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    In the ancient days of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, the Troll never thought to name his characters. He'd get a concept in mind for yet another fighter magic slinger, and jump IN there, get stuck IN, and REALLY get invested. And the DM got him with the same trick every time... have a bartender or NPC ask "What's your name?" And every time, he'd stand there with his mouth open. He never thought to name a character until after the question was asked. But one time, he glanced down, caught himself, and yelled, "I AM LORAD, SON OF BOROMAR!" He was pretty declarative, and it took us all by surprise. Usually, he'd sit there and bobble it while the DM grinned. I looked down in front of him. There were his cigarettes, and mine. His pack was Dorals... mine was Marlboros. Even Bobo the DM had to admit it was a hell of a save.
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    I'm told there's a farm in Upstate NY where parents send the family computer when they die get old. There they all gambol and play together like good little PCs and Macs, just as they did when they were functional young and fast.
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    The best places to place webs is at the airport. You catch really big buzzies there. Thats because you are a troll?
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    Present company excepted. Obviously? In completely unrelated news, there's a farm in Upstate NY that sells computer parts. Cheap. You might have to wait a bit to get exactly what you need.
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    Never suffer a mouse to live. They are among the greatest Enemies of Man, having slain too many to count through their spreading of filth and the destruction of that which we need to survive. Regret not their extermination. I may be biased:
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    Careful, tomorrow's M....well, you know what it is.
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    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/computers/tips-and-solutions/convert-old-hard-drive-external-unit How-to article. It's not a list because the instructions aren't complicated (look at HD, say 'yep that's a HD', one row of pins or 2, measure size, get screwdriver).
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    Given that that was a new member’s only post, necroing a thread well over a year old, and peculiarly off-topic and oblivious to what this forum is actually about, but apparently relying on the keywords “bones” and “Liquitex gloss medium”, I had assumed it was either spam or a future spammer’s initial test probe of the forum. But then I am a dark and suspicious sort. Have you ever read Terry Prathchett’s Moving Pictures? Not only is it a hilarious and loving paean to Hollywood, but also a surprising amount of it is based on 100% true but bizarre things, like this.
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    Oh, we're all perfectly normal and harmless. ... for us. It's the rest of the world that's out of their gourds. *sage nod* My sanity went for a walk again; probably when I realized I need to make more buttons. And I should probably neaten up some web pages. Which is going to be a complete and utter clusterflop of code that hasn't been touched in a decade, with gods alone know what commented out instead of being properly removed and ... Maybe I'll just join my sanity and have a nice picnic. Might bring Mr. Thorne, now that his guts have settled and are mostly working properly.
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    Sorry. I don't self-identify as an orc. (Or a Klingon, but that seems an obvious corollary.)
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    I sometimes would smash my palm on the keyboard, and see what name would randomly get created. What's your name?: "Ttjm843905ne8-cfu54q... the Third!"
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    taH pagh taHbe'... *pricks self* Hmm... Not pink... I guess not Klingon. But in the heart of a warrior poet artist, are we all not Klingon?
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    Stuff is good. We all like to admire people doing stuff. And applude painted stuff. And craft stuff. And hand out hugs and buzzies
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    I'm a rakshasa with a collection of hats. Some of those hats are even real As for advice, the biggest one has been more implied than explicit. "It's okay to know/do/see stuff. Go learn/do/see things. Someone is interested."
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    This will make things simple. I just need to pull hard drives out and take into shop and buy proper case. Thank you! Thats good to know. Cross fingers they arent too much more expensive here
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    Mine killed a spider once. Though she cowers behind my legs if she sees a centipede, and once she woke me up in the middle of the night because there was a beetle in her litter box...
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    I've learned tons. I don't know who all to give credit to as there are so many of you who've helped me along the way. The things that stick out immediately are (in no particular order): Thin your paints Get some good lighting Don't lick your brush (not that I did this but good to know) Get some Kolinsky Sable brushes (this has changed/upped my game so much) Just paint it, you won't improve if you don't Brown liner as primer for Bones Don't be afraid to share your work Don't be scared to try new techniques, you won't improve if you are And probably tons more that I can't think of right now. Thanks to everyone!
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    *hugs Some days are just like that. I recommend something warm, something sweet, a lap blanket and a good book. Currently hanging out in a far corner of Brooklyn in a hipster coffee shop, waiting for a hipster pizza place to open at 5.
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    I'm a horrible and insufferable human being. True story. My Twitter feed is perfectly reasonable and totally inoffensive, tho.
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    I have done this before, my current backup drive is such a drive. The enclosure for it only cost $20.
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    Where do y'all reckon computers go when they die?
