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    Ottawa's still very cold today. And my chin is naked. MY CHIN HASN'T BEEN THIS COLD IN YEARS. THIS IS A CRISIS. CALL OUT THE NATIONAL GUARD!!! Or the Reserves? Cuz we don't have a National Guard that I know of. Or I could, say, grab one of the many scarves littering the house. (Even though she doesn't particularly like scarves, my wife is such a fanatic knitter that scarves just seem to happen at random intervals.) Also, I now have movie + lootz! Gonna go post it up in the Acquisitions. Glad you survived! Sorry about the back. I hope you're feeling better soon! Izzy seems like a magical person to me. Like a fairy or something. I've never met her, even on social media, I just keep hearing mentions of her and then every once in a while some amazing artwork appears and it's like "Oh hey look Izzy swooped down from the sky and made the world a more beautiful place!" Maybe Izzy's like Batman, only instead of fighting crime while dressed as a bat she just makes pretty pictures while.. I dunno... dressing like herself I guess? Which really makes this a terrible analogy. OOOH!!!! But like maybe every once in a while Bryan comes in and sits down at his desk and then Izzy emerges from a shadow no-one even knew existed in the office and drops a stack of drawings on his desk, startling Bryan, and then delivers some cryptic pronouncement about them, and then when Bryan looks down at the pictures Izzy vanishes again! What would the Izzy signal look like? ... right, apparently all it took was 3/4 of a day of vacation to turn me into a raving lunatic. Wheee!!!!
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    I'm sending this to Izzy on the Book of Face!
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    I'm sorry for your loss, and my sympathies to your entire family. @Mori: I agree! This forum is super nice and friendly. I was commenting elsewhere about the fact that I'm more relaxed and less guarded on here than I am almost anywhere else on the net. Or, for that matter, in real life either. @Aryanun: Let me know what Izzy says. And just to extend this post further... I'm losing my vacation for the rest of the week. But it all works out... It's just being postponed a week, so instead of being off all this week and next, I'll be off all next week and the week after. And today just becomes a bonus vacation day, so... hooray! And between figuring out some of the things that had been bothering me, having an important conversation that went exceptionally well, and getting a bit of time to myself today, I'm already in way better shape emotionally than I have been for a couple months. So I should be able to spend vacation having fun rather than spending it all trying to destress, which was the original plan.
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    Spoiler for quote length Don't freeze, otter! I'm so glad you had fun, Aryanun! I was super interested in that faire until I realized it was 4 hours away, haha. Dear husband would not be up for that. LOL. Your raving is amazing. I love the Izzy signal idea. xD I met her once in person at ArtistCon! She is an absolute angel, she smiled and let me stutter through an introduction and ask questions and be generally awkward while praying that I didn't get fingerprints on her art. I just about lost my mind when the Christmas minis popped up and I realized it was the same artwork that I saw! People are just so darn nice here, I don't think saying that will ever get old to me because I know better than to take it for granted.
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    My browser tab got long lost, so I started a new garden. So far I've grown a birdbath.
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    I've been trying to spawn something in my one remaining bird bath/planter by using a tight blue light. A bird or snake would be nice, but all I've managed is two eight-footers*. I will continue to delete them until the garden stops being obstreperous. http://xkcd.com/1663/#eb17c732-fcc4-11e5-801a-42010a8e0007 * Today I am avoiding the fraught question of whether to use an English or inaccurate Latin plural of a Greek root word, or the even more pretentious Greek plural, by translating entirely to English. (Latin being Greek to me ... or something like that. )
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    Seems like today is just not a good day. Despite postponing my vacation, I'm having a great day. But I think I'm the only one. Sympathies, Pegazus!
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    I need a nap. Instead I'm going for a walk. Then I'm gonna try to do some real work... My garden mostly has turtles and cacti, which I keep thinning out.
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    That's because you are afraid of what all of those cut apart for conversions little people will do to you if they ever see you again,,,,,
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    David at Bronze Age Miniatures recently released some new barbarians - this is the first I have finished but am looking forward to painting the rest as well. The brooch is nice touch - its based on an actual iron age artifact! Linked for nudity: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/kevd82/13007234_738183646318458_3266572922709544722_n_zpsu3cx57du.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/kevd82/12472282_738183639651792_7955172643375153808_n_zpsxchlxj96.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/kevd82/12963646_738183642985125_3458459815684255360_n_zpsnfitx8sn.jpg
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    Darsc. My sympathies, sending good vibes.
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    Seems like today is just not a good day.
