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    Finally painted something for myself for a change. Nothing terribly fancy, but I think he turned out alright. Enjoy, The Egg
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    This is 77299 Female Antipaladin that I received from fanguad for the Spring Exchange. My "instructions" for my partner were to paint something that would fit either "Something wicked this way comes" or "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Fanguad did great on both counts. She is definitely up to no good with her giant axe. He threw in a couple other sinister figures that are most certainly wicked! (89010: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist & 77123: Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin) She is beautifully highlighted and shaded and I am going to look at her when I next paint skin as hers is gorgeous! I love her face! We also happen to have the same color hair! Ha! Thank you, fanguad! I love her so much! My pictures do not do her justice. Fanguad, if you took better pictures, please add them on here!
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    Hey everyone! I just got my engagement photos in, and I was so pleased with them I figured I would share them! My wonderful Aunt took them for us, and the wedding is going to be 50s themed, thus the asthetic. I couldn't be happier with them! My Aunt did a great job! My fiancee really shows me up in these pics though, she is obviously the star of them... well maybe the car is.
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    This is another One & Done post. Starting with early yesterday: ...that evening: ...the finished Whatever today: This miniature could be a fine example of not knowing when to stop adding details.
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    Hey, folks! I'm brand new here, though I've been lurking for awhile, and brand new to miniature painting in general. This is my absolute -first- attempt at painting a mini. I tossed around whether or not to post, but why the heck not, eh? The earlier I get constructive criticism, the earlier I can put it to use! I've been wanting to try my hand at painting for awhile now, and finally decided to get a learn to paint kit. I set right to it after receiving it yesterday. He's by no measure great, but I'm fairly happy with him for a first attempt. At the least, I was never tempted to strip him down and start over. :P If anyone has any constructive criticism or tips, they'd be greatly appreciated. The most trouble I ran into was with dry brushing highlights; I seemed to either go far too light or far too heavy on it, with no real middle ground. In any case, if I had any doubt about sticking with this as a hobby, they were long gone last night. Down the rabbit hole I go! :P (Edited to correct the absolute mess that my image uploads were.>_<)
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    Hi again, still working on more Ral Partha dwarves, and here are my last two additions, two dwarves with axes, but one kind of a barbarian feel, decked out in furs and a bit of scale mail, and the other one more of a rank and file dwarf, kind of skinny and in a coat of chainmail. I'm enjoying painting these dwarves actually, as it keeps torturing me with different armors and keeps me working on the NMM. The barbarian dwarf was kind of interesting in that I could get the white of his eyes on the left eye in, but couldn't reach it for a pupil, as he's got these big, shaggy eyebrows. Made it a bit challenging, but I don't think it's very noticeable, especially at these angles and the other eye was very easy to do and reach.
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    So, I thought I'd go ahead and post these, as my exchange partner received them. Just hoping they arrived ok! only have USPS confirmation. I taped up the sword between two pieces of cardboard as it was very bendy I found and I was worried it'd break in post. But anyway I took pics first before shipping so here they are :) Yes, I took a lot lol since I wouldn't see it again I wanted to make sure I had a record in case I wanted to do something like it again :) few words about them: the wolf is supposed to be a timber wolf - I got some reference pictures and tried to duplicate that pattern. His eyes are quite dark because I just dislike the white showing when on most animals you won't see it at all (I realize there's a lot of exaggeration in miniatures but I just didn't feel right doing it on the wolf). The bases are a bit simple because my partner had expressed a preference for ones that would be useful in gaming and since there are two minis on this, I put them on a 40X40mm base I believe, but left them not actually attached, in case he'd wanted to put them on their own. I just used some paint and flock, pretty basic, to help them "match" each other and the base, itself. I'm pretty happy with a lot of the way the details came out, really this is one of my better minis. It's not on par maybe with some of yall's stuffs but I'm proud of this little bugger.
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    In a disturbing development the Rustoleum® corporation has weaponized glitter: Edit: Don't tell the platypod.
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    Ah yes, the good old duck of doom, DOOOOOOOOOM!!!
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    The girl in my garden that has a sword now has a duck on her head. You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon.
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    This shot forcibly reminds me of Cookie Monster®. But all the others are decidedly Lovecraftian. Malefactus, only you could combine Muppets and Lovecraft; whimsy and horror...together, gibbering.
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    I have a trebuchet. This makes me happy... I found the Tinkercrate trebuchet kit at the Goodwill Store for $4 with the Sunday Sale discount.
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    Ack. One of the tiny little pieces of "grass" has evolved into a balloon on a stick... And the little tree that took two days of careful pruning has been eclipsed by the trunk of a giant redwood that just showed up, lol. Big tree is gone, along with the balloon and a few stray leaves and branches on the small one. I now have a lamp post, a cactus, and a really tiny bowl on top of my other bowl...
