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    I'm going to miss "Reaperbryan", but I'm really happy for my friend Bryan. 10/10 would let fire me out of an airlock again.
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    Nobody can replace you, Bryan, but rest assured I will swear loyalty to our new overlord and toady up to them to the best of my henchperson ability. All Glory To The Whomever!
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    God hired you to be his Assistant Manager, didn't he? (Does this mean you can throw lightning bolts and stuff now?)
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    I think we've been contemplating what Reaper does when they don't have a Reaper Bryan. Now, I'm not saying that his "new job" isn't "terrific." Unless he stops posting here or attending Reapercon or something, 'cause then his new job totally sucks.
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    @Reaperbryan Umm... can I have your job now? Too soon?
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    So, the last thing I posted here was that we were safe and sound back from the sci fi convention. Which was essentially true. Let me start by saying I’m fine and home resting now. But the reason I’ve been offline the last couple of days is because Sunday night I had a bit of a scary fainting spell exacerbated by a conflation of circumstances and minor medical issues, some unsuspected, which led to Pingo taking her first ambulance ride, woo! Not that I remember much of it. Anyhow, it looked like it could have been cardiac, but it wasn’t. And apparently I need more iron. And water. And salt. And a few antibiotics. And a wee bit of physical therapy. But aside from that, doing pretty okay. I missed you guys.
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    I'm one of those folks who cleans when they get restless or antsy (rarely, lol, but I do)... This morning I organized and downsized the giant pile of shipping boxes and supplies that was taking over one corner of my bedroom. It now has about half the footprint it did before. Now I'm going to eat some food and then see if I can't continue the battle with some of the other stuff on my floor and then break out the vacuum cleaner.
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    I guess I should... I hate to bother someone so awesome, but the tutorial is also awesome and it would be a shame to lose it. Bryan, I wish you much health and happiness with your new job and I'm glad to hear we'll still be able to find you at ReaperCon!
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    I totally do that. Just listed out all the deaths in my Stonehell dungeon campaign... Over 52 sessions there have been 78 deaths, mostly men at arms. 10 have been leveled characters.
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    I go to lunch and come back to find out we'll need a new space pope? Well....that escalated quickly.
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    How are you going to decide? Will it be an epic battle of good evil vs evil? or a steel cage death match? or a dance off? Or will it go to the person who makes you the best cup of coffee? Can't wait to see the wolf vs. drow action! *munches popcorn*
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    Does this mean you are no longer space pope? I don't want to find a new job.
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    While it wasn't surprising to hear that you'd be leaving the company, it still hits hard when it finally came down. Thank you, Bryan. Love you, buddy.
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    Called it! @Reaperbryan, may you have a splendid time on your upcoming adventure. Thanks for being great at Reaper for so long. *cheers*
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    I was in the mood to try out some metallics, and the victimsubject this time was Finari (apologies for the subpar pics): There were some issues with this sculpt. Most of her face was offset a couple millimeters forward, so there was an odd bump to one side. Additionally, her left foot has a large chunk that just isn’t there, just below the sword. These I hid as best I could. For the majority of her armor, I mixed three parts Royal Purple with one part Honed Steel. Compared to some other combinations I’ve tried out lately, this ended up being a nice metallic while keeping close to the base color. Rivets and ornamentation were done in Antique Gold with New Gold highlights. Not pleased with how splotchy the breastplate turned out, however. There was one detail that still eludes me. You can see in the rear view a lump of some sort next to her shield. It isn’t part of her arm or any bit of armor that I’m aware of, so I made it into a...brownish leather thing. C&C appreciated, armor isn't something I’ve done much of and I need to get better at it.
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    It's going to be a tough decision... I might simply see who provides the best bribe. I'd open bidding at 1 bones mini, but @knarthex is all about the metal... For that matter so is @Chaoswolf... Hm...
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    Oh good, I'm not alone... Sad to see you go Bryan, but happy for you personally. Hopefully you'll still attend ReaperCon?
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    Bummer. He was good at the job. Fingers crossed on his replacement.
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    Well... that is something I was not expecting to happen today. I admit, I'm a little saddened because you have been a strong presence and influence here on the boards. I am also glad that you have an opportunity that has you excited, even if there are butterflies at the prospect. Good luck out there! Thank you for everything you have done for us. And if you have trouble fitting everything in your office into your cardboard boxes, I'm sure we can do some random draws and find good homes for them all. Best of luck and I'm glad I got the opportunity to stand beside you at the gates of (ReaperCon) Chaos and help stem the tide. In the words of a friend from another genre, "Live long and prosper!"
