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    Rosy Highlight done, and I'm rather happy with it, except for the faces. (I forgot to mention, ignore Mazumi's arms; it wan't until I was partway through the midtone step that I realized those are clothing wrinkles, not weird moldlines, so I'll be painting those up as cloth). I think they may look funny be because I didn't have enough of the midtone, so the highlight covered up most of it. If I really want to fix it, I'll do a midtone glaze over most of the face on each of them and then re-highlight, and hope that makes it look better. Now that I've had a chance to look closer at these guys, I noticed just a couple of issues, which were corrected with paint pretty easily. Elrohir's left ear is missing, so I fudged one in: His left thumb is also just a blob, so I approximated one as best I could: And Masumi's left ear was pretty smooshed, since it's right on a mold line: Other than that (and Merisiel's missing nose, which I already mentioned), they look pretty decent for Bones figures. Elrohir had the worst mold lines, and the Dwarf had the least, but overall they really weren't too bad. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    These two went WAY faster, since there was so little skin showing. Suntan flesh for the shadows, Tanned skin for the midtone, and Tanned Highlight for the, um, highlight. Sorry the picture isn't very good; the skin is a lot more distinguishable from the surrounding liner in person. I think Slate Fistcrunch's face came out better, since I deliberately tried to make the midtone places bigger and the highlight spots smaller. He did end up with cheekbones sharp enough to cut bread with, though. As far as issues, just another smooshed left ear, on Thick McRunFast: I dunno what the Bones molds seem to have against left ears, lol. I'm going to be taking a break to figure out which colors I want to work on next, plus get dinner and a couple chores out of the way. I think I'll primarily focus on the Demon Hunter first, since she has the least amount of fiddly stuff. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Feel free to publicly judge it too, I don't mind. Oh yeah, the skin tones are going on with far fewer coats than usual, even though I'm thinning it slightly. It's very nice. It seems to be nicely durable too, since it reacted the same way as Brown Liner when I tried scratching it off with my fingernail. It came off slightly on the figures that I put the thinned liner on, and it barely came off at all on the one with the unthinned liner. Awesome! So, I was going to just do all of the skin tones and then post, but I figured this is a WIP thread, so y'all might want to actually see the progress. Here's Lady Masumi with 3 coats Rosy Shadow, and 2 coats Rosy Skin, both slightly thinned: I should note that I'm sort of terrified of painting skin, female in particular, so this is totally pushing my boundaries. :) And here's Merisiel and Galadanoth (what a mouthful; I'mma change his name to Elrohir), with 3 coats Rosy Shadow and only 1 coat Rosy Skin; that second coat makes a big difference, as you'll see: I'm doing my best to follow all of the excellent face painting advice @Corporea has given in her threads, but to me it just looks like they're all wearing light-colored war paint. Hopefully it will look okay at tabletop distance, though. And here's Merisiel (I'm going to call her Tipsy from now on, since even after boiling she won't stand straight) and Elrohir with a second coat of Rosy Skin: I'm going to do a Rosy Highlight layer on each of them, and then I've got a different triad I put together for the other two. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I got a new lightbox today... I used to have one made from plastic bags and a cardboard box, but my kids found it. This one is a collapsible plastic dooey with a built in light strip... Kinda snazzy! Unfortunately it won't be big enough for dragons and things. These guys are part of my "paint twenty four skeletons in twelve hours" initiative, which actually succeeded! At least i think it did, I didn't really track the time closely.
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    Did I reply to this? Can't remember... No. I mean, I "review" books, but not not so that anyone pays any attention. I got this one because I'm friends with the author. Who is excellent, and her 3rd book is better than book 2, which was better than book 1, and you should totally look her up: J.L. Gribble and the Steel Empire series and then go read it... and tell your library to get it... and tell your friends about it... Managed to avoid getting rained on, mostly. And primarily because I was next to a cafe when the downpour started. So I ran in. And since it would be rude to take shelter without getting something...
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    Please Odin let me win the lottery this week so I can get all of those wonderful tiles...