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    I hope that this set of photos doesn't bore you to death. I promised that I was going to use tree bark as the base for this Guinea Pig Wizard, and so I sat down and sorted through a pile of bark that I have stored in zip log bags, and found a piece that looked interesting to me. (I mooch bark off all my neighbors that have fireplaces). So I glued them up to make something that had an esthetic natural feel to me. Here is what I will be using as a base, with a bit of Primer, paint and flocking of some sort. Oh, This is the bark off of a Black Walnut Tree.
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    That's because you are afraid of what all of those cut apart for conversions little people will do to you if they ever see you again,,,,, ... It's a fair cop.
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    w00t! My Green Stuff World order finally showed up! (2 weeks to the day. Not bad.) Order included: Green resin crystals Blue resin crystals Red resin crystals Magic-sculpt Tiny adorable leaf punch! (Now I just need paper of the appropriate colours to punch leaves out of.) Also acquired today: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Blu-Ray) Now I just have to convince my wife that we should all eat supper in front of the TV tonight so I can rewatch The Force Awakens and she can see it for the first time. And I'm sure my daughter will appreciate...
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    Looks good. I will be honest - I was very hesitant to see Force Awakens. I really didn't much like the prequels. But, having finally seen Force Awakens... I would gladly have seen it a second time. (But we ended up seeing Deadpool for a second time instead. If I had to pick between the two... I would starve to death while trying to make up my mind which was the better fun film.) It was nice to see Stormtroopers with personalities, and... well... Force Awakens felt like Star Wars in a way that even Return of the Jedi failed to bring back. (I loved Empire Strikes Back, but Return of the Muppets did not enthrall me.) Now, let us see if Abrams can keep it up, or if he does the same thing with Star Wars that he did with Star Trek. The Auld Grump
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    If you go to the garden from the browser that created it, you can edit it. From another browser, it's view-only (what Morihalda said). If you're using the same browser, my guess is that you have nuked the cookie that allows you to edit. (That last is speculation, BTW, but the other ways of it knowing that you are the editor are possibly trickier.) I'll give it a shot, I think I started it at home. I can try from there.
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    I think it started waaay before then. @Darsc---I'm very sorry to hear it, my best wishes to you and yours. @Pegazus---I hope that you can relax and that whatever it is, isn't too bad.
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    If you go to the garden from the browser that created it, you can edit it. From another browser, it's view-only (what Morihalda said). If you're using the same browser, my guess is that you have nuked the cookie that allows you to edit. (That last is speculation, BTW, but the other ways of it knowing that you are the editor are possibly trickier.)
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    Are you able to open it in your original browser? Otherwise I think it just sees you as another visitor. That's what happened to my extra garden that I had growing in incognito mode.
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    The pictures aren't too exciting, but I've just installed nails and neodymium magnets to hold top to bottom. The grab isn't as hard as I'd wanted, so I may end up adding a lot more than the four I've got.
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    Darsc... that's awful. I'm so sorry. You and yours are in my thoughts. Back from my walk. Beautiful out. It's gonna make the next 2.5 hours kinda rough... But at least now I can say I got out and got some vitamin D and some exercise.
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    Not a good day. This morning my cousin let me know that my Aunt, who's in an extended care facility, has developed pneumonia. A few minutes ago he texted that his father-in-law has just passed away. Our cousin is more like a brother to my sister and I and his mom like a second mother. They're in another city and I can't be there for him and the family. Have to head out to work for the late shift but I'm just feeling down.
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    ...true. Never has little attraction when waiting for something to arrive. Unless of course, you are waiting for that letter from your Draft Board in 1963....
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    I have no opinion on this, I just wanted to post and tell Chaoswolf thank you for putting the BOX of good will in your signature. :)
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    For context, I went a little insane in the Randomness thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66497-randomness-viii-the-great-green-arkleseizure/#entry1346432 (I know, me being weird is utterly shocking news. Sorry. ) My question is: Does Izzy deliver artwork in the way I described? And what kind of symbol do you shine into the sky to get Izzy to show up with more artwork?
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    Abrams isn't directing either of the next two episodes. Rian Johnson gets Ep 8 - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0426059/ And Colin Trevorrow gets Ep 9 - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1119880/
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    Pretty much all the half-orcs already available in non-Bones. I'm DMing for an all half-orc party in Rappan Athuk. It's a thing of beauty...
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    my sympathy Darsc, and my thoughts and prayer for you and yours in this.
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    I'm sure your cousin appreciates that you would be there for him if you could, and I'm sure that you'll do what you can for them from where you are. Sympathies and goodwill to all of you who need it today.
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    Got my Ladies of the West set from the Wild West Exodus Kickstarter today. Not terribly impressed. They're very nice minis poorly cast in this horrible, rubbery resin. At least they inspired me to do some hobbying and get them all assembled, so some good came out of it.
