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    My adorable little NieceBoot has me totally wrapped around her wee finger. My parents dumped out a whole bin of animal hand puppets, and she's spent the past 20 minutes picking up each one, bringing it to me, proudly declaring what it is, putting her hand inside to demonstrate that this, too, is a puppet, then either handing it to me or placing it on my lap. I am now a mountain of stuffed animals. *happy AuntyBoot* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    1st off, this guy is difficult to find key words for when looking him up in Reapers miniatures sale pages. Dragon Warrior doesn't pull him up, neither does dragonkin, half dragon or lizard warrior ( most of which pull up a lot of models in the same class.) If the sales are low, it may be because he is hard to know he exists. Originally he was going to be a good D&D dragon, most likely gold. Then coincidentally a friend wanted a bunch of bad half dragons for a campaign and I mentioned I had just picked this one up. He wanted each a different color and this one was going to be either white or blue. White was tough and the sculpt made it even tougher. I really had to jam the paintbrush in a lot of crevasses and create a few painted up scales that I felt were missing. In the end I am proud of this one. White is tough and he was the first small model I have painted since knocking out a couple of very large balefire gates for a friends GW table. This site has a new look since I have last been on. I will have to look around if I have the time today.
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    As someone who works in the environmental regulatory sector, do NOT dispose of things down wells. Even 'dry' ones. They still penetrate water bearing strata even if the water level has fallen below them for now. Any rain that flows down said 'dry hole' still infiltrates the aquifer. Umm. I maybe take these things too seriously.
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    On a more practical note, it seems to me that Mouslings have proven both an effective way to interest people in painting miniatures who might not have picked up the hobby otherwise, and a companiable way to share hobby time with people who might not otherwise be into the hobby at all; not to mention their potential as gift items to illuminate the gentler side of the hobby to people who might have limited views of it. As, as it were, ambassadors, the Mouslings serve an excellent function.
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    back again for more fun! I went up to Knoxville for Save versus Hunger this weekend which was fun!! I got to hang out with Rhonda and Liz x2, but I didn't get much painting done. It was worth it!! I attached Lady Loth's hair and greenstuffed the joint once I had a base coat on the under side of the hair and was happy with the basic shading on the back of the dress. I'm finicky about painting a good bit before I attach anything I know will prevent me from easy painting. I messed with the shading on the dress somewhat. One of the sneaky tricks to hair depending on the shape is to blend in some of the skin color at the edges to make the transition sifter. Otherwise it looks like there is no real connection between the hair and the face. I haven't put the eyebrows in yet either. I started in on the hair shading. White is problematic any day. On of the secrets is just patience. Don't rush the transitions. I end up wet blending some of my layers before I glaze. You can see on the braids where I haven't started versus the main bulk of the hair where the highlighting is blocked in. I had to make a decision on the lighting. While I'm going for frontal lighting on the face, I've decided to introduce a secondary source of light for the back side so the hair isn't completely dark. Mainly because I really do want to practice hair and white and I can't do that if it's in shadow. I've begun highlighting the top of the head. One trick to hair to accentuate the way the hair bends is to shade the central part and then gradually work up to a highlight. I usually start on side closer than the other. I'll also highlight the edge of the crown of the head, again because that's where the hair bends. Also, the highlight is brighter near the front of the face because that's where my light is. Next step will be cleaning up the hair and face and adding eyebrows. Then I'll tackle that dress and eventually attach Mr. dragon.
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    And now you guys have me debating the wisdom of a Mousling chess set. *facedesk* Not this go-round, as I managed to resist the call of the mice this time... at least, I think I did. DRAGON! was louder..
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    We loves our little abominations, Precioussss, yesss we does ...
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    Oooh. Hotel. Use an axe instead and reenact that Shining moment. "Here's red!"
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    I've had a few little acquisitions lately that I hadn't bothered to post about (a pair of Grenadier barbarian cavalry, some Secret Weapon and Armorcast bits and bases for a Tyranid Warrior kill team), but this deserves special mention: This little package turned up from Pochi today after I sent her some animals for her cottage diorama (and a couple of other goodies) a while back. I honestly wasn't even expecting anything in return, so getting a couple of great special editions is fantastic! I have plans for these guys...
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    I'm not sure if I'm more fascinated or appalled. Aha! A fellow spirit!
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    Happy Monday everyone. I'm cruising on a couple hours sleep, so today is going to be fun filled. On a positive note I bought a new airbrush this weekend. With the 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby I got a really good deal on a Iwata Neo.