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    Hello all! After getting the Icestorm set all squared away I did end up filling out my roster to a full ITS capable army for Infinity, and now I need to paint them to completion so I can play! I'm starting with the Nomads first, mainly since one of the models I'm using to fill out the army is an infinity figure I've owned since before the current edition. So here's the gang all together, and from left to right we have: Tomcat Engineer, Zondcat, Tomcat with DEP, Warcor, Reverend Custodier, Lunokhod Sputnik Remote, 2 CrazyKoalas, and a Bandit Hacker. And speaking of the first Infinity figure, that would be the reverend Custodier. Her priming job is the worst I've ever done, and I cleaned it up, so how see how painting her goes, but she's all base coated and first in line.
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    If you live in those areas, or know anybody who lives in those areas in the Watch or Warning, prepare for Potential Tropical Cyclone Three. Again... A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from Intracoastal City, Louisiana, to the Mouth of the Pearl River. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect from west of Intracoastal City to High Island, Texas. Discussion: 000 WTNT43 KNHC 192047 TCDAT3 Potential Tropical Cyclone Three Discussion Number 1 NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL032017 400 PM CDT Mon Jun 19 2017 A pair of ASCAT passes between 15 and 16Z showed that the disturbance over the Gulf of Mexico has an area of tropical-storm- force winds within a large area of deep convection 100 to 150 n mi northeast of a broad low center. The ASCAT data and visible satellite imagery show that the center is not well defined, and in fact multiple low-level swirls are evident in the latest imagery. An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is currently investigating the system and will provide more data on its wind structure. The NWS now has the option to issue advisories, watches, and warnings for disturbances that are not yet a tropical cyclone, but which pose the threat of bringing tropical storm or hurricane conditions to land areas within 48 hours. Under previous policy this was not possible. These systems are known as Potential Tropical Cyclones in advisory products and are numbered from the same list as depressions. Because of the threat to the central Gulf coast, advisories have been initiated on Potential Tropical Cyclone Three and the appropriate watches/warnings have been issued. Users should be aware that forecast uncertainty for disturbances is generally larger than for tropical cyclones, especially beyond 48-72 hours. The initial intensity is set to 35 kt based on the ASCAT data. The initial pressure is set to 1002 mb based on extrapolated data from the aircraft. Only modest strengthening is expected given the moderate to strong southwesterly shear of around 30 kt expected to persist over the system during the next couple of days. The NHC intensity forecast is close to the latest intensity consensus aid. Given the broad nature of the low, the initial motion estimate is a rather uncertain 350/08. During the first 12 to 24 hours the system will move northward to north-northwestward due to the a weakness in the subtropical ridge over the northern Gulf and then the system should slow and turn more northwestward as it interacts with an upper-level low currently situated off the Texas coast. The details of this interaction will have significant implications on the track of the system, and there remains a fair amount of model spread. The HWRF is on the right side of the guidance envelope, with a track toward southeastern Louisiana while the UKMET and ECMWF show a solution toward southwest Louisiana or extreme eastern Texas. For now, the NHC forecast lies in the middle of the guidance envelope and a little left of the TCVA consensus aid. Given the disorganized nature of the circulation and the fact that the wind and rain hazards extend well north and east of the center, users are encouraged to not focus on the details of the track forecast. The primary hazard from this disturbance is expected to be heavy rainfall over portions of the central and eastern Gulf Coast. FORECAST POSITIONS AND MAX WINDS INIT 19/2100Z 24.7N 88.7W 35 KT 40 MPH...POTENTIAL TROP CYCLONE 12H 20/0600Z 26.0N 89.5W 35 KT 40 MPH 24H 20/1800Z 27.2N 90.6W 40 KT 45 MPH...TROPICAL CYCLONE 36H 21/0600Z 27.9N 91.4W 40 KT 45 MPH 48H 21/1800Z 28.7N 92.3W 40 KT 45 MPH 72H 22/1800Z 32.0N 93.5W 30 KT 35 MPH...INLAND 96H 23/1800Z 35.5N 90.5W 25 KT 30 MPH...POST-TROP/INLAND 120H 24/1800Z...DISSIPATED http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at3+shtml/205153.shtml?cone#contents
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    I have a pair of shorts that have fake front pockets but real back pockets. It makes no sense to me. It was great fun. I highly recommend it.
