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    Alright y'all! I started this goblin challenge at 0830, stopped at 9 to resume at 1020. Completed at 1830! Mashaaf is complete. Revel in my victory! Whew! I only used a size 0 brush, and I completed this in 10 hours total. I love how gross he is. What do you think?!
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    Ok so it's really my fiancee's hobby room but she doesn't have an account on here yet and I built it so... New vinyl tile floor and a fresh coat of paint. Walls are just primer white so she can do whatever she wants. Kitchen was originally the back of the house and then they added on this room. The had just covered up the brick so the wall in between was about 12 inches thick. She wanted an accent wall so I knocked off the sheetrock. There was a hole where the window was but it's sheetrock on the kitchen side so it became shelving. Let there be light! Flood lights are awesome. Go for LED bulbs though. Halogens make it hot quick. She let me put my paint bench back in so we can be together when doing "clean" hobbies (I have a metal and woodworking shop out in the garage) Furniture!!! The table is a wallpaper hanger's table so it is standing work height for her. (5'4") Home made PVC pipe storage racks. See how I did it here : http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72155-pvc-storage-for-craft-paints/ [ She likes to sort by color. The cleanest my bench has ever been (and probably will be)
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    The story about asking 10 engineers and getting 25 answers is sadly very accurate. At one point at work, the three senior devs had a meeting to go over a new feature and map out some of the trickier cases. We all walked away firmly convinced that we had a shared understanding. 3 hours later we were talking about how to implement a particular detail and realised we had completely different ideas about how it was supposed to work. So the three of us got together again and wrote out the scenarios in exact detail. At one point we realised that between the three of us, we had five different answers about how it should work. We got the Christmas trees put up tonight and the first of the decorations. Now I has a tired.
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    Hi folks! I'm starting an ork warboss using an epoxy putty instead of greenstuff. It's kind of tricky because it dries quite fast but on the other hand it allows you to make a figure really quick.
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    Well, THAT was a big announcement. If you missed it, you'll find out tomorrow. I did miss it, since I've been doing ALL THE THINGS today, including lots of chores. I was grocery shopping when the hangout was happening. Where will this big announcement be announced? Randomness thread? Most likely on the Book of Faces, by many of us, Boot. *super intrigued* Minor good news: MrBoot has not one, but two job interviews sometime in the near future; they still need to be scheduled. Nothing may come of them, but at least it's something. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Alright. On the home stretch. Gotta do the base and finish all the eyes. Whew!
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    Whoever thought to put the words "Whiskey" and "Golem" together, then sculpt it, deserves a freakin' medal. Perhaps the cutest model I've ever painted - and probably one of the trickiest to assemble.
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    Here is Halbarad, sorry the pic is a bit blurry (I need to stop using my camera phone). I gave him a head swap as I really liked the eyepatch.
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    His hands moved swiftly over the old parchment, smoothed by the many hands before him. The Gnome was most helpful, almost a bit too helpful, always with this gentle smile on his face, his eyes hidden behind thick glasses. He took another sip from the dark brown ale and carefully spooned some stew in his mouth, not to soil the map nor his beard. The strong flavour of venison was a good indicator that the cook used fresh local meat, not ground up spoiled beef as was the case in the last establishment he dared to set a foot in. Tymora be blessed he knew the one or other herb that would cure an upset stomach. He looked again at the hand drawn ruins, his lips forming a silent word: “Everanthaâ€. The “Watchful Fortress†in the common tongue. Only old stories told around the fireplace spoke of the evil that befell the Elven kingdom, yet little was known about its demise, less even about the time when it stretched from East to West, North to South. When he first arrived in Greifshold he craved old sealed away books and dry parchment that would tell of these people, their songs, their poetry, how they lived, what trials they had to face in this harsh land. But all he got was the shake of a head, a gentle smile or a sigh: the foreigner that expected everything to be revealed to him without effort. Humans arrived late in these lands and were of a simple mindset. They were more concerned how to survive the next winter, not with old stories and haunted places. Still, as the Gnome told him, every few years adventuring groups that heard of riches untold would make their way to one of these frozen ruins. Few returned, some barely alive, frost-burned or crazed, some with artifacts, rusty and broken, but still of an elegant beauty, entirely absent from the local handicraft. What did he care for gold. Knowledge and knowledge alone he desired. Artefacts, yes, telling him of these people, how they celebrated, how they fought, but maybe more than this, sealed away down below a library would await him, the first to roam its shelves after thousands of years. At the first light of day he would depart. His fingers stopped at Walhafrid’s Stede, the little drawn chimney smoking invitingly. His first stop. And then only a good days travel further west. He sat back and finished his meal with a fine pipe. Maybe the last bit of comfort he would have for the next weeks. Snow began to fall, its icy embrace mirroring the cold hands reaching out for him. Not weather, not undeath would stop him. The flame always prevails, it always consumes. He delved into the darkness, only to meet more mindless marionettes, their purpose long faded and replaced with everlasting hatred. What would the flame reveal? You want to learn more? This dispatch should satiate your curiosity!
