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    Lots of detail! Ugh! I paint for play so rather paint fast...
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    I finally got a chance to paint up some of my own giants! Nothing to special on these. I think each took around 2-4 hours depending on what details I really wanted to pick out. I'm kinda liking the blue tint I left in the Frost giant's hair. Thanks for looking!
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    This is the second time I have painted this particular model, and I really like how she came out this time. The original concept was of a huntress (druid like) living on the tundra with her wolf companion. She would be using endure elements as part of her morning ritual, and lived very simply. The base was originally going be a tundra style with some bits of snow, but I adjusted it slightly. I see her more from the southern steppes, from a place called the Crimson Plains. Its name comes from a blood battle that last fifteen straight days, and permanently stained the ground a reddish tint. As always, C&C is welcomed. Enjoy! CAH
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    Recently, I've had a couple Menoth forces cross my table. This one was made up primarily of warjacks, with a glorious Feora at the helm. I'll post a more infantry centered one later.
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    Finally finished boxing up the last of my out-going DVD's. In the end I slimmed my collection down from a weighty 3000+ to a much more sensible 500-ish. Now I just need to get what's left into some sort of order.
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    End of day six Will backfill progress posts but right now fall down, go boom. So technically I have intentionally applied paint to all surfaces of the mini. I still have a lot more work to do but I doubt I'll have any time tomorrow as i have to be at my real job.
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    Here is a mini I did a bit ago. Looks like a lot of the painting I've finished in the last year or so I hadn't had time to post. Anyways, here were more of my expirents with TMM. This guy uses reaper, P3 and Scale 75 metal paints. I can't remember if I used some of the Vallejo alcohol based Metalics for highlights or not.
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    Ok, So one last thing about my birthday!!!!! Talk about the best gift ever! (for those of use that like this kind of thing) This Whiskey won whiskey of the year last year, i think, or the year before. Which is a pretty big deal - from what i hear - since it's a Japanese whiskey. I tell you what, this was amazing. I can see why it won too!
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    I'm making a 2mm Age of Sail fort out of a boot-heel I found in the line to get on the ferry to see Fort Sumter.
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    I'm... I'm not sure I can do the topknot without giving her neck strain. Her hair is rather Lady Godiva-esque. But she's got a headband with cat ears and some serious looking leather ankle boots (paddock boots). Mostly she hangs with the anime crowd.
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    I am glad he is getting immediate medical attention. About 2 years ago, My father in law fell from more than 20 feet. He had 2 brain bleeds, a skull fracture and now has permanent hearing loss, but now is doing well. No lingering deficits other than the hearing loss. Your co-worker likely has a serious (and perhaps critical) injury, but he is getting the help he needs. Nothing else can be done right now. Which makes this part the hardest, because it is a wait and see. I'm wishing him all the best.
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    Yet another work day. Feels like a double Monday. At least I've got... uh... eating out to look forward to. Really delta like I was close to a mental breakdown yesterday. I think I'm netter today. Netter!? *sigh* I'll allow it. But better was the word I was going for. Hope all have a good Tuesday especially those whose calendars were set to repeat on accident. Addition: Delta? Felt. FELT. I'm seriously thinking of turning off autocorrupt.
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    The weird thing is how ... off they seem. Like they sort of got the superficialities of the style but are missing the spirit. Ever see one of those rarefied academic literary types who suddenly decides he can write a romance novel because, well, obviously, who then churns out something which looks like the surface film on one inlet of the lake of romance but completely misses all nuances of the soul of the art? (Sorry if I'm being a little over the top. Not yet breakfasted.)
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    No time for hobbying tonight... I had intended to do some but I had to paint my nails and the rest of my hobby time was eaten up helping a new friend. I figure that helping someone stop feeling lost and alone and switch from fear and shame to excitement and courage is a pretty good reason to take a break from an art therapy project intended to help remind me that I make a difference in the lives of those I care about... Edit: Here, have some metal played on a shovel:
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    She is going to high school, not kendergarten.
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    The original old-school Partha Paints are damn near impossible to kill completely, short of leaving them uncapped for a few months... (This is why Buglips is always after Partha paints - it's where he gets his his Evil Supervillain powers from.) Even then, it's sometimes possible to regrind* the lump and use it as weathering pigments/gore effects/water froth/etc. as appropriate to the color in question. * (Very carefully, and with the proper safety equipment and ventilation...*) * This Public Safety Message brought to you by the wrath of Pingo... Pfffft... Give me a roll of duct tape, a pack of chewing gum and a broken 1985-vintage Am/FM Walkman, and I can create a device that will launch a single Bones mini with enough velocity to punch a hole through to an alternate dimension. Acquired: (Sealed...And for less than $30 including shipping) Josephus the Rogue "Museum Scale" happens to be around 125mm tall... His face is kinda ugly, but not quite as bad as it looks on the box... Overall, though, he's a pretty cool figure, and the original starting price was only nine bucks and change with another nine for shipping. By the time the auction ended, though, it had gone from a complete steal to merely a really great price, lol.
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    Back at it again... full mom-role ahead! 18 yo got a job (yay!) 20 yo still needs a job (boo!) and 16 yo is jealous and still out of school. Sigh. Oh and I just found out I won't be coming back to work, cuz they don't need me :( So, pro: more time to paint! con: less $$ to buy minis with. Sigh. Ayup, feels like Monday all over again.
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    Still no shipping notification for me, my Kickstarter curse seems to be alive and well.
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    But...but... wolf boat!?! And wolf plane?!?!
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    His days in the merchant marine when he wooed that beautiful resistance fighter from Rennes, Fifi, her name was?
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    So, in our parking lots there's a sign on every meter/space that says either "Park facing meter" or "No backing into space." Granted, they can be a little small at times, but they're there and they're right in your eye line when you pay at the meter. In the ones with just numbered spaces that you then pay for at a central pay station, there's also a big(talking 2ft by 3ft) sign with a list of the parking lot rules and the fees for each violation, which includes "Backing into space: $7.50" printed in about 60 point bold font. It's kind of hard to miss, because the sign is literally right next to the pay stations. Yet, somehow, it's my fault that people continue to back into spaces and get tickets for it even if they've paid for their parking. So they get angry at me, because "I paid for my space what difference does it make if I broke the other rules," and I get to call them dumb and/or lazy. It's a perk of the job.
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    Here's a few pics of my Bones Great Worm, completed during my July paint binge. Here's some pics of rats. I especially like the cow patterned one. WIP is here:
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    Morning! Ever have a mini that the longer you look at it, the less sense it seems to make? Just can't figure this one out... Probably will paint it anyway, since I'm running out of prepped humans... but may do more skellies first...
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    Hehehe, very clever. >finally remembers to put the empty lasagna pan outside for the tigers, barbarians, and other assorted critters to lick< Yeah, kind of. And not really all that well, either. Excellent!
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