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    Da You-pper is real. I know! I’m a troll. (Cause I’m from under da bridge.) Correction, America’s Touque.
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    As a follow up on my explanation of Canada. Canadian bacon is not made from canadians and bares little resemblance to bacon. Still tastes good and is now available in Canada.
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    I have the oddest feeling this thread went off the rails at some point ...
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    So many funny but inappropriate ideas flashed through my mind when reading this. Even my most family friendly reply was kind of off when I reread it. I'm going to sit here quietly washing my mind out with soap for awhile.
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    Gadolinite elementals are flexible gymnasts (for earth elementals), but the allanite elementals are crotchety old farts.
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    One night out at the farm a shrew ran across my bare chest while I was sleeping. I'm used to the occasional bug getting on me so I just slapped it and pitched it off me without really waking up. The wife asked me what the big twitch was in the middle of the night. I told her just a big fat moth landed on me. When she got up she found the shrew in the corner. She still teases me about "big fat moths". My reaction is also why I can't sleep with my oldest son. Years ago at a hotel we eat took one kid to bed. My oldest is an active sleeper. He tosses and turns and tickles. He touched me in the middle of the night and I slapped his hand really hard to kill whatever was crawling on me. The scream and crying woke everybody up.
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    That would imply that we were on the rails to begin with? I don't understand what you're getting at...
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    Yeah, I found that list myself and went . Not taking any other medications, so no worries there. I doubt the neck pain is causing it, though I suppose anything's possible. My various anatomy classes really drove home the fact that everything's eventually connected to everything else. Also that nerve paths are weird. If it hasn't resolved by Friday, I promise I'll make a Dr. Appt. Though I'm starting to strongly consider scheduling my very first massage to get the kinks worked out of my neck/shoulder/upper back/whatever's causing problems, since my usual remedies aren't working as well as expected. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I can get that! Better to keep a certain distance.
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    Thx and @Chaoswolf too! I know the species.. I also know how to catch them, I've used traps before loaded with an insect paste. I need to get the remainders out of the house and seal off all entry points. Thing is, sometimes it smells, mainly in the evening , during day time it doesn't. So I figure I'll have to seal the remaining entry points as well as I can during daytime. We've had them visiting the house for years, every time a few traps were enough. This time the smell is worse, I hope that it comes from shrews and not something else. If I can't get rid of it, I might need to open a floor in the attic. Not looking forward to replacing pieces of floor. So I will try to catch and evict them first. As for @kitchen_wolf the bigger problem isn't that big. We live near a field so they eat and kill insects, I do know they will also kill the normal mice that we sometimes have. If it weren't for the smell, they would be useful.. ***sigh*** I will try to seal the entry points this weekend. If the smell doesn't go away, I will have to get pest control help.
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    I was not aware other NSAIDS outside of ASA (TLA for aspirin) could cause tinnitus. I stand corrected. The tinnitus society of american complied a list of drugs ‘known’ to be associated with tinnitus. The list is so long, I suspect that every patient report of tinnitus (whether acute or chronic) may have been included. But it’s good to know a resource like this is out there. So so if you are taking any other medications @OneBoot there could be drug drug interactions making the tinnitus more pronounced. I do not remember my innervatiob of the inner ear well enough to make a guess on if your neck pain may be related to your tinnitus. (Iran irritated nerve root) but rest, warm or cold (or alternating both) compresses are good. There are also topical lidocaine and topical nsaid patches that are otc to help with pain with less potentionally systemic effects.
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    I believe I can fly! Catapults all across the sky I see the rails every night and day Lift the brakes and roll away I believe I can roar I see me rolling through that open door I believe I can fly... I believe I can fly! Oh... and Special Thanks to R. Kelly for making a song I could use catapults, rails and flying all in a single thought... And this crazy train of randomness that makes things like that happen
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    Oh... and because I couldn't leave it alone after realizing I could leave blanks in on some of the questions (looking at you Alcohol... there should be an option for X: I don't drink a lot but haven't had a hangover in decades). I may have optimized a couple of other answers after re-evaluating them. I'm now a 7th level (hooray, I leveled up overnight) Neutral Good Human Ranger. Spoilered Details (because the details don't matter anyway, right Drew Carey?) Oh, and this would be a factor of my younger self... when I was doing judo, tae kwon do and weight lifting at the same time (when I could do the splits without thinking about it while playing beach volleyball)
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    We were on a train? *** Raises eyebrow while sharpening claws *** Must have been a catnap...
