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    sometimes I read the comments... yes, I have grenades in my office.
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    Um, you make our toys. Reaper peeps are like just a half-step away from Willy Wonka to some of us!
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    I have to admit, I was slightly on the fence about the trolls, but now I'm in whole hog.
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    YES!! We need a goat-a-pult, or possibly a trebusheep.
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    Jason wiebe post on facebook: Jason Wiebe 1 hr Yessir! I'm really happy about how the whole troll option turned out. By the way, the two headed troll comes with two missile options..... now i have to get it
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    came directly from Jason Wiebe, he says it will come with a boulder and a pig Jason Wiebe Yup. Both a rock and a pig option.
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    He actually already offered to be a good reference for me, and he would very much be ready to call me back if a job opening comes up again.
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    lol It'll be less like that from now on since my brother is in Los Angeles and he and I tended to magnify the effect, to the point where there were a few times when we'd look up and realize there's a platter of stuffed mushrooms, a medium-rare beef roast, and FRESH friggin' BREAD and not quite know why. But a pot of curry did happen last weekend and I'm actually disturbed that I'm out of onions. What if I need onions? How am I supposed to ramen without onions?! I need to make cookies to feel better. Maybe it'll attract those players for the game I'm still trying to find players for. Ooo, I have chocolate chips...
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    He is Ma'al Drakar! Eater of brushes! Holder of smartphones! And destroyer of sanity!!! He's also attempted to sabotage my challenge before it even started. I snapped my starting pic with my camera (so I could have my phone clock in the picture), and as soon as I plugged the camera into my computer so I could upload the picture, the computer stopped recognizing the mouse. Restarting it didn't have any effect. So I had to load my camera drivers onto my husband's computer so I could get the pictures off so I could make my post! And of course, as soon as I made my post and went back to my computer, the mouse was working again. Spooky. But I'm showing him who's boss. I've got him laid out on the operating table (aka Lazy Susan), surgical tools (clay shapers) and greenstuff at the ready. Who's in charge now, huh? HUH?! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Taking a bit of a breather after spending the last few hours pushing and coaxing and scowling at putty. The plastic surgery was a success, and the patient is currently in recovery. He was certainly not the most...cooperative patient I've had, though. He snarled and twisted and bit at my legs and kept yanking on my headphone cord, but after a 2 hour procedure, he's starting to look like a whole new dragon beast. Post-op pics: Thoughts: -I really should have gotten the extra firm clay shapers. The ones I got are quite flexible, to the point where I'm almost fighting the tools to get the results I want. The softness came in handy when I was smoothing, though, so I guess there's that. -I'm looking forward to when the putty is set enough that I can handle him without worrying about putting fingerprints in yet ANOTHER section of greenstuff. -This step was both a lot more fun and a lot more tiring that I'd been anticipating. Like seriously, I had no idea gap filling could be so much fun. My hands are a bit tired though (already! this is not good D: ) Gonna grab a bite, then get to lining the things that don't have GS on them. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I really need to find a gaming group like that!
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    oh man. I didn't want the trolls, but a throwing pig is kind of amazing. can we get a goat-a-pult next?
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    The first 24 and the last 48 hours are always the craziest. Everything in between just tends to be a steady trickle. This tends to hold true regardless of the KS (i.e. Reaper, Dwarven Forge, Anything Else). This can be both a good and bad thing. Obviously, Reaper would love to bring in $600k a day for all 32 days (even though that would create serious havoc come fulfillment time) but the breathing time also lets them get caught up with everything else. Plus, we don't have to be AS diligent in watching the progress if we don't want to. The flip side is if they show too many of their cards in the early stretch goals then later interest wanes.
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    so you're saying we need to shove stars around? PREPARE THE STAR DOZER!
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    That's what's great about Kobolds - they're a dessert topping *and* a floor wax! Enjoying the heck out of the campaign so far. I'm just down for the big green freebies for now, although I'm going to be considering the paint for a while - $18 for 12 pots is an awfully good price. And, well, Baba Yaga's hut, if it shows up, will be eagerly accepted. I wonder if they'll sneak in some of the pieces they'd designed for that CROM game? That would be cool. Oooh, the anticipation!
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    Later in the campaign? I don't think they split add ons, just split up the coreset
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    On that note, if people could continue to relay any other BookFace teaser tidbits for those of us who don't have accounts, that would be much appreciated.
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    We are very picky about our cinnamon rolls in this house. I started making them with my bread machine and they are fluffy and delicious. We never frost them, but I do add cardamom to the dough. My daughters all have food nicknames. Oldest is Cinnabon, next is Brownie and last is Sweet Tea. We like our baking.
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    I slept. I am now caught up. Patiently awaiting further DRAGON! sightings, and in the meantime, squeeing over the Chronoscope offering (I can use this!), paints and debating the trolls. More kobolds is always a good reason to *squee!*, as I have recently discovered that in point of fact, I do NOT have sufficient kobold; they're like goblins, in that way. Remaining ambivalent on not'ROG and his three compatriots, but who knows...
