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    Hi, first time poster here. I recently finished this miniature. As I`m looking to improve my skills, I`m asking for critique. Please comment on what you think of it and what I could`ve done differently to make it better. Thank you very much in advance!
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    *** shudder *** No... no... NO! @buglips*the*goblin is not a PROPER Barbarian!!!!
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    That's what he gets for taking things for granite.
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    Maybe have a listen to the soundtrack...might be therapeutic. And it really is great for fantasy gaming Just read that a US Marine Group will be flying their F35Bs from her while we wait for ours to be delivered. Seems like we're stuck with each other
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    ... Moon Moon, is that you? Well, I think it's neat but I'm more of a total amateur with a slightly hyperactive great dane puppy attitude about it.
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    Britain's new Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, has taken just started her sea trials. Just thought you should know
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    Hi, I had a painting crisis, I have started ten models and I coudnt finish anything, but today i had to paint model for my friend because he is going for tournament in few days. I dont know the company which made this model but I told my friend he must buy this troll because its totally matching to rest of his warband (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62870-umbra-turris-orc-team/)
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    The Great and Secret show. Or any show that's handy laying about, that is aerodynamic enough to fling. Was the President that bad about having cronies? At my current school... when the old president left, several people immediately collected their 'extra compensation packages'. Which Kentucky One then used to try to swindle their way out of paying money they owe, which led to a divorce. So our interim president is also the president of the Medical Center who is now trying to deal with the Kentucky One divorce proceedings with our main hospital, and the potential loss of our other major hospital. Any one of those things would be enough for the medical center director to spend all his time dealing with, let alone, both, and having to be the interim president for the university. I hope your school's transition is much smoother, and without as much drama. It's like when people read the word YELLOW. I posted that about 2PM, I left at 4:30. So my day was short, I only worked exactly 8 hours. But I think I'm close to an answer. We watched it on Showtime as a family, and I remember being quite fond of it. (Sorry it has bad associations for you Pingo.) I can neither confirm or deny any association I may have with WOOF. Yummmm.... Aww.... Poor @Beagle it looks like he has never won a day. Well, it looks like even an old dog can catch a break once in awhile.
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    And if me grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon. *slides away downhill on gramma toboggan*
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    It's not like you could have known. Anyhow, I'm not angry at the show any more, and I can see that a lot of people like and enjoy it, and looking at the description I have to confess it normally would have been right up my alley. Associations happen.
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    If you lot would get a move on with those F35s all would be well Oh, sorry didn't mean to bring up sad memories I think someone's jealous, just because our carriers have two islands instead of a boring old one.....
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    Good to see that she has a diving board on the bow.
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    Waste of a perfectly serviceable torpedo - she doesn't have any aircraft to carry. Seems the Harrier retired before its replacement bothered to show up. But the "flat topped parking garage and extra-large ferry" HMS Queen Elizabeth just doesn't have much of a ring to it.
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    Ahhhhhh. I need some serious practice, they aren't really looking like dogs right now. Mmmmm.... Delicious!! Now I want to make a pie O:
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    "And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth and for two and a half thousand years, the cave passed out of all knowledge until, when chance came, it ensnared a new bearer..."
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    Why, yes... yes, I do! Unfortunately, this paperwork business in the arena may have slowed my reflexes... and they may be better Barbarians than we have had show up today... I'll just offer them my blessing!
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    That is the resounding question. He arrived to the New Random thread pages later than normal. He has not even deigned to notice this thread. We are afraid for his long term health and wanted to ensure a proper Trial so that Raging Duties could continue unabated. Especially considering that His Holy Space Pope responded before our Resident Barbarian, in the middle of Bones3 Fulfillment and ReaperCon Ticket Sales Kickoff!
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    Wait... What? *casts protection from cyclops*
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    He's also No True Scotsman.