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    If Mr Flit doesn't stop finding great local breweries I might be in trouble. I have been tasting various varieties. All of them were really good . One of them kind of tasted like bacon and smoked gouda, the blueberry wheat was good. I finally ordered the bourbon porter it was very good. It was served in a snifter due to its 10% alcohol content. I could have gotten a pint but that would have been a bad idea. :). And they had fried cheese curds. I had never had cheese curds before. Now we are headed back to my neighborhood and half price pizza night. I'm not driving by the way. Its a good thing this place is about 30 minutes away.
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    Time to make dinner: ham steak with pineapple preserve and dijon mustard glaze.
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    I suggest to try the massage before the doctor. But it all depends.
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    Post Cyber Monday buys! Other then my purchases in Boise on Black Friday last week & not even BF ones really I haven't bought anything since ReaperCon so I figured I'd treat myself while sales were still going. Drivethrurpg/DMsG order A couple of potential RCon 5e adventures bought. One was in a anthology, so who knows. Possible Egyptian themed adventure!! Savage Worlds setting Saga of the Goblin Horde & adventures. Possible these might appear at Rcon '18 as well. Heck, I had a 10 dollar credit so order was only like 2 buckst! Surprise to me, but after I placed my order I got a email in regards to the Talislanta Kickstarter that is offering refunds & I really didn't want to deal with the hassles over that one. Glad they offered that. Herolabs sale! Not much I really wanted this time around but I did get Pathfinder Unchained so I will be offering those classes now for my Pathfinder pre-gens at RCon now. Kickstarter: I haven't been too active on Ks these day but a email from Frog God Games about one their KSes made me pledge Tome of Horrors updated for 5e. Looking forward to this one when it's released! ToH lead me to this rpg which funded successfully this morning: Kids on Bikes, ala Tales from the Loops aka Stranger things style of game. Looked interesting, suppose to release next February so I may run a game at RCon, with character creation done at the Con. Reaper Order: Will be placing that here in a bit. Will update this CMoN order: Well I had a order of around 33 things in it, mostly paint, but the site just crashed so I'm not sure I'll be able to recover that...sigh.
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    I bought a loaf of different bread to give variety to my turkey sandwiches.
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    We are having.... *looks in fridge* Leftovers. Yep, that's pretty much going to be the case for the next week. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    Only if they don’t want to get a ticket. Wait, was this not the point where we switch to random nonsense answers? More random that is.
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    Almost there... I'm making spaghetti tonight. Beef, bell pepper, baby portabellos, sauteed onion over angel hair pasta... so sooo good!!!
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    Is this the owl in question? WOOF is hiring...
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    I've played enough dice-intensive games that I have lots of dice. If you're playing Titan, you need enough d6s to be able to roll the hits for a serpent. (If you're playing Champions, you need enough d6s to build a fortress ... at 1:1 scale.) And not all such games need d6s. ... Which doesn't explain the various sets sorted by color, of course. That's just because I think they look good.
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    A little Where Are We Now? Reptilians - The Army of the Frogking is ready to defend the Citadel. The Expedition - Marching to the Citadel. The Rebels/Tanith - Having forged new alliances with Molemen, Dragonmen and Tanith, the Rebels now prepare for a bigger attack. SHE -She has met Nefrusobek and got a new name, Neith. Together they want to find a way back to the Jungle to conquer it. Cpt. Aguilera - Now Undead, he has just met a beautiful young woman.. Ship's crew - Guarding the Ships, waiting for the expedition to return. Some Seamonsters make their appearance every now and then. The Pirates - Old Nedd is hiding in the Jungle thinking how to free James and Rosetta who are captured by the Reptilians. The Vizconde- Governor of Turtle Island, waiting for the Expedition and his daughter Rosetta to return with treasure. Sssllthr -The Serpent Assassin is following the Human Army, he will sabotage and kill where he can. Bonita - Having changed into a Giant Marilith by the Transmuthor, she now serves the Frogking, hoping for revenge on Rosetta.