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    Michigan J. Kermit Depends whether they use protection. The best protection is abstinence. I mean really, ew. This is a much harder question to answer than I anticipated. Probably not. I want a new duck.
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    Does a meteor shower count? Depends entirely on your alignment. I understand that the modrons of Mechanicus consider them to be an abomination, seeing that pie is pie and cupcakes are clearly small cake. Good news, they live on the Plane of Radiance!...... though they might just be Skittles with wings. Meanwhile, have a cotton candy moth: All of them. Same reason why we don't perceive Lovecraftian horrors in everyday life. Sanity blasting if viewed directly, ergo our minds instinctively block them from our conscious self.
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    How many colours do *you* see in a rainbow? Why are they hidden from the rest of us? I want more shades of beige in my rainbows!
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    Most writers are some fine mix of intolerable, self-absorbed, bigoted, and annoying, seems like. Twitter really hasn't helped.
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    Thorne Vs. HTML: Thorne 1, HTML 0! I WIN! Now, where the heck is my current painting project...
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    Sounds similar to how my maternal grandfather got his middle name. He didn't have one at birth. When he was 16 he lied about his age to join the army and get away from the little West Virginia coal mining town he was from. When the recruiter was filling out the paperwork, he asked my grandfather his middle name. My grandfather thought he was supposed to have one so looking around on the desk, he saw a pack of cigarettes. Thus his middle name became Winston.
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    Mine was at one point a mighty hunter of *lizard*, singular. I named it Frank. She caught the poor beast at least half a dozen times, after multiple relocation attempts. Frank wasn't gonna let some upstart *endotherm* throw him off of his piece of real estate. Frank was short for Frankenstein - I recognized the creature by a scar over its left eye that my little wildcat put there. Frank was finally left in peace when we relocated the cat and the rest of the household. Oh, and @Cyradis:
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    i haven't either, but i'm also assuming they are slammed with orders after that sale. So i doubt the shipping notice will appear in the average length of time, not after a sale like that
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    Ended up going light colored, I like the contrast. Basecoating pretty much done. Now on to shades and highlights.
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    Because they can more efficiently and more often shear the sheeple through subscriptions. GEM Subscriptions are harder to pirate.
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    Today I've accomplished things! Sort of. We spent much of the morning printing/cutting out card dividers for our Shadows of Brimstone card box. There were 86 of them to cut out. I didn't cut out 3 of them because we don't have a deck box for that location yet, that should be remedied soon. When we finished we decided to take a break which has led to nap time for Husband. I could be clearing off my painting desk like I said I would today but we're out of trash bags and my hobby trash is full. So he'll need to make a trip to Target to pick up a few things and dinner. I plan on doing more stuff, I'm making a checklist now so I know what needs doing, but we'll have to see how many spoons I have left once Husband gets back from the store. Right now it's not looking like many. I need to do a ton of stuff this week and next to be ready for vacation in a couple of weeks. MIL offered to take us shopping a couple of days before we leave to get last minute things but I need to figure out what to pack initially. I've never been to Florida, let alone in December so I have no idea what to be prepared for.
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    Reddy Kilowatt is always ready to reach out and shake your hand, which is usually an "electrifying" experience that one does not soon forget [that is, provided you actually survive the encounter]. Without proper instruction and training, and the proper safety equipment, household current is extremely dangerous, as is attested to by the number of people electrocuted in household accidents every year. GEM
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    Being some of the most complex constructs of the human mind, and usually multiple human minds, they will achieve no greater state of perfection than their creators, and therefore will be flawed in some fashion, as we all are. Linux isn't or everybody, at the end user level, although we all make use of it every day when we use the internet. GEM
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    I have many that I enjoy, but I can't say I've found my favourite yet. That's why I go out and try new things all the time, to see what's out there. If I don't like it then I don't have it again, but if I enjoy it then I've found something new to have. I take my palate on an adventure, and I would recommend that everyone do this. Stroopwafels are definitely in my top 3, however.
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    What food-type item do you find completely vile and disgusting even though others like it?
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    Sub-tropical temperatures, high humidity, and Palmetto Bugs. GEM
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    Sounds like my last HP Laptop, the demise of which at a point in time when we were very poor financially prompted my migration to Linux. The machine under discussion was one of the early hyper-threading laptops and it got hot enough to cause first degree burns if actually placed on the lap and left there for a few minutes. Because they can more efficiently and more often shear the sheeple through subscriptions. GEM
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    For such an extreme color scheme I would personally stick with either black or the lava colors.
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    What is the food that you associate with your grandmother? My grandmother cooked many foods that I associate with her but the main one was tomato gravy. She and my Great Aunt both made an amazing tomato gravy that I have not had since their passing.
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