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    Picked her up at Reapercon. Had hoped to have her done by Thanksgiving, but... stuff. Enjoy.
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    I know some of you have already seen this guy on facebook (thank you for your feedback there!) but I wanted to go ahead and get this guy posted in show off before I slip away into madness painting DDS2 in 7 days. Originally I'd planned on painting this guy for my father as an xmas present but when it became obvious that I wasn't going to have enough time to paint a second figure in time, I decided to give him to my mother instead because she follows my painting on facebook and I knew she'd appreciate a painted mini as a gift a little more. She loved him, although we both agreed that I made the dragon far too cute. The NMM is not entirely successful, although I think it's better on the axe than it is on the armour.... which is funny since I spent way more time on the armour than I did on the axe. Ah well. C&C is very, very welcome as always! I'm pretty proud of how this guy came together, but I'm always very much looking to improve! WIP thread for him is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72164-dark-sword-frog-dragon-slayer-wip/Thank you for the feedback there as well!
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    Between cooking Christmas supper, I managed to throw some paint around yesterday and finished this guy. My camera settings reset on me so not the best quality picture. More pics and rambling on my blog.
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    With minutes to spare, I finished the base for the nativity and got the figures I managed to get painted this year for my Moms Xmas gift. The pics are not the best, I had to take them quickly so we could get over to her house for Xmas brunch but you get the gist of it. :-)
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    Bones Dragoth. Was finally able to get something done while on vacation.
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    Almost done basecoating this little lady.....I'll call her Trevoress the Sorceress. She's got some rough mold spots, especially on the right (her right) side of her face but overall I'm not too bothered. Time for a dinner break!
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    Whole tower is now done with stage 2. Running a little behind estimates, but still basically okay. I'm still not sure what to do with the alcoves. they look okay like this, but i'd really like to put some mural remnants on them or something. Not sure how though.
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    I went to IKEA tonight (December 26th) and picked up 4 more of the shelves that go inside the cabinet units. They are like $2.50 each so for $10 I became even more organized with my storage, feels good! Here's what the cabinet units now look like and how I organized them after moving a few things around to where I felt like they made even more sense. Cabinet #1 - WOOD! Plinths, bark, balsa, and building materials. Cabinet #2 - Stamping, staining, plaster, talc, hirst arts, and hot glue stuff. You can see my bits bin underneath which isn't full yet, lots of room to expand in it. I've got one of my TaoTronics lights stuck to the side of it. Cabinets #3 & 4 #3 - Soaps, Resins, Sculpting putties, clays, and epoxies, water effects, oxide paste, etc. Also has the TaoTronics light mounted underneath. #4 - Mediums, primers, dull coat, glues, blue tack, etc. Cabinet #5 - Basing materials only
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    Christmas day I was working on it most of the day - This is where I'm at as of today after working on it last night - New IKEA 9-drawer cabinets installed and I put address labels on them which are from A to Z and am in the process of getting my unpainted minis put into their proper places. This is a long and tedious task as I have thousands err TWENTY minis to put away! The minis that need to be put away still are in the box on the wife's chair - the corner curio with all my display painted figures and the figures that all my friends from here and elsewhere have given me along with the Odin bust watching from above (thanks to George)! The cabinet between the windows holds wooden bases/plinths and this is where I'll set up my Foldio, to the sides will be the foam cutter and the toaster oven (which I got for xmas). The toaster oven will allow me to bake up my clay at my desk! Here's the painting station in the corner, I rigged up my TaoTronics lights to the side of a bits box and under one of my cabinets. I've got all my paints organized the way I want them and ready to go. I need to get a new cutting board though, the old one was warped and unable to be useful any longer. The cabinet near the window here is for miscellaneous things such as Stamp pads, basius 2 pads, hot glue gun, and hirst arts box full of stuff. The next cabinet over is for Clays, Putties, and modeling pastes/resin sands, etc. I'll set up my larger screen over here on the right side of the desk along with my WIPs I'm currently doing. The center cabinet here has Glues, Mediums, and Soaps. The right cabinet has basing materials. I'll go to IKEA and grab probably 3 more shelves to be able to store more things in the cabinets as I really don't like stacking too much and want to see things and get to them without them falling over. The cabinets are about 7 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 30 inches tall. They are soft closing and are push to open. Here on this wall will be the new 50" 4K TV I picked up on a 1 day sale from Costco for $499! I gave the beastly 50" plasma the mother in law as the thing weighs in with a mount at almost 150 lbs and is much wider, I wanted more sleek and light weight in here. I'm going today to buy the mount so I can put it on the wall today and get it out of the box and off the floor. Under the TV are 2 white bookshelves that I'll place my PS3, PS4, and Xbox 1 on. Inside the bookshelves will be board games. Here's the current gaming table set-up, it's still full of things I need to put away, a lot of this stuff will go into the garage and other rooms or find a place in cabinets or shelves. This table is 4'x4' and has seating for 6. The table I'll build will be probably 3 to 3 1/2' and 6 1/2 to 7' long as I think the 4' wide is a bit too wide for my room and fill it up a tad bit too much. It'll look a lot better in here as well when everything is off the floor and put away, right now it's too crowded. Not pictured - In the back right corner I have a mini fridge and I want to get a cabinet and countertop and mount a microwave up above so it'll be the snack area for my group when they come over to play or when people come over to hang out and play board games or card games!
