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    This is Frorigh. Another one resurrected from my shelf of shame (27 left). WIP thread here: Frorigh WIP
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    So, First job paid me my first pay check. Second job also paid me. What went from a 'tiny' check, became a HUGE check, because I no longer had to use most of it to support my old salary. Sooo... how did I celebrate.... I finally 'completed' my Bones 4 KS order. Man, it actually feels like a weight is off my shoulders that I've now 'locked in' all the stuff I wanted. Now, I can just sit back and enjoy all the new pictures.
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    Iron Wind Metals Slassan [67-108] Another project from my shelf of shame, now trying to get it done in a rush. I started this guy about a year ago. He is one of the end bosses in my current D&D campaign. I thought I had longer to get him done so I kept putting him aside. Darn players keep making progress in the adventure though, so now I'm in a bit of a rush. Slight progress today. Improved the painting stand he is attached to and he is much easier to hold now. Also added another layer of blue. He is going to be the ocean blues triad with red hair triad markings on his back and legs on a glowing dark purple base. Colour wheel, please don't fail me now!
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    Twilight Productions' ZOMBIES!!! game's third-and-a-half expansion was a cards-only pack titled Not Dead Yet! The name "Doctor Bedlam" can be found in the list of credits for ideas and playtesters. I was playing the game like mad after the first expansion came out, and became extremely frustrated at how certain cards could only be played at certain locations (marbles and skateboards* could only be played at the toy store, and so forth) and used the blank cards included to create the "garbage can" card, in which a player just happens to find a specific thing in a trash can, and can therefore play that card at ANY location, whether you're at a gun shop or NOT, durnit! I later contacted Twilight Creations and suggested that this idea be included in future expansions. They agreed, and after I signed off on some legal boilerplate, the card "Ooh, What Luck!" was included in Not Dead Yet! The moral of the story? Be nice, but don't be afraid to talk at The Creators. They gotta get ideas from SOMEWHERE, durnit, and it might as well be you. *If you have the Marbles card in front of you, it could be used to interfere with zombie movement; you dump the marbles onto the ground, get it? You have to discard the card afterwards, but it's handy when you're surrounded. The Skateboard card allows you to enhance your OWN movement. And both cards could ONLY be played if you were at the Toy Store, and this is the game where locations were played on TILES, you build the board as you GO, and the Toy Store might not even SURFACE in this particular game, or if it does, it might be on the other side of the BOARD, and durnit, I was tired of this nonsense where the Gun Shop would appear clear across the table from me while I had the Shotgun, the Revolver, the Minigun, the Surface To Air Missile...
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    Played around with some scrap last night, liked the results I got from priming w black gesso and layering browns over that. Still need to paint the base and design on the signs portion. Also have some sculpting to do for the wares that will fill the shop. Lots to do. The two unfinished planks are boards I was using to test materials on.
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    I don't usually eat second breakfast, but today I did. And I have a case of the don't-wanas. I could blame the french toast I ate for second breakfast but I had the don't-wanas at first breakfast. I blame the clouds. They always suck out all of my energy. Time for a nap.
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    I strongly considered it, but I decided to preserve the aesthetic of the new line by keeping the included round base. Also i realized that if I did it for one I'd have to do it for all, and looking at Baran Blacktree there's too much cape overhang too close to his feet for it to easily work. I'll have to broccoli his base, paint it, and then pin him in. That'll work for this kind of round base, but wouldn't work if I sculpted him a new broccoli base. Probably. There's a high chance I'd screw it up, so I don't want to find out.
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    The Ogre Matriarch was one of the Bones 3 minis I planned in getting at retail. I had already traded away the core set Ogres as I felt I had enough from Warhammer, but seeing them all together at the shop changed my mind! Unfortunately they were out of the Smasher.
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    I've been making pretty good progress on my vardo today. I've decided to paint it with blue sides, with a green roof and yellow accents. It's got really nice details on it.
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    Next time, wrap every single thing in the office in tinfoil. This sounds like data was acquired through experimental research.
