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    When I fill out my questionnaire for the exchanges, I like to give lots of options for people to choice from. For example, I mention that I have CAV:SO figures (and hope to play someday....). One of the other things I mention is that I collect rabbit minis (it all goes back to the Doom Bunny...). I never really thought anyone would ever combine those two.... What an awesome and creative piece Kangaroorex came up with! I love it!! (Although I may never look at a Starhawk VI the same way....) I don't know where he found the little car but it is perfect.
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    I seem to recall asking Bryan last Reapercon what temp the plastic went in the molds at and I remember it being significantly higher than my oven. However, when I got up this morning, I opted to do two things. One, I made a sheet for the kiddie: Two, I took the leftover bottom of the beholder and baked it for about 30 minutes at 275. Just in case. awful pic, but point being, I figured if anything was going to collapse, it would be this slender tentacled thingy. Success! It did not warp or melt and was soft in a way similar to bones coming out of boiling water! Hooray for science!! So, after that, I finished up sculpting the main nightmare. having fun with textures. I love stream-of-consciousness sculpting. I put on my Metallica mix and went to town to as many "scary" songs as I could manage. Usually first thing in the morning I like putting on something peaceful like this Faroese woman I like, but in the interest of the proper frame of mind: Enter Sandman! So I didn't see the teddy bear pic until later, but it did give me this awful idea of making a demonic toothy teddy. Looks a bit more like a mouse, but it'll work. I added claws. I like it. It will still have more painted tentacles and even some greenstuff tentacles bits once I get it attached to the plasticard. I ordered some thicker card today, so it should come tuesday and I can chop it up. Success! The baking went well, nothing melted and I put it in for 40 minutes due to the thickness of the sculpey. I sort of guestimate on the baking time. It's ok if it ends up a bit soft since I'm not going to me manipulating it much in the future. Got it all primed. I think my black primer was buried under a bunch of stuff so I used black craft paint. Yes- I do actually have a use for craft paint, thank you very much! Starting to look a bit more 3-D. I'm using a purply-black palette I like: nightshade purple, dark elf skin and aircraft gray. I'll probably hit it with a bit of leather white and pure black later. Sigh. I hate painting black, but this project calls for it is anything does. coming along. all the bits are still removable until I get the majority of the painting done. Too many nooks and crannies otherwise. Yep. I'm going to totally freak myself out by the time this monster is done. Time to go make stew and eat ice cream!
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    I am currently running DND5E OOTA and these are some of the minis I've painted. The only spoilers are character & place names. I have posted 1 or 2 of these minis before but I have reshot or touched up. Most of these are new. The Players! My players have a mix of DND experience some played as kids, some read the drizzt novels some no experience at all Background: Ulus, a war priest from the Stonetoe dwarf clan. Though good by nature, betrayal has left him cynical and angry. The absence of war left Ulus to find solace in masonry, but the Drow have snatched him back into and adversity and now the Underdark. Hill Dwarf War Cleric. Miniature: Eastern Front, Dwarf Gladiator KS. Interesting fact: I added the shield after he picked one up early on and only added the warhammer when he finally got to Gracklstugh. Background: Parker Lewis the human fighter. Menacing and calm. Has never lost a fight. Hates thiefs. Human Battlermaster Fighter Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS Interesting fact: This was a multipart mini and I added a weapon swap as he was pursuing getting an axe that was until he got the sentient sword Dawnbringer who argues with his sentient cursed demonic helmet.. Background: Balazar Scallion my friends call my Rat. I am Dragonborn the off spring of a Humanoid and a Red Dragon. I live by the Lawful code of the Red Dragons but temptation sometimes gets in my way. Dragonborn Rogue Swashbuckler. Miniature: Stonehaven, Half-Orc Adventurers KS Interesting fact: This character was built around the mini which was a different approach to how the other players made there characters. Also the player does a great pirate accent! Background: Naivara Oakenheel a wood elf hunter native of the Ancient forest of Neverwinter. I've been captured by the Drow and taken to their deep under world. Wood Elf Ranger Deep Stalker. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elf KS Interesting fact: This was my favourite miniature out of the players to paint, also to photograph. Background: Lander Brightwood. Young naive half elf out to bring light to the darkness. This earth bound paladin has entered the trials of his faith, now that he is in his own darkness...... The drow have left their mark. Half-Elf Paladin Oathbreaker. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elven Adventurers KS Interesting fact: I had this miniature already painted for another campaign but it seemed to suit the char at level1 but now level4 that isnt the case. I showed him another mini very fish villainous type (Reaper Bones II 92620) and now I am painting up a four armed sea creature (Reaper Bones II 92617) and I have told the player IF they kill it that he should skin it and wear it as armor. It also didnt photograph well. Background: Rafaella "Fey" Blackling. A wizard from the Eladrin race. She fell down a tunnel in search of crystals and natural resources to conjure her spells, and ended up trapped in the hell hole that is the Underdark prison... She's hardworking and fair, and she has no time for dodgy folk... She'll be a good addition to the adventuring team when her damn spells start working! Eladrin Transmutation Wizard. Miniature: Reaper Special Interesting fact: The axe doesnt suit the Wizard but suits the way the Player plays her! Background: Eldeen Moonsmoke. A Far Traveler from the lands of the Elves. On my journey I was given a choice to die in a watery grave or swear allegiance to Cthulhu, the god of the dark trenches. A contract was made and I was speared and given great power, now I am trapped in the Underdark with these.. commoners. How drab. High Elf Warlock. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elven Adventurers KS Interesting fact: One of my favourite faces I've painted.
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    HAH! Told me too many images to post in the previous post! Inside
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    Last night on the way home, my wife drove by the house to make sure that the gates were locked as it seems sometimes the subs don't lock the gate at night and we end up doing it. She noticed that there was a small silver S10 or something like that with a guy in an orange shirt inside and didn't stop, but told me about it when she got home. We then stopped by the house today as my wife wanted to look at the progress and noticed that the surveillance camera had a bucket over it (it was actually a plastic pot from one of the plants that were going in). Anyhow, thought that was odd, so I removed the thing from over the camera and called Danny. He was a bit upset about it and was at another job site and told us he'd meet with us at the house to make sure nothing was stolen. We didn't see anything damaged or stolen, a lot of times he said people will go into construction areas to steal things left behind by the workers such as tools, copper wire, and lumber. He met us at the house about 1 1/2 hours later. He showed us the security footage on his phone of this man (in an orange shirt) and woman who climbed over the gate and then they turned off the breakers to the security stuff and put the pot over the camera. He turned the breakers back on and said he was going to get a padlock to be placed over the box on the little shed that has the master plans and other things inside it. We walked the house because we noticed some things weren't where they were supposed to be per our plans, like a speaker wasn't centered in the master bedroom was way off to one side, the master closet was supposed to have 6 6-inch canned lights and only had 2 4-inch what looked to be for pendant lights. So he took notes of everything and we continued to do a walk-thru and BS a bit, my wife headed out and we chatted a bit more and he suggested that I get some insulation for between the kitchen and the game/media room that'll be used by my wife's brother and his family for the next couple of years to cut down on noise and eventually we'll add a big TV and pool table to it to make it our movie theater area/game room. We already have it pre-wired for 7.1 surround, but will buy those speakers at a later time since they are pretty expensive at around $400-500 each + the stuff that'd have to go into the smart home control room. He told me if I went out and bought the insulation (RC 11 about 100 linear feet of walls that are 10ft high) he'd just toss a few bucks at the guys doing the insulation to do it at the same time and I could pay him back said the stuff is really cheap, no need for the paper covered type. All this should be done towards the end of next week. We'll walk through one more time before the drywall is started. After the insulation is done, they'll do the drywall which should take about a week. After the drywall is done, they'll start on the stucco. I asked why the stucco after drywall and he explained that they don't want the stucco to crack when the guys inside are nailing up the drywall. Anyhow, enough chatter how about some pics from yesterday?? VERY VERY PIC HEAVY! Outside -
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    Themberchaud The Wyrmsmith Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS His Lair! Stonehaven Pop up terrain KS
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    The Drow of Velkynvelve Priestess Ilvara Mizzrym. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Junior Priestess Asha Vandree. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Shoor Vandree. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Jorlan Duskryn. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS
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    Rob officially called FE2 done today as the guy who purchased the descendant hasn't shown any interested in actually getting it created. He said if he ever gets the info needed, apparently there isn't even concept art, he'll still make it.
