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    I'm probably not going to try any freehand on this piece in particular - in part because I want to leave my first try at blending out to show, and in part because I'm not the greatest at freehanding and I easily see myself screwing it up and not being able to fix the blend, Thanks! I'm really bad at selecting my own color schemes so the first thing I do when I'm starting something is search for inspiration, and when I saw that octopus I knew I wanted to try those shades! So now that the blending fun is more or less over I went in to work on some details I did the rest of his fins over with a little more blending I brushed Frost Blue over some of his face and edges Anywhere he had these little valve things... And did the suckers on the bottom of his tentacles Then I went back and did a blue wash over everything I just added And blocked in red for his 3 eyes So I was originally going to leave his eyes a solid red and do some shade/highlight, but now that it's blocked in I'm thinking maybe I want a pupil, especially since he has those little blue orbs on his face too. Thoughts?
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    A couple months ago I turned like 8lbs of onions into a bunch of caramelized onions. And then I froze them, because I "had plans" to use them over time. Apparently those plans were just to freeze them and then never really touch them. I used a small bit for some pulled pork, a small bit for a pot roast, and then they just sat there. Until today. I made French onion soup, except I had to substitute muenster for gruyere and Italian bread for a French baguette because my local store didn't have them. It was good, but I went way too heavy on the onions. I've got some beef stock left over, so I'm going to make it again tomorrow and try throwing some thyme into it as well as cutting back on the onion. It will be a day of mild experimentation with food. And I'm fairly certain it will be delicious.
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    The Harris's hawk is the only bird of prey known to hunt cooperatively. They hunt in groups of usually two to four, where the older hawks perch and watch as the younger hawks go to ground to try and flush prey from the underbrush (usually cactus). Once the prey runs, the perching hawks swoop down and strike the unsuspecting animal. (clever girl!) They share the kill, and also share living space as well. Very much like a pack of airborne wolves. They are also known for their unusual habit of "totem-poling", where hawks will let other hawks perch on top of them.
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    Finished up the highlights am the glaze coat on the robes that play is done. I will finish the rest of him but the main exercise was to try the layering on the robes to practice the technique. Let me know what you think and where I can improve! These pictures aren't the best either add usual lol
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    And here are my selections...A couple Reaper Bones, a resin large scorpion, a Crunchy Frog duck with gun, 4 Mega Minis firemen, and a Toobs Dino skull.
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    Thanks! Belatedly, the only thing I pulled out of the stuff that was added to my box on the previous round was this: It’s amazingly like a Stranger Things demo-dog, considering it was added to the line in 2012...
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    Check in the mail for a short story today. Wish I was good enough at this thing that this was a regular occurrence and thereby not such a big deal to me, but here we are. W00t.
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    ....and everything's shipped!
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    So one day, the French decided they'd had enough, stormed the Bastille, overthrew the Monarchy, and spent a few years guillotining first the nobles, then the wealthy, and finally, each other, for a while. It's actually way more complicated than that, but that was the end result. As you can imagine, a campaign of extermination waged against the aristocrat class has certain consequences for a nation, culture, and society. Among the many that I could name is one: a whole buncha unemployed French chefs. The lower classes prepared their own food at home, for the most part. The upper classes and the wealthy employed folks to do it for them; the nobility had entire kitchen and dining room staff whose job it was to do anything from have full banquets three times a day on sched, or to have some cold roast beef and wine delivered to the upstairs conservatory on demand, or even just to keep a pot of chicory and a plate of fresh croissants handy at all hours, which is what Voltaire did; Heinlein once remarked that the French were a people who seemed to think you could start your day on a cup of coffee and a croissant, which he blamed for their unstable politics. But I digress. Once the nobles were all fled or guillotined, this left those extensive kitchen staffs in a bit of a pickle. Who's going to pay the bills, keep the larder stocked, and most important, pay the employees? In the chaos of the Revolution and the later Terror, no one seemed to be much interested in hiring expensive chefs and kitchen and wait staff; that's the sort of thing that makes you look anti-revolutionary, a thing what could get you permanently shortened REAL fast during the Terror. Some French found work in the courts of England, Bavaria, and other countries... but most of