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    I decided to paint up these guys like real snakes. So they are sort of based off of a king snake, a python, a diamondback, and a black mamba. I think they make for interesting/unique yuan-ti and am pleased with how most of them turned out. Hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!
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    Was just looking for a hero to change up what I've been painting lately (and since I find heroes simpler so they are easier for me to stick in the middle). Was excited to make some glue/baking soda snow and use the frozen tufts from army painter (I have a huge tuft collection!). Thanks for reading!
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    Hi, I have been on the forum for quite a while but have never posted any pictures of my work before.....so I hope I'm doing this right :-) Just finished these 32mm metal miniatures for "Blood & Plunder" from Firelock Games . They are lovely metal figures & great fun to paint. These are various Commander figures.
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    Here is Degan the Mousling Accordionist sculpted by Gene Van Horne. He's part of Reaper Miniatures 10034, Mousling Tavern Boxed Set. Happy Fathers Day!
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    Painted up this guy a while ago and finally getting the photos up. Tried to paint him like the official art. Thanks for reading!
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    A bit belated on posting these, painted for the Resolutionary Painting Challenge. Used real goat fur color for inspiration.
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    This ended up being a speed paint, the patterns and fiddly bits just painted up super quick, around 2 hours. I painted her just so I could glue her cloak on. Added two mushrooms I had laying around from previous putty leftovers.
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    Finished this awesome guy today. Gave him a coat of matte finish (wish it was more matte and less glossy) for a little extra protection. Gave the veins on the wings a odd color to have them stand out a bit.
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    Painted this guy up for a friend to use for his character. He wanted him with short hair and without a beard. I tried to cut off the beard without it looking too weird but I'm not sure it worked out well. Anyways, that's why it's not painted. Chopping off his ponytail seemed to work out better. Thanks for reading!
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    These are the Wizkids unpainted pre-primed Elf Sorceresses (SKU WZK72606). I painted these up in April, just got around to adding basing and taking photos. For the price I think they are great, but they are definitely not as nicely detailed as the renders. I decided to paint one up in a druidic color scheme. I had issues with her face, since the faces are true scale, not heroic. Not my best face, but its for tabletop, so it will do. Also her hand didn't have any finger definition, so I painted it as a knitted mitten.
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    Painted up these larger goat warrior fellows. Thanks for reading!
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    Spent the day in Seattle at the science center with Husband and a couple of friends. They have an exhibit on the Terracotta Warriors on display so we went and did that. It was great fun, picked up a journal in the gift shop, not sure how I'm going to use it yet but it'll probably be painting related.
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    Got these guys last winter. Think they are super cute. Huz wanted them more robotic and less like tree ornaments so I kept them pretty standard. The bases are from Secret Weapon. I didn't know until I opened them recently that I had an extra of one, but no extra arms, so he's a little more broken than the others. Thanks for reading!
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    No comments? It is amazing how much it changes once primed (zenital light applied, B&W only).
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    Yes. It will be the website. With that pesky thing called Bones 3 fulfillment, it didn't get launched in error. It will be up by end of the week once we are back in office from Origins.
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    When I went to my mother-in-law's on Friday, I found that her home has now been invaded:
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    Charging right off the cheap grey background! Tutorial on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/forum/886959/kings-war/general
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    I finished painting mr. and Mrs. Bones.
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    These others need to become acquainted with the concept and benefits of being nicer people.
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    Company day at the Denver Zoo. Watched my wife go nuts for the red panda and the grizzly bears. Got to watch one of their Asian elephants going for a swim. Generally good time, with only a slight burn. Since it was father's day, got a gift before we went of a keyboard attachment for the tablet. Very cool. Stopped off at the Wizard's Chest based on someone's experience, maybe in the CMPA thread (sorry! Not looking it up as I need to go to sleep). Son was super happy with the store, buying a German hat and a top hat (he's collecting them), but a little disappointed they didn't have any powdered wigs. Wife decided to buy the boxed set of Mousling heroes, and some little plastic animals that she'll turn into hairbows. Daughter was the big looser, tho. She couldn't find anything to take the burning money in her pocket. Poor thing. She and her daddy left empty handed. I thought I had something else fun to write about, but looks like nothing. So... Randomness XII: Because You Don't Have Time to Actually Paint Anything
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    This figure is from a set of fun modern street fighters from the game "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games. (Many thanks to FishNJeeps for pointing them out to me at Adepticon.) This figure is from the "Murder Cult Girls Gang" (I had to remove a large knife from her right hand). I'm currently involved with a campaign of "Exalted" (2nd edition) set in the World of Darkness ("Vampire the Masquerade" (2nd edition), "Werewolf the Apocalypse" etc. etc.). One of the PCs is (and I'm sure this will sound like glossolalia) a member of a South Korean girl pop group who Exalted as a Sidereal of the Maiden of Serenity (Venus). She dresses fashionably, mostly in the color blue (the five Maidens have planets and colors associated with them and I swear they are totally cribbed from "Sailor Moon"). Her hair is dyed bright pink; her eyes are preternaturally blue with white pupils; and she has a "caste mark" of the sign of Venus (a.k.a. the symbol for "female") in glowing blue on her forehead (I wasn't able to paint that clearly; there's just a little interference blue under her bangs). The character has a hand-sized green spider familiar named Jadie. Since she had a slightly blobby hand (from removing an unwanted knife from the figure), I painted it up to look like a spider. There is a WIP thread here.
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    I started painting this pair quite some time ago, putting into practice some of the technique I learned in Jen Greenwald's class on painting whites at ReaperCon 2016. I finally put the finishing touches on them last night. Now I want to play a cool psychic character. I don't even know if they get familiars or anything.
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    I am summoning additional skeleton warriors.