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    We're loose on the "rules". I didn't select the colors considering things like coverage. I picked them for color effect. Feel free to pick similar if you don't have an exact match. You are welcome to be a rules stickler. You are also welcome to try to work with a generically limited palette. The goal is to make the dragon artistically out of those colors. It is an *additional* challenge to limit yourself to 3 rolled + B&W. I am not doing that; I shaded my heather blue with worn navy instead of heather + black. My orange has poor coverage, so I will probably mix it with white to thicken it. Then I'll overlay some orange. The main goal is fun and the process of creating art pieces with color limitations.
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    Hey now, they can dance if they want to. They can leave their friends behind.
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    I like Koplow dice. All of my dice are Koplow, in fact. I have a blue d8 and green d8 that I call Grace and Mercy. They tend to roll 1s and 2s with extreme frequency. I also have a second pair, orange and red, that I call Pain and Torment - on account of their extreme propensity for 7s and 8s. Thus in order to randomize my rolls I have to put all four in a bag and randomly pick one out blind. Which means I am so old school I combined the powers of chits AND dice. Behold my powers!
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    One of the best thing on the net that shows what I feel about Christmas & how early it seems to creep out every year. I'm not one for holiday themed items as well, probably why I only got the goblins last year. I guess I'm more in it for the neatness of the figures. As far as that yellow. I kinda forgot about till I seen the set at ReaperCon this year & then started talking with someone about that color & it's problem. I think I know why I didn't say something to Reaper before was due to we had a long winter last season & I really didn't want them to just replace that single color right then & there only for it to suffer the same possible fate of being left out in the cold again. We get out mail later in day like 3 or 4 pm & back in the months of Jan thru March or so there were times we wouldn't get it till like 5 or 6 due to the snow on the roads. (My town they plow 1 road, the others, ehhh your on your own there). I guess it couldn't hurt to see if Reaper will replace it next month when I order.
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    That's why I'm making spaghetti tonight. It will fill the leftovers gap until payday on Friday! And is much more enjoyable at lunch when I want something hot versus another sandwich.
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    Last year, I was fortunate to be able to ship my Holiday Paint Set to the post office where it was kept nice and warm in the frozen north. Haven't noticed any of them degrading faster. P.S. I just realized that the thread title can be read as: "December 25th", Anniversary Mini. And I know of one famous person born on that date. [Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! Seriously. But I was thinking about the guy from Bethlehem.] I'm suddenly imagining a miscast Bones Baby Jesus, and thinking it's blasphemous. Then modding it to ride a laser shark to earn myself a front seat on my trip to hell.
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    I haven't gathered them and taken a photo in a couple of years (Aug 4, 2015 to be more precise), but here is where I was then... though, I'm not sure what this includes as it is multiple layers and I can't remember what is on the lower level(s): I'm thinking that at the time I was really excited about the FFG Star Wars dice and that i was still heavily using the metal dice.
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    Firstday Tallyday Humpday Thirstday Yayday Yardday Restday Nope spending the day in the woods with my son. Sorry I'll pass at this point.
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    Attempting to order starter army boxes from Privateer Press Store, which was having it own troubles.
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    There isn't enough duct tape to fix my chair. One child took my hobby knife to it. The cats ripped out the foam padding, and both kids sit in it like it's a Lay-Z-Boy recliner. I need a new chair, one that won't hurt my back, and can manage long hours of being sat in between work, painting, and gaming, and can handle the weight. Those are expensive.
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    thought I should show some pretty dice, I especially like the 'toxic' green and yellow ones
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    Not currently, no. It's only per bottle.
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    Not yet. But then I'm usually one of the last backers to get their rewards.
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    I had spaghetti leftovers when I got home this morning from work. So I totally get where your coming from for this one!! As far as dinner, ehh if I wake up in time before work tonight, I'll eat. If not, then I'll snag something when I get off from work in the morning. I kinda hate this time of the year. I'm not tired when I get home from work, so I don't hit the bed till the afternoon or so. Not so bad but kinda kills the late in the day stuff for me.
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    Fortunately I'm a bit of a Scrouge so the idea of holiday themed minis don't really appeal to me and I can save that money for more Bone IV!
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