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    Friday night (December 23rd) After having the IKEA guys come out and assemble and install 3 rooms worth of furniture (which took them about 5 days of coming back due to their high volume of install requests). I was here:
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    Now that our new house is done and we are unpacking, living in it for 11 days as of the time of this posting. I wanted to go ahead and start up a WIP thread showing my hobby/game room and the WIP as the last few days I've been setting it up so that I can paint. My OCD won't allow me to actually paint (even though I have an area for it now) until I have the rest of the room cleaned up and organized! Let's start up with the original plans - And here it is after it was done, a blank slate!
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    Another steps forward/backward situation. The tower base is now stage 1. Woo! Newest brush is kind of difficult to use, but is basically okay. The only real issue is on the ruined side of the broken bridge, where "drybrushing" turned into "painting." It'll work out though, because it's right under a crack, and I can just use extra sepia to make it look like the fill material is leaching out there. It should cover the paint and add realism at the same time. Less good though is an artifact from trying out the newest brush. As you may recall, I have spare stairs which I was using as a testbed. You can see them on the right, labelled "test". On the left, you can see the completed stairs, now with brand new drybrush tests on them. Should be fixable, but ouuch.
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    I painted up my first TOH mini today. Most people have read the many trials and tribulations (still ongoing) concerning the two Tome of Horrors kickstarters. It is a shame, because what finally reached my door is a box of beautiful minis. And they are uncommon to very rare minis that are unlikely to see the light of day anywhere else, like the flumphs Vulture sculpted and posted here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53628-flumphs-3-sculpts/?hl=flumphs In any case, I painted up the greater basilisk, and it's a lovely figure. Even though it's not a dracolisk, the mini has massive horns that reminded me of a black dragon dracolisk, so I tried to paint it like a black dragon. I painted the mouth before gluing it, then played around with colours in a different order than I usually do. I based the horns brown and the body with grey liner, which has been a go-to colour for me lately. Then I tried painting white highlights, followed by a black wash. It didn't turn out perfectly, so I drybrushed some linen white highlights to finish. I was pretty happy with him, so I took pics before sealing him. Good thing, because I can see I missed a big spot on the underside of the horn I need to fix.
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    Scumbag brush cooperated long enough to get most of the inside really badly drybrushed (much worse than other pieces), but has started misbehaving again.
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    Watching Tested for an hour did not improve productivity. Nonetheless, the upper part of the central tower is now done with stage 1. As you can see, I again was fairly sloppy with the drybrushing. I'm happy enough with yesterday's results, so I know I don't really need to be perfect. Even so, the drybrushing step is BY FAR the most time consuming yet. I've probably spent seven hours on it already, and the tower base is still outstanding (and huge). I'm also getting concerned that my brush won't make it to the end of the base, enough so that I dug Scumbag Brush out of the trash as a fallback. (I also realized that if I flock, I'll need a brush to apply glue with and don't want to sacrifice any other brushes). Even so, I'm getting so close to paint-complete on the terrain that I can taste it. I still have the biggest piece to go, but this task could be done tonight! I'll probably do stage 2 on the tower top, but hold off on stage three until I can do it and the base together. I got a nice staining effect running out of the breaks in the stonework on the arches, and I'd like to try to reproduce that for the tower. I also need to start thinking hard about flocking. I would really love to do this in snow, like it's a nice fresh coating that's still just a couple inches deep. I got that to work beautifully on the giantess, but I haven't been able to consistently reproduce that effect (or fix it where it doesn't work). That whole scene would be just beautiful, and it would make all the colors really pop (dragon, minis, treasure, mud...), but I think I'm going to have to abandon that plan and go for grass instead. That's good in some ways though, because I do want moss climbing the stonework, and I'm not sure how to mix that with snow. Another thing I hadn't thought of ahead of time is those alcoves in the tower bottom (and the ruined one on the dragon base). Ideally, they need some sort of icon, or portrait in them, but that's not going to happen. I left the base one mostly-weathered stone (not-quite-a-coat, no black, sepia carefully staining it), and I'm okay with how it looks, so I'll probably just do that. I did a lot of preparation for this, but it's amazing how many things I just didn't think of, let alone test ahead of time. Still not sure what to do with the base of the tower-top either. It would be fun to print some sort of reaper icon as a decal, mount it above the words, do some design around it, and really highlight the words. Then weather/ruin it. Essentially, turn it into a ceiling painting for the decrepit Church of Reaper. That's a lot of time though, and I don't think I have it.
