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    It was a battle Royal I say.. A mighty wack, a feint to dislodge the bow arm..clack it fell to the desk. A quick and mighty swipe, and in one motion it was held back in place. One tedious suspenseful minute passed, I let go, and instantly the bow arm lay before me again !!! &*%&$## (Deleted)...Let bow and arm dry, file off dried glue! ...tweezers, green stuff mini ball rolled and prepared..attach to both arm spaces....Superglue (Tada), and finally.. the two booger armed Male Ranger with bow is drying ! I have the sword to attach, and most of the base to remove. I'll wait for after the base pins to attach his sword. It'll only get bent in the prep process. This has been one of those MAJOR pain miniatures. Its exquisite, but so very delicate!
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    Alton Brown has a candy corn recipe! I wanna try it. The good candy corn has that unique texture without tasting like you're eating a candle.... - Also.... Frands....! Such good friends here. ;A; While I did not need the cheerleading, I greatly appreciated it. On my high days, I really do feel like my brain would explode if I didn't write all my ideas down, haha! I think the part that frustrates me is that what I see in my head doesn't translate well on paper. We'll see how sculpting works.... Just gotta practice! I'm putting my contract job on hold for now. We've been working hard to save money, and this should give me about 10 hours a week back, which I can dedicate to practicing art!!
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    Oh forums, it's so nice to see you back again! <hugs Randomness>
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    PACKAGE!!!!! I have my flareon trainer back. Reapercon Sophie, Mousling and Paints. I also have gifts from NoZ. A Happy Seppuku stamp and Artist Sophie! I have wanted an Artist Sophie for so long! And I got ribbons. I have one from Guindy and don't know who granted the others I have Adorkable and Taste the Weasel
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    Candy Corn is odd in that it really is truth in advertising - corn syrup, corn starch, dye (possibly corn based). It's what happens when a mad scientist grows up in Nebraska.
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    My first time ever trying to paint something from this company, so wish me luck! I've mostly only ever painted Bones, with the occasional pewter mini in there. This is new territory
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    Aw yeah, the good stuff. *noms* *waves pom-poms* *hugs back!* I love my crazy awesome insane wonderful Reaper family! Y'all are as nuts as I am, and it's a glorious thing. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I actually had a good fruit cake finally at some point recently and found it is yummy is made right Managed to jam the nail on my little finger pretty bad so that is a pain. Waiting for my package anxiously
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    Erifnogard---based on some comments in the 'Conversions, presentations, and terrain' section, I think Kev! might want to see you do some work on your many different projects. I'm inclined to agree.
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    I work in geologic time scales. In those terms, I'll get right on that. So....soontm, right? That one, over in the corner. No, no, no. The other corner.
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    This has been my solution for flimsy mini parts for years now. Now...which mini is bothering you like this??? I am doing the DSM7434 Male Ranger with Bow... The only way this thing will hold together is with the green stuff and the superglue. Love the mini - its just One Of Those...Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. UB3R told me about that trick, and its in my notes so I don't forget it.
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    I was out of town for a few days ( which was very nice) but here is my latest progress, scratch built a guard tower and added the spare GCMINI NUKA cola sign and did some shots of the Taco Bell next to Los pollos hermanos. Hope you like it ;)
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    ****Hops through the thread chasing a butterfly****
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    Hrmm.... what to paint... too many choices. Wife and daughter are down for the count with allergies. Still haven't found the multiple mousling sets yet. Maybe work on that first, eh?
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    I've seen Alton Brown's candy corn recipe on Good Eats... That looked mostly palatable, and similar to fondant-based candies. I'm not a big fan of that type of candy to begin with, so I'm not sure that the improved version would be that exciting. Speaking of Alton Brown, his fruitcake recipe is amazing and I've been procrastinating about starting some.
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    I only fangirl'd really over the top once, and that was during the Royal Rumble Bones conversion class with Bobby Jackson, Gene Van Horne and Jason Wiebe. Jackson picked up what I'd done and says "This looks like something Wiebe would sculpt" I told him that was the nicest thing anybody could say to me. He handed it to Jason Wiebe who said "Yeah, I would do something like this" and I told them all I could just go home because nothing cooler could happen to me the rest of the 'Con. I'm pretty sure I squee'd a little too.
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    A Seraphon 'start collecting' kit featuring a bunch of lizard men (some mounted on raptors) and a warlord riding an awesome giant dragon like creature
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    My little sister absconded with The Wife book from 1804. I did get the Reprinted Papers of HL Higgins 1916-1938. My great uncle Harold was a physician in Boston (he had something to do with the establishment of the Boston Children's Hospital). Most of the papers seem to be related to studying the effects of alchohol. Which I find interesting considering that my great grandfather was a teatottler and involved in the temperance movement. Home again now, playing taxi driver to middle daughter.
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    Well, that took a lot more time and effort than expected.... Desk had to be completely disassembled to get it up there, and the drawer box thingy was very reluctant to got back into place (and stay there). And blood has now been spilled to appease the painting gods.....
