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    Aheh. So, remember pretty much exactly a week ago I was griping about White Wolf's design problems and their rather cheesy dodging of actually explaining how to make all the vast, brilliant genius conspiracies they swore up and down were riddled throughout their creation? And then I said (emphasis added): Well, well, well, guess what just developed?
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    I'm starting to feel like I got off light b only spending $340.
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    On a tire-related note, I seemed to have dodged a bullet yesterday. When I had gotten my oil changed, the auto care center said that the steel belts were showing on the back tires and that I need new ones, which would cost nearly $400. I checked them myself and didn't see anything, and I thought it was odd that he said that, considering that they're only 4 years old from when my wife bought them for me. I decided to go to a tire center that I trusted to make sure of it, and when the technician took a look, he asked me if the auto care guy even knows what a steel belt looks like, because he said the tires were still practically brand new.
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    Thats an odd question and something i never considered. I live 60 miles from nearest city and dont usually eat out. I used to cook as a part time job so any dish I really want I just cook.
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    I know. It's grooming behavior. But the little guy is just such a ball of snuggles that he's gotta be hiding some insanely murderous instincts in there. You always keep an eye on the unassuming ones...
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    That is completely not what is going on in your cat's little kitten Brain but...whatevs...
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    This is my first completed Bones figure. Since spray primer is too high of a risk on ruining them and washing them didn't help the water bead up on some of my paint brands I opted for a brush on sealer that seams to work great. With this being a brain I wanted it to look gooey. So I just focused on it and did a single coat on the legs. I gave it a gooey look with gloss varnish.
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    I knocked out a few figures over the past few weeks. The Iconic was the 3rd time I painted the model, so she turned out pretty awesome. The other ones were speed jobs and I love how they all look.
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    I've been to a lot of different places while I was in the Navy, and I've eaten a lot of different things. What I want is to be able to get the real thing here, not an Americanized version of it.
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    Yay! Maybe ... I think the game's in good hands. This bodes well.
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    I'm sorry you hurt. Caffeine and advil help during the day, long hot showers at night. Good luck getting it all sorted out.
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    I know I've said this before, but... I really need to visit the Netherlands some day soon.
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    I can assure you that Girl Scouts get to do sewing by age 11. With sharp, pointy needles, even. I think the safest bet, however, would be to email the group leader and ask whether the kids are deemed responsible enough for the various tasks. Pain sucks and I'm done with it. So much sympathy for you, SparrowMarie, for having to push yourself so hard. I might be ready to say 'yes' to cortisone shots soon. In the meantime, more ice packs.
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    11 to 17 Yeah, it would have been better for them to just be 'part of the stuff' you came with. I feel your pain there. You haven't met me yet. In the right situation, there probably isn't much difference. (And yes, this is at work.) Ooooo interesting. I might then pick it up for my husband. He is a big vampire fan. While I am most definitely a black fury. Or maybe a Glass Walker wanting to be a Black Fury. I ain't no Silver Fang I can tell you that.
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    Well, finding a parking spot was WAY EASIER today. Maybe... 10 minutes? That's some fantastic news about Vampire! @Chaoswolf yes, they paid, but mostly because it was a cash only pizza place... And I didn't have any cash on me. And earthy... way way more earthy. And I may, someday eventually get tired of the elfhats and smurf brains, but it's really really hard to beat 25 minutes door to desk.... Dinner time!
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    An excellent example of why I don't do customer service. I recommend against smashing things with a sledgehammer. It's not the things fault. Smash the backers instead. I would settle for most anything beyond the typical Americana cuisine. If I really want something different there is a town about an hour away with some variety, but in the time it would take to drive there, order, and drive back I can cook a lot of different things.
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    Argentine BBQ The all you can eat type Lords of Lead, the meat....
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    Pretzels. Nobody really seems to do big soft pretzels over here. That, and buffalo wings.
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    I have USAA. That's why I'm not shopping around. Every time I've shopped around for insurance in the past, nothing was able to match what USAA offered. And really, $130/yr isn't that huge of an increase. I'm just poor and always broke since I'm a single guy with a $35k/yr job who owns his own house. It's not a cheap situation until the house is paid off in about, oh, 10 more years.