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    Since the black and white heads are on opposite sides of the center head, do the white with a bluish tint and blue shadows - Ghost White or Factory White is good for a base color, and the black with a blue tint - Blue Liner as a base color might work. As for the green stuff, do it in at least two layers - the first should bulk out the basic shapes, then refine the muscles and things, and then sculpt the skin and surface details on top of that. Scales are relatively simple when you have good reference pics to work from - just make sure you visualize ahead of time how the scaled skin wraps around the shapes of the muscles and bones underneath it, and work a few rows or patches of scales at a time, otherwise you'll end up crushing all your previous work. Also, you might want to build yourself a curing oven out of an old metal coffee can of decent size. At the most basic, you just put your mini in the coffee can and place a desk lamp with an incandescent bulb over the top of it, with just enough space inbetween the edges for the heat to escape. You don't want the temperature in the can to get much above 94 degrees F or so - the extra heat might toast the surface of the greenstuff rather than help it cure. If you plan to do a lot of sculpting, you might want to cut out a door in the side of the can and make some holes in the door and can to thread some wire through to make hinges, and cut a small notch out of the bottom of the door so you can insert a small room thermometer inside to monitor the temperature.
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    I needed another paycheck to mail the box, but it is on its way. On the plus side, I kept digging through my hoard and adding stuff to the box. The group paint got some of my new color change metallics. I will post pics when I get home.
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    Big challenge of reflections in the shield boss and helmet proved to be too much. I hard time with basic blending. I think I used the wrong colour blue. Anyway, I'm happy overall with how he has turned out, even though I'm not happy with how the SENMM turned out. I think part of the error was having the ground colour be so grey which made the reflections grey as well. A little more brown in the ground colour would have helped.
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    Use magnification. And go slow. Once you get the process down it gets faster, but make sure you take your time in the beginning. Also, there's a few tutorials out there on Youtube for sculpting scales. Sadly, I have a great deal of first-hand knowledge of the physical properties of both cardboard and duct tape due to having worked as a machine operator...
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    So here's what I took from the box... some big styrofoam grass bits, hirst arts blocks, a clear red rod, drawer pull (future mushroom base), field grass, flock mix, rocks, skellie bits, and some bendy plastic strips.
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    I'm probably going to get started as a late backer this month... Looking forward to it, and definitely hoping I can manage to get all the various pieces we want before pledge manager closes
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    I did! And it is working out fine...I think... *** Waits for his next order to arrive*** And he hasn't purchased any more minis since then... He has, however, accumulated a frighteningly large pile of figurines and statuary.
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    Nap sounds good, but I'm tired, not sleepy. Ah well. Should probably make something for lunch.
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    I have received my team, and it is amazing as expected! Greebo really makes the best Blood Bowl teams out there. ...And I also won the hydra in their Facebook competition, so that's awesome! :D
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    That's exactly what we have. I always forget about the hexes since we very rarely use them.
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    one word for you to google MEGAMAT! They are open til 8pm Thursdays....
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    Can't say that when @malefactus is on these here forums....
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    I'm painting (very) slow these days. Hopefully when it warms up outside my painting area will also be warmer. Using pure black and pure white to help work the values, I started blending the cloudy gray into the lemon yellow. The highest yellow is pure lemon yellow at this point, while the deepest shadows are cloudy grey with quite a bit of pure black. I may go darker, especially between the scales.
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    03541: Gerrin Goblinkicker, Dwarf Hero Gerrin always hated being the only dwarf to show up when you mention "goblin" at the store. Thou, deep down he was proud to be the only dwarf amongst the rabble. (Type "goblin" in the store & he is shows up)
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    I don't care for their flip mats as much, just design-wise, but I love their map packs. Never have used markers on them though. I laminated some big sheets of gridded paper, at different sizes, for my blank-mat needs. I was right pleased with the endeavor. ETA though I suppose you're talking the blank Paizo flip mat. I'm sure it's quite serviceable. Good to know they erase that well to be sure.
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    The first of the new Mushrooms is done: I have visions of how I will base these Mushrooms. This could take awhile.
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    I was going to say that once in days of yore I made my own with some thick, poster-sized paper that I drew lines on and then got laminated, but it sounds like you found one. One of our gaming friends invested in an oversized (easel sized) pad of 1" graph paper that he picked up from an office supply store. Which was a tad small most of the time, but it did have the advantage of letting you keep every map you'd ever drawn in case you went back somewhere again.
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    Thanks much! I'd planned on priming it in thinned down blue liner. Thanks for the tips about the GS too. I'll have to look around for my sculpting tools but I think that it's doable, just very time consuming, especially since I've never sculpted anything that small with tools.
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    77104: Blacktongue, Gnoll Archer Guys said I couldn't hit the ground, watch me prove them wrong! *fires arrow and hits a barn two hundred yards away* Uhhhhhh....
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    Well the hulk zombie is now complete. Happy with the tabletop standard. And here is a group shot of the work done so far. A few tufts on the base and they will be ready to use. As always comments welcome
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    Thanks guys. Here is a shot next to the Argonaut sub for deepWars.
