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    Not quite as good a choice - but for $40CA, this will hold a lot of miniatures.... The Auld Grump - and the look on the players faces when they ask 'how many figures does that hold, anyway?' and you answer 'just one....'
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    I want to thank everyone who was involved with the Box of Good Will. I was was in my garage this morning when I remembered that I had a carry case with stuff I had gotten from the Boneyard at ReaperCons past. I was giving the contents a scan to see if there was stuff I might put into the BoGW when I saw a mini I knew wasn't from the Boneyard but escaped identification in the moment. I looked at the bottom for the manufacturer, but it was too small, but there was a part number (in my writing) on the baggie it was in. I grabbed my magnifier and went to the computer to look it up in my mini spread sheet, suspecting it was what it turned out to be. It was one of my Thunderbolt Mountain elves that have been misplaced for some time. I had no idea they were with my bitz. Now all I have to do is get them organized. Now just to figure out were I put the majority of my Dark Sword minis. Thanks to the BoGW for helping me find my Tom Meier elves.
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    The Skorchas are a smallish buggy like vehicle that doesn't have a model, so I cut down a couple trukks and made my own. The Battlewagon is pretty much stock kit, except I am adding a base (which isn't done yet). Skorchas:
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    And some progress again. This time it is no own progress, but a very motivating assistance by @Peithetairos. Being well known in another forum I am in for his awesome terrain building skills, I decided to outsource one part of the Valkyria Chronicles project to him. Hills. I had a specific type of hill in mind, one that I wasn't able to recreate. So I asked him a few month ago if it would be possible to create a number of hills for me. Thereafter we didn't have contact for quite some time, but at the Tactica, he presented to me three hills, which did not only look awesome, but are also able to support magnetized trees. Wonderful! Thank you very much!
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    Ok, here is my first NMM paint job. I'm not sure if I dislike the technique, or just picked a bad mini to try it on first. I found it a bit fiddly and frustrating with all of the dully cast spikey bits. I did a pretty quick TT quality job on everything not NMM, so I know there are a lot of places to improve there. Also, I feel like the photos make it look better than it really is. I'm pretty happy with how the front of the armor turned out, but the shield and shoulder pauldrons were frustrating. Would truly appreciate any feedback on improving the quality of my NMM! I'll be doing Mangu next and tracking in the same WIP thread. Wip thread here:
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    Drove around Kentucky looking at thrift stores and stopping at game stores. Picked up a few blu rays and a coloring book. Need to remember to pick up some color pencils for the plane ride. I'm conflicted. I like the otyugh, but it's lead.
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    Ain't just you. The bane of my existence is these kids who've been raised on computer games, and wander around looking for an NPC with a punctuation mark floating over his head because they have no idea what to do next...
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    Yes, most frequently bases of various sorts. Also, changing weapons, adding hats, that sort of thing. I've posted it before, but the one I'm most pleased with is a bird man I did using a GW mini, reaper wings, a random arm, and plenty of green stuff. Sculpted in the face, the feathers on the back, and the feet.
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    Can you order them through Walmart Dot Com? You can in the States - $13, with free shipping for a case designed to hold four pistols - but will hold around a hundred minis. The Auld Grump
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    That game is soooo cute. Kind of fun to play too ......I kind of want it for the minis >.>;;; (and to play)
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    I don't know - with the ten year old what seems to happen if I don't give them Mr. Exclamation Point is that they will find something to do. (See the above mentioned barroom brawl.) They have been very proactive about seeking adventure - including the kids that I suspect have spent the most time with CRPGs. Gods know, they have done a great job of surprising me. (With Sam and the 'amateur spellcasting' still topping the chart. 'I'm sorry, I'm knew to casting spells, so it will take be a bit longer to cast Cure Light wounds'... *Charm Person, Cure Light Wounds*....) But at the same time, they are very good at following the plot - just in very unusual ways. Next kids game is going to b Legacy of Fire - and in Skull & Shackles I used the female cloud giant as a female marid, so I already have at least one of the minis ready for it. The Auld Grump
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    Is it just me, or is it sometimes a better game when the players have a tendency to go off the rails, and down into the gully? Sure, there's a lot of excitement and panic when the boiler blows, but that's what makes it fun, am I right, or am I right? I just realized that I talk a lot more about my Friday game, where things tend to go haywire, and Jon's character has a tendency to get killed, than my Saturday game, where everything is moving along smoothly. Though this Friday's game... the party all stayed together, and they actually followed their plans.... And I talk about the kids game, where I keep expecting things to go off the rails, but it never, ever really does. (The closest was the barroom brawl game, which was just the players having fun.) The Auld Grump
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    I feel like it also doesn't help toys r us that they're always more expensive than everywhere else. They've always been the Store of Last Resort for us, just because their prices are always 10% or more higher.
