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    Bold as brass a Group of thoroughly disreputable & tacky clad Hooligans sauntered into Rapunzel's Goblin Village...they blended right in: ...a better(?) look a the Scurvy Knaves & Knavette: ...there you have them. Let Full Frontal Fashion quake in terror!
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    The Resolutionary Painting Challenge had a bonus challenge this month to paint a winter-themed wizard. I got the idea in my head and decided to paint my Bones Anirion with that effect. Since I had a spare I decided to do the 2nd one in a fire theme. Thanks for reading!
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    The awesome art by @Sirithiliel that I framed and gave to my daughter for Christmas has been hung. Here is a better pic of it after I got it on the wall. My daughter says that Siri is her favorite artist. :) It must be true since she does not have much on her wall but two of the things are Siri art. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h76du1holnae7g5/2016-01-24%2016.11.04.jpg?dl=0
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    And money... That's a lot of relatively expensive tickets.... Wolves wear combat boots?!? No Fairies wear boots, you gotta believe me. There's supposed to be a comma or period after No, right? Cause I've seen fairies in boots... Afternoon all. It's 5o'clock somewhere, and I'm having a Lump of Coal.
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    I thought Hobbits could not choose Barbarian as a class ... And Barbarians could not choose Hobbits as a race. Except since halflings are essentially hobbits... now in 3.5/PF they can choose to be barbarians and it is popular in Pathfinder to take Barbarian and the Titan Mauler Archetype Halflings in Eberron are barbarians who ride dinosaurs and the ones in Athas are desert-dwelling barbarian cannibals... Amen... If you want a PG-13 Deadpool movie, there's a greenband trailer you can watch - cuz that and the title sequence and the closing credits are going to be all that's left. Here's something for the east coast people... ...And some additional food for thought...
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    We went to see Avenue Q a few years ago and were deeply amused by all the families with young kids who obviously hadn't done the slightest bit of research, or even read all the warnings about the content when buying tickets... The hobby gods were well fed this morning. I was cutting an Anhurian free from his broccoli and it turned out I was pushing the knife sideways a bit without realizing it. Not bad enough to require stitches but I think it was pretty close. I changed how I was approaching the broccoli after that. On the plus side, I now have three Anhurians on nice bases, with another, slightly-borked one for my B&B Freelancers otter. So, yay!
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    Good morning all! This is going to be a strange week. Back to work to day (Monday) Tomorrow off (Australia Day) Back to Work Wednesday.....
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    It does if you found something you forgot you had! Or if you'd thought you'd lost it years ago... I buy those kinds of things just to say I have them (especially when they're cheap) - ya never know when you'll see them again. And who knows, maybe sometime I'll get to play them or find somebody who'll pay me money for it. Speaking of finds, for some bizarre reason while digging through some of my old man's stuff looking for family paperwork... ...I found two sealed decks of Star Trek: The Card Game sitting in a bag on his floor.... (I can only assume he thought they were regular playing cards.) One more thing to toss in the shipment to Noble Knight.
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    Wolves wear combat boots?!? No Fairies wear boots, you gotta believe me. Right. I have a 1:1 scale mini that proves it. So do I.. I saw it I saw it with my own two eyes..
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    As part of my ongoing super hero project, I have been converting a few minis to represent some of the better known heroes and villains from the pages of comics and movies. I picked up Crosswire as a start for Whiplash, not realizing just how big he is. I ramble on it extensively on my blog, these couple of pics show how he scales with 28mm truescale figs as shown by Deano by Hasslefree Miniatures. In short, he is giant. I started by sculpting the Arc Reactor on his chest yesterday and today I added on the straps and power cables. As I see the bottom wires attached I need to go in and clean up the edge where I have a gap on the Arc Reactor base plate. Comments and advice appreciated.
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    Hey, all Ive had a chance to paint a few minis recently after doing the ones in my learn to paint kit. I was very reluctant to post these pictures since they arent the best shots of the models and I havent taken them through any photo editing software. Hopefully the shots are clear enough to get some advice, critique or good vibes from. I feel like there look much better in front of me than in these photos. Im looking to buy some basing supplies soon to spruce up the stuff ive already painted and to have around in the future.
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    I'm sure many of you, like me, had the "fun" of experiencing the huge Nor'easter that moved up the east coast this weekend. I thought it might be enjoyable for those who did; to share their photos, stories, snow totals, and any other, to paraphrase the subtitle of the fantasy skirmish war-game rules, Frostgrave, "Adventures in the Frozen City". We got about 33 inches at our house, and ended up with drifts over 4' in the front of our house. It was a real adventure digging out today.
