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    Lots of fun with this one. First go around with an air brush and did a lot of glow effects by brush with the runes, etc. It was a few days of laughter and tears.
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    So I went away on vacation a week ago, and I had almost finished this one before I left, but I ran out of time and didn't seal him or put him on a base. Got him done last night though. A great Jim Johnson figure sculpted for Hackmaster around 2003 and then last year Ral Partha bought the molds and started producing them again. Anyhoos, fun figure. I've been painting up a bunch of these Hackmaster minis, using only the finest Reaper paints to bring them to life! As always having metal issues, my constant struggle, but they seem to be coming out pretty okay these days and I think the metal actually looks better in photo than in person.
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    Finished this guy tonight. Another in my pile of 'don't know/remember where I got him from'.
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    Just finished this one. I should really look more at what people have done before, i thought the scale armor was leather (like the one ned stark wears in GoT) ahah ^^'
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    We're pleased to announce the next miniature in our Reaper Dungeon Dwellers promotion! Starting February 1st through February 28th, 2018, you can get this FREE "Baran Blacktree" unpainted metal miniature with your qualifying purchase. For all the details, please visit www.reapermini.com! (Sculpted by Bobby Jackson; studio model painted by Rhonda Bender of Bird With a Brush Studios.)
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    We have an Earl amoung us guys! Or maybe a Count! Baron? Not a Duke though. It's not quite big enough for a Duke.
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    The accident in itself is a tragedy of course! Maybe a tiny amount of greenstuff can help! The blunt accusation of an innocent member of WOOF however is even worse. Where is the proof? Who is to say there wasn't an open window or door, and the neighbour's cat snuck in, did the evil deed while threatening the poor canine to take the blame, or else... We all know this is how M.E.O.W. operates after all. Maybe one of their Ninja Cats was hidden in that room all night, waiting for a moment to strike. It may well be that our courageous WOOF member has fought that Ninja Cat off, saving your life. A little collateral damage is a small price to pay. Our traumatized member of WOOF needs hugs, treats and praise for what he has been through!
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    In my effort to actually finish stuff, I continued to push my way through the NMM on Sana's ax. I really like this figure. I was going to call the figure finished, then I remembered I need to touch up the hair mentioned by LarsM. Here is today's progress.
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    Well, it was continuing a habit of having ground sausage and scrambled eggs for breakfast...and that was about it (...lofty goals huh?), But then today happened. Late in the day I decided to call the IRS. I mean, who here does not enjoy sampling the latest in on-hold music and (perhaps) a chat with an IRS agent? ... Anyone?? ... ... No? So I called. (My return was filed six months late, I had to send them a bunch of money, TurboTax fouled up a form during printing causing a big streak, they’d sent me a cryptic letter insisting on more info...by fax...a mess it was.) I was only checking to see if they had gotten the fax. Skipping to the end: ...they told me I get a $729 refund... So now I have something to look forward to AND the IRS is no longer annoyed with me.
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    Here is the 2nd of the player characters I am painting for Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower.
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    WOOF is always serious, just look at one of our business meetings:
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    I wonder how many Forumites and their collections could be fit into such a space...depending on how large the grounds that come with are perhaps additional structures/fortifications..... (Long term scheming of Forumite nationhood continues)
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    I am insufficiently entertained by the internet right now... <throws sword into audience> I'm going to go find something else to do for a few hours until I go to bed.
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    But, but... look at all that space for mini storage! That has whole 20s of rooms to hold 20s of minis! Of that's what you want to do though congratulations
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    I'm just in shock as we only decided to put our old house on the market 2 weeks ago. Never though things would happen so fast. The spouse is a property surveyor and assures me the roof isn't as bad as it looks. Glad to be moving away from the smoke and putting a giant chunk into our pensions as we're selling this:
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    Sadly, that's the kind of behaviour to be expected from a member of W.O.O.F.
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    So last night I thought I'd misplaced a good number of my paints. This led me to printing out my spreadsheet and going through each bottle and marking off each paint to find out what I was missing and what was missing in the sheet. Well, it turns out all my paint fits in one pistol case and two caddies. I seriously didn't think there was room in both of them for all 20's of paints that I have. So I spent more than an hour trying to find missing paints that weren't actually missing.
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    Yes, I shall miss the games room, but it also costs 20's of heating and 20's of maintenance.
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    I have decided that What The World Needs is a comedy-action tv show called NinJoe, about a trailerpark-living redneck slacker named Joe Watkins from Kentucky who suddenly finds himself endowed with all the mystical skills of a ninja after drinking an ancient bottle of sake his grandaddy brought home from WWII, and decides to travel around the South in a busted old 1972 Pinto hatchback painted like the General Lee, righting wrongs and fighting crime with a sword made from the leafspring off his grandaddy's old '32 Ford pickup... (You know you'd totally watch it.) I actually still have a copy of...
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    Couldn't resist the silly-ish title - it was originally going to be "Novice Painter, versus LTPK:Core!" but I changed it a touch at the end.. Bonus points if you read that as the Innkeeper from Hearthstone. :P While I have painted miniatures in the past, I've first and foremost never shown such results to anyone, and secondly went in blindly with those ones, and while I was happy with them at the time, I wanted to improve. Other things in life took over for a while, and then finally I said that's it, I'm either going to FINALLY paint my primered army of doom that was at Doom In June 2005 or I'm going to sell the minis I've had sitting in boxes for over a decade. So glad I found out about the Learn to Paint Kits, because that pretty much solidified that decision right then and there :P Anyways! At some point we were all at this stage, and while looking over the pictures I can see a number of things I can improve on (*cough* like my up close photography skills *cough*), but for most things... I'm happy with them. Especially the chain mail on the Orc Marauder. I just might have to retake some of these photos, because I realize looking at them that, uhm, first and foremost f1.7 blurs half the model, and secondly, I didn't get a shot of the backside of the Marauder's Shield, which I was also happy about. Oops. But before I ramble on for three pages......! Drybrushing feels sooooo weird, but it was starting to click once I got to Magnu, even if I wound up overdoing it in a few areas and it so wasn't a dry effect anymore. But that's life, we learn from our actions!
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    I was schooled not to eat the colorful paper cup but everything inside was fair game. GEM
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    That was Fred. Want his number? Take some medicine and go back to sleep. Hope you're feeling better ASAP.
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    That is a big, big house... And the new one isn't that small either.
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    Trying to decide if I should do anything with the Huéscar vs Denmark War for a game - 1809-1981. During the time that the conflict raged... nothing happened. Sometime in 1981 someone in Denmark suddenly realized that peace had never been declared, but that was okay - during that war no armies marched, no guns were fired... and it was just plain forgotten about. The Auld Grump - What do you do when you realize that your country has been at war for 170 years? And not a single battle took place?