bottle of Crown every few years just to get a new bag, though.
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    Daughter just did indoor skydiving for a friend's birthday party. She was not amused. Her parents were. We enjoyed her panic quite a bit. Might be a tad bit on the bad parent side, but I am preparing them both for adulthood.
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    Just saw off the last of family members and adorable nephews until tomorrow. Family birthday celebration, with much deli and homebaked breads and cake and candies. College kid is back for the holidays, and a little twitchy. College nephew Skyped in. Toddler nephew sooooo adorable it's insane. Actor nephew calmly discussing sfx plans for keeping "Sweeney Todd" PG13. Am packing up a care package of goodies to send to Great Aunt.
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    Order placed. Will save failed for an additional $21: Bomb Kit Babes Choice 1: 10048 - Mythga, Orc Shaman Babes Choice 2: 10055 - Qadira of the Sands Babes Choice 3: 10007 - Vivan Gale Babes Choice 4: 10041 Khai the Huntress Babes Choice 5: 10037 - Serina the Steampunk Mermaid Babes Choice 6: 10029 - Thorga the Half Orc Babes Choice 7: 10010 - Nowada Babes Choice 8: 10025 - Tepeyollotla) Bombshell Art Book PDF - file 20006 - Jungle Elf on Raptor 10023 - Maelee the Mechanic 60006 - Shrapnel 60001 - Monkey First Mate 10052 - Glacia
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    You've leveled up! Choose a new perk (1)
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    One last item incoming for the gift portion and I still need to get REDACTED to finish part of that. The mini... no progress today. Work stress caused a crash and burn day of Accomplish Almost Nothing. I cleaned a small bit of the living room then lost steam. Just too tired.
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    Sorry to hear it. I got my letter a couple of months ago.
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    Great colors. Also excellent job on the eye.
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    I don't know why but the way you painted the face on this one and the hand positions says to me "I am one of those Kung Fu Monks, also I am hungry". They look great though, I love the colors you went with for them.
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I had moments when I didn't see it anymore and thought I would never get it "right" but with so much inspiring work here on the forum I found plenty of inspiration to keep at it. Now to finish my ice cave diorama.. I think I took on a bit much with my whole translucent fimo clay approach, but I will try to get that "right" too
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    That is one BEAUTIFULLY painted & very upset looking Dragon...LOVE the expressive face , especially the eyes. VERY WELL DONE!
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    Alas, yesterday ended up being a pain management day. Legal painkillers and early bedtime. So no work got done yesterday. Today I'll see as I have plans tonight and stuff that need doing. Ok, I think i'll give it a black glaze over all the areas except the highest highlighted areas. Then try a redish-purple glaze into the deepest shadows. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! @Seer - I was actually thinking gold lettering on a black, to match the black cloak. From there i was thinking of moving on to browns for the bits at his waist. Not sure yet, see what strikes me.
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    The blue and purple scales are a work of art! Very well done.
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    That's the one I'm going to have to look for, then. It won't be too hard I'd imagine, I'm willing to put down a little cash to make this happen. EDIT: "A little cash" apparently meaning about $2.99...
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    Super awesome, Mrs. M.! Your shading and highlighting have hit a new level.
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    the red is well done... but I thought you wanted the lower red to be in more light than the upper? If this is still true I would back off some of the higher highlights. as for the blue being blue and not black.. maybe a dark purple wash would bring it over or even a balck wash... I am not really sure on this but I suspect Corporea/Siri/Cash/ub3r or one of the others will come up with the proper suggestion.
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    Very cool. What can you do on a Chromecast? I've never used the device or anything Chrome other than the Chrome browser on a PC. I'm curious what it does beyond web browser and media functions, if anything.
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    You'd probably be able to find a Captain America HeroClix for cheap, too, and rip off his shield.
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    Yes. They are further up in this thread. Naught and Nice Elves and the other is a baby dragon on top of a pile of gifts. EDIT: found Bryan's post with links to them. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65843-2015-12-days-of-reaper-discussion/?p=1277640
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    Have we heard news yet what the mystery figures are?
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