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    Looking at a Sunday full of house work. Sprinklers, faucet, fish tank, pay bills. Huh. Very water oriented there. Then, if I have free time, try to chop up a 3gb CSV file into chunks that Excel can open, using only the files and software corporate security allows me to use. Access has already failed me, as the files are too large for it to even link to. A 10kHz sample rate for four+ hours makes a rather large amount of data.
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    they're about 80 minutes from me according to the Googles .. but since they close in 8 minutes, I'm guessing I can't do any head nibbling on your behalf tonight.. or head kicking .. love auto corrupt sometimes!
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    I painted Meyanda's boots with straight Carbon Black. I mixed up a bunch of browns (and a few greys and blues) and painted assorted things on the dwarves. They are mixed from various combinations of Raw Sienna, Burnt SIenna, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White. Oathsworn: Reaper's 14143: Kara Foehunter, Dwarf Hero: Oathsworn Dwarf Princess: Stonehaven: Hasslefree's HFD014: Hatherly Red Box Games:
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    I agree. They look a little better painted in plausible wolf colors than my original 1975 solid brown. Today it’s some of the generic humans.
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    I've fallen behind on this this month but I have an answer today! I'm currently in the process of modding the bones hydra to have wings to be a mini version of Ma'al. So far it's going well and there's only been one injury. I'm pretty happy with it as it is right now but we'll see how that goes as I continue.
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    I saw the minis before I knew anything about the game. Then I read some reviews and things about the game and knew I needed it.
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    As far as I know, the only way to get parts from the Boneyard is to go to ReaperCon. I haven't been able to make it for the last few years, as far as I am aware you can get bitz at the con, but my info is old.
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    There is a link to the Boneyard under Figures on the main page, but the Boneyard is not currently a Thing. It may or may not ever return. Edit: it’s not there anymore, but available if you click on a figure then look at the links. It’s between Robot Supply Depot and Boxed Sets.
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    The brushes in the kits can vary a little due to variability in Reaper's supply chain availability. Other than product packaging and things like that, brushes are one of the few things they purchase from other manufacturers. As the author of the kit I would love it if everyone who buys one were able to use exactly the same kind of brush I did, but in the real world that's not always possible. So in addition to Talespinner's excellent advice about buying a quality brush for painting details (for real, don't think you have to be a superstar painter to get a quality brush!), I would add there's no harm in picking up another synthetic brush or two if you find the kit brushes are wearing out.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Mythological_swords https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Fictional_swords because you folks might be interested....
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    The painting is pretty much done now: Now I will add the flora & fungi, do a spray finish, & start on the fauna.
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    so i bounced in for a bit... then fell down the youtube hole and got out... then was on until 4am..... and likely back again tonight.... (but not til 4 am, as I gotta work tomorrow...
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    Matt and Eric - Matt has been with Toys R Us for seventeen years. Jen used to work for them too - back when the LARP was going on. Toys R Us went back to their bad habits to appease the major toy manufacturers - mostly Hasbro. Which meant overstocking the items that could be most easily purchased online, while understocking the things that were ordered in smaller numbers, but sold better in brick and mortar stores. The Auld Grump
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    Hey if anyone is looking to pickup some good quality tufts you should take a look at Shadow's Edge Miniatures. Right now they are having a sale for buy 2 get 1 free. I think most of there set come with around 168 tufts. That's like 500 tufts for $25. They also have sampler packages where you can get a good mix of different types. I have yet to get any but the pictures online look great and they have some good reviews. If you look them up on YouTube you can get a good look at their tufts. By they way this is NOT a paid promotion! I just am always looking for decently priced tufts and thought anyone in the same boat should try to take advantage.
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    I really love Meyando, Pingo. She has unbelievably human but also inhuman eyes. I immediately think of the term "Uncanny Valley". Great work!
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    I'd say you did a great job. The skin blends very nicely and I disagree, you didn't oversell the abs.
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    This box is just bursting at the seams! I've gone and made my first pull from the box. Now to figure out what stuff to add. And determine how much that I have selected I will actually paint rather than "cool, gimme!".
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    And that is when the Wandering Monsters should start to be attracted.. Nothing like a little up close and personal "motivation" to stimulate the brain cells. GEM
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    Ok here are the last few photos. Didn't stop for a ton of pics and found myself fiddling around a lot so there weren't that many discrete steps. I feel like the pics make the technique come out looking better than it did in real life. Would greatly appreciate any feedback to improve on my NMM technique! Mangu is next...
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    From the front the wings look a little wonky but it's good enough. They got a little bent on the way home so I will be boiling just the wings to get them back into a shape that I like and maybe a better angle. I'm not terribly happy with my sculpting on it's left wing. I figure if it's really bad I can go back and fill it in with some brush on sealer and then paint over it to make it look like scales.
