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    I paint a lot of Privateer Press models because I play their games, but only post those I really enjoy to this forum. These porcine ladies were tons of fun to paint up. Much of the model was suitable for directional highlighting + inks, or basecoat + wash, which gave me lots of time to work on the fun parts: the hair. And boy do these girls have lots of it. I also shot them against a different background, which I thought I'd post since the whole photo just gives a different feel.
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    This is 77282: Vampire in Bones, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I painted him up for a game. There isn't a WIP thread.
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    Party again split. This time we are information gathering. No combat expected. We're doomed.
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    Sure enough, from the next room. IT'S A DRAGON!
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    Ya know, with about ten rolls of duck tape you could tape the desk to the ceiling....
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    When your obnoxious coworker is gone for a week, it's time to have a little fun. Unfortunately, we couldn't acquire enough paper to do the entire desk.
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    If the sword fits......... GEM This would be even more humorous if, upon unwrapping the "packages", they were all empty boxes and the normal content of the office were in a closet someplace. GEM
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    Last monster I need for a Special campaign I am running right now. I really like this mini. She really came out great in the bones material. I only wish her base were a bit bigger. The “arches” of the building she is on are clearly made for gnome children, not adult humans.
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    Pezler let his mind wander. It took him three days to find it again in the forest.
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    Eh, as interesting as it is, I don't think I'm gonna waste the money on it - it's supposed to be a background element in a diorama, and it'd just make the background too busy...
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    That ain't old school. This is old school! - While this is darned near prehistoric - I had to type that program, one line at a time, into a Sol-20 computer, back in the '70s, just to play.... And then save to the tape drive.... The Auld Grump
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    14563: Scurvy Dog, Undead Werewolf In life, he was known as Bob -after being killed by bandits, he became known as Ho Lee Schitt.
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    Max and Sam were always happy to meet new people. Last night they were very happy with their new playfriend. The burglar was less amused though.
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    We did this to a girl this week.. 2lb of glitter all over her desk, keyboard, chair, monitors... Since we like her, the other 2lb stayed in the bags.. and we managed to clean it up with minimal collateral damage to the floor (although our manager (who's idea it was) managed to end up with a couple of jacket pockets full to keep him happy when he got home) ..
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    Now you've got your Bloodbite Goblins, and you're thinking, "Gee, I wish I could paint mine like Anne Foerster's versions." Well, now you can! Hop over to our Dungeon Dwellers page and download the free pdf file. It's FREE! In it, award-winning painter Anne Foerster spills the beans on how to paint goblins like a boss. Did we mention it's free? Go get it now!
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    So I hobbied tonight! Yeah! I started som of the preliminary green stuffing on the left arm gap: The Right arm shoulder pad... and the back... Then I got out my smallest drill bit and started to drill out the barrels of the gatling gun... Thing is really tiny, and I managed, as I told Chaos Wolf, to break the darn brittle bit, IN MY FINGER, when it slipped.... Blood for the Blood god on a figure that can only take the Chaos Mark of Undivided???????
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    Well, that was a waste of pork. I tried grilling some pork chops using a brown sugar bourbon glaze that I make ham with as a marinade. The glaze had been sitting in my freezer since Christmas 2016, as I'd made way too much of it accidentally, and since I had pork chops that I needed to use up I figured I'd give it a try. Either the glaze had gone bad (don't see how since it's almost 50% bourbon, then the remainder is largely molasses and brown sugar, and it was in a freezer, but I'm no scientist) or it just doesn't work as a grilling marinade. But it was so, so terrible. I took one bite and it was a big, fat case of NOPE! Almost done with my packing. Waiting on my duffelbag to get out of the dryer so that I can pack all of my vacuum-sealed clothes in it. Then I just need to clean my cooler, double check my armor box, and load everything into the car to be ready for tomorrow morning.
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    Got time to build a fake, properly supported ceiling with walls too, so you can then duct tape said... Okay, now I'm just overthinking things. Would be hilarious if it were somehow pulled off and their first comment was "why is my office smaller than I remember?"
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    The best part is, we do like him. If I didn't have as much respect for our Housekeeping dept., my initial thought was GLITTER BOMBS!!!! Ceiling wouldn't hold.
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    We do this sort of thing to the guys we like.. lol
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    Are you sir, accusing me of being a PALADIN?????
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    W00t w00t, somebody just picked up my "Elf" poem. It's the first to fall of the poems dedicated to my OG D&D party members. Kinda stoked.
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    Reaper's Temple Dragon, painted as a gold wyrmling... Sometimes, the dragon was human ... and sometimes, she was a dragon, soaring over the battlefield, raining destruction and wing-smacks on her enemies. Fire was usually her last resort. (.. we actually have this happening in our Dragonlance campaign; the word 'oops' has not yet been spoken...)