them had to find other ways of making a living. At least one who had some money stashed up said, "Hellwiddit," and opened a restaurant. Restaurants weren't a new idea, but they weren't common, and were viewed with some suspicion by people; why would one go out and eat in a common room if you had a proper wife or mother who could cook you a proper nourishing meal? Eat at some TAVERN, like a common laborer, with no family to look after him? And how good could the food be? Well, considering the caliber of some of these unemployed chefs... actually, pretty good. France was and is known, with some justification, for their excellent cuisine, and now some of the best chefs in the country were desperately trying to earn their bread and butter from the common folks. And slowly, the idea began to percolate and gain some traction. Why should Mom have to strive every night to make a decent meal, when we can step out to Chez Pierre's for some dining fit for a King? Soon, Paris had quite a selection of dining establishments for any and all bank accounts, and competition was fierce. So was business. The French promptly invented the concept of the modern Maitre' D, and the "Reservation," to hold the hungry hordes at bay. Meanwhile, politics stabilized, France somehow avoided becoming a British colony, and this dude named Napoleon turned up. Napoleon was beloved to wargamers second only to Hitler, because Hitler's mooks made better bad guys. But Napoleon's guys were dressed way snazzier, and look much more spiffy on a sand table. But again, I digress. Napoleon was interested in redrawing some national boundaries in Europe, and that required quite a bit of manpower. Being no dummy, Napoleon was interested in EVERY aspect of warfare, and that included logistics: the care and feeding of soldiers on the move. A problem that's vexed every general since Og the Unwashed involves the feeding of soldiers on the move, in fact. How does one do it in areas where food is scarce or absent? Bring it with you? How does one preserve food for travel and later distribution? They had field kitchens, of course, but the problem of food preservation during travel had been a problem ever since sea voyages of more than a month had been a thing. Napoleon decided to throw it to the masses, and offered a fat cash prize to anyone who could invent some sort of solution to this problem. And the French still had a great many underemployed food experts running around... and several years later, a candymaker, Nicholas Appert, claimed the prize by inventing a method of sealing boiled and/or pickled foods in glass jars... a thing we call "canning" these days. Supposedly Appert wouldn't have taken so long, but when he started, the only glass containers he could lay hands on were old wine bottles, in which it is difficult to stick a roast of beef, for some reason... and the French army was only willing to march so far on peas and green beans. Appert had better luck with bottles of his own invention, which resembled small milk bottles; the Mason jar was still years off. Naturally, due to breakage, someone quickly came up with the idea of the METAL can; the first ones were tin, and were sometimes sealed shut with lead, a thing which quickly quit happening when they figured out that boiling a can sealed with lead did more than just kill the germs. Soldiers got used to opening the cans with their bayonets or knives; I find it hilarious that while canned food solved a major problem with preservation and transport, it took them thirty years after THAT ... to invent the can opener. Meanwhile, French restaurants continued to be a thing, and a few intrepid chefs from other countries, notably Italy, decided to get in on the act. And after the Napoleonic wars ended, foreign visitors to France noted these little bistros where someone would cook you a meal to order, straight off a menu! You didn't just go into a taproom and ask "What do you have for supper?" No, you had a CHOICE of all these things they'd cook for you! To your order! Wowzers! The concept began to spread. French and Italian chefs began businesses abroad. Eventually, some folks got the idea of producing and selling canned food to civilians. One guy, an Italian named Ettore Boiardi, moved to the US, started a restaurant, did well, and THEN started making a line of canned Italian foods for your local market! Only problem was, he had trouble with people mispronouncing his name, so he wrote it phonetically on his hat... The concept of canned foods, particularly a VARIETY of canned foods, tended to sort of scramble retailers. I have a case of canned beans. Are they dry goods? No, they're cooked and ready to eat. Are they green groceries? No, they're in a can. And they certainly don't belong in the butcher shop, even if they have pork in them. So over time, retailers tended to consolidate... until finally, the "super market" was born, a place where you could buy ALL the ingredients for a BLT, all under one roof. Meanwhile, Americans liked to eat out as much as anyone, but they didn't much like to wait... a concept that eventually led to the "lunch counter," the "walk up window," and finally, the idea of a restaurant with a limited menu that served rapidly prepared food, assembly line style, to order. Ray Kroc did not invent the process, but he got all the credit. So... basically, the French Revolution led to French restaurants, and the Napoleonic Wars. And Napoleon led to home canning, lead poisoning, canned food for soldiers and later for civilians, Italian restaurants, supermarkets, and, eventually McDonalds.