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    I agree with what Dilvish has said. It sounds like there may be too many open lanes of vision. And are you remembering the Will roll every turn the soldier activates? It takes a long time for a soldier carrying treasure to get off the edge at half speed, so there should be plenty of time from them to break the spell with their Will. Kodak had Mind Control and I don't think there was more than handful of times it actually worked to get a treasure off the table. There are several ways to defeat this. I'd buy a grimoire of either Dispel or Draining Word. Also Fog and Wall should help blind him. Another tactic I'd try is to buy a warband of entirely crossbowmen. That would teach him quickly to keep his head behind cover. Blinding Light and Furious Quill will also help make his life harder. If you are allowing all troop types, a Bard will help keep your troops' Will high, and a Crow Master can help keep the wizard distracted with his annoying bird. Also, worse comes to worse, you are allowed to kill your own warband member who has been Mind Controlled. Edit: Also, a few well placed Bones Darts or Elemental Bolts should discourage the Soothsayer as well.
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    Just finished up Garrick the Bold. Painted with Army Painter matte black undercoat, dry brushed Necron Compund then finished off with Reaper HD paints. Basing done with the Army Painter basing kit. Pay no attention to my paint fingers. comments and critiques always welcome.
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    Cool! Note to self: Dick Blick art supplies often has free shipping offers. But for some reason their upgrade to what essentially works out to two-day shipping is only a few dollars on top of that. Sooooo worth it.
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    Good point. We have several good Brazilian places around here (Greater Boston has substantial Portuguese and Brazilian populations), but I am unaware of any place to get Argentine cuisine. I hope you're happy. I didn't know I was missing it until now!
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    Is Argentine BBQ the kind of place where they give you the Red/Green card and just keep bringing meat as long as the green side is up?
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    Give it a little while; soon you'll be here griping about all the elfs, smurfs and woofs, that were doing all manner of dumb things during your commute. Yay for more painting time! I miss Dungeon and Dragon magazine. Did they pay? More technical or more 'earthy'? Not my call; it's a company machine. @knarthex---did you mean 'de-stress'?
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    Day 3 of 7 down... Taking a week vacation memorial day week... I need to decide stress...
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    Döner. I got suckered into this in Munich, and /you cannot get it here/. Cannot! Every so often, I /really really want one/, and you can't get them. *grump*
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    Maybe you'll finally get the kind of guide book you want, Pingo!
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    You did. Our cars that's how much EACH tire is...
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    I'm sorry, but every time you talk about the wagons, this is the only thing that goes through my head: https://media.giphy.com/media/3orifbRMafSjuB6D5e/giphy.gif
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    Adult purchases [email protected]##k! Sigh...they are nessecary though.
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    Lots of rumbly thunder outside! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    There are some battles not reported because I forgot to take pictures. LOL. Ya He is a nice fellow, older gentlemen. He seems to roll high all the time. Then a few times he didn't get it he just spend health to boost it to passing. He would grab treasure then walk off the edge (2 player game) closes to him that was not my edge of the table. Maybe it was just a mishap this game that set me on edge about the spell. He bragged during this last game because he just won a tournament for FG using this very strategy. :| I'm absolutely going to do what you recommended with the 12inchs. That seems like a very good idea. Note, he is a more experienced player than I am.
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    You have been doing it right. The Will roll is made vs. whatever the Wizard actually rolls; so if the wizard rolls an 18 to cast the spell, the target will need to try roll an 18 or better each time it activates (adding it's Will number to the roll.) You say he casts the spell a lot, but the Wizard (and Apprentice) can only have a single figure under mind control at one time. So at most there should ever only be 2 figures the pair can control. From looking at the report, it appears it was a problem with just the one game where you opponent had the fortune to roll high a lot. Has it been a problem with every game? Do they always roll high? Also, from the photos it does look like there is not enough cover, and what cover there is is lined up in neat rows creating very long line of sights. We try to never few clear lines of sight be longer than about 12 inches. And it should be rare to find places where you can draw a straight uninterrupted line from one side of the battlefield to the other. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX In other news, I forgot to follow up from my earlier post and let folks know my report from our Frostgrave Campaign Game 5 has been posted: http://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2017/05/frostgrave-campaign-17-game-5-storm-of.html
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    4 year old tires? Must be nice. I only drive about 13k miles every year and I burn through a full set on an almost yearly basis. And yes, I rotate every few months. And I buy good tires. But by about the 1 year mark they're almost totally bald.