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    DSM male ranger?Paint First!!!!!! Painful personal experience. ..
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    I work in geologic time scales. In those terms, I'll get right on that.
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    As I said on FB, I'm finally forced to get off the KD collector bus after 4 years. He's just putting out too many releases each cycle, and the cycles have gotten way too frequent. I snagged the halloween bag, the necro, dark paladin, plastic wet nurse (I missed the resin release) and mistakenly ordered a Pariah, forgot I had ordered him. I'll either have to sell or paint him...or both. Passed on the two big monster re-releases, beginning the end of my collect-em-all relationship with KD.
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    Didn't really meet anyone, but I did learn that people throw the darndest things into the metal exchange table - including at least seven old fantasy Slann that are now part of my Oldhammer collection.
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    I picked up my first set of Warhammer...this will be something very different for me to paint
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    Did some more puttering (obviously I have painting I should be doing). I added the shelves I use for some storage. The bottom one is from an old desk we had (that may be gone now, since I don't know where it is....). Gives a bit of storage. The door of shame on the left used to house my VOID Syntha army in progress.... The red top shelf is something one of the previous owners made for some reason. We have little shelves and stands and things scattered throughout the house and garage that they made and left. Some have obvious uses, some less so. This one will continue to hold assorted unpainted larger minis to remind me that I still haven't painted them. Perhaps at some point it may even start to hold some painted larger minis.....it could happen..... Next up is to bring the shelves up that hold boxes and boxes of kickstarter minis (and some other boxes of minis too apparently). Which means unloading the shelf in the basement and making a mess all over the nice clean desk. That's most of the KS stuff (excluding Reaper, they have their own storage units....) but my back was getting tired so I'll get the other boxes tomorrow. Plus I really need to get some painting done on my orcs!
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    I work in geologic time scales. In those terms, I'll get right on that. So....soontm, right? I have many projects in various states of completion, some going back 20 or more years. Each gets worked on as inspiration randomly strikes, usually when I'm supposed to be working on a different project for a game. Very few hold my attention long enough to be completed in one go. And when I'm not actually playing anything, I don't even have the impetus of something I should be working on to jump start me. Part of the problem is that I'm vastly more interested in chopping and sculpting on things than I am in painting them. Paint for me is usually a chore at the end of the fun stuff.
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    I'm gonna paint that what's it bull from Bones 2 with the new metallic type paints.
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    So nice to be done setting up my new workspace... Got a bit left to do but it's mostly storage rather than things that impact the actual usage of the space.
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    Elephant. dragonman sorcerer more demons.
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    This has been my solution for flimsy mini parts for years now. Now...which mini is bothering you like this???
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    That seems added insult to injury ... Looked this up since I've never seen them. Here's a snack size bag: I think they're grasping on this one. Some people really like them, though. I was really hoping it would be more like white chocolate. I'm one of those idiots that will try anything once.
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    Well, if decisions about BonesIV are being made, I'd like to reiterate the need for some giant eagles/Rocs/large birds of any type. Riders for the above are bonus points.
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    I just luuuuurve your carpet Thanks, I'm glad you approve. They were at the con, I'm not certain if they had any plans to add it to the store or not.
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    Yeah, I think you might have.
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    I've been half-watching CBC most of the afternoon... There's something so comforting about listening about how various people are doing different skating sports. (Kurt Browning doing figure skating commentary followed by Ron Maclean talking about hockey.)
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    Meh, it's all connected in there. Could be congestion in your ears, could be a tooth that's not hurting directly yet. Could be stress. Hope you feel better soon, I've had that pain and it sucks.
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    SO yesterday I started adding some color to the Blight Base: ...the Gnome on the Roof: Today the stucco & exposed bricks are pretty much done: ...with some window details on this side: ...Ground Crew & Cat Burglar: ...not earth shaking, but a good start. I'm starting to pick up speed & enthusiasm...this could be trouble.
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    Speaking of pictures... After briefly viewing the 2016 entries, I can't say if it's because of my tablet screen, but the photos don't do justice to seeing the entries in real life.
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    It's full of rusty goodness! Are you going to give him some WD-40 to celebrate?
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    Ah. That explains things to an extent. NoZ forgot to give Mori the Werewolf ribbon. I'll get one later Also do these count for the acquisitions thread?
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    Adorkable was from the otter and the weasel was from the drow.
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    Or the Coat'D Arms 'Super Washes'. They're pretty nice, and available in a few more colours. (There's 3 browns... HF sells them, and happens to have a Halloween sale going on right now. No link because of Da RuleZ. They're in pots, though, but Reaper sell good empty bottles, and plastic pipettes are cheap on The Bay of E)
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    Nice dino! Great looking stripes and good blending where it counts. The foliage looks excellent too. The saddle's okay (good conversion actually), but I prefer to see this as "conquistadores riding a panther riding a gigantosaurus."
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    Another great write up! It's too bad that the dice seemed to be completely against you, though.
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    Very nice. They look brutal!
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    Thanks, guys. Like I said, all credit goes to Siri's fantastic rust tutorial, linked above.
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