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    I like picking some stones out as a different color ("Earth Stone" in Pokorny Paints). It breaks up the monotony, and makes the dungeon more interesting; it also provides a bit of camouflage that makes the different pieces appear more seamless when they're together. You don't have to "paint each stone", so much as having a stage where you just select a few stones from each piece to paint; maybe 15-30 seconds per piece? And you really don't have to be careful in doing it. This is basically the only non-dry-brush step, so after that it's super quick, and the drybrush over top really does a great job of hiding mistakes. Terrain painting is about 10,000-1,000,000 times more forgiving than mini painting. :-) Even when it's bad, it's good.
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    I don't really celebrate the big ones for various reasons and won't even observe some holidays for other reasons. Presidents' Day? That's called Theodore Roosevelt's Day! Anyway, here's a list if anyone cares to look: High Holy Sabbats (the Solstices and Equinoxes) Thelemic High Holy Days Saint George's Day(s) (Both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox) The Celebration of the Great Beast That should be it but I usually forget some of the lesser days.
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    Plus the rich people who could afford to build such things. Do you think they would tolerate such discrepancies in their walls...no way!
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    It actually wasn't too bad today. I think I might have accidentally figured out the best way to get down here. .....and a thunderstorm just knocked out the power.
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    Oh... my... god... I think i just had a wonderful idea... Maybe i can ship it all to my oncle and aunt condo in Florida... then ask them to bring it back in Montreal ! OHHH so much money saved D: so I can spend on MOAR TILES?!
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    Thanks all for your interest! Basecoat is coming along on the main body portion of the mini... The main body colour is a 2:1 mix; Harvest Brown: Blonde Hair (MSP). For the metal plates, I'm making use of a bottle of bronze-y "sample" paint from Reaper, and the amulets, as well as other assorted razzle dazzle are MSP dragon gold. Also started basecoating the loin cloth piece... Used "fresh blood" for the cloth. Haven't decided on a colour for the skull yet. Metallic? Bone coloured? Thoughts from the audience appreciated!! Thanks again! I'll be in touch :) -E.E.
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    Hate it when I see "local" peeps that can not make it out. I understand some work places and finical reasons keep ya from traveling for a few days even if it is just a few hours away. I need to go win the World Series of Poker Main Event so I can get a few of you forumites who have not been out here to RCon at least once.
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    Is that in the American or European date convention?
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    Well I was going into this kickstarter knowing full well that I wouldn't be getting much unless they release some CBS stuff. However! upon seeing the burrows in the video. That is my primary desire as I don't have any cavern sets (due to not liking its design, it makes it difficult to make mazes of tunnels) If they want me to up my pledge they need to show me some goodies!
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    Simple solution: The minute you walk into the store, immediately head to the aisle where they keep all their storage containers and buy as many storage items as you can reasonably come up with a use for... You've now spent all your money on new storage, and will have to be content to just sit around filling it up with your current stuff rather than buying new stuff to fill it. EDIT: This is now the part of the day wherein Jack does basic carpentry while baking chicken.
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    Join: Yes! (but round 5, not 4) Location: NYC International: No Start: No.
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    Heck, I tend to forget some of the bigger ones... I might not talk like a pirate, but I definitely talk like a sailor every day.
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    Fortunately she has ODD, so you can turn priming mistakes into visual artifacting from her armor.
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    Yeah, or worked for the military in the US, come to that. I've mostly switched to ISO standard order (YYYY/MM/DD), which has the advantage of alpha-sorting into date order.