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    I told my BFF I was starting and she said "It was so wonderful knowing you"
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    I managed to ask Bryan - it's "Interplanetary Marine Expedition Force".
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    Currently trying to drown out YET ANOTHER Hallmark christmas movie starring all the same actors, while basecoating the ten Bones IMEF troopers for arctic camo. Anyone know what "IMEF" stands for?
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    First hour progress. I spent about 30 minutes removing mold lines from the adventurers. Everything else looks pretty good so I'm not going to worry about it. Then I thinned down my brown liner, which I don't usually do, and slopped it all over the adventurers and partially on the dragon, just so I didn't waste the brown liner that was already mixed up. It's fully my intention to tackle the adventurers in the first 2 days, with other pieces only getting worked on if I need a change of pace. Whoever's dry is getting painted first.
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    Whew, I'd fallen 13 pages behind, and there have been a few acquisitions over the last week. First off, sorry to hear about the split George. I don't know you, your ex, or the paint minions, but I hope thing look up for you in 2017. As for me, I've found that asking for things off of hobby sites doesn't result in a lot of gifts but if I can find it on Amazon at a not crazy price it has a chance of being ordered. My hobby related haul this year includes: The Scottish and Welsh Wars 1250-1400 by Osprey - bit of history and a bit of reference Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski - been on the too read list for years Vallejo Smoke - another long time wish list item that's never on the shelves locally Vallejo Glaze Medium - handy & my current bottle is running low Vallejo Still Water - I've experienced the limitations of Realistic Water; we'll see how this works for basing. I know I don't want to use it for anything super deep, but it's cheap enough to give it a try for shallow puddles. Vallejo Pigment Binder - While not at the top of my list for 2017, learning to use pigments is on it Vallejo Pigment Set 2 Mud & Sand - Gotta have the pigments to play with Vallejo Pigment Set 4 Snow, Soot, Ashes, Industrial Grime - And they are like paint, but I'm working my way up to 20 (@12 and haven't opened any yet, just collecting ) Edit: Those Vallejo (*#%^&s. When I asked for the pigment sets I had assumed that they just packaged the first 16 pigments of their range into 4 sets, leaving 7 available only as singles. Turns out that 73.113 light slate grey is in sets 2 & 4 so I have a duplicate pigment and 8 are available only as singles.
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    Grump had our turkey cooking over night. It was driving me, the cats, and Sammy crazy long before we could eat it. smelled so good. :D The cats were prowling in front of the oven, tails twitching.
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    Upchecking another brush... This one is going right to drybrushing, which seems like a real waste. Oh well; at least it was cheap.
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    This one might be my new favorite mini.: They just don't make guys like this anymore. He does not bleed. He does not have time for such sissy things. He chews tobacco a box at a time.. In fact, he's so much of a sexual tyrannosaurus that he had to be mounted on the base of a friggin' horse. Although, I do not remember the name of his weapon.. I do remember the sound it makes when it takes a mans life. This is Sergeant Blaine Cooper, along with his trusty side-kick, bringing the payback.:
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    It begins! I might need to drag in more brushes, but if I do, they'll be clones of the ones you see here. I'm already questioning my wisdom...
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    This is the first painted of a trove of over 120 old school minis that a friend gave me. He is supposed to be stepping through the remains of the building upon which he once perched. Critiques greatly appreciated!