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    First, a quick story. While falling asleep last night, I tried to come up with a plan for the Open category at Reapercon. The theme is horror, so I needed something suitable. What's scary? Hmmmn. Something scary. I liked Kuro's tentacle project. Something with tentacles? Hmmmn. Scary... what are kids afraid of... I sat bolt upright in bed. A Nightmare! It's perfect! I can mutilate a bunch of Bones I'll never get around to painting and make all the rest from greenstuff and sculpey. I can use Talespinner's awesome Bones bed and make a little kid huddling under a blanket. I am a bad Corporea. I started with the eyebeast and squashed some sculpey around it. the hands there are from the KD phoenix. They're the scariest hands I own and my game came with an extra phoenix. Perfect! I also stole the wings from the harpy, the arms from the harpy and ape demon and plan to stick on the mockingbeast. Plan is lots of eyes, tentacles, claws and teeth. Yup. Bad, bad Corporea. in progress. See my little nightlight off to the right? I'll be the only place where the Nightmare can't be. I'll have painted tentacle scuttling away from it. I like the way the hands hover over the poor kiddie. I realized after taking this I was using my Halloween pencil to plot. that's the spirit! more sculpting and I added in some ghostly wall. Not my best foray into photography and I managed to drop the whole mess onto the base after this, but I fixed it. Plus it was only about an hour of sculpting, so totally fixable. I'll be adding a bunch more details. The spider/etc on the base will be done using greenstuff. I'll make some more tentacles curling onto the bed and posts, but again, avoiding the light. tried to get a better pic: I'll be alternating this project with my diorama this weekend, but for now, must take a dinner break. I ate donuts last night so salad today. Sigh. Salad. Now that's a scary thought. More soon!!
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    I've been trying to tick off some of those D&D Monster Manual entries, and painted up a bunch of large beasties. I kind of speed-painted these (spent a bit more time on the Oni), but am pretty happy with how they turned out. Feels good to produce stuff for the collection. The Brass Bull is from Reaper of course (the Bones variant), the four-armed ape is from Bombshell Miniatures, whilst the Iron Golem, Stone Elemental and Fire Elemental are all from Otherworld Miniatures and the Oni is from Zenit Miniatures. They're all really cool minis I think. Anyway, hope you like em!
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    I mentioned in the Acquisitions thread, but I will her too. We finally got our roof fixed. Woohoo! (Interior pending, but exterior all done and purty and waterproof, yay!)
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    We have acquired a working roof. The inside is not yet finished, but rainstorms are no longer stressful.
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    I recently found some small pics of an old paintjob. Grenadier Wooly Rhino with Barbarian Riders. I think I did this somewhere in the 90's Anyway..here is to old times..
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    A little progress on the little guy. The mousling's cloak is done and the sword is started.
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    You must show more aggression than either or you will lose your place in the pack. I recommend eating half of each bowl before graciously allowing them to finish.
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    The Bearded Devils are complete. Lots of Reaper Cinnamon Red on these guys. Actually, a lot of red, period. WIP thread HERE More pictures on my blog.
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    How are you with cherry juice, because black cherries actually are more effective for UTIs than cranberries according to my Dr.
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    Kathud !!!! Gasp... 12 gifted watercolor paintings up on the walls. 9 more to go up tomorrow. Its a bit unnerving to hang a painting from 1984 with a younger yourself smiling in the background, or a painting of yourself wearing your Birthday suit in your bedroom. But they are what they are. There is a portrait of the artist and my self riding a Unicorn. One of my favorites. It has written under the the Unicorn front leg: "Come be my love, Let us sing, and dance as butterflies will, and do the dances that only butterflies, and lovers know." Kinda moves one to know that one has been well loved.
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    Eldest is downstairs with PingosHusband making ice cream.
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    I started working on the highlghts on his black armor a little last night. It's still early, but it seems too stark, too thick, too....something. I intend to try to work up to white, but I'm not sure now. Thoughts?
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    This week I painted Kyra, Iconic Cleric, from the Bones I Iconics II Pathfinder Miniatures set. She looked to me to be suitably clothed for adventures in a cold environment; so, since I am short on Templar type figures for Frostgrave, I decided to paint her as such a figure for my Frostgrave collection. Unfortunately, this is one of the figures from the Bones I Kickstarter that ended up with nose issues. For gaming purposes this doesn't bother me too much, and a nice heavily highlighted nose paint job helps hide the fact that she barely has one; though you can tell there still isn't something right about it...
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    rolls of licorice candy? He got those.
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    thanks!!! I confess, after coming up with the idea I didn't sleep very well! ultrasquid- all the parts are removable except the eyebeast and the mockingbeast. Sculpey bakes at 275, and I'm pretty sure the actual melting point of the plastic is higher. It's ok if they get soft- heck, a warped face is scarier, right?, but I'm going to watch them extra carefully to make sure they don't do something awful like release toxic fumes in my kitchen. It'll be hairy and I worried about it, but otherwise I can't get the bulk of the sculpting done in sculpey which for me is faster and cheaper. if it fails... I learn something! And I have extra bones... I'll also wear my N-95 mask and kick the cats out of the room! But if anyone knows for a fact the bones melt at that temp, let me know and I'll alter my plan!
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    The update was very informative and addressed a number of concerns. It is a bit surprising that they didn't mention a word about mold release. So many people have commented about it. They also didn't mention metal production. Either way, I'm feeling good about not getting anything yet. It looks like the later runs may be a little better than the first ones. We won't really know until we see them. The Great Seraphim size test print is looking nice. Can't wait to get some paint on that one. Sooo lovely.
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    Hello all, Please ignore the base for now, I'm still debating if i should take it off altogether and put it on a separate ice base or try to level the current one with a layer of fresh snow on top. That was a fast painting for a Frostgrave Ice Elemental: white basecoat, blue glaze, green wash, white drybrush.
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    So here is finally my Stonehaven half orc thief. Got him finished last night. Wanted muted colors, so blacks, greys, purples and blues. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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    Oh yes, pictures! I have some from last night. The most useful angle came out all blurry and I'll have to reshoot, but here's what came out:
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    Slack, both in getting painting done and posting updates when I do..... Did some work the other night: An AP Dark Tone (so black) wash on most of our painted guy. And did a base coat on the flesh of the rest. Took today off as there are plans, and got some painting in this morning. A few more washes on our test subject. And did the black (for under metal) on the other 5 and the Ruddy Brown bits on two of them.
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    Did some more on him this afternoon: Finished his face and hair. What do you think? And just for fun: Say hello to my little friend!
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    To help maximize your space, might I suggest bringing old clothes that you were considering getting rid of? Wear, throw away, PRESTO! Empty suitcase to fill with lots of cool loot.
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