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    You can do it, OneBoot! They're already looking good! To time capsule this thread for future forum searches, here are the names of the new Bones III minis (assuming Reaper doesn't change anything): (242) (Dwarf Ranger) = 77480 Durok, Dwarf Ranger (154) (Lady Blademaster) = 77440 Masumi, Demon Hunter (101) (Elf Archer) = 77320 Galadanoth, Elf Sniper
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    You haven't painted the Tudor stuff have you? lol
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    I'm a bit mixed on that issue myself. I like the look of the different colored stones, but I also am not sure that's how I'll want to paint them when the time comes. In some respects, it seems to me that the builders would likely be pulling stones from the same source and even though they wouldn't all be exactly the same, you'd expect a certain amount of similarity. More to the point though, I doubt I'd have the patience to paint each stone individually, changing colors and patterns along the way, etc. Which of course is an argument for prepainted, but yeah as you say, this way you can choose the look you want, even if you don't actually achieve it. :)
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    So sometimes everything just goes wrong on a model. Ended up doing a lot more work on this guy this weekend than I intended mainly because I didn't like how it was coming out. Tried making his zits/boils/whatever red and it didn't look good (imho). Tried to glaze over them with the base skin color to dull it down a bit, and still didn't work. So went back and started from scratch on them. Then the skin still didn't look good imho so I tried to deepen the shadows with some Agrax Earthshade and I think it did okay, but not great. Oh, and along the way I also managed to knock over a nearly full paint pot. Fortunately it was on my cutting mat and completely contained therein, but still. It just became one annoyance after another. In the end, I think I have him at a playable state, which is fine by me. There are parts of this mini I like and I am taking a lot of this as a learning experience, so its not a complete loss. As such I am mostly done with him, but am going to base him now, trying to add some snow (which will also be a first for me). I figure at this point its a good figure to experiment on, especially as affordable as it is. Next up I'll be tackling the Marsh troll. Laardgulp has me a bit concerned as the details are a bit hard for me to see, so saving him for last. :) I'm not super happy with the skin by any means, but my big problem I think is that I am just not good at blending the highlights for some reason. The shades seem to blend better but I just haven't yet gotten the hang of the highlights. I really need to work on 2BB I think, so will be trying that on the Marsh Troll. As always thanks for looking and please let me know what you think, especially any areas you think I can improve on. Although I called him largely done, I don't mind going back to him if there's a way to improve on him!
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    Thanks guys! They were supposed to be goat eyes but I went wrong somewhere! Progress:- All the skin is now finished. Much like his head, this side of his body just isn't as good as the other (the little hand parasites in particular really did not stand up to the plasticfication process). Next step, his second mouth. If the warm weather doesn't melt me first.
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    Depending on how much you order, they might charge you for delivery, themselves! Yeah, painting takes quite some time, but it IS super easy for 99% of the pieces, and you do have total control over how they look. (So if you don't like the paint job, nobody to blame but yourself, and you're not left regretting paying for a paint job you ultimately don't like.) But of course, the main reason to go unpainted is MOAR TILES! Still... it's tempting to go painted, even if I get less. Still, still... I'm pretty happy with my paint jobs, even if they look pretty crappy and unprofessional. They still make great scenery.
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    Ohhhh, the Ukrainian Co-op is awesome. I happened to get these from Save-On-Foods, which is a large chain that's in western Canada. There's one in Regina, in the South End.
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    I got that, no worries. Just putting my two bits in for how even the fairly mediocre studio paint job is actually impressive on the table. But I totally get the self painted way too. I personally just can't get the time, if I could I'd do it myself too.
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    It could be my personal taste though. for my DF stuff I like it dark and grungy looking. So that when I put painted minis on it they stand out. I also don't paint the individual stones either on the stone work. I kinda don't like that.
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    Funny! Special Message from NHC Issued 19 Jun 2017 20:38 UTC NHC will be initiating advisories at 4 PM CDT on Potential Tropical Cyclone Three, located over the southern Gulf of Mexico. Will be posting more later. NHC advisory on Potential Tropical Cyclone Three is coming out. This includes a Tropical Storm Warning for the Louisiana Coast. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from Intracoastal City, Louisiana, to the Mouth of the Pearl River. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect from west of Intracoastal City to High Island, Texas.