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    Apparently, Roomba lawn mowers are a thing. I just saw one on the way t the store. And for the low price of $2400 I can have one.
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    That could get messy... I'm looking forward to getting mine, too!
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    I'm using a spiral-bound for sofa sketching (I mean on the sofa, not sketches of my sofa, although...). I like it but I use conte so it gets smudgy. I just love the painterliness I can get with it, smooth shading etc. And I don't find fundamentals boring at all! So many great ellipses, what's not to be excited about!?
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    Thanks! It's boring getting through the technical parts, but I know it's helping me improve! Straight lines aren't scary anymore! In other drawing news, I also completed this in March for an art trade with ub3r! My drawing was of his D&D character, Velicia Torynn, Cleric of Light. I'm not sure why I didn't take a final photo after cropping it to an 8x10, but I attempted to digitally crop this photo to the final size.... Now that I'm looking at it a month later, I'm seeing the same things I need to work on - lighting and perspective. But she was very fun to draw! -- I also did a lot of cosplay work in March! I'm working on a kigurumi (animal pajamas) of my favorite pokemon, Arcanine! I figured something relatively simple would be best to start with, and when I have other cosplays later down the road, I have something comfortable as backup! I bought the thickest fleece I could find, I'm so in love with how fluffy this is.... I bought nearly $90 worth of fleece for $38. Thank goodness for coupon stacking! I bought 7 yards, found out later that I was cut short by a yard and a half, but I still had a ton of black left over.... I could have done with half the amount I bought, but I have plenty left over for plushies. All the seams are "mock flat-felled seams," which meant that I had to sew them once, cut off most of one of the seam allowances, and fold the longer seam allowance over the cut short one, and then sew it again! It successfully kept the seams from getting bulky though - since it's fleece I can't iron them flat, and I'm not covered in fleece fuzz when I take it off. I did have to hand sew a few parts that I didn't think all the way through, like the sleeves. I was able to get all but a few inches in the middle done with the sewing machine, but I was really paranoid about accidentally doubling up on my fabric! It's still missing the hood, tail, and arm/leg fluff - I requested some faux fur samples several weeks ago and they never came in! I have buttons but they are way too big - it's just safety pinned together on the front until I can exchange them for some smaller buttons. I'd also like to find that stretchy material for cuffs. I'll probably continue this in late April/May. I have a million WIP photos, but they are all pretty boring unless you like seeing hours and hours spent on drafting patterns, haha. Oh, and watching me cry as I tossed several yards of pure white fleece into a cooler of orange dye.... Even after test swatches, I was still terrified! And sooooo.... Current progress! -- I feel that I should also add that I completed some sculpting in March too! I'm mostly satisfied with it! I'm excited to show you guys and get some critiquing - once my Spring Exchange mini is completed and received I'll be posting the sculpting WIP/Show off in the sculpting subforum.
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    So. Very. Upset. Work related. Vacation related piled on afterwards. Will write later after I can see more shades than just red. Maybe. Edit: And condolences, Darsc. Terrible situation.
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    Your skills continue to amaze me. Funny thing about time, we don't have any while we spend the bulk of our lives working. When you finally reach the point in your life where you have time, the question becomes "I have time now, but .. how much?" I'm so very happy you've found a beautifully epic worthwhile way to spend yours. Splendid work.
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    I think we are going on vacation in September. We will be booking that soon, depending on the cost I may not be doing rcon. Would love to attend some classes but going out of the country trumps a convention for me.
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    I'm in CT still. No international at this time. The govt is no longer paying my airfare. I'm just a member not the box starter.
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    Welcome to our Asylum away from Home! As folks have said, a bit of shading between the bones will make it pop more. You can do this pretty easily by using a dark brown or black wash that you carefully apply like a paint. Thin lines between the bones. The wash will not overpower your highlights if you mis stroke and will give a sense of depth. A wash will also stay in the crevasses a bit better. If you seal the figure with Dulcote, then go back in and do this, have a few q-tips handy. If you do make a mistake, you can quickly wipe off the excess paint! A clean damp brush also makes a good 'Eraser'.. As the Bacon chewing Technicolor wolf said, we tend to be a bit silly, but it is all in good fun! (His first Halloween.... So ask questions, post pics, and enjoy yourself, both painting, and here! And in case you have not seen this whilst lurking, do go and look! Lots of great stuff there! I strongly recomend "Bette Davis Eyes"! It helped save my sanity! (What little I had left....) George
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    She is superbly thuggish, if a bit contrastly dressed for her surroundings! Oh thugs! LOL!
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