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    Whooo. Been a long day at Adepticon. James Wappel is very nice. Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi were walking around semi-incognito (no badges). Julie Guthrie is related to Woody Guthrie, how about that. Lots of people happy to Paint And Take. The joint was jumpin’. Some woman on stilts was dressed as a space marine. The Crystal Brush entries are gorgeous. My feet are a wee bit tired. Found some dwarf pirate minis. Goblins too. Have a good weekend!
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    It's often said that when painting large miniatures, you should finish an area so you can get that feeling of completing something and keep you motivated. While this is true, I also find nothing takes away the motivation quite like making a mistake and getting paint on your finished area. As such, my finished area is simply "the head" rather than her face so I plan to block in her hair before I finish the face. Much less chance of an accident once that is done. Now I had two ideas for her hair. One was to make her a foxy redhead. The other was to go with a natural dark Asian look. As we all know how paints cover, we'll see how the redhead idea looks first. If it comes off odd it'll be easy enough to go darker. Mostly this is just a first coat, but I decided to use one part of her hair as the full test spot. That has a darker wash to start the process, but no placed shadows or highlights yet.
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    Originally to game. But always striving for display level quality. Currently working on... uhm. [Looks at shelf of shame] DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!
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    Since I’m playing in the Storm King’s Thunder campaign on Wednesdays, I’ve been inspired to work on one of the few giants I have in my collection, the Bone 2 Stone Giant from Expansion Set #1. As usual, I started by scrubbing him with a toothbrush and warm soapy water. His club arm fell off, and the glue holding in his other arm wasn’t looking so good either. If anything, it seemed more like rubber cement than the super glue I’m used to. I removed the arm, cleaned off the glue residue from all parts, and then glued him back together. I don’t have a lot of WiP pictures, but I started with a base of Grey Liner, and then added increasing amounts of Stone Grey, then Linen White to get it to this stage of the skin. I used the same colors for the eyes. A touch of Monster Maw was used for the lower lip, and the bags under his eyes. The club was painted with a heavy brush of Redstone Shadow over the liner. The loin cloth, belt, and straps were painted with Rich Leather. All of this was done in about 100 minutes (the runtime of Ant-Man). One thing that’s kept me away from painting big minis is the fact that I have little space to display them, or store them. They tend to have pretty big footprints (bases). This guy, while tall, isn’t really bulky. However he really should be on a 3” base… I’m thinking about magnetizing him, so he can pop off the base for storage.
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    Welp, had our initial meet. Me, my brother, and just one other dude. He was cool, seems like it could be a good fit, so it's a start. Session 0 next week, gonna try to turn up some more players along the way. But launching a PF campaign either way. Even if it's a tiny one lol.
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    I have questions. I don't want the answers.
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    Have got some Frostgrave explorers and some GA crew with a middle eastern focus. Am getting better at kit bashing but these are the first mixed conversions using resin, metal, plastic and greenstuff. The Arabians are Gripping Beast middle eastern infantry and steppes infantry with Frostgrave GA crew arms. The explorers are Fireforge resin bodies, frostgrave or westwind pict heads and a mix of arms. C and C welcome.
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    I do name them and talk to them. Especially computers, which I threaten with a 20-pound sledgehammer which I have coined the Hammer of Fixing. I also have a 3-foot-long crowbar named Bobo, a Sword named "Big Blue," a dagger named the Italian, and the Roman (they ARE distinct). I name them mostly out of utility, sometimes out of humor. I can say go get the big crowbar (the kids will ask which one), so I say go get Bobo. Computers misbehave, so I have to remind them of the Hammer of Fixing. For work, a foam Thor's hammer with "Hammer of Fixing" in sharpie also works. Part one of the question is Yes. Part two is everything. I have a competition mini due Wednesday, and I've got a bit in the March thread already, but some Derro finally got primed and my other monthly models, along with some models for Curse of the Crimson Throne (I WILL run that game live dangit!). I also have Warmachine and Hordes models, as well as a bunch of other models from Reaper and other manufacturers for other games.
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    Hm. Seems some of you could use a laugh, or at least a hearty chuckle. So, there is a noodle colander out there that looks like a bowl with eye stalks. If you do noodles the way we occasionally do, this means the colander goes in the sink, the pot's contents are poured into/through the colander, and then the colander is lifted out of the sink and replaced on/over the pot. I would feel a little odd about grabbing a bowl by its eyestalks in order to accomplish that last part......
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    He's cheating - he had me buy a bunch of stuff for him and then gave me money...
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    Calling these two done: Nearly finished here:
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    DM always needs more awesome looking super villains to throw at us, so I painted up Malek. He's an awesome looking figure and gave me the ability to combine all the shading and highlight different aspects all on the same figure. I am very pleased with the overall result. C&C welcome!
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    All of the sculpts from the 25th anniversary miniatures were great. All of them amazingly painted. But there was one of them which palette I didn't really liked... too much color :d So I painted my Dain Deepaxe with a sober palette.
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    'Wish' I could be there Pingo. I do really wish I could be there. But I knew this year wasn't in the cards. I got my first 'real' paycheck today. And it was only today when my husband said "Ok, that eases the stress a bit." We were fine, but he wasn't in a mode where he wanted to spend money on another convention. Hope you all who are there at Adepticon have fun!
