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    When I worked at the game store we sold swords for two reasons: One, the store owner held a black belt in iaido. He sold steel practice katanas to get people interested in his dojo and because it's cool. Two, for our protection. We were all told that if we had to, the swords were there for our defense. I had to once. Only once. All I had to do was pull it from the display, begin the unsheathe and "sir, I'll have to ask you to leave". Never underestimate a tiny rakshasa with a deep booming voice and a sword.
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    He's the lead singer, along with his twin sister Pepita. I'm having an inordinate amount of fun with this. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I'm working on the band's bio right now. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    A friend of mine 3D printed a Teen Groot in red PLA and challenged me to paint it. I brought the little guy home and my wife immediately took position of him. After much discussion and promises that I would not "Mess it up" she reluctantly allowed me to paint the little guy. He measures 155 mm tall from ground to tip of head(hair) by 145 mm wide from finger tip to finger tip and 75 mm deep or 6 1/4 inches tall by 5 3/4 inches wide by 3 inches deep. You guys tell me if I messed him up!
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    Why has no one told be about this!? RAAAAGE!!!! Seriously, how can I not be a contender? Look at my avatar! It's obvious that I'll drool everywhere! I will *destroy* any rug you put me on (expensive Persian rugs are also best in life)! And soil everything else out of spite (and out of joy), be it friend or foe. When I lick your face and stick my nose everywhere on you, I am committing your scent and taste to memory so I can track you and hunt you to the ends of the Earth! Readying myself for the Great Hunt at the next full moon. I recommend you start running... NOW! If you dare approach me with a rolled up scroll of daily information, I shall shred it with my powerful jaw! Even at my size, I am so terrifyingly fierce that they *had* to use an adult sized collar and chain to restrain me. But any regular chain will shatter under my might! So they had the dwarves fashion a chain that rivals the legendary Gleipnir that held my ancestor Fenrir. It too was fashioned from six impossible things: One Boot's *second* boot Ub3r's favorite pot of caffeine-free herbal tea Knarthex absolute love of plastic minis A plate of warm fresh crispy bacon untouched, in the presence of Chaoswolf and Xheman1964 Kolinsky sable hair that was stuck between Pingo's teeth Buglip's freshly used bar of soap. I don't nibble my victims. I prolong their suffering by tormenting them. The lamentation of the women *may* sound like "Awwww, how cute!" But that's just a mistranslation from the original dog barbarian to weak hooman tongue. It's really cries of despair. BTW, if I have to vote for someone else, it's for LittleBluberry. Because she has ub3r right in her name!
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    Now I feel like Nuclear Krill need an official wiki.
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    Make sure that one of the band members or support crew is named/nicknamed "Pepe" just to squeeze the Muppets reference in there.
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    Pfff... Youngest stepvixen will go on vacation with friends, they will leave saturday. And tonight we found out her Flight Ticket does not show her Christian Name as it should be. Like on her ID.. So tomorrow we will have to call the travel agency to get it altered, or she might not get on board of the plane. Since we only discovered this a few days before flight, it will probably cost money... They are going in a group of six, one friend had booked all. It seems he used her call name instead of what's on her ID. I blame myself, we should have checked if everything was allright before. They are all barely adults ( ranging from 18 to 20 ...yes, adult in the Netherlands) and this is their first flight alone. Oh well...let's hope it can be altered quickly. Now I'm going to bed, sleep well all! And for those of you who just started the day, have a good one! Krill out man!
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    If anybody arts in the name of Nuclear Krill, I will happily host pictures, non-legally actionable lyrics, or anything else reasonable in size on the web site. My only caveats are that this hosting is not guaranteed to persist beyond June of 2018. (It can, it just depends on maintaining the domain registration.), and that it only holds as long as we don't wind up abusing my low-end hosting contract. (This is piggybacking on the space I use to host my personal email addresses, and web space)
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    AWESOME Something wonderful, my friend. Something glorious and grand and wholeheartedly bonkers. Pfft, I'd totally buy one!!! I know I could convince my siblings too as well, they love a good joke as much as I do. :D Without question! YUSH Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Will there be an European Tour? I NEED to see Nuclear Krill Live!!! I have been a fan since the first demotape! You know.. Skrills For Hire! Awesome rough sound, they have evolved, but I still remember that first time I heard them. It changed my life!!!
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    Asleep in a glacier for thousands of years, when the ice prison melted around him he found himself awake and ravenous. The mammoths he had once fed upon are no longer roaming the icy landscape, leaving the mighty worm to try and satiate his great hunger through lesser beasts.