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    The unrelenting, swarming, terrifying tide that is known as the Skaven... Also known as "skrit skrit of death-death to all, but maybe save a few bakers as they make delicious cookies and cupcakes!" I'm playfully blaming a wolf for this thread, but it's a different one for a change. This time it was @Chaoswolf! This is going to be a looooong project. Arguably it already is, since most of the initial contents of this army were purchased over a decade ago, but I have a tentative goal in mind of "fully finished by 2020" which gives me a year and eight months to work on it in between all my other projects - a goal I hope I can manage. It was originally supposed to be assembled six weeks after I purchased the 25th anniversary army box, and then there'd be a campaign, prizes and whatnot, but being stupidly busy with work kind of prevented that from happening back in the day and I wound up backing out of that event/tournament. Later on, Isle of Blood was added in. Either way, I've always wanted to have a big, GINORMOUS HORDE OF DOOM, and the Skaven definitely portray such in my eyes Always did like their lore, and more importantly, the models, the fluff, and the fact they're murderous, backstabbing buggers! Eshin has always been my favourite, but Skryre is definitely a close second due to their shiny shiny blasty murder-kill anything in their path. Why the focus on Pestilens though? Well, truth be told, any good kill-kill stab-stab from the Skaven is going to be comprised of the various different factions, but the biggest part is that their models are some of the most eye catching to me. That and I already had a bunch of them, so I figured why not! Their siege weapons are also rather lovely, at least the Plague Furnace. I'm still debating about the Plagueclaw, but for now I still plan on having two in there for symmetry and versatility At the moment, I only have about half (or so) the units I'd like to have, but I'll work on acquiring the rest over time. What do I have right now? (Spoilers added to be friendlier to mobile users) (So.... Assuming I counted correctly, we're talking 201 238 minis) And what's being added in? (So.... about another 243 small models, 2 small siege units, and 11 siege weapons/behemoth added in bringing that to a grand total of 444 481 small units, 2 smaller siege units, and 11 large siege weapons. It's 454 491 small models total if you factor in the Mordheim models I probably have kicking around somewhere o_O) Just for my own calculations, I'm writing down in a spoiler what I think will wind up being the entirety of the army... ...I kind of figured that if I'm going to go in, I'm going to go ALL IN. Sure, it's technically an army that's illegal to field due to too many leaders (18/8 if you include the on foot Grey Seer, 17 if you don't), and too many behemoths (7/5) with the new AoS rules, but it will give me that nice variety I crave, and flexibility to play in pretty much any size game. It will also look downright insane on a shelf once it's done I suspect. Technically, it's also a 8,940 point army as currently written, but that's just using info from the Warscroll builder, and not making use of any Battalions, which could theoretically change the composition of this army, and have me add (or possibly subtract) models. Come to think of it, odds are I'll wind up taking a good look through the 9th age's website to get ideas for various other miniatures, because while this is technically an army I might field, I just want a nice, varied horde, and nothing says varied quite like adding in minis from several other companies ...Doubly so when some of their miniatures are a lot nicer looking (like say, the Jezzails, or even rat swarms). For example, Otherworld, Reaper, and Windmaster all have models that can easily fit in ~_^ Now... No good thread is without pictures, so here's a part of the reason why the next several orders from Reaper are going to have a decent amount of bases in them... ^That there is what I've been able to round up so far that isn't still in a sealed box. At least most are assembled, but there's that one annoying thing... They're all on 20mm square bases, and Age of Sigmar tends to prefer them being on round bases (most being 25mm, but some being other sizes)... Not to mention the fact i tend to prefer circular bases anyways. Thankfully, I used superglue for almost all of them, so that will help IMMENSELY. I'll also be doing up bases for each and every one of them, which is probably going to chew through a decent amount of my various supplies, given that the last time I did up some bases (earlier this week) I chewed through half of the 200g of Magic Sculpt I have (although to be fair, there were 2x 60mm and 16x 25mm bases for my Tau, even if it was just the broken concrete stamp it still uses up a good amount of putty). I also greatly prefer the nice lip that Reaper's bases have, because it lets me try and have the added in designs be relatively flush with the "expected" height, unless I otherwise plan on having them be higher (like say, for heroes and/or leaders) ^ So here we have the bases for what was originally going to be my Censer Bearers, but it turns out those are supposed to be on 32mm bases, so instead these will be for my Poison Wind Globadiers, which rather works out because those haven't been based yet ...Happy fox to say the least. ^The top most 40mm base is for my Warlord (which will feature a decent more rubble on top of those cobblestones), while the other two are for two of my Rat Ogres. The 18x 25mm splintered deck bases are for my Night Runners. When I make the other 22x bases, I'll make sure to have more raw material so the details don't get squished when stamping. Most of them turned out alright, but some of them you could tell I didn't have enough and/or really should have had the stamp against something solid instead of my fingertips. Up first will be the poison wind globadiers.... Once I clear up a bit of room on my cutting mat anyways, I kind of have a bunch of gnolls, kitsunes, and minotaurs taking up that space right now ^_^;;;;;;
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    Best painting at one beer in or two? I do best homework on a single glass of wine, but painting probably a single 4-6% alcohol beer. Easier to paint with alcohol than caffeine for me though! Also.... I **must** ask.... What type of stone is your giant?
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    Pure deliciousness. And no one cares how. All that matters is that they have it.
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    The highlander is Reaper 02242: Ian MacAndrew...
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    That is reaper's Shade Beast http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/monster beast/sku-down/14638 I pulled an extra out of the melt table and decided to throw him in the box. Glad you like it!
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    No best of category this year but a pair of first place coins ain't bad. I'm actually surprised I keep winning seeing as it's an IPMS event.
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    FTFY I did this with 35 year old Polly S paints... And all my GW... Never looked back.
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    And some work on the other side. Next is the separate piece, though I'm not sure if it would look best in the same style or if it should be highlighted like normal hair. Fortunately these paints have decent coverage so it won't be too hard to alter the look if it doesn't fit.
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    How do you make French Onion Soup too oniony?
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    Questions can move mountains ...
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    Selections made... Rob Dean and Knabe got to paw through... Lots of goodies added. Now I think I may have to stand on the Pcktlnt box to get it sealed back up!
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    Copycat recipe. (I would use Catalina dressing, rather than French.) Their regular sauce is the one with the mustard. The Auld Grump
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    Like sweet and sour, but with a mustard base. My personal favorite is sweet and spicy Siracha. And then the buffalo, because most often I can taste the mustard in the Polynesian.
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    Finally another chance to paint. I decided to start with faces while I was fresh and as steady as I get. Guess I should figure out their names.....Sarah, Jigsaw, Jazz and Slyder ( 80021, 80049, 80019, 80050 ). So following on from Nick, I was just doing eyes with a bit of Walnut Brown (I think that's what I used for Nick, I didn't actually go back and check....). Works fine for the guys, they all have deeply recessed eyes anyway, but Sarah looked wrong, so I had to do a bit more for her. It was either that or paint the metallic so it looked like the sniper had ocular implants of some sort. Still was feeling ok, so went on to starting on the khaki pants and shirt. Got through two of them before my neck said it was time for a break. I'm using the Terran Khaki triad for this and I struggle a bit with it. The highlight is, I think, too opaque for my liking. So I thin and thin and it still goes on too strong, so then I have to go back to the mid and even shadow to bring it back. Probably works great for drybrushing though.... Hopefully get through the rest of the khaki this evening.
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    Had out latest game today! What a battle! It was a real nail-biter against my arch-nemesis, Gregorius...and then the Monarch (T-Rex) entered! I’ll have the full edge-of-your-seat report, and photos, in a day or two!
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    Wow, what a game! We just wrapped up about 30 minutes ago. It was areal nail-biter against my arch-nemesis, the Heritor Gregorius...and then the Monarch (T-Rex) appeared... Full edge-of-your-seat report, with photos, to follow in a day or two.