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    Good job on the backdrop of the figure on the left. How was it made? Looks like shrunken pics of blisters, with some sort of stand behind them, and part of a Reaper blister package as the "Reaper" banner? That would make a great prop in a zombie post-apoc game, although I guess that's more Battle Systems area of work...?
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    Ask the foreman for a reference. Gotta say, it is soooo nice to have people do things that they should without being told. It's more valuable than gold. And yeah, sometimes things work out in mysterious ways. I'm glad you'll be able to help your parents out.
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    *hugs* Thank you. It's happened so much to me that I'm just lettings things slide right now. There wasn't enough work in the yard so they're letting people go, about 20% of the staff in the store are losing their jobs. My foreman was really upset to see me go because I was the only one who went out and did things without being asked to. I'm not completely hosed yet, since my Employment Insurance from my previous job is still going, and I can just reactivate that until I can find another job. It might be a blessing in disguise since my dad starts his radiation treatments on the 15th and my parents need to go every day for 6 weeks. It's in the Big City which is a 2 hour drive each way, and my brother and his wife would have had to do a lot of rescheduling to be able to take them. At least I'll be free to take some of that burden off of them.
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    Sir, I have an entire family who would adore you. We all cook, some of us professionally. Awards have been won. But there's enough dieting at any given time that it gets hard to eat it all. So we will call people to come over to help us eat all this food. It's one of the reasons I had such a large Pathfinder group when I lived there, in case of Ten Pound Lasagnas. 'I made lasagna, bring your character sheets.'
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    Pfft. We're a bunch of nerds here. I think we've probably all done some odd stuff and are happier for it.
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    With fewer kids cooked into our fudge. And less little people slavery. And we probably shouldn't eat the static grass.
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    Um...actually, I don't.... Also: PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS PURE SPECULATION ON MY PART: Terrain items have been mentioned, Something equal to/bigger than Ma'al drakar has been rumored.... I'm calling it now: not-Helm's Deep terrain piece!
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    I want to see more fun things like the dice people. They look like a fun project to paint and even my daughter would enjoy giving them some life. Fun and different is the way to go for me at this point.
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    Absolutely, you can a la cart. Please note we don't call it the Core Set Level to help reduce confusion over this. The $100 level is enough to obtain the Core Set, but it in no way mandates you selecting one.
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    Just a note, I see no pig in the trolls graphic.... so I'm not going to count on the pig being included until I see it included. But hey, maybe that's just me. I like to guard my expectations Ike that.
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    Chicken Knight definitely needs to attack Baba Yaga's hut...the juxtaposition of chickens colliding would be epic. Oh, and only if we could get chickens for the trolls to hurl!
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    I took that as an invitation more than a warning. Rockin' the costumes good sir.
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    Also I just had an idea for one of the large figures. A true 25mm scale CAV. A 'mecha to face off against Cthulhu, Khanjira, and Tianot. That would be amazing to paint!
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    Hey, maybe it's my naïveté when it comes to weapon wounds, but I would have classified an arrow wound as a puncture wound. Ok a puncture wound on steriods, but a puncture wound none the less. --- @Pezler the Polychromatic Im sorry. I know now I say it can't rain all the time, but I would have thought the clouds would have cleared for you by now. hopwfuly this is an opening for you to find the thing you're meant for. *offers hugs*
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    I would totally pay at least Three Fiddy for a @Reaperbryan mini dressed as Dr. Frankenfurter. :)
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    Pretty much. Also... I think some of us are quivering with antici........ pation over a few of the teasers put out in the last few weeks.
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    I was gonna go on an in depth discussion of this, but others have pretty much already done so. I'll just add that 'missile' damage is probably anything propelled with any kind of velocity to it. Arrows would be 'missiles'. Maybe the extra force behind a 'missile' wound causes more tissue damage? Brass rod?
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    Numbers Based on 1300-1400 Reaper time today: Total Gain Today -$98,770 Total Gain 24 Hours$339,995 Total to Next Goal -$53,112 New Backers This Hour -45 Gain in last Hour -$6,067 Current Average Pledge -$104.91 Average Hourly Backers Today -45.0 Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours -94.8 Average Hourly Pledges Today -$6,067 Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours -$12,310 Hours to next goal based on gains this hour -8.8 Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg -4.3 Current Total Pledges -$676,888 Current Total Backers -6452 Previous Hour Total Pledges -$670,821 Previous Hour Total Backers -6407
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    I have a bunch of wish list items across various manufacturers, but nothing that I *have* to have. There are also a few OOP miniatures that I wish I had gotten when I could, although I can live without most of them. One that I know I haven't bought because it is expensive, and I also know I will almost certainly never paint it is this:
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