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    New releases with a hard release date of April 9, 2018 Bones Plastic Fantasy Miniatures 77583___ Med. Air Elemental by Julie Guthrie $2.79 77592___ Frost Giant Queen by Chris Lewis $9.99 77614___ Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King (Huge) by Chris Lewis $12.99 77615___ Fire Giant Bodyguard (Huge) by Chris Lewis $12.49 77616___ Fire Giant Warrior (Huge) by Chris Lewis $10.99 77617___ Dungeon Dressings - Hearth by Andrew Pieper $9.99 77618___ Dungeon Dressing - Bar by Andrew Pieper $3.99 77620___ Logar, Executioner by Bobby Jackson $2.79 77621___ Avatar of Protection (Water Buffalo) by Jason Wiebe $3.49 77623___ Avatar of Courage (Lion) by Jason Wiebe $2.99 77629___ Sylph (Clear) by Werner Klocke $2.79 77630___ Sacrificial Altar by Kevin Williams $5.99 77631___ Vorvorlaka by Bob Ridolfi $2.79 77632___ Sarcophagus by Bob Ridolfi $3.79 77633___ Coffin And Corpse by Bob Ridolfi $2.79 77634___ Cursed Gravestone by Bob Ridolfi $3.29 Reaper Package Assortments 97408___ Bones 3 Monthly Assortment Package - April 2018 Box $175.31
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    I guess technically I paint to display, but really I just paint because I like painting. On the table at the moment, I have the Crimson Herald, a pig in a bathtub and a Space Wolf Iron Priest.
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    Well I got one more painting session in before the big move begins. I sat down intending to hit just a few spots on a couple of miniatures and that turned into an hour long session. I claimed my first four dwarves were done a while back with the exception of their shields. Surprisingly I was wrong, upon further inspection I had forgotten to paint their eyebrows. I corrected this mistake and changed one of the dwarves' grey beard to a black one, the grey just wasn't working. I painted the eyebrows of the final three and found yet another oversight. The final three didn't have their skull books/cases painted. Once I took care of that I can call them all finished, aside from attaching their shields. Speaking of shields I finally remembered to finish them today. I painted the steel rims, retouched the front, and painted the back's woodwork. I even gave the wood a dark wash which in retrospect may have been pointless once I've attached them. My musicians are also finished now. All that was really left to do was apply a dark wash to their wooden weapons. On the large horn player I decided to go with a darker wood which I think looks pretty good.
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    Both. I mainly paint for gaming but I have done some pieces that are of a higher quality that still see the table. Currently I'm working on: Mini Ma'al Isabeau Laroche (In theory) Fire Giants: Jailer, Warrior, and Bodyguard
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    Blu Ray - MidWay (Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda) - awaiting DVD - Around the world in 80 Days (Mini series with Pierce Brosnan and Erik Idle) - 1st 3 Seasons of the Muppet Show - awaiting Shogun mini series.... and this.... Books- In Search of the Castaways, Jules Verne (No pic as there is nudity...) - Kings of the Wyld, Nicholas Eames Awaiting Amazon is killing me... and lots of aircraft documentaries watch on You Tube....
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    I have purchased a game called Ballistick from Steam, and I foresee myself accomplishing lots of nothing for the next couple of days... You're a former bad guy who tried to leave the organization, and ten years later they found you... Now you need to destroy them or you'll never be safe. And so you go all Punisher on them, infiltrating their buildings and killing their guys with knife, shotgun, silenced pistol, M-16, grenades and claymore mines, as well as some cool tech gear. It's a side-scroller, but a faux-3D one in that you can take cover behind objects, and go through doors at the top and bottom of the screen into other rooms... The thing about it, however... ... Is that it's done all in the style of the stick-figure Flash animation... Well, that's when you have to take a step back and analyze whether or not they have a right to be pissed off about what you did or said - if they don't, and the rest of the world is just in a pissy mood, then that's on them and they should apologize for it. If they did have a right to be mad about it, then you need to apologize and make it right. But you don't strike me as the sort of person who says or does anything carelessly or maliciously, so I'm thinking most of it is probably on them and they're actually pissed off about something else.
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    Yeah, this is me too. Last year me and the kids did karate all winter and I was in ok shape. This year I was sick most of December and January and did almost nothing physical. February I was lazy and March has been kicking my butt. Way more physical work than normal early this year. I'm tired but I should be back in ok shape for late spring the way things are going.
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    Y'r not missin' much; they were better (and larger) in the days of my youth. I think that's why every single supervillain at DC AND Marvel comics, at some point, wound up getting distracted by the damn things during the 1980s. Either that or Hostess Twinkies. These are genuine ads from the comics of nearly forty years ago. They are no less surreal than the Conan and Red Sonja ad, for that they were actually printed. And I remember weirder ones. Nearly every superhero outsmarted some bad guys in one or more of these ads. I always kind of figured that's why Rob Liefield drew his superheroes with loads and loads of web belts and pouches; they were just waiting for a bad guy who could only be defeated with fruit pies and sponge cake, and that's what was in all those little pouches.
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    Being married means having someone that knows JUST when to say "I think so Brain, but where are we going to get an alligator, two pairs of Rollerblades, and a ball of yarn at THIS time of night? NARF!" Sometimes that is exactly what you need to hear.
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    I started painting to game, but haven't gamed since the move, so my painting is now for the sake of painting.
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    I acquired a Dracodile. Might eventually go into my Hordes collection. But first it will be built and painted so it can stomp my adventurers as the great [redacted] in Serpent's Skull.