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    Nuclear Krill (no S) will definitely have a world tour! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Nuclear Krill; Maybe the reason why you can't find thei music on Spotify, iTMS or other online system is that "It's not nuclear," as the lead singer says. Yellow and black records(both LP and SP) are only available for sale at the concert venues, their studio, and their favorite bar. They've been discussing branching out to CD, or possibly metal (type IV) compact cassettes. "They're SHINY, man"
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    I wonder how long it will last before someone realizes it's a joke and takes it down.... @Xherman1964 Your mentioning Nuclear Skrill gave me an idea, I'll be working that into the bio. :D Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I must say that once the "Official" web page gets made, it might be necessary to put a page up on Wikipedia.
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    Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go, Jamaica Off the Florida Keys, there's a place called Krillkomo That's where you want to go to get away from it all Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand We'll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drum band Down in Krillkomo
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    "Krilling Yourself To Live" Well people look and people stare Well I don't think that I even care You work your life away and what do they give? You're only krilling yourself to live Krilling yourself to live Krilling yourself to live Just take a look around you what do you see Pain, suffering, and misery It's not the way that the world was meant It's a pity you don't understand Krilling yourself to live Krilling yourself to live I'm telling you Believe in me Nobody else will tell you Open your eyes And see the lies, oh yeah You think I'm crazy and baby I know that it's true Before that you know it I think That you'll go crazy too I don't know if I'm up or down Whether black is white or blue is brown The colors of my life are all different somehow Little boy blue's a big girl now So you think it's me who's strange But you've never had to make the change Never give your trust away You'll end up paying till your dying day
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    Time to blow this joint! And out into the heat...
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    Civic duty discharged. Am feeling oddly tired, possibly from driving today more than I usually do in a month. My, y'all have been busy today. Hope you've been having fun. Am going to veg on the sofa and catch up on this season of Steven Universe.
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    Amen, brother! Amen! *** Reviews some obviously enhanced claims *** Trying for the Mental Barbarian aspect, eh? I gotta admit, your Six Impossible Things are quite impressive! Quite impressive indeed! *** Makes positive marks under dog-paw signature ***
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    Well when it comes down to it we're all contending for second place. The alpha-barbarian here carries as her weapons of choice both a Banhammer and a Modbat which makes Neegan's "Lucille" look like a nerf bat. Besides. None of you actually scare me. She does.
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    Darscy asked for some scale shots of the plastic minis from the new 'Exterminate!' game. He also asked for some pics of me in my Speedos, I only acquiesced to one request. Here you go
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    Sorry Thes. Health issues suck. Especially those kind. Good vibes headed your way.
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    Nuclear Skrill... the original name of the garage band of the lead singer and drummer... that had to be changed when the two guitarists left in a hissy fit?
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    Wonder why @Xherman1964 didn't add the JP song Krilling Machine From Hell bent for leather.... On phone so cant....
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    First tour should be OverkrÏll. Second tour is KrÏll and KrÏll Again. Obviously in the FargoDome (which is a real thing, BTW). Home of the Bison, NCAA Division 1 football champions for five consecutive years (though not this year). Note: Alt-0207 gives you "Ï".
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    Aha... so packed in the boxes that get sent around to everyone for a "tour" eh?
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    On the B Side: "Krill in an elevator Livin' it up while we're goin' down..." Possibly a bit too meta... From the Krillnograffiti album: "Saying I krill you Is not the words I want to hear from you It's not that I krill you Not to say, but if you only knew How easy it would be to show me how you krill More than words is all you have to do to make it krill Then you wouldn't have to say that you krill me 'Cause I'd already know..."
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    And just like that, this thread is now about cookies.
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    You are making too much noise, poorly trained hooman servitor...
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    After having my vortex mixer for a few months, I'm really putting it through its paces yesterday and today. I'd mixed a small handful of paints with it before, but now I'm mixing literally all of my paints. Some of these haven't been mixed in a year or more, so I'm dropping in hematite beads as I go and giving them all a good minute or so on the mixer. I'm doing this as I binge watch "The Wonder Years" on Netflix, Ed sleeps on a table by the window, and Rose runs around wildly. My hand is going numb, and I'm only like 20 paints into my collection of like 200. And it's really noisy. And, unsurprisingly, some of my citadel paints are dead. And Ed just decided to climb into my lap...
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    A decent talk page could delay that significantly. Followed by edits to change the page to Nuclear KrÏll Hoax when the game is up.
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    Ok people...this is getting out of hand,. We better krill out a bit!
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    Wowzers! The frosty blue shadows! This is magnificent! I almost feel sorry for the bear. :D
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    Cheers for that Beagle. I'd heard the Doctor Who minis were a bit larger than average, but they're actually a bit smaller than I was led to believe. Which reminds me. I don't know that I ever thanked you for that pic you sent me of you and your girlfriends hanging out on that nude beach.
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