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    Did an initial run on the back plates. Blends still need a lot of work but it gives the basic idea. And apparently I need to paint that bit of the shoulder there. The plates at the top of the arms still need to be done in the same way. But the power is back on and I need a break. My neck is pretty tired after this much painting plus two hours rolling around on the garage floor converting the lawn tractor over to snowblower, then an hour clearing snow.
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    So I started these to have some things not requiring a lot of fiddly work last NEMPA paint day, (19Nov) and finished them up last night. The Nest: I added a few small tufts of Autumn Buffalo Grass, a bit of Fine Earth Turf Flock, and some Fine Light Green Turf Flock. The Treasure pile: A few touches in the coins with Elven Gold... I dumped some of the Silver colored Glass Glitter onto this to see what it would look like, But as the glitter was NOT round, it looked kinda like someone had shattered 3 or 4 mirrors onto the pile, so it was removed.... These wre the first time I tried out my new Warcolours paints, using Violet 5 to 1 on the 'robe' Emerald 5 to 1 on the shield Yellow 5 to 1 on the Feur-di-lis and Ochre 5 to 1 on the eggs... Very different from other paints I have used... Nice fun pieces to paint! Thanks Oathsworn! George WiP here
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    And with Sophie, I am finished! Now to figure out the best way to do a show off thread...
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    Decided that I'm gonna do some quick and easy animals. Not much progress tonight, but then it was a late start...
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    I'm starting the Storm King's Thunder 5e adventure this week. The party just completed the Lost Mines of Phandelver, but they were not quite 5th level so I added a side adventure where they encountered a stone golem and some swarms to get them to level 5. First I painted the swarms (77128: Vermin: Spider Swarm and 77130: Vermin: Beetle Swarm) and 77171: Stone Golem. They were exploring some ruins so I painted up a couple medium debris piles from Toad King's Casting recent skull and bones kickstarter at the same time. I basically used the same paint scheme for the spiders as the beetles, but the beetles turned out much better. I'll definitely have to try a little harder with the second spider swarm. The golem is a very basic paint style, but I'm very happy with how he turned out. The debris piles are nice pieces of terrain, quite large for 'medium'. I went with a lot of green to make it look like mold growing everywhere, because my players are terrified by mold. Next up I needed a chimera for a random encounter, so I finally finished 77257: Chimera. This was a mini I started painting a year or so ago, I had to wash it to clear the dust. Also, I decided to use the Storm King's Thunder module cover for a mini backdrop. It's not obvious from the photo, but the dragon head has a tiny eye that makes him look insane. I coated the scaled portions with gloss varnish, it makes an interesting effect. I like the mini, the dragon looks crazed and the goat looks dead. I think the heads had a war and the lion won. I named him fluffy. The first encounter of Storm King's Thunder depends on where the characters start. My party is starting in Triboar, so they are facing fire giants, magmin, orogs and orcs mounted on axe beaks. I'm planning on using meeples for the magmin, and I have piles of orcs. I can't produce a unit of axe beaks, but I recently got a nice one from the Tome of Horrors kickstarter mess: It's a great mini. I gave him a little blue tuft on the top of his head, but it didn't show up in the pics (except in the group photo). The base is a bit of a mess, it was my first time using milliput, it didn't go well. I saw some really nicely painted beaks online, I tried to copy it and failed. Now it just looks like it is a yellow beak and it was digging in the mud at it's feet. Next up, for the giants I picked the royals. First is 77101: Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King. I went with brown for the scales because I didn't want to make it a metallic dragon. I played a bit with trying to vary the hide so it wouldn't look like all the scales are a uniform shade. I didn't plan it out ahead of time, so It didn't work out as I hoped, but it does break up the monotony a bit so it's not bad. With a little more effort a pattern like a snake could look great. Maybe with the larger version from KS 3. I had some fun with him, painted several bits blue (sword, chain end loops, belt and pants), but I did so much dry brushing it isn't noticeably blue anywhere but the pants. The underside of his cloak turned out really well, it looks like a poorly tanned hide. I didn't lighten his flesh so it would stand out in contrast to his armour. I considered painting gold or platinum jewellry, but I didn't want him to look too much like the queen. Finally there is 77100: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen: I really like this mini, so I wanted to do a good job. I also didn't want to just copy someone else's paint job, but there are a lot of painted Vanja's out there, and it seems like every combo of colors has already been done. I tried to make a jade look to her ornamentation, and a more realistic hair colour compared to the king. I again left her flesh deep black to contrast the armour, and went with silver for the draconic cloak. I went with a gloss varnish for the armour and cloak. Overall, I was pretty happy with the minis, and so I took a bunch of comparison shots: The queen with fluffy. The king with fluffy (they don't get along). The king with dinner...I mean an axe beak. The happy couple. The queen just told the king she's pregnant. The group posing for the royal portrait. The dragons' head looks particularly insane in this pic.