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    To those "unknown Persons" praying for snow... "Please stop now" !!! You ARE going back to school tomorrow, and ALL WEEK !
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    Has anyone seen my post? I thought I left it around here somewhere.
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    ***Hmmm Burpsss**** What? There is no table here, so how can I have tablemanners then? ****Gulp*** Want some too? And who are you talking about? I see no one else here..
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    *wakes up from his nap* Ooh, is that breakfast I smell? ... Should breakfast be etching the stone floor? Actually, y'know what? I think I'll forage for my own breakfast today. *pulls out popcorn bucket and starts munching*
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    I hope you realize that you have to paint that wizard's robe like Doc's now.
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    Well, I've got the Otter with a sling and the Native American Raccoon archer from B&B2, the Fox archer from B&B1, and I just ordered the Cheetah Girl archer and Lady Lycanthropes (which comes with another Fox Girl archer). No crossbowmen, though. Plenty of Hand Weapons and Daggers. One Two-Handed Sword. Two Badgers that I can use for Bears, since they're large critters (if I go that route). And I'm definitely having a Thief. I have the mouse dragging a huge sack, I have to have a Thief. EDIT: Man, someone could do an entire warband just from Dark Sword's frogs... Also, just found out that Dark Sword has a Mouse Mummy. I am so building a Necromancer for this. Mouse MUMMY?! ommmmg must have!! I'll have to really look through my book, my minis, and decide what all to use for warbands etc. I have only just scanned the book before I got very excited about mouslings and started painting lol Also, awesome post earlier Dilvish - very much help Doggone it >< I just looked through their miniatures arrrrgh I can see where my next paycheck is going! Besides you know, more mouslings
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    FRP had some Elfball miniatures from Impact Miniatures at 90% clearance. I couldn't help but pick up a few of the larger miniatures and decorations: 1) Dark Sphere Treeman (Image Link) - Always nice to have some cheap costing large tree creatures. :D 2) Deadwood Stumpy (Image Link) 3) Deadwood Shredder (Image Link) 4) Chef Cauldron (Image Link) - Comes with 1 cauldron, 1 cutting block, and 3 accessories to place in the cauldron as seen in the image. 5) Divine Wind Expansion (Image Link) - I forgot to remove them from my cart...into the good will box! 6) Sumo Defender (Image Link) - Shorter than I thought/ He could represent my dwarven barbarian / monk. Time to learn to sculpt a beard! 7/8) Hausien Cyclops / Minotaur (Image Link / Image Link) - Disappointing. The only difference between the two sculpts is the head piece. 9) Razorback Expansion (Image Link) - 4 pig folk if I ever need them. 10) Spike Werewolf (Image Link) 11) Gorillitaur (Image Link) - Gorilla centaur? Yes please. 12) Leviathan (Image Link) - Yay! He's large! 13/14) Salt Water Croc #2 / #3 (Image Link / Image Link) - Love lizard folk 15) Dungeon Set (Image Link) 16) Dwarf Drummer (Image Link) 17) Hired Wizard (Image Link) - I can't help but think of Doc Bedlam. 18) Large Cooler (Image Link) - Comes with 1 cooler and 2 items to accessorize it. 19) Medium Coolers (Image Link) - Comes with 2 coolers and 2 items to accessorize them. 20) Dark Sword Miniatures: 54mm Jon Snow and Arya Stark Diorama (Image Link)
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    This is another fishy Tiik monster, this one Reaper's 77212, Tiik Baron. He was part of my year-end Conga Line of Finishing Up Half-Done Minis. There is an old WIP here. I was never quite able to make out what the thing on his left gills I painted red was. I think it might be a hermit crab in a shell. Earlier cousin Tiik figures here and here.
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    In the mid fifties in Denver. I feel kinda left out.
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    It was nice, particularly after last winter, to see someone else getting buried. I have less snow on the ground today, than I did Friday.
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    Okay, I'm actually not tired of snow yet! Another 2' please! And knock the internet out, I've got stuff to do!
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    Now I kinda want that wizard...
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    Was it sock shaped? No but it may have had some Partha paint stains on it.
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    I'll keep it in mind - a couple do have ponytails and the like, but so far I've stuck mostly to longer hair a bit cheekily to make casting easier! It just helps me fill in the add gaps around the neck and equipment... I often use hoods for the same reason! But I'll see what I can do...
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    Oh dear........... I think it might be bad form to eat her unhatched eggs RIGHT in FRONT OF HER! Really Xherman, have you no table manners?
