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    WOW! Ok, so my boss is the kind of guy that does not warm up to his employees that well. It takes YEARS. I've been with this company 4 years as of June 4 of this year and he just started warming up to me. Now it might be strange to say but It really is nice when the boss warms up to you and talks to you about things other than business. He really is a caring guy but doesnt show it that often. Just made my day better.
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    So I did a thing! Latching onto other post of similar title - most notable being @Willen's "Homemade Paint Shaker" - I wanted to create one myself. The objective was to be fast, easy and easy to manage while being multi-functional (it can still be used as a jigsaw). I caught the jigsaw on sale for $10 at Harbor Freight... The Aluminum piece is a sample for some of our material we use here at work. I've seen similar shaped piece at Home Depot. You would have to cut them down and drill the holes for it. I use it cause it was free. The great thing about this is the paint bottle rests against the bolt at the bottom, the Velcro holds it in place horizontally and the rubber band holds it in place vertically. Now I will warn you it is not silent... but well worth it. I did a test on a paint i had not used in over a year: 1-Right out of the bottle, 2-Hand shaken, 3-Jigsaw Shaken. And I can tell you what, that jigsaw shaken bottle was FAR better than I thought it ever was. I mean I really shake them well when i do it with my hands but not nearly as well as that Jigsaw. Hope this helps someone. Please feel free to ask question or anything. If you have any other homemade paint shaker links feel free to post them in here too so we keep them all connected. Removed the hardware (shiny bits) from the jig saw. Using the an allen wrench. Bent the guide rail up and out of the way. It's useless anyway for the jigsaw. I would cut it off if I had the tool. Took Angled aluminum with pre-drilled holes and screw in in place over the existing blade clamp on the jigsaw. ON TOP not under where the blade clamps in. Adhesive Velcro: Cut a length and doubled it over leaving one end ope to stick to the aluminum piece. Cut Velcro section (opposing side) and stuck to aluminum piece Placed bottle onto new apparatus & used rubber band to secure vertical movement. (rubber band doubles as wire management when not in use)
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    @Reaperbryan Yay to toys for everyone! :)
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    It's ok. I'm going to start hosting Paint parties. No Jocks allowed... hahah Unless they paint. HAHAH!
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    Done! I've acquired lunch, in the form of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chocolate milk. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    The silhouette on the right is holding a flaming sword and a shield, just like the chibi Almaran.
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    So I did a thing with a Jig saw! HAHAH
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    It's been awhile since I've painted anything in general, much less a human-sized mini. I also tried giving her lipstick. It isn't great, but not terrible for a first attempt. Just doing something at tabletop quality anyway (or it is for me).
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    I may be able to clean the original up to a point where it can be slapped on anything, but - it would take some time. And probably further conferencing with Pegazus on what sort of alternates might have happened while the band's graphic designer was drunk off her whatsit on mead (and gods alone know what else, it's not like anyone was keeping track!). ... At least I don't have to explain this to my friends and relatives. Most of them know me well enough to expect a certain amount of madness. ^^;
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    I think the one by Almaran has an Axe. Maybe a dwarf? I think the one by the wizard is a female, with a sword maybe this one?
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    Definitely do it... If you charge reasonable prices for basic character sketches and line drawings, you can pretty much always find somebody willing to shell out a few bucks for a picture of their favorite character or a picture of them dressed as a character. Even Photoshop is a good thing to know - I used to be one of the primary folks in the old What Do YOU Think My Character Looks Like? thread on the WotC forums. That was quite possibly the single longest-running thread on the entire forum, and I probably fielded hundreds of requests to modify pictures over the years. Most of what I know about drawing I picked up while modding images. True story: I originally started out by learning how to draw photo-realistic elf ears on pictures of art nudes and porn shots, since those were the only high-quality images floating around for free on the 'net. I used to hang out on the old celebrity faker Usenet newsgroups - while everybody else was pasting celebrity heads on porn star bodies, I was turning them into fairies... lol. Y'know, it took me about two whole years to figure out what those damn things were for... Especially since I had seen them on other clothing items like pants and things. Seen maybe about one and a half episodes... Seemed sort of interesting.
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    Which is why I'm signed up for it! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I will be getting this one . . . And if they also happen to offer one in clear bones, I'll get that one too . . . !!!!!!
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    Thank Crom the day is almost over here. Been very busy and crazy. Looking forward to hobby time tonight!
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    The one on the left looks an awful lot like a chibi version of this fella: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/wizard scroll/latest/77054 The one second from the right looks really familiar, though there are so many minis with cloaks it's hard to pin down. My brain is suggesting it's a Bones female rogue. Oooh, wait, that's not a cloak, it's part of the black triangle behind the mini. Hm. I think I'll tackle the one second from the left instead, looks like it's got a dagger in its right hand. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    So, what you're saying is that Almouseran is on the cards?