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    Nope. They are so little known that I am not even aware of them. Less amusing once you've worked for a multinational that uses one convention sometimes and the other convention at others. At least its a 50/50 shot most days...
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    I saw the date but noticed the subject so... So its speculation then based on previous KS. If Bones KS have taught me anything its to not expect it to be like the last one lol
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    I have that book on my shelf. It is a nice collection of his work.
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    From the Dwarven Forge Forums: ---Q: In the pledge manger, will I be able to bump my at-the-end-of-the-campaign pledge up to a higher level pledge? A: Yes, as long as there are slots available at the pledge level. For example right now, we only have about 5-6 extra Royal Stronghold sets from last year,
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    FWIW, I've found this same issue with most tile systems. Be it the old D&D 2D game tiles, the Streets of Malifaux system, etc. One package is ok, and you can do some decent things with it, but if you want to get really fancy or have a particularly extended dungeon, etc. you were going to need a number of packages. Now of course, those other systems were notable cheaper than DF too so there was that trade off as it made it easier to get multiples. I still contend that you don't necessarily buy DF simply to be an efficient game aid. You buy it as much, if not more, because its a freakin' cool game aid and because you like to do the painting, etc. (assuming that you are getting unpainted).
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    The sepia liner is looking good! I've completely fallen in love with it for base coating Bones and finally understand why people want giant bottles of the stuff. It's so much easier to get bright colors over sepia liner than brown or gray. It shows off the miniature's detail better also. Gonna need so many bottles.
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    Let's go BIG for the first day, shall we? Back in February, I tried clawing out a few hours a week for sculpting. It was difficult! But it's okay to just have a few minutes of art every day - it's better than none at all! Anyways, I got about 20 hours in to making this "écorché," which is this fun word for a figure that shows where the muscles are on the body! I wanted to have a good reference for when I was drawing and sculpting, so instead of spending a ton of money on one, I thought I would make one. It will also stick to my brain a bit better. I found a lesson plan by Rey Bustos (who is AMAZING <3) on New Masters Academy and completed the first few episodes, though I will be continuing this with books instead of resubscribing to the website. Step 1: Gather your references! Books used: Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie L. Winslow Anatomy for Sculptors by Uldis Zarins and Sandis Kondrats Step 2: Learn Anatomy! I've learned that it's incredibly important to make sure that the anatomy is correct before adding more layers. If the base is wrong, everything else will look off too. I don't expect it to be absolutely perfect - rather, I want to just show the main muscles groups and bones that would affect one's drawing or sculpting. After starting the spine and skull base, I decided to go ahead and bake - a lot of the parts I had done 4(!) months ago, like the feet, were crumbling and fragile. If it's not going to bake correctly from 4 months of exposure to air, I'd rather find out now! Good luck, big guy....
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    This is live as of yesterday. It is already over $5k with an $8k goal. The other faction submersibles look awesome! I hope we hit all the stretch goals (My favorite are the Dark Mariners and the Fortune Hunters).
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    Love me some skeletons!! These look great!!!!
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    Intriguing! I like how the Marie Bot worked out even with the red brick under-paint. I can see glimpses of red (I think only because I'm specifically looking for it), and in the intermediate picture before the base is painted black, I get the impression of a marbled base (all that white-and-black splotching, I guess), and that Marie has been through quite the ordeal (although perhaps more of an ordeal for whatever squishy organics she has encountered, given the dark red puddles at her feet). Finished, the black bases really do make the metallic figures "pop."
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    WooHoo! Go Go Go! You can dooooo eeeeeet!
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    It could be just me. The few things Ive bought from them prepainted...to me it seemed highlighted too much. I ended up repainting the gargoyle posts I got a while back. I think their prepainted miniatures came out fine though....
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    Well hopefully they will either back her up on what she says or come out with their own FAQ.
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    I buy it prepainted because that is still plenty pretty for regular use, and even my crappiest speed painting jobs start to look damn beautiful when they're in the context of an entire 3d sculpted dungeon.
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