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    Somewhat large update today, even if I haven't really done all that much with these guys up until the middle of this week give or take... Been busy with various things, especially a week of vacation that we spent out of the house more than we did in it ^_^;;; ^First and foremost, an overview of some of the new recruits, although some are still in their packages ^Let's get them out of their cages... And then clean them up. Some of them had certain things cleaned up even more, like the two Bones minis which I intend on giving their own nicely textured base... Even if at the moment I can't quite decide what that might be. Minotaur though, has had most of his old base chopped up so I can make it seem like he's on an ancient, broken temple kind of deal. ^Toghra comes with a square 50mm base, but it's a flat topped one, and I prefer circular anyways, so... Figured I'd give a 40mm one a try, since that's a size I have... Just doesn't seem to fit, it's too small. Also, I apparently mixed up his arms. Good thing it was with blu-tac instead of glue! ^_^;;;; ^Much better with a 60mm. I'll have to figure out some sort of basing for him... Main idea at the moment is some sort of broken ground, quite possibly use of cork rubble alongside sand and my small bricks roller to imply an ancient, lost city or temple... Or such. Arms are still mixed up in these shots because I hadn't caught on when I took them ^_^;;;;; Oh, and quite possibly a dead and battered opponent or two, uncertain whether it would be stripped to the bones or a more recent death. I'll have to think on it. Catching up to how things look at the moment.... ^My Gnoll Reaver of Krgir as he currently stands. Plan is to have him looking like he's close to the top of a valley, or a vantage point, looking down over potential prey... Be it a convoy, an unsuspecting adventurer/traveller, or a town. True, the circular 60mm base is probably overkill, doubly so since he comes with a 25mm square but since I have no intentions of playing him in any particular game this isn't an issue. Sure, I did have intentions on getting into Warlord earlier this year, but the more I look at it the more it's a case of "I'm already involved in enough games" (2x 40k armies (Catachans, and T'au), at least one Fantasy army (Skaven), Blood Bowl (and quite possibly 2-4 teams), Mordheim (if it kicks up again, if not, old rules Mordheim), Necromunda is on the "maybe" list, Hordes, Warmachine is on the "probably likely" list, and then there's Dropzone Commander as well as Infinity that come across as being rather interesting), but I suspect knowing me I'll pick up the rules anyways. Nothing says I can create a small warband for it anyways, and it's semi-obvious to me who I'd go with in that game anwyays (Koborlas or Nefsokar), aaaand most of those minis are not only nice, but inexpensive too as well as being ones I'm not looking at for this particular army anyways (doubly so if I went Nefsokar). And you don't need that many minis, so if I had to pick up doubles, it could be done. Aka I say "eh, might not get into it" but know that very well I could wind up getting into it anyways, even if I don't play. I'm also thinking, for some reason, of having a few scattered bones along the cliff/valley/hill he's on, as if they were territory markers, or a warning to others... ^Here we have, uhm... Which minotaur again? Oh right, 77501. As previously mentioned, he was debased, had the old parts roughed up to look like broken stone, and will more than likely wind up with a base that looks like he's wandering through an ancient temple of some kind that has seen much better days... ^ 77464 Werewolf. I'm unable to resist the urge to have it looking like he's on the edge of a pointed cliff howling, or sniffing for prey, so... That's probably exactly how he's going to be based ^_^;;;; ^Oh look, troublemakers, also known as 02467 Gnoll Marauders. They're noticeably scrawnier than the later gnoll that I have, but that isn't going to stop me, and their goofy "up to no good" expressions are also bringing up a short list of possible names for them. Only problem is the pairing of names I'm contemplating won't pan out as easily, since one isn't somewhat big and wears sunglasses, while the other one doesn't have spiky red hair. (Rude and Reno, whom I thought had different names. Those two names don't quite seem to fit these two). Not quite certain what their bases will be filled in with just yet, although it's going to cover up those broccoli bases (sorry Buglips, they aren't my thing). ^Ahhhh, as some would describe her, the loving and caring "I WILL SO SMASH YOUR FACE IN!!!" Krokuta. 