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    Gonna jump on in a bit while I go through the Box of Goodwill. Might even paint something too.
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    I'm home from mom's. It's getting more stressful to stay over there because of step-dad's health issues. We have to go back over there Wednesday for Sibling's birthday. Most likely not staying the night or anything though. I'm worried about my mom because she has to deal with this 24/7 almost. She works 12 hours shifts on the weekends with patients that have the same sort of health issues that my step-dad have going on so she doesn't really get a break from it. Which makes me feel bad that I don't get over there more often to spend time with mom. She's probably going through some empty nesting stuff on top of all of it. I'm trying to convince her she needs to go see the doctor for some on going pain and what not but so far she hasn't had the time to do it and hasn't been able to find a doctor that's taking new patients currently. Sorry for the rant. I slept for just over 12 hours last night. Probably due to stress and having my sleep thrown off. While I was gone our copy of Stuffed Fables came in. It looks super adorable and I've just glanced through the rules book. I'm hoping the nieces love it, it was difficult to track down, but it was also something that I wanted so even if they don't love it I'll still have some cute minis to paint and a new game to play.
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    Lol. thanks SistetMaryNapalm and Glitterwolf...but if you have no coin, no mead for you!
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    These are pretty dang cool. Nice work.
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    The first two learn to paint kits are meant to be accessible to completely novice painters, so I did not throw in complications like using contrasting colour theory since there's already a lot in there to learn for those who are completely new. You did a great job with this, good work! Your shadows on the cloak are not too dark at all. Contrast between dark shadows and lighter highlights is essential on miniature figures to make them look fully three dimensional and more interesting to the viewer. It is a near constant refrain of feedback to tell people that they need more contrast (or chant 'deeper shadows, lighter highlights'). ;-> What you don't like is that you can see a stark transition line between the medium red and the dark red. Blending a perfectly smooth transition from dark to light (or one colour to another colour) is one of those things that takes practice. Every paint colour can be a little different, and it takes some experience to learn the techniques that best work for you, and how best to use them. Using the techniques from the paint kit, what would work is to mix the two colours together - the middle red and the darkest red. Then apply that along the line to soften the look of it. It might take a few coats since it's red and red can be on the transparent side. To avoid seeing more of that during the painting process, you can either thin the paints a little more, or mix more transition steps between your darkest and lightest colours. Or both. It is also important to make sure that each successively layer leaves part of the previous layer showing, so you're painting the darker shadows (or lighter highlights) into an ever smaller area. Kind of like a bullseye.
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    One of my all time favorite weird trivia entries is the Shaver Mysteries, which are almost as interesting as the story BEHIND the Shaver Mysteries... and which led to many pulp stories about the hollow earth, the Vril, free energy, and eventually, the Underdark, and everyone's third favorite little subterrenean psychopaths, the Derro.
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    The painting is pretty much done now: Now I will add the flora & fungi, do a spray finish, & start on the fauna.
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    Thanks very much and thanks for the color confirmation. I've always envisioned half-orcs as kind of half-green, or light green. Probably back from that first Orc's Lair Grenadier box where the cover showed some green and angry orcses...
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    Very cool! What did you use for the skin?
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    I've wanted a cross-slide table for a long time, but I've always been wary of the cheap tables that aren't much more than a pair of threaded rods. For the drill press, if nothing else. But I got to thinking... while milling with the drill press is a terrible idea (seriously, don't do it, it might maim or kill you when the chuck flies out at 2000 rpm), my Dremel is built to handle radial loading. And it does accept carbide bits. So potentially it could be used as a metal mill. So I've ordered a Proxxon KT70 X-Y table. Proxxon has a decent reputation; unlike Dremel, while they do make small rotary tools, they also do make full-on mills. When it arrives I'll tear it down and make a decision: a) The table is garbage and it'll go onto the drill press and that'll be the end of that. b) The table is suitable, I'll start building my own nano-mill, and document the process in my studio / workshop page. I'm really hopeful since Proxxon actually sells the KT70 as part of their own full-up nano-mill setup. Depending on how good the table is I might have to start buying more Proxxon tools... they have a pen lathe that looks interesting...
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    Anybody here near Wisconsin? I'm looking for somebody to drive over to Noble Knight Games and kick them in the damn head... I bought something from them off eBay, and the next day I get the notice that the item has shipped... Only to get another notice a day later that I've been given a refund because " I'm out of stock or the item is damaged. " So which is it, NKG? Did you ship me the damn item or was it out of stock/broken? Bad enough they're ridiculously overpriced, but geez, ferthluvogawd get your broccoli together....
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