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  1. I've wanted a cross-slide table for a long time, but I've always been wary of the cheap tables that aren't much more than a pair of threaded rods. For the drill press, if nothing else. But I got to thinking... while milling with the drill press is a terrible idea (seriously, don't do it, it might maim or kill you when the chuck flies out at 2000 rpm), my Dremel is built to handle radial loading. And it does accept carbide bits. So potentially it could be used as a metal mill. So I've ordered a Proxxon KT70 X-Y table. Proxxon has a decent reputation; unlike Dremel, while they do make small rotary tools, they also do make full-on mills. When it arrives I'll tear it down and make a decision: a) The table is garbage and it'll go onto the drill press and that'll be the end of that. b) The table is suitable, I'll start building my own nano-mill, and document the process in my studio / workshop page. I'm really hopeful since Proxxon actually sells the KT70 as part of their own full-up nano-mill setup. Depending on how good the table is I might have to start buying more Proxxon tools... they have a pen lathe that looks interesting...
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