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    Allright Reaperites! This is what took me so dang long to get finished and shipped out to Marsya, which was supposed to go out last fall, I believe. At any rate, the crazy whirlwind that is life delayed the project by several months, and I am happy to report that she had received it! At any rate, I knew it would have to be special as she'd requested something along the lines of fall in Krynn. I was able to track down this: Goldmoon: And this: Riverwind: These two are a couple of the main characters out of the Dragonlance novels, and I figured they would be a great pair for the nature scene that I was planning to prepare. So I purchased them, stripped the old paint that was left from God knows when (these minis are from 1989), and proceeded to paint them up! The base is a simple birch section from Michael's. The leaves and tree trunk are from Secret Weapons, the plants and such are Army Painter (I think) and everything else is sand and paint from various places. The bowstring is from my little girl's hairbrush. One thing that was driving me nuts as these were the first two minis that I started painting once I started up again, and they seemed so small! Turned out that they were smaller than what I was used to. They gave me fits for a while as I readjusted to painting. At any rate, here's the result: And a collage: So I finished my exchange! I hate that it took so long, and I'm going to do my best to never allow that to happen again! LOL! Questions and Comments are definitely appreciated! Thank you all for viewing! -K
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    I wonder what sunburned octopi look like....
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    Some idiot got so happy that the day was gorgeous with a nice breeze and the lowest humidity I think I've he ever felt here and went out under the Eye for about an hour and a half at noon. With no hat. Sure glad I'm not that idiot tonight cause he kinda looks like a lobster.
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    I came home this weekend to a lovely vignette from Kharsin. I love it Goldmoon and Riverwind are awesome and painted so nicely. Thank you again Kharsin for the piece, it will be displayed in my game room miniature display cabinet for all to see. Kharsin already made a show off thread but here are the photos I took.
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    Okay all! This is the latest experiment as I needed some time off from Space Wolves and I wanted to play around with some ice effects. I stumbled across this old tutorial by Monkey Sloth on making ice, so I figured I'd see what I could do with them as I've been messing around with Space Wolves and all of their frozen misery. I picked up this mini at ReaperCon 2015 and figured I'd try her out as it'd been quite a while since I've painted something with this much cloth on it. I have to say that I spent way more time on this figure than I would have liked, but at least it was a great exercise in cloth, frost, and all things that have helped knock more brush rust off my brushes! You'll have to forgive the blurriness of the pics as I'm still learning to use the camera on this iPhone 6s. I'm used to my old Galaxy S5 camera that took awesome pics so... yeah. I'm learning. Anyhoo, copious pics.... Some things I liked about this project. Others, not so much. A few didn't even come through in the photograph: 1. I definitely liked the amount of PRACTICE I received as I'm really just starting to take off in painting after several months of no painting whatsoever. Hopefully the next project will reflect this. 2. I liked the tutorial on the ice. It made some lovely ice, in spite of my cat taking out one of the cups of ice crystals before they were ready. 3. I did NOT like how the frozen effect on the staff came out. You can't really tell in these pics but the staff is coated in Secret Weapons Snow Effects, giving it quite the bedazzled appearance in person. This did not translate to the photographs most likely due to the close proximity of the lights, AND the fact that I should have shaded the staff BEFORE coating it... I digress... Anyway... 4. Your girl got a big dress! It's hard to appreciate how much space she takes up on that checker. In fact, this piece was basically finished until I found out that she was doing the splits on the edge of the checker. The ice effects, like water effects, shrunk considerably leaving a bowl like depression, causing her to not sit flush with the bottom at all! I had to fill in the void with sand, then shade, then I reapplied a thin layer of ice effects... which then soaked into the sand and ripped half of it up. It was then treated to a drenching in thin super glue (some of which somehow got into the corner of my mouth...) then sealed and dullcoated until most shine from the glue was relieved. At the end, she still didn't sit level, which is why she has 2 extra shards of ice shoved under her dress as you can see in the pics. It was either that or see her rear pin, and she had no desire to show that off. 5. I liked the ink effects on the checker. Look great in person! Basically, she was a difficult lady to mount on an ice themed base of my custom design. BUT, she's there and done enough! LOL! Here's a panoramic view: Thanks for looking! Questions, comments and complaints are always welcome. LOL! -K
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    The Faceless Horror Garbage Removal Service from start to finish; starting with early yesterday: ...that evening: ...the finished Whatever today: This miniature could be a fine example of not knowing when to stop adding details. AND there is anew Mushroom in The 'Hood: ...is that a sweet smile or what?
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    Last August or so I helped TophDNA with his Summer Exchange (I think) and he was painting a cowboy for someone. At any rate, I decided to paint up this Gunslinger as Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower Series. I believe we did these in one evening, although I didn't complete mine. I'd put some crackle whatchamacallit on the base and left it to dry. However, I didn't get around to painting the base until a few days back while I was waiting for something to dry somewhere. I figured I should finish him as he'd been waiting around for quite some time. Really the only thing to note on this one is that I finished it in a record amount of short time as I tend to fuss over things for wayyyy too long. It took months to just finish the base, and oh, I did add a 5 O' Clock shadow while the base was drying. *Spoiler ALERT* Oh, this is Book 2 Roland as he's missing 2 fingers off his right hand... Here you go: Again, with the funky camera, I apologize! I'll figure it out eventually... Thanks for checking it out! -K
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    Also most excellent protection against ankle-biting mosquitoes, if one chances to have a cloak which brushes the ground.
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    Good night world. Looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can get some rest.
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    Cloaks are great, stylish protection from sunburn
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    Killed off everything in my garden since it was going so slow and yet still getting messy (I had another bit of grass in the fountain and a turtle half hidden behind a rock)... And suddenly five minutes later I have a tree trunk in the middle, a bowl sitting on a rock, two single blades of grass and a turtle again. Ack. My tree trunk suddenly has a platform nailed to it...