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    So you will still talk to us here? That would be cool! Who will be your successor, or is that still hush hush? Are you allowed to tell us what you're going to do?
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    Pushing a stricter definition of hypertension that would give almost 50% of the US population the diagnosis of Hypertension. The expansion of the definition states they recommend lifestyle changes for people with blood pressures above 130/90 and medications above 140/100. (Either number above that level) Even though there isn't much evidence on the dangers of diastolic hypertension (The lower number). I will have to go back and review the base evidence for the lower recommendations, especially in older patients. And see about the absolute risk reduction. But I'll admit, I'm a little bit skeptical of anything that might put more than half the population on medications.
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    Stay well @Pingo! I need all the paint-moms safe and sound! *sends hugs*
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    Beware of bonded leather chairs. I have one of the nicer ones from Staples (La-Z-Boy) and after a few years heavy use the covering has begun to crack. It still has great cushioning, though. I can sit in it for most of the day, and, so long as I get up every so often, I don't get stiff and sore.
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    Hey, the barbarian wields an axe. At least one of you canines is rather proud of all the sparkle. And I wouldn't be surprised if the other started to roll around in it.
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    Don't forget, old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill. I highlighted the important one for you. Ummm..... That's not how some of us remember it... HEY NOW!!! We were only involved because some big coffee guzzling lout barbarian got all upset about something or other... Wolves' faults indeed. Humph!
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    Well I thought I had a chair all picked out. And then Office Depot has to email me telling me they're doing a sale on select furniture of up to 50% off. So now I'm looking at their stuff. I really should be painting. ETA: Also looking at paint racks. I've done too much shopping this week.
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    You can do a simple diffraction physics experiment with a strand of hair and a laser pointer of known wavelength (even the weak ones that are used as cat toys). Also need a length measuring tool. Shine the laser pointer at the hair (can hold hair up to the pointer in one hand). Shine pointer on wall in a dark room. Instead of a point, you'll see a set of elongated dots on the wall. By measuring the distance from the hair to the wall, and the spacing of the dots (roughly), you can get an approximate diameter of the hair. A physics professor started asking students for hair - then showed us this experiment. We had very different hair thinknesses.
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    It's going to be a tough decision... I might simply see who provides the best bribe. I'd open bidding at 1 bones mini, but @knarthex is all about the metal... For that matter so is @Chaoswolf... Hm... Don't you mean evil vs eviler, @Thes Hunter? And, HELLO?? SAILOR here; the choice should be obvious. (Back off, Dilvish; I saw it first. ) (2 bones figures)
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    Remember who is gonna make a new arm for Your dragon....
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    If only Reaperbryan were still here to say otherwise.........it's almost like I can still hear him........
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    have you met her? Corporea is such a lovely person, I half think she would be sad if you didn't tell her.
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    Success! I only need the (warped, aged, overheated, cracked) laptop to last another month. That's when I expect I'll have the desktop parts so I can build the replacement. So of course the laptop froze and failed today. As I am here, I have obviously brought it back. For now...
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    Nah, I want him to keep his treasure. Though now I need to paint him his own *BONK!*
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    Welcome back, Pingo! Good to hear someone's looking out for you and that you're feeling better.
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    FIFY. But probably not. I am guessing our former overlord would like to keep the treasure.
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    Progress.. Horns is done, OSL from The exploding planet in his hand is close to done. Should maybe be more intense.. The top of his staff (Im thinking of it more as a (magic) staff than halberd..!?) is done and the verdigris on his copper parts is done. C&C is as always welcome. -thanks for looking.
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    Morning Forumites. Yes, the Emerald City Labor Code is in force today. *rolls up sleeves* And now to see what you all have been up to while I've been in Dreamland. GEM
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    I heard he got eaten by a slithery dragonlike thing.
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    Wait, what? >runs off to check what's going on< I wish you the best of luck, @Reaperbryan; please don't be a stranger. That's pretty brutal.
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    Glad you're better now Pingo. Those can be scary events.
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    Only if you wear the official Kaiju hat and shirt to work every day.
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    Saturday is going to be my wife's first weekend home in a month - she leaves the hospital on Thursday - so I won't be joining yinz this month. Maybe December!
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    My Aussie is sitting here watching Will Ferrell run around in his tighty-whities on TV. Intently staring. I'm a little concerned.
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    Lawyer Games. Don't be surprised if they have new excuses for the next time you are scheduled to appear. GEM
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