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    Splitting this one off into his own thread, in order to reduce clutter in the original thread, and also because he won't be a random rainbow dragon anymore. An employee at a local gaming store introduced me to this model, and shortly after seeing it I pretty much decided I very much so wanted to get my paws on it... So I did! Thing is, I don't plan on doing him up in telltale metallic colours, but instead as more of a synthetic creature with a few mechanical elements. There will be a number of firsts for me with this project... First time drilling and pinning a mini First time painting and THEN assembling a mini Very well might be my first time I start sculpting in a few additional elements in order to have it fully fit my theme (one thought right now is making the engine look a lot more biological) First time removing parts to add back in later (front leg armour plates will block details on the legs, so will be temporarily removed and then added back on later) ^Right out of the box, I had an issue or two with his design. First and foremost, while those wings are indeed rather gorgeous, they go straight vertical, which bugs me, simply because they hide so much detail, not to mention I personally feel that if it's a mechanical dragon it would have been designed to at least fold up it's wings when they weren't in use. Secondly, it would have meant I would have to have another element that's painted and then assembled, and I'm more into assembly first, paint second. Third, all those various extra details along his spine would be pointless at most angles, since they'd be concealed by the gargantuan wings. ^So some clippers came out, a few snips and twenty minutes of sanding later, we have it so I can maneuver the wings, and make use of that obvious hinge... Add in a decent amount of blutak to hold it in place temporarily... ^And we now have a much more agreeable to me wingspan! There's a lot more that can be done with this in my eyes as well, as he could be about to take off, just landing, etc That was last week, and catching up from the previous thread. Now let's get onto the good stuff, aka where we're standing today! ^First and foremost, I drilled three pins total per wing... Two 1mm, and one 1.5mm. Three was probably overkill, but I wanted to be downright certain they'd stay in place. I also though they'd be easier to guide in, but boy was I wrong on that front! Took quite a while to get everything lined up how I wanted it. ^A bit of superglue later, and we have a cameo appearance from Citadel's Undercoat Black, a paint I used to be able to mark just where I was to drill along the inside of where the wing tabs were originally to go. ^Alternate angles showing off his current wingspan, as well as the gaps I'm going to get to fill, and maybe add some additional details into. We'll see what precisely happens, but I already have two different ideas dancing in my head about what to do there, with one being electrical wiring, cogs/gears, and various other things to play up on the mechanical side, while the other one is trying to go with the thought of some sort of liquid latex muscle structure. Second one is arguably riskier, but would definitely convey my idea a lot better.
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    Getting one's area organized is boring. I'd so rather be doing... Probably one of two dozen other things, but... At the same time, I'll FINALLY have all of the paints in one area, this and that on another, etc... ...Oh, and a good portion of the floor around my desk back too. That'll definitely be worth it.
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    Thanks... that's super helpful. Went to an art show today: Art on Paper. It was very very cool!! Then went for a very late lunch in Chinatown. Now, Guardians of the Galaxy!!
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    I was very pleasantly surprised by paizo's flip mats. Wet erase, dry erase and even sharpie comes off of them, they fold flat to get packed in a bag and it's really hard to stain them. Forgot to erase for a month or so once and it cleared right up with a little Windex. The only one we have managed to ruin accidentally got spritzed with dullcoat.
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    For black, I like using slightly-non-blacks for shading. My favorite so far is Pure Black, Nightshade Purple, Dark Elf Triad, then peak highlight a wee bit with Dark Elf Highlight + wee bit Ghost White. It is obviously not pure gray-scale, but I enjoy the effect. I'm gearing up to do some white painting too, and this is what I've been studying. http://powellminipainting.blogspot.com/p/painting-white.html Had brief practice on a tiny thing. I used a generic gray, leather white, and pure white otherwise.
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    Andy Foster who runs Heresy is ex GW. That may help him. They are great looking models with a great paint scheme.
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    Are you going to do a zenith prime of white on the base? I think that will make it easier to get bright colors on the coral and sand.
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    I like the way that came out. I've also had mostly good results staining wood with tea or coffee before sealing it.
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    Cool figure; she could really be used as a good or bad guy. Good paint job on her.
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    Excellent paint job, you can certainly see how much you learned since way back when!
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    $%**$%&!!!! Five freaking hours I've been waiting for Windows to update itself, and what happens? The update assistant crashes Never again, I'm now off to Google how to turn off the automatic updates.
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