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    I started working on Kitty about 2 years ago. I decided to bring her along to ReaperCon where I got in the zone with her and finished her off. Lots of greens and yellows, but it's all centered around P3 Wurm Green, which is mixed into nearly everything. (I think I had just bought a pot of it right when I first started the mini). Helpful suggestions from other attendees and teachers (Cathy Wappel and Rhonda Bender in particular) definitely improved the quality. The base material is from a tub of stuff I received from Frontline Games in my swag bag.
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    Yeah ok, you got me. ETA: OK, which one of you wiseguy mods added the last two tags and made me have to clean the monitor?
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    One of my players had to be difficult and create a bizarro character. An Oread Cleric who uses a dire flail. I finally got sick of using a prepaint earth elemental for him and converted this guy with bits I picked up in the Boneyard. Zenithal priming plus some glazes took care of most of the cloth. Metals, leathers and stone base got a base coat, wash and highlight. All in all, 2-3 hours.
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    For the first and probably last time I am actually caught up on reading a randomness thread! Go me!
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    Oh, guess I accidentally tapped that when I was unhiding it and stuff. ...I'll leave it there until someone notices and changes it. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    This may not be an uncommon type of purchase in Colorado now, but I bet you're in a minority using it for minis.
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    Snuggle rope!!! I will have to get pictures of Lucy for you soon She's my snuggle rope.
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    The rate this thread was moving, stepping away for even two minutes risked missing the end! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I like the pinned thread. It's faster to find. But then again, I use the "unread content" function, so no difference.
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    I had these in an RAFM blister and as I recall their bases said RAFM (I glued them to 1.5-inch fender washers for stability). I haven't been able to identify them. They look like the sorts of giant wolves that are ridden by goblins. I am not sure where they came from. Well, apart from RAFM, obviously. They are pretty big. Here's a size comparison with the RAFM one on the far right: Left to right these are: a wolf from Reaper 02830; a wolf from Reaper 77176; Reaper 03682 Willow Greenivy; a giant wolf from Thunderbolt Mountain 8560; and an RAFM mystery wolf. I painted them as several different types of wolf, one with a snow base and two with grassy bases, for multiple uses. Their bases are 1.5". Extensive WIP with lots of color mixing and technique notes here.
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    I don't think I ever posted this one. He was a Bones speedpaint for a villain. I didn't make a WIP, sorry.
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    Froggy ran out of soup strainers and plastic sporks to build the lasers and jetpacks...
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    Think of all the painting time you guys wasted killing the old thread.... Snek!
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    *reads New Thread tags* ...But why 253 lemurs? Why not 254? Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    SERIOUSLY I take a shower and it's gone Goodbye thread
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    The thread is dead. Long live the thread. [Finis]
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    I disappear shortly and you are two pages later! Also: it is V for Vendetta watching day!
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    Hey! There's a naked lady in this movie and she's nude with no clothes on
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    It's snowing. I had to drag a dog house over so the idiot peanuts would have shelter. And when I say 'it's snowing', I mean it's REALLY COMING DOWN. I didn't order this, and I don't know who did.... but I'm really glad I don't have to go out in it.
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    Another one of those girls who take Llllloooonnngggg showers..
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    ... if I start looking for a tree this early, it better come with a rootball. o.O
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    I draped feathers on a hat in prep for painting a complicated thing. Had to see it on a rounded surface. Not like I have an actual bird to inspect.
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    Perhaps next thread. There's so many tags already, and thus far nobody has offered peanuts. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    *raises hand* Chaoswolf said it needed more wolves, so I obliged. And then carried on a bit. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    See, this is why you don't screw over your henchmen until after they finish their evil tasks.
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    I started slowly galzing the skin, and everything was going ok... Until I decided to go sketch style on her and finished with this, which I honestly hate. So she is going to the clean bath for a do over. Lesson learnt, I guess... doint smooth skin on such a large surface is haaaaard. I could keep smoothing it over but I don't like the roughness of the surface already.
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    No, but I do appreciate the sentiment. At R.I.B.B.I.T. HQ, the moon reflects us.
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    *Digs out the Necronomicon and casts Raise the very long dead* I could have sworn there was a somewhat newer thread about this topic? Anyways, I'm puttering away with transferring DVDs to HDD, and came across Columbo Season 8, Episode 4; Grand Deceptions. The murderer has bought a large set of prepainted soldiers and set them up to represent the 'Charge of Cemetery Hill' in Gettysburg, and is using the 'setup time' as an alibi. He gets two shipments; books and minis, the one in the morning he claims to be books, and the one in the evening is supposedly the minis(the case is marked with 'Military miniatures') but he receives the minis in the morning ad set them up during the day, then spend barely a minute unpacking and placing the books on the shelves, and use the rest of the 2 hours to murder his victim. He is foiled when Columbo realises that the box that was not marked with 'Military miniatures' (and should therefore have contained the books) wasn't large enough to hold the books.
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    Believe it or not, the Yellow Pages are still around - one gets delivered to my apartment door once every couple years, though I can't remember the last time I've ever actually used it, and I have to imagine its days are numbered. I was told several years ago that when children outside the U.S. are told to draw pictures of Americans, the picture usually looks like a cowboy... I don't know how true that ever was or if it's still true, but I kind of like to imagine that most folks think "cowboys!" when they hear "American".... My brother emigrated from the U.S. to Canada; his office does a sort of "ethnic pride" thing where the multicultural workforce are encouraged to dress like their traditional culture and bring traditional food for a potluck lunch. My brother wondered "how do you dress up like a 'traditional American'?, and decided to dress like a cowboy and bring a pot of pinto beans and cornbread... the whole thing apparently went over really well, with the folks from around the world instantly recognizing the cowboy boots + jeans + belt with giant buckle + country/western shirt + cowboy hat costume, and getting very excited about it, asking many questions and getting pictures with him and the works. It's not something I think about often, but as charming as Dr.Bedlam's daydream about robots on motorcycles rounding up domesticated cattle with cattle-whistles so they line up and jump in a grinder one-by-one is, it's kind of reassuring to know there are still professional cowboys out there in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere (my sister-in-law is related to a couple professional Canadian cowboys!) It's kind of sad to think about how much of the food production industry has become more like factories, than traditional farms and ranches, and for some reason knowing that there are still cowboys out there does lend things a human touch. I wonder if it's possible to take those know-it-all sixth-graders on "career day" field trips to visit a working ranch and private investigator's office to meet real professional cowboys, private investigators, and such in person and ask them about their jobs? Or perhaps invite some professional cowboys or private investigators to speak at the schools? (At least, back in my day, we had a "career day" thing at school where professionals would stop by and talk about what they do and answer kids' questions... it was actually kind of cool; I remember the undertakers' presentation vividly!)
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    I had a similar experience with friends north of the border, adults mind you, who believed that everyone in Texas wore spurs and a hat, and rode horses everywhere.
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    That’s how I store mine as well.
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