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    Finally finished this demon chick (Reaper 77281) to decent tabletop stadard. She had been sitting on my bench half painted a long time. Her face had a flash line on one side, so I tried to make it look like a fresh wound.
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    Working on getting back in the swing of things!
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    This little lady has been kicking around my desk for a while. She’s a really fun little figure and I’d been putting paint on her here and there and I finished her up tonight.
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    So here's an old Hackmaster figure that Jim Johnson sculpted quite a many years ago. I really like it a lot, gives me the feeling with the pick axe of somebody going into a cave for an adventure. I kind of wonder about the shield, as it kind of reminds me of a submarine door, but ultimately it's a pretty cool part of the figure as well. Ral Partha just re-released it with a bunch of other old Hackmaster figures as well!
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    I had a pretty productive weekend, and was able to finish up four separate models. Here is my take on the Order of the Scourge Hellknight. Honestly, I really struggled with this one. It had been sitting in a pile of primed models - models that were primed prior to ReaperCon 16 - and I was getting little to no inspiration. I've never been into Pathfinder all that much, so I didn't really have a basis on what a hellknight was. Then I came across this pic. if nothing, it got juices flowing. Comments and critiques welcome.
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    I got a pirate ship! Big sucker too. Almost 2' long, and 8" wide. Sir Forscale for scale.
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    Pfft, even I know better than that. ... now that I have a girlfriend in Ohio and therefore have had to learn some basic American geography in order to drive to her place.
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    All I did was cut off the integral base and glue them on painted bases from CMON. Another 4 done! Reaper Bones: Invisible Rogue 77449 Invisible Wizard 77450 Invisible Cleric 77451 Invisible Warrior 77453
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    Got my November order today. And Hubby got me my birthday present! Just look at all those camels!
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    Rule #1 from The Laws of Cooking If you don't like what I cook, you are welcome to cook for yourself. Corollary: The one who cooks the food gets to decide what food gets cooked. GEM
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    Balazar, the gnome summoner (Reaper 89023) was fun to paint. That mould line running down the side of his hat thing was not that visible when I painted him. Oh well, another one done, yay!
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    I got the Reindeer during last year's 12 Days of Reaper and I looked in the Special Edition figure listing and couldn't find it listed, so don't have a stock number. I recently finished it after several months of sitting on my painting table, half finished. I also painted up the Copplestone Lovely Assistant figure this past week, as I've started queuing up some of my Christmas themed figures for some seasonal painting projects the next couple months.
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    Which is why one day, Iceland will rule the world! Fun Fact: DNA evidence displays that my ancestors have been present in Iceland since the late 9th century. Before DNA was known of, my great grandfather insisted that our family is directly descended from Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson, one of the first settlers , who, upon seeing the ice of the fjords, named the land Ísland (Iceland). We thought he was just being foolish, but now there is evidence that he was right.
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    Dude, I've lectured at a community college. Once I got paid in Starbucks gift cards. They ask less than no questions.
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    Sitting on the couch, waiting for the work computer to load something, so I snuggle up to the Awesome Wife, put my head on her shoulder, sensuously petting her leg, look to the son and say, “Did you know I’m getting paid right now?” Thoroughly cringing, he suddenly gets a surprised look on his face and says, “You’re getting paid for overtime now?!” And my joy comes crashing down. No. No, I do not. *sigh*
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    Trigger pulled: Kickstarter Sophie on Motorcycle Grim Reaper (Silver Anniversary Edition) Angelica Fairweather - Pirate Captain Christmas Mocking Beast Eli Quicknight (25th Anniversary Edition) Hecklemeyer & Styx (Silver Anniversary Edition) Tara the Silent (25th Anniversary Edition) Diva the Blessed (25th Anniversary Edition) Trista the Loremistress (25th Anniversary Edition) Going to go camp out and work by the mailbox now.
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    So I finally got my Gorkanaut on his base, though not the base I wanted. I tried several times to build a grot sandcastle but it just wasn't happening so rather than keep failing I decided to let it go for now and just finish him off as is. Pix:
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    My thousandth post is going to be something horrible and dirty weird isn't it?
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    I worked. I met with a retired botany professor from Norway/former classmate who is happy to give me a letter of recommendation for my PhD applications. I went to class. I checked out the lab stuff that isn't missing, for sake of setting up labs. Now... soup and MORE GRADING. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! So much grading!!
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    I got a new catalog today. Tool Pron from Micro-Mark. GEM
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    There is even an engineering book with the title "High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic" and "High Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic".
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    Arrived today from Spain! ETA: I chose the cheapest shipping option (very reasonably priced) and didn’t think it would arrive for another week or so. Everything was well packed, nothing damaged, and nothing missing. I will definitely order from them again in the future and I recommend!
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    Bouncing up and down in my chair, laughing hysterically, and clapping!!! GEM Who misses Rusty the Corgiranian very much.
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    When nobody is willing to pay you to get naked... One might be able to earn a living getting people to pay them to put their clothes back on, but the fines and jail time for extortion would seriously cut into your profits.