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    The Kickstarter is now Live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/687110463/monster-madness-28mm-monster-and-horror-character?ref=discovery Studio miniatures have also done minis inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Time Bandits, and The Walking Dead amongst others. First preview Mini and the concept art.
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    Last week, I finished painting my dragon. I thought that it would would look great on a swamp base. A trip to the store produced some grass, rocks and liquitex pouring medium for the water. I came home and glued the rocks and mini down. I painted the rocks and came to the stark realization that I don't know how to base. Therefore, I came here for help. I have included some pictures of the dragon and base, as well two different grasses that I have. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Now the work comp is all packed away... I worked 10 hours today, but got it all done. It's not as great as I'd like it to be, but I don't have another month to spend on it. In before the end of the fiscal year, I'm good. Going to order pizza and flop now. Will see if I'm up for hangouts later. Soooo sick of cranberry juice.
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    Random NPCs and Stuff: Dead Elf. Miniature: Stonehaven Elven Adventurers KS Droki: Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Elf Princess: Miniature: Action games, Drake Gnome Traveler. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnomes KS Wizard: Miniature: Stonehaven Elven Adventurers KS Cthulhu Shrine: Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS & Cork made as stairs. Treasure Adventurers kit. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS
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    Random Monsters: Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS Owlbear. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Elven Rider. Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS Spiders: Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Waterwierd: Reaper Bones I KS
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    The NPCs from Velkynvelve Buppido. *M.I.A has run off into Gracklstugh. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Eldeth Feldrun. Miniature: Stonehaven Dwarf, (I painted this awhile ago) JimJar. *DEAD Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Prince Derendil. M.I.A Miniature: Reaper Bones II KS Turvy. * M.I.A Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Topsy. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Stool. Miniature: Stonehaven Elven Adventurers KS Shuushar. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Ront. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Sarith Kzekarit *Murdered by the Paladin (turning him Oathbreaker & Buppido). Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS
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    Hmmm. I can't spam the Like button to express the proper level of enthusiasm. It's just a silly, little binary flag. Clearly, Reaper's software is broken.
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    On a more positive note: All the paintings (22) leaning on the walls in my clutter room are hanging on my walls. I have three trunk loads of goodies to give to good will. so on a scale of 1 - 10, I am now on a 7 getting rid of the clutter from that one room. Yay !!! I have been having so much fun realizing the cost of NOT handling my trash earlier. I has really cost me financially not to have dealt with some of this stuff. I have discovered that I was given two awards from the state of NJ that I never opened. I have two Medals given to me for serving in Vietnam. So that was kewl to discover in that pile. Tomorrow I shall complete my quest, and only have the rest of the book cases to clean out ! I even found my Norwegian Alphabet wooden block set ! Le Sigh.
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    I am SOOOOO Jealous !! There used to be a dairy farm about ten minutes from my house. When I went to Hamburg, Germany someone told me about it. (they actually had been visiting friends here), and I went there and bought lbs of home made Bratwurst, Weiswurst, and potato salad. Two weeks later I went back, and the farm was closed. Seems the owner of the shop and the farm went to pick up his mail, and was killed by a car coming around the corner. I haven't felt that ripped off in years !!! NOOOOOOO !!!!
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    Well there's also something I won't be announcing until post-KS, regular long-time customers can probably guess. Which is why we may keep the releases until then.
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    Off to pick up some German bratwurst and potato's for lunch.
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    DDDDOOOOOOO EEEETTTTT!!!!!!! Nag, nag, nag... Since I had a few minutes to spare after throwing a couple of minis into the Pit of Regret, I picked up the tip of Kaladrax' tail, and also the next section, and started cleaning off mould lines... Those two parts alone took an hour, and I'm still not entirely satisfied... And in addition to cleaning it up, I also need to decide if there's going to be any conversions... (Have to make it unique in some way or other, and since someone else already did the 'trapped titan'... ) Don't expect a WIP for a week or two, yet. And since I'm cleaning mould lines now, it's NOT going to be one of those silly 7 day messes.