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    Are those Mouslings in the shadows? I'm not sure; I tried blowing the picture up, but it didn't really help give me any more info.... Let the guessing/speculation begin?
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    "Freehand for the 2D Impaired" looked like a very good class to take.
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    I've left those in a few of my clothing items, particularly if the fabric is slick. Otherwise it's the work of a moment to nip them out. Er, except... I'm not good at freehand.... Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    About the only time my TV is on is when I am hang out with my kids... And 99 percent of the time, it's for a DVD or prime. .. Though I did watch Wild wild west the other day. ..
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    I can't see the screen most of the time. I have my glasses off and my "cheaters" on (as Knarthex likes to call them). But I switch when I have to look through my paint or do anything aside from real close anyway... so... There's no such thing as "too messy for hangouts". Besides, you don't have to show video. And mostly I'm listening and talking to people... not watching them.
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    I have the whole thing on both VHS, and DVD. ... Except for the back to earth stuff. .. And it just went from hump day, part 1, to the Monday from Hades.... Stoopid banks....
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    Please NOOOO!!! Not more chibi's:( I worked for Books Nippan/DMD (DM publishing now) for over 6 years, please NO more chibi:(
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    Do yourself a favour and take a look at what's on offer even if you've not backed one of Stonehavens projects before. Lots of unique and fun concepts scattered throughout, Plus they've done things a bit differently and have everything already sculpted and shown. Love the cloaked mysterious strangers.
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    I have nothing against a chibi line. However, I will be genuinely upset if we get dragonborn and teifling chibis before normal ones.
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    They're pretty generic, so store searches aren't helping much. Upon closer inspection, it looks like that may be a sword hilt sticking out from behind the mini's back, rather than a dagger. *searching intensifies* Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Woohoo! Paint and pigment and things that should not be inhaled or ingested! We got a post. Thanks kind Mod!
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    I agree, One boot. but no idea on the other two between Almaran and that one
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    For small turntables, search for 'Solar Turntable' on the Bay of E... Todays haul is 4 100gram packages of different blends of Pu-erh tea, all as 5gram 'mini pucks'. (Trying to find if there's one blend that I find better than others before getting a 'sufficient' quantity... 20 mini pucks is just enough to really test out a blend)
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    Must start painting... I probably should too... There's no such thing as "too messy for hangouts". Besides, you don't have to show video. And mostly I'm listening and talking to people... not watching them. Exactly what he said there. My desk is a disaster area (again), but I don't let it stop me.
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    Yeah, the light change makes it hard to tell :( Photo 2 is closer to reality. I still use citadel paints; and it wasn't really a big amount of them for that skin. First "Ratskin flesh". Then the same, mixed with "Kislev flesh". Straight with "Kislev Flesh", wash with "Reikland fleshshade", again "Kislev flesh", and more "Kislev flesh" with a bit of white to highlight.
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    I fall into this mindset the few times I've been on.
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    I typically don't have video, because then I get self-conscious and distracted by worrying whether the mini's in the shot, whether I'm leaning too far forward so now the camera's pointed at the side of my head, etc. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I like the skin tones as well, but the light change from picture 2 to picture 3 is making it hard to tell what the color actually is. Could you mention which skin colors you used?
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    She's great! I love that you named her "The Carrot"!
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    Yeah, there are elementalists. The magic isn't on their hand, although it is implied by a sconce or something like that. Gossamer is the name of the air elementalist woman. There is a fire man and an earth man, and air woman and water women. Having some with the element on their person would be nifty too.
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    Perhaps not albino, but he is generally creepy pale! I like it :)
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    My desk is too messy for hangouts. Plus Khan is a drama queen. When the attention isnt on him, he finds a way. Typically that's finding something and destroying it. Not sure how entertaining it would be to watch and talk to me while painting as I chase a dog around and not get any actual painting done. I mean the entertainment is there I guess. I'm also typically asleep during these hangouts. :'(
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    I actually get less painting done on a hangout. I talk too much.... plus I don't have my optovisor on so I have limited stuff I can do. I have too many things to paint and not enough time!
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    Got the knife done. The pommel was probably intended to be bone and I went for a darker metal. Maybe it is bone coated in dark iron. The coloring was fun. Put a chevron on the front. Colored the knobs. I think the extra color on these helps balance the fish out. Thinking that the fuzzy trim should be a medium tone slightly reddish brown.
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    Saw much of it. Thought it had some clever lines. Didn't much care for it; 5 minutes of actual comedy crammed tightly into a 30 minute slot. Which is much my reaction to Monty Python.
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    I did, although it has been quite a while.
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