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    Checked my order..... I should probably set some aside for Customs fees...... I don't even remember making that second order....
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    Aw man... I just found out that Reaper used to make Legend of the Five Rings and Exalted minis... once again I ask myself why I didn't know about Reaper sooner!?!? Well, my consolation will be that I have a package waiting in my mailbox for me with 3 Reaper minis and a book! Now to make it home alive!
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    D&D tonight. Gonna be playing my heavy armor wearing, axe swinging, dwarf wizard for the first time. It's going to be different.
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    Is it wrong that I was happy to see Loki? Too bad if it is.
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    This is sad, husband is currently running an Exalted 3rd game and sometimes it's hard to pick minis for it.
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    I already sent him glitter skulls just before last Reapercon. He's using them to slowly build up a tolerance to it.
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    Pretty sure with the proper glittery purple nail polish we could paint a skull mug for him for ReaperCon.
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    Or as a pre-emptive strike against said Barbarian who adds it to his coffee and his skull mugs... Poor Ub3r ... there will be mashing of buttons tonight! Invoke @ub3r_n3rd
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    Least- the bread maker. It has not moved from its spot from the moment my wife and I had moved in here. I should probably dust it. Most- hard to say, I don't really use that much in my kitchen, besides the usual suspects. I would say that the rice cooker is what I use most, and that's only a sometimes thing.
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    They do so at their own peril. Especially if they're a caster. He's a level 6 Abjuration wizard with 18str, 19int, and heavy armor. He'll shut down their casting, take away all their buffs, and then walk up and cleave through their face with his axe. Or he'll just hit them with fire bolt over and over again until they're cooked to a delicious medium...
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    How is Exalted Third Edition? I enjoyed some aspects of two but never found anyone to play with... At some point, someone's gonna probably call him "Sparklefingers" or something...
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    It looks goofy and delightful and silly and fun. I have always enjoyed "Immigrant Song". I hope it is in the actual movie.
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    Least - The electric ice cream maker Most - My really good knives passed down to me from my grandfather. Things are still razor sharp after almost ninety years. Sure I take care of them but that's why they are still around and in such great shape.
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    Apparently, I pledged for wave one shipping. I... I'm gonna need to go clean out my closet now. *runs*
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    Good for you; glad you're feeling better! Now, enjoy your vacation! Awww.... Congrats!! Nice title, too! That's how apocalypses (and/or glitter wars) begin, y'know...
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    I just love how happy Thor looks when he sees hulk walk out of the cage on the opposite side of the arena. And all those crazy bright backgrounds!
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    These are my players for Chaos, in Blood Bowl. The Minotaur/Ogre and daemonettes, are from GW, and the Warriors are a mix of parts from GW, and Avatars of War.
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    I can't hear that song anymore and not see 'Viking Kittens'. Youtube pulled the video down for some reason though.
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    Oh yea? Well, they used to make DooM minis too. Those are the ones I'm really upset about. I want a Cyberdemon to use as a Troll in Shadowrun.
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    So... a Glitter Skull Pezler Dispenser? Yeah... good luck that he is using them the way you intended... I highly doubt it. Snorkel plugging on our favorite Drow is more likely... Ok, one major project done! And... great... just realized I'm a quarter short to get me some Trail Mix from the vending machine and I forgot my Cliff bar at home. Oh well... I'll have to power through the WOD without it. At least it is mostly lifting and no running today...
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    -- I have store credit, can I use it to buy stuff at the con? What about gift cards/codes?
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    Can I wear a costume? What are the rules on weapon accessories for costumes?
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    Glittering Ub3r_N3rds' coffee mug is a sure way to start a fight.
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    Sally IV -- this one's the lucky one!
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    Hel: "Son of Odin, how dare you return? Your foolish pride with end you the way it ended Asguard. I have an army of the dead!" Thor: "I have a Hulk."
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    I'm psyched for this and GotG Vol2
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    Looks like a fun flick and it'll be released in time for Armageddon!
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    I don't remember making so many orders...BUT I have 12 20 Sophie so there's that. I'm also really excited to get the Pretty Deadly minis.
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    5. I have crowd anxiety. What kind of attendance numbers do you expect? If I feel overwhelmed, what kind of options do I have, or what advice would you offer? 6. I have health issues that require a caregiver be close by. If I take a class / game, would my caregiver be allowed to sit with me? 7. Reaper is AWESOME and ReaperCon is the BEST! Could I help with setup or tear-down? How can I help?
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    Anyone know how big the graveyard is? I THINK Grump ordered two, and I would like to have one of them permanently mounted.
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    Merely a precaution in case we're overrun by barbarians.
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    A spoon is not a gadget. Least - espresso machine. It never gets used because I now have a... Most - Keurig.
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    It's not the second order that's the problem... It's the fourth....
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    We have some as desktops found here: http://www.reapermini.com/Desktops
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    I... I guessed correctly!
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    That looks amazing. I can't wait to see Goldblum's scenes. And the big green guy.
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    Can anyone guess the name of my ship?
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    I thought only @Sirithiliel was allowed to release the Space Kraken................
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    Dammit, he found us again... Everybody run and hide!!!!
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    Well, since some unnamed persons on this forum have been getting me to read 40k novels again, I would likely do Wolfblade, as I just got a couple sprues of Space Wolves to try and burn the desire to paint an army out of my system..... I could always use some of my Iron Warriors I guess.... Iron Within, Iron Without....
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    Nice save; the paint job looks great!
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    We're playing second edition at the moment, heavily modified and with the history changed a good bit. We have some Anima Tactics minis we got for Exalted for their anime look. And there are some sorta Japanese and sorta Chinese minis that sorta match the game aesthetic. And Reaper still makes some figures with ludicrously big swords for that sharpened-refrigerator-door-on-a-hilt look of the Exalted weaponry. What I would like to see is transparent elves suitable for Jadeborn and Adamant Alchemicals. Are people interested in starting a thread for miniature figures suitable for Exalted?
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    ***Looks around for the sheep...***
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