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    That last two are now done...AND HERE THEY ARE: ...AND the Group Shots: ...there you go...again. I took some photo of dubious quality on the Rapunzel's Twisted Tower & Goblin Village that I'll post in the Show Off Spot in a bit...or two...probably.
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    Does anyone has some salt and pepper?
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    More minis to terrify players with! Originally I was going to leave them as pristine white marble But after staring at them for a while, I realized that they needed just a little more interest. So I gave them a bit of mossy weathering.
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    With the new batch of miniatures coming that I ordered in my Bones 3 kickstarter, I have a few goals this year. One of these goals is to take a nice dent out of my mountain of existing Reaper Bones. This tutorial is how I painted my ghast.
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    i've got all four of my Hail Caesar armies prepped to rebase on 40mm squares for Dragon Rampant...
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    I'm glad that one box has shown up, have fun with them ...but I can't understand why both of your parcels didn't arrive, they were posted at the same time. Life confuses me . Because Hawaii. (If you lived here that would make complete sense.) Alaska is the same way, only when your mail does come it is colder.
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    I hope you realize that you have to paint that wizard's robe like Doc's now. You need to sculpt the giant blonde hair though.
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    I hope you realize that you have to paint that wizard's robe like Doc's now. ohhhh he's cool!
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    I'll be in Austin in a couple of weeks, and will definitely stop by Great Hall Games while I'm there. Thanks for the lead. There are a handful of FLGSs within an hour's drive of me (which is reasonable for DFW), plus it's not that far to Reaper HQ in case I absolutely, must have something and can't wait for shipping. Most of them are in strip malls in the middle of a suburb. Not too out of the way. A new place opened in Dallas recently, not too far from my office. It's in a very old, mostly abandoned strip mall. It opened right next door to a great comic shop (that moved there for cheaper rent), so it's a very convenient two-for-one trip. No minis or paints, but lots of board games and RPGs.
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    Nice! I love the Pathfinder goblin sculpts and yours are excellently painted!
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    They look fantastic! And I love your setting.
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    Ya. As someone that moved out here for collage that never wanted to it wasn't a bad choice. One of the best job markets in the country and when I tell people I play D&D the response is almost always "That so cool, I've always wanted to". Someone started a Comic-con out here 2 years ago and it's already the second largest in the US hitting 100k people. They could sell more but the fire marshals, rightly so, keep the crowds to the legal limit. Heck, Bryan and Ladystorm where there at the first one 2 years ago and they said it was the easiest con they've worked as almost all the volunteers that Reaper got knew how to paint and pretty much ran the paint-n-take for them.
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    Got her pinned :D now I just need to GS the arm joint - it isn't a huge gap, maybe 1.5mm I think, but hopefully it won't make her look too unnatural. Although TBH at this point, I don't much care because I just want her stable so I don't have to keep fixing her sword arm when my son uses her. And her sword position may not be great for looks, for painting but honestly it's very very stable right there so I like it! lol
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    I paint during the time frame, but work is currently eating up all of the time. With training new team members and monitoring the facility (which isn't even part of my job...) I was able to complete this one on time but haven't had a chance to send it out. Why? I end up leaving work at 7-8 pm, which is several hours after the post office closing. I also missed my weekend send out date because I forgot to set my alarm and woke up later than I should. I gave the package to my sister in law since she has Monday off and is going to the post office anyway, it shall be sent tomorrow! (10 days after the deadline). Which is way better than my last exchange where it was almost 70 days later...(shakes head in disgust) For myself, whether you increase the deadline or not, it won't help me due to work influences. XD
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    These are for my youngest son's birthday at the end of the week so I'm trying to get them finished up to table top at least, fairly quickly. I'm trying to come up with a theme that works - he wants them to be blue. Now the traditional scheme for these is silver with some trim etc in an alt colour. Ok, I have blue metallic paint, which I'm trying to decide where to put exactly. But the issue I really have with it, is how to highlight it? It's really dark! This is vallejo gunmetal blue. I tried to add some different blues to a silver paint but really didn't like it. I do like this blue very much, but as I said, it's really dark and I'm having trouble. Would you add white to make it lighter? Silver? I figure the final highlight should be silver (to help join the colours together since the rest of the metal bits will aslo be highlighted silver), but the intermediate colour, that's the issue... Anyway, bad pic for WIP view (really hard to photograph unfortunately, it looks almost black but Iassure it's actually dark blue) Also I should point out, I'm not going to paint the head blue in future ones, I really didn't like it, it's too much/too dark, something. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help!
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    I am not usually late for anything ever! I would not have been late this time had it not been for circumstances beyond my control. Whatever time frame works for everyone else is good for me as I can paint whenever I feel like it.
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