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    I love these! You're shaming me a bit, because I have both the gorgon and the girallon sitting on my shelf of shame. Judging me. Where did you find the earth elemental? It's a great sculpt, and pops nicely with your paint job.
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    And new game console for the kids is now working on the third update in a row. Lovely. Just how I wanted to spend my morning.
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    One thing down that has had me stressed. Got a new rental I will be signing lease for on Monday. $350 more than we pay now so things will hurt until we get used to it and adjust our spending. This may mean I finally have a real budget on things like poker and mini painting stuff. Oof. :) Bring on Reapercon!
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    Finally had a chance to snap some pics of what Kangaroorex sent. You can see the pics here.
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    The Basics: After missing last year due to unexpected circumstances, I'm greatly looking forward to returning to ReaperCon. I'm also looking forward to the tradition sushi night gathering! So, here's the details, for those interested in going: What - Sushi dinner (yes, the restaurant has non-fish items for those that still want to come but don't care for sushi) When - 7:00pm 5:30pm, Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 Where - Masu Sushi & Saki, 721 Hebron Pkwy, #103, Lewisville, TX 75057 I've said this in the past, and I'll say it again here to make it perfectly clear: this is *not* an official ReaperCon event. You will get no Reaperbucks for it, there is no badge ribbon, no guests of honor, etc. It's just a bunch of regular attendees who share a common bond and like to do a little more socializing away from the convention one night of the event over some really good food. Yes, this conflicts with the banquet on Saturday night. If that doesn't work for you, sorry, but it is our traditional night because it is what works for the core group of attendees. If you love sushi, but can't make this night: I highly recommend Masu. For those that came in prior years, it is in the same location as Bonsai was, and still carries largely the same menu - including the beloved Heart Attack. The reviews for Masu are just as stellar as Bonsai's were, so I have no doubt you will enjoy a good meal there. If you are looking for someone to grab lunch with at Masu one day during the con, hit me up. I'll gladly have sushi more than once during the con. ;) Reservations: In the past, I've coordinated the group reservation, which was a big challenging to do while at the con, especially to get a final headcount to make sure they had enough table space for us together. So, I'm trying something a little different this year: I've made a reservation for the people that I can guarantee are coming, and that's it. Anyone that wants to join us will need to call the restaurant on their own at (972) 956-9009, and make their own reservation. However, when you call, please reference my name (Vincent Hendricks) and the "ReaperCon" reservation. This will let them know that you are part of the greater group, so that they can combine the headcount of all our reservations together to set up the proper amount of space for us. Getting there: So while the restaurant is not far from the hotels/convention site, we encourage ride sharing. I encourage you to use this thread to arrange rides prior to the con; once on-site, if you want to go but need a ride, or have a car and can give others a ride, please seek me out so that I can help connect the drivers and riders together as needed. We don't want anyone to miss out because they were left waiting for a ride at the convention site. Waste not, want not: A final thought; if you purchased a VIP ticket, please consider finding someone to give your meal ticket away to for that night. I'm sure there are probably some people that would love to go, but couldn't justify the extra cost. Be a mensch, and let someone else enjoy that meal that has already been bought and paid for. :) See you for sushi! ~v
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    I hope your visitors did no damage or walked away with anything. The castle is looking good and you must be getting anxious as the countdown is on.
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    His race is Sunday. I figured he wouldn't check the thread till he got back... lets see another question ... what was your time?
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    Yeah it was asked during his live feed of the tiles and he said he would be bringing them. May have been he would try to bring them.
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    Races meet so far: Kuo-Toa: (I have around 9 more that I painted awhile agowhich I wont post though they are the same minis but in metal) Miniature: Reaper Bones II KS Duergar: Miniature: Eastern Front, Dwarf Gladiator KS Gnolls: Miniature: Reaper Bones KS II, Weapon swap on the Gnoll Cleric of Yeenoghu
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    The elementals are from Otherworld Miniatures, they have a lot of nice stuff in their Dungeon Monster range.
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    She was some sort of special, possibly the Reapercon exclusive last year?
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    I am currently eating New YorkTM -brand Texas Toast croutons... ...Does this seem somewhat contradictory to anyone?