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    Thanks everyone!! Latest update, rocks are almost done, belly has first coat of gloss sealer on it, and I'm about to attach the bottom of the mouth and paint the scythe-y arms! Then I decide what are eyes and what are not-eyes (like butterflies). Woohoo! Working on that slime. Almost there!
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    Alright. Arm-y floppy guys done. Rocks basecoated. Delay was because I got into a good groove with the rocks and didn't wanna lose it... Onto the yellow!! Woohoo! This feels doable!
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    So, hey! I don't know if Y'all know this or not, but I work a LOT. And I go to school online full time (like, 12 credit hours every 5 weeks kinda full time). So, I'm busy. And that makes taking 3 or 5 or 7 days off almost impossible. But, yesterday was my 30th birthday, and the Hubs did something awesome. He cleaned the entire house, so I have a whole day off to myself! Which brings me to this. I am going to attempt to paint mashaaf today. I went ahead and started the timer, because I cleaned him up and started assembling him. I have a nail appt at 9, but after that, it's on completely. Before I left, I attached him to a base, and greenstuffed his chest thing so it could cure while I was gone. So, that's where I'm at right now. I'm currently getting prettified by a cute little Asian girl, but I'm gonna knock him out!! Y'all follow along, and I'll try to update hourly.
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    Woah woah woah woah woah! Woah! ......WOAH! You people have to let me know when you attempt a Purple Cat challenge, otherwise I won't know! I blinked and missed this earlier! Combination excitement / suspense / cheerleading / encouragement / congratulations on completion! :bday: And in ONE DAY, that's just...insane! He looks FANTASTIC, well done!!! I'll get your barely-a-trophy before the end of the month! In the meantime, have an extremely well-earned:
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    It was a good break. I watched a show and slept through most of another one. Apparently I'm tired..... Gonna go finish up my CCC Incinerator and post pics of those 3 (I wonder where my background is??). Then I'll see how I feel. Right now I'm thinking bed and a nice early start to a (hopefully) less eventful day tomorrow.
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    *gurgling noises from floor* Now I know how wolverine felt that time he went up against Magneto.
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    Just because I am VERY dubious, hateful, and more venomous that most suspect, I would ask the above forementionedengineer what "Formula" they are using to make their calculations...Then check WIKI to see if they are matching that ^%#%@((*()*) miss informational site. I had full blown engineers quote WIKI to me in papers they were submitting for project approval, and look at me like "You ARE STUPID" as I screamed at them that they didn't know what the "F" they were talking about !! Give me a technical journal, Science Journal as a reference and I'll look at it.. but a WIKI article has NO technical standing...Bet you have a lot of those folks doing your calcs ! Not nearly that bad. Vent holes in composites. One group used a rule of thumb, another didn't know where it was calculated with that RoT horribly violated, and a third had done testing to see what would work. Went with the tested group's method.
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    Just got a coupon from Staples for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more... I'm pretty sure they're expecting me to use it to buy a printer or a desk lamp or something. I'm also pretty sure I'm about to go get about ten dollars and fifty cents worth of junk food for under a dollar, lol...
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    Whew! It's been another hour?! So, basecoating is mostly done. Gotta hit the bone areas and do a few touch ups. Then I start shading! My brush is starting to look rough... Not gonna be able to use him for any detail work. Yellow belly will be much less yellow soon. Alright! Gonna grab a snack and get back to it! Hope y'all are enjoying this!
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    Thanks so much everyone! I didn't see this until today! Y'all really are the best!!! :D And it was a great day! I had cake at work, and the Hubs, the Midget, and I had japanese hibachi and watched Kubo and the Two Strings! It was awesome.
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    I grew up with people that would call that an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sounds about right. For a day that started off pretty good, it sure went south with a quickness. I got declined for a mortgage loan, and due to some smurf up on the banks part, I am behind on my auto loan payments. Oh, and my landlord wants to increase my rent (which is why I wanted the mortgage loan). Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. I'm just about there.... Sympathies, CW. Just because I am VERY dubious, hateful, and more venomous that most suspect, I would ask the above forementionedengineer what "Formula" they are using to make their calculations...Then check WIKI to see if they are matching that ^%#%@((*()*) miss informational site. I had full blown engineers quote WIKI to me in papers they were submitting for project approval, and look at me like "You ARE STUPID" as I screamed at them that they didn't know what the "F" they were talking about !! Give me a technical journal, Science Journal as a reference and I'll look at it.. but a WIKI article has NO technical standing...Bet you have a lot of those folks doing your calcs ! But I saw it on Wikipedia! It must be troooooo!