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    This was such a fun mini to paint. The sculpt has so much character and the details are great. I may go back and add some gloss finish to the nose and eyes to give them more of a "wet" look. Now that I see the pictures, I'll probably also touch up the reflection on the red bead.
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    More progress here between other projects
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    I painted this fig over the weekend. I typically stick with the bones material, but I liked this fig so much I splurged for the metal version. I went with a red color scheme for a dragonborn character that I rolled up for an upcoming adventure. I like how the gold armor goes with the reddish brown skin, but if I had to do it over, I would have chosen a more vibrant purple for the shield and cloth bits of the tunic. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I can definitely see myself getting a few more of these and doing them with color schemes for all of the other types of dragons. Comments and critiques are welcome as always! Thank you!
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    Acquired: Scale 75 Inktensity, a cutting mat, Eldandil Violet and Ishtar Pink (S75 paints), a Winsor & Newson Series 7 Minis 3/0 (I want to try tiny brushes for detailing again, now that I'm hooked on 2s). Got some replacement wet palette sponges (half the price of the local art store). However, the pack that I most wanted was not in the shipment. The pack of 6 simple square wooden plinths isn't in the darned shipment. I was hoping to not need another run to the hardware store this week, but I'll have to if I want to mount the lion bust before CMPA. Ordered from Competition Minis. Color me not-impressed by forgetting an item. No major sale or anything going on either
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    Making progress on the collection - there's all but one of the WotC Gnolls, as well as Reaper's 02467 and 02592, a bunch of other WotC non-Chainmail stuff, some Heritage Dungeon Dwellers, the Ral Partha Ravenloft guy Frantisek Markov, Toede from the TSR Dragonlance 1 set, and all kinds of Grenadier stuff from the Monster Manuscript sets. I have a feeling that at least a couple of dozen figures are going to be coming home with me by the time I'm done.
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    Ahhh I tried some new things! This was one of those sculpts that I saw and immediately fell in love with. I painted her to be a major NPC on the game I'm running. I did my first ever basing on this one, using some plaster(?) and cork for the rocks, and green stuff and the runic roller from GSW for the floor. I wanted to make it look like she was in a dilapidated temple, and the patterns on the floor were glowing with magic. Any critique and comments are welcome! I'd especially love some advice on the gemstone. I'm still trying to sort out gem reflections, and I'm not 100% happy with it
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    This mini is one my nephew picked out, then later decided he didn’t want. I couldn’t decide how to paint it for months and months. It’s a ninja. Ninjas wear black. But I just couldn’t get myself to hand paint a thousand layers of gray again. I thought maybe I should use other colors: reds or blues or something. But darn it, ninjas wear black. Finally I decided to just Prime it black, airbrush German gray, airbrush light gray, wash with black, airbrush very pale yellow, airbrush pure white from above to his left, black out the base rim, and just be done with it. He won’t exactly stand out, but hey, he’s a ninja!
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    Fortunately I seem to be a harmless drunk. My playing degrades so I have to drop to polkas instead of reels and jigs, I still seem to be responsible enough to use the pocket breathalyzer on my whistle case, and I walk into walls even when I'm sober. Huh.
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    At work, excited about new ideas for the hobby, want to go home!!! I have to be careful, I might end up buying about 80% of the Undead in the Reaper Webstore..
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    My players were supposed to be sneaking around and not letting the locals know they're space aliens. So naturally they march right up to the secret policemen, tell him they're space aliens, set a Goblin with a flame thrower on a rampage, and kick off a shooting war with orbiting destroyers. I really did not know how I thought this was going to go.
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    Gotta tell ya, personal space bubbles are pretty awesome. Also, it's fun to fun people/dogs over in them. Did that post earlier? Eh whatever... Satisfying evening. Watched The Avengers, primed some minis, and based some other minis. Interview this morning stretched into this afternoon, and I've got another long interview (a different one) scheduled for Thursday. Being a house husband might soon be coming to an end.
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    I got word that on Saturday I'll be picking up some overtime, which is good news! The bad news is that it means I'll get off work at 8am and have to be back at 5pm to work a 12 hour shift. My boss has already told me that after midnight that night he doesn't really expect me to do much more than just drive around, so that's good. But I like extra money, even if it isn't a whole lot.
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    I started out with an Egyptian Undead faction in my Lost World but it didn't feel right. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/ After some good advice from @malefactus I decided to move the Eygptians to their own thread. The first one is my Mummy Captain. Now working on a Grenadier Undead Rhino Captive Carrier with a Bones Priestess as Crew
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    Entering this guy into a local Con's painting competition in the Open Category.
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    Tessalon Perles are the bomb. Codiene makes me puke, so most prescription cough remedies are out. The perles work wonders, though.
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    Here's poetic justice for you: A suspected big cat poacher has been eaten by lions
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    This is my entry into a local Con's painting competition in the single figure category.
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    I'd certainly rather you paint skellies than drink bleach...
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    I've used the tessalon for years. Doesn't do anything for the infection, but it does stop the spasmatic coughing.
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    I hate our modern disposable society. I have a handful of tools and things that are about the same age as me. They may not be fancy but they still work. I buy pretty much anything now and have to expect it will be replaced within 2 years. So we finished watching Sword Art Online II this afternoon. Kind of a wild switch in direction near the end. I've watched enough anime the last couple of years to not be shocked by that but dang that was a tough few episodes to watch. Might be going soft when I get misty eyed at cartoons. Some anime can do that to me.
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    Making a shopping list for Undead from the Reaper store. Just to catalogue what I like and might need. This is harmless right?
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    Hi all I got these guys finished up about 2-3 weeks ago, and am just now getting to posting them. For Damar I tried to make mine look similar to another mini that someone had painted and posted. I changed up some of the smaller details to make mine bit different. For Damiel, I think his leather ended up too dark, for my current group of mini's I'm using a much lighter base color. Should I have made the bottles more reflective? The next group of mini's I've done the Zenithal style priming on them, so I'm hoping that the shading ends up being better on them. I'm done priming my mini's in straight black, there's just so much undershading that I have to do. Also for the inspiration gallery, does it have a different login than the forums? Thanks!
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    This annoys me to no end. Build a quality product that lasts until I break it, and I'll be your customer for ever. Stop making cheap garbage! Poetic justice indeed.