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    It may be just too many great projects running at the moment, I know if I had unlimited funds I'd be in deep in about 8 at the moment, and it's usually only 1 or 2 so it's going to be a tough time
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    I am SOOOOO Jealous !!There used to be a dairy farm about ten minutes from my house. When I went to Hamburg, Germany someone told me about it. (they actually had been visiting friends here), and I went there and bought lbs of home made Bratwurst, Weiswurst, and potato salad. Two weeks later I went back, and the farm was closed. Seems the owner of the shop and the farm went to pick up his mail, and was killed by a car coming around the corner. I haven't felt that ripped off in years !!! NOOOOOOO !!!! Oh no! That's both an incredibly sad story, more so for the farm owner but I feel your pain.Fortunately we have a German meat cutter who moved into our neighbourhood a few years ago and open up his own German delicatessen. Fresh made Bratwurst is on the grill right now!
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    Part 1) Yup. Part 2) Yup. I said "Bucket" and gave up on everything, lol...
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    They also previewed this guy on their last update: The fly! err...I mean the Bug ;)
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    That definitely is the stuff of NIGHTMARES...despite the endearing smiles. You have something with astounding potential here. Have FUN with it!
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    Thanks Jasper. Good to see it came through alright. the car is from the Jonny Lauck road kill kickstarter. its supposed to be an advance scout car but i thought it made the perfect carrot. Glad you liked it! I got to open my exchange today. Nice job and great metallics! i will get some pictures up soon....
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    You also have a third option, though you might not even realize it. Blister foam (yes, the stuff that comes in your blister packs with the minis) can be used to make moss, which should fit in pretty well with a swamp base. Just apply some superglue where you want the moss to be and then press down with a piece of foam and hold. Depending on your humidity it may take a bit to set. Once it does I would still recommend walking away and doing something else for awhile. Then just pull the foam off and it will leave a strip of textured material where you applied the glue. It can then be painted with a dark green and drybrushed with a lighter green and even a yellow-green if you want it to appear really lively. An example of what this looks like can be seen on the rock shelf and tree stump below.
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    His race is Sunday. Should she get "BONK!"ed for not asking a question?
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    Bummer; having the chance to fondle the line before purchase stood a good chance of getting me to buy more of the sets at once. Thanks, Cher. With no real reason to wait, I might as well place that order online instead. ~v
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    Ok, here are my thoughts. First off the dragon looks great as do the rocks. Now the grass, the longer grasses are nice but the bottoms need blending into the base. The other grass looks wrong in such a big piece, like dyed cotton filling. I think it would look better if you used smaller pieces, penny or dime size, to make clumps of grass. So with that in mind, what I would do is glue down the tall grass and then place some small clumps of the other grass around the base of the tall grass. I would also do a few clumps of small grass by themselves. Lastly I would do a dark wash along the base of the small clumps to give them some dimension as they are a uniform color right now. Hope this helps.
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    Definitely have one for hobby stuff, specifically for model building. I've recently put some chips into it with Dragon's new M60 " Slick," which has been a long time want, first time in plastic. Also managed to get a Panzer III ausf M with skirt armor, so I can build a specific tank from a photo. There are others (like the AMX-13, AMX-30, the Sh'ot, etc.) that have yet to be acquired. For gaming less so, because what I get is dependent on what we need. For general life, not really, other than to someday go to Europe, specifically Calabria Italy. So I can see where my ancestors came from, & maybe find family. Damon.
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    I threw in for this, as I love hard plastic kits for core troops (Kings of War, anyone?) and I think forest goblins are a neat goblin variant that hasn't gotten much attention.
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    Never fails, always something. Ha ha I have the old DDM prepainted giant frogs & while they work, they just look goofy. Ended up replacing them this morning with the new giant frog mini from the latest D&D release. Helps I got a email this morning saying they were discounted + a base cost for shipping. Also decided that I need to start taking shortcuts for minis for my RCon games. The Constable in Night of the Walking Dead I was gonna use the Pathfinder Constable but right now he is in primer & I have way to many minis right now ahead of him. I went with the City Watch Commander from the Pathfinder Battles pre-paint line: I also ordered Bones Dragoth as I needed his throne & a couple sets of candelabras. That finishes off the scenery pieces I needed for the final battle in NofWD. Now to get em painted!!
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