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    Or just see who can remain unwashed for the longest amount of time
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    1 19 year old son 1 teenaged daughter who's nickname is Cinnabon 2 younger girls who are surprisingly hungry vs 1 plansewalker...... Hmmm, do you have teleportation magic???
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    Okay, ice cream custard is now chilling. I'm going to regret doing so much cooking in about 45 minutes when it's time to start making dinner.
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    All military kit is 10 years behind when it comes to anything computer related.
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    >shoves all the pretenders and wanna-be's out of the way< >drops bloody and disemboweled corpse on the stack of paperwork on the table< Here I am. AAAAARRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
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    Beagle has generally posted with discretion and tact in quieter corners of the forum.
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    Tonight's family dinner table conversation: Everything about "The Purge" is stupid.
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    And another avalanche of puns begins....
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    A lucky day in Felstad Posted!!
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    Good instincts. How many strange looks did you get? FTFY. \m/
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    Draw platypods! *gives begging platypod eyes*
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    If it ain't Hard Rock, it's crap!!!! and when is it gonna finish growing up?
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    He did share a cave with Ub3r.... Sends @buglips*the*goblin a stanky ratty kilt for ReaperCon...
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    *** shudderwave *** The thought of him in a kilt is... uh... excuse me... *** runs from the arena to the nearest comfort facility ***
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    Indeed! Applicants must be prepared to die perform in a trial of combat when @ub3r_n3rd returns, to see who will be the resident Barbarian.
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    That would be UbthreerNthreerd*. And he seems to be ... shudder ... civilizing. * Numbers under 10 are properly spelled out in text.
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    I may be a bit late to the party with this, but where's our resident barbarian? Ub3r Something
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    Aww.... But we just want to smother the world in adorable fluffy cuteness. What's wrong with that? Oh, and glitter. Because it's ten thousand shiny bits, and shiny is a glorious thing. I'm having a pretty okay day. Haven't accomplished much, but I did accidentally discover how to make my back feel better. I mildly strained it yesterday, then really made it mad by rolling over in bed last night. It just kept feeling worse, so in desperation I took a naproxen, made up a bed on the floor and slept flat on my back for the rest of the night. When I finally woke up, my lower back felt surprisingly great, though the rest of me is not especially pleased about having slept on the floor (my hips and shoulders in particular). I kept expecting something to go wrong and my back to freak out on me, but it totally hasn't happened. I can even touch my toes without difficulty. This tells me pretty definitively that yes, the super squishy mattress topper we have (which helps MrBoot sleep better) is not doing my back any favors. I plan to hack it in half tonight so we can both sleep well (since our mattress is fairly firm). Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    *** Looks up from Paperwork *** "Finally! A contender appears!" *** Glances at @Xherman1964 *** "Your insurance good for allowing WOOF members into the arena?"
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    If I can't put a dog in a wok, then how am I supposed to make stew? I got some Gneiss from High Sec a couple times, I'm pretty sure. Back before they made L5 missions always tale you into Low Sec, I could swear that me and some friends would leave L5 missions unfinished just so we could take our Hulks and mine all the otherwise hard to get ore out of the site. Isn't that the one that just launched and is still running WinXP, with the military saying "it'll be fine, she's getting an upgrade a decade from now!" I'm wondering how long it will be before there's a report about the ship getting infected with ransomware or something.
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    Normally the Bones paint are new paints not available yet!
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    I am too a skirts man. Short shorts, too.
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    Picked up the Firefly series dvd set at the Goodwill - first disc is all scratched up so I don't know yet if it'll play right, but since I only had a blu-ray copy and no blu-ray player, having at least most of the series on dvd is better than not being able to watch any of it...
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    Grump ran a game where the evil cult was having a human sacrifice to keep a Great Old One from coming back. If the investigators had stopped the sacrifice then bye bye Great Britain. This just in! Water is wet!
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    Let him use one of your AoW figures. You have a lot of them, and they look very rangery. Books a Million, I just never noticed them, so it is on me, not BAM. Even now I couldn't tell you if they have Conan or not.
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