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    Got a little more progress on him: Hair, Fur, Bow, Quiver, belt, knife The front picture shows a better view of his tunic and the texture I attempted to add. I tried for a bone handle skinning knife. I thought the quiver looked nice. It's one done yet but I like the two toned. What do y'all think?
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    I don't know that I would be able to survive without buffalo wings.
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    From a chibi standpoint, I like that the frost giant has a silly lightning bolt that looks like it's from a kid's cereal.
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    I'm with you. I love most of the Iconics (even if I hate painting their complicated JRPG-like designs on the minis), and they're hilarious in the comics. However, Valeros has, what, seven different miniatures already? Give me some monsters. Or at least the Iconics who don't have a ton of miniatures already. The evil Iconics from Hell's Vengeance would be fun to see.
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    Ok, I have had time to read your AAR and am home and can review my book. I have some comments. Feel free to ignore them as suits. 1. Terrain: I agree with Chris about cluttering up the board. It seems excessively grid like to me. Blocking line of sight is key to keeping enemy spell caster from blasting, mind controlling, pushing and doing nasty things to your troops. 2. Mind Control: Yes it sucks losing one of your people to the evil wizard. The Soothsayer casts it every chance he gets; as he should! Looking at his spell list, it's pretty much one of his only good choices. All of the damaging magic (elementalist/necromancer) is +4 for him. As stated, the target gets to resist this every action. Additionally, itis fairly easy to stop a mind controlled soldier. They are at have movement due to being encumbered with the treasure and are at a penalty to fight. You could make sure that you have another model in the vicinity to tackle any treasure carriers. Or leap them away, or keep them out of LOS as mentioned in the terrain above. As far as him rolling high, I see that as just the breaks. I wouldn't call foul on the elementalist rolling an 18 to blast one of my guys. 3. Reveal Secret: Pretty much the only other consistently good spell the Soothsayer gets. Extra token within 6 inches of caster's deployment area. Both caster can attempt but only one token can be placed per game. The thing is that while the caster has the advantage of being able to get to the treasure first, it is still up for grabs. One question I have is how big is your table? All of the spells are written and balanced for a 3x3 table. So with a 6 inch deployment zone on each side and the Secret 6 inches outside, theoretically you could only be 18 inches away from the treasure. So you could theoretically reach it or the figure carrying it. If you are playing on a larger table, then you may want to adjust the minimum distances to compensate. 4. Getting treasure is the way to win the game: That depends. If your opponent has no more figures on the board, you get any unclaimed treasures. You also get xp for your wizard killing things. So killing your opponent before he gets his treasure carriers off the board is a valid tactic. Also, Mind Control only works on soldiers and creatures so if your wizard is hanging out with your treasure carrier, then if he has line of sight for mind control, then you very likely have line of sight for elemental bolt. So to sum up: a cluttered table is your friend, geek the mage, contest his treasure carriers, and geek the mage. In your other game, you had the apprentice dead to rights but called the game. If you had taken him out (and the wizard) you had the potential of causing your opponent to waste resources healing or buying a new apprentice ( as well as losing any equipment the fig was carrying if it died). That is another way to derail the Soothsayer if you can get them into a similar situation. If you would the wizard, they are less likely to take damage to empower spells as well.
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    True, most of my driving is around town. But I did put on a lot of miles going back and forth to the Big City when my wife was having chemotherapy.
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    I started a long post in reply but had to leave to take my daughter to her class before I finished it. Hopefully it's still on the computer when I get home.
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    not much time today so I'm still on the base... trying a focused light on the bases runes... still fidling...proably need to fit at least 6 leds in here of this type... got it down to a 3 volt source though. hoping to adapt tealite base for easy on off.
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    Hey, isn't that Herman Munster's dog?
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    Recreational Cannabis edibles. Because freedom.
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    . . This. Hope it is getting better, or not as bad.
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