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    I was considering gadgets to be tools, but since you clearly have a bias against the almighty wooden spoon, I'll have to say can opener. Husband operated can opener. Can't beat husband power for eco friendliness!
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    Lol that would be fun. I figure if I get locked in I'll just chill until someone lets me out. At least I'm safe in there. And if I really need to get out I can break the window
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    The insides of my food is fascinating. Yes, I butchered a chicken today. I learned things. I'll spare you all the gory details. ^^; .. and my marveling at the size of rooster .. bits. *snork* Curry Wednesday, I think; that was a pretty skinny peanut.
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    AH! There it is!!! I took some painkillers and killed my headache! Now to slay the rest of Monday!
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    A Spartan welcomes water-born illness. It breeds strength and character. ... and death through dehydration.
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    You were watching out for Bigby's Giant Facepalm and missed the molehill, didn't you?
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    Smacking the management upside the head is just the first in a list of things I'd like to do with them. My favored item would be kicking them down sparta's well.
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    While I've never personally butchered a chicken, I've assisted with plucking turkeys and have butchered deer. You learn a lot about them that way. Not only that, but when you spend some time really cutting into stuff it changes your view on prepackaged meats. And if you raise your own livestock it changes that perception even more.
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    ... managed to dry-pluck about 95% of him. Had to scald for the last handful or so. There will be feathers all over the neighborhood for a couple of days; we had a pretty good breeze while we were working. :/
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    The same class topic/name from different instructors may be very different. Each of us develops our own content for classes independently, and may emphasize different techniques, reference materials, colour scheme approach, and so on to a topic like painting flesh tones or NMM or whatever other topic. So there is often a benefit to studying with different instructors because everyone teaches differently, and everyone learns differently. I cannot speak for every instructor to answer the question how much does a given topic of something I teach change from year to year. Speaking for myself, I review my class handouts, reference materials, and process for a subject prior to each session of teaching it. Sometimes I just clarify wording, sometimes I update photos, sometimes I add new information based on things I might have learned or expanded my understanding of, every great once in a while I tear it all down and rebuild it if there's been a significant enough shift in my approach/understanding. I am also always looking for ways to use better examples in class, which might include photos of figures, painting specific demonstration figures to have on hand, painting on paper, and whatever else I can think of to better help people understand. I am also always looking for a way to maximize the time people have to paint and get feedback from me in a hands-on class by streamlining the other stuff. So from one year to the next not a huge change, but a decent evolution all the time. As a student, I haven't taken a ton of repeat classes, but I've had a few other the years. Some painters seem to constantly be changing their approach and incorporating new things, with most it's more along the lines of over time refining what they do and/or how well they can convey that information to others. How much I get out of a class can also change based on me rather than the instructor. If I've made a fairly significant leap in understanding and/or ability to use my brush, I might get more or different information on a second round of going over similar material.
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    I only have a teeny tiny update since I only got in a tiny amount of painting this week, but progress is progress. I stippled on the upper half of the duster. I'm not sure what percent I would call it, but certainly more than half-way. There are a few areas to even out and some error fixing I can see below her waist. I wasn't feeling painting skin so I decided to add some color. First I went with red on her bandana (a pretty traditional color) and then so the red wouldn't feel lonely I put some on her hat. The bandana looks somewhat flat but it's in a shadow so I'll have to deepen the shadows rather than add highlights. Next I worked on her jeans. I started with the blue that I used for her eyes but that was waaaay too intense. After desaturating it I blocked in the colors to see how it would look. I may texture the jeans as well, but I'm not sure at the moment. The color was still hard to judge next to the white primer on her chaps so I also blocked in a base color for her chaps. I thought about freehand, but for the moment went with a traditional color. This mini is turning into an exercise in painting as many browns as possible. Currently I'm at: Duster & hat Gloves/belts/boots Hair Chaps Wooden gunstocks Maybe I'll find another item to paint brown before it's all done. EDIT: Apparently this was post #2000. Still averaging less than 1000 per year.
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    I live in Hong Kong and there is a famous bakery in the New Territories that does a really good wife cake. Occasionally, on lazy Sundays (haven't been enough of those lately!), I'll take the family up to NT for the express purpose of buying those wife cakes. The first couple of times we went, I even entertained the notion of taking some home to eat. Silly me. The reality, of course, is that all of the wife cakes were eaten by the roadside long before we even got close to home. On any other weekend, I might have had a different answer. But after all the questions about food and beer, how could I think of anything other than an Eat Off!
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    It's 70 degrees, sunny, and pleasant out. I am unprepared for this situation.
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    Final acquisition pictures.