02955 from Reaper, naturally. I wound up posing the mace in an emulation of as if she had just started swinging it, but we'll see if I don't wind up tweaking it somewhat. I kind of like it as is, but feel it could be posed somewhat better. I'm feeling a kind of "broken earth" pattern to what she's on for a base, and while I could have just used one of the stamps hubby chose (Happy Seppuku Broken Earth to be precise) I'm seriously thinking I'll try and sculpt out some of my own to sort of match. I'll also say this: Female minis don't generally appeal to me, but there are some that totally fit into the theme, and I also rather like, and I'm not going to exclude them just because they don't have rippling biceps. In short, expect the occasional female mini to sneak it's way in simply because I like the sculpt/expression/posing/etc - there are some Oathsworn Heroines in Sensible Shoes that will eventually be making their way into this army, for example. ^Given that this is a fluffy army, one always needs those who are craftier about this and that, and so we have this lovely pair of kitsunes. Someone has to be the pretty face to the baker if they want cookies, after all. One can't always just barge in with an army and raid the place... A certain glittery one might notice that there's a much higher percentage of metal miniatures in this update, compared to bones, and there's a good reason for such, a few even. First and foremost, some of the models I want are only available in metal. Secondly, the ones that I've picked out were only a few dollars more to get in metal. Third, the metal figures have noticeably more detail when it comes to fur textures, although the newer bones miniatures are definitely catching up. Does this mean I'll be going mostly metal with my purchases in the future? It all depends on my plans for them, and price differences, but I strongly suspect that even the more expensive ones like the metal version 77013 Minotaur is based off of (02964 Cretus, Minotaur, which is $13.50 USD more expensive, or for comparison, you can buy 4.87x of the Bones version with the same amount of money) will eventually be replaced with metal. There are also some minis that seem to only be in Bones, or I prefer the posing of the Bones minis. That's it for now... I might have more tonight, but first I'm headed out to go and get some white glue because for some strange reason I don't have any at all on hand, and it's kind of hard to glue cork to things without such (I'm so not risking superglue)...
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    Received the Rob Dean box from Epimys. All is well.
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    http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/giant/latest/77416 Formorian Giant #77416 EDIT: Ninja'ed!!!
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    And a little glimpse on what it looks when put together. It doesn't inclued all the pieces and there are also some pieces that are not part of the project - but I somehow needed to fill the gaps - haha. Anyway. It seems a 90cm x 90cm map might be an acceptable size.
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    I say do it, more room is always a good thing! means more paints too
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    UPDATE! Shoulder feels better. A lot better. Gonna give it a day or two just to make sure I don't reinjure it. Plan is to get working on Monday! GF
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    I've never wanted sandwich sauces more in my life. Sunday project?
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    I don't know if it's commercially bottled, but sriracha with ranch is quite tasty.
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    In 1968, Twentieth Century Fox released The Detective, billed as “[a]n adult look at a police detective.” The film was based on the novel of the same name by author Roderick Thorp, and starred Frank Sinatra as Joe Leland, the eponymous NYPD detective, and also featured the likes of Lee Remick, Jack Klugman, Lloyd Bochner, and Robert Duvall. 1968 saw the end of the Hays Code, Hollywood’s self-censorship rules, and eventually the advent of the MPAA ratings system we know and love today. Thus, it was Open Season on what was going into movies from this point. And The Detective dove right into the previously verboten, when Det Sinatra is called to investigate a case involving some romantically-involved men. By today’s standards, the film is pretty tame (if not dull). But the subject matter was quite edgy at the time, as the Hays Code had explicitly forbidden any mention of homosexuality, in any context whatsoever. This, combined with characters written to talk like “real people” as opposed to “movie characters”, brought in the moviegoers. It ended up being one of the top 20 highest-grossing films of the year, and is regarded as one of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ better performances. So naturally, they wanted to make another one. Mr. Thorp wrote a sequel to the original novel in 1979, with the intention of getting a movie adaptation made. It was titled Nothing Lasts Forever, and Fox had a screenplay by the mid-80s. So where do you go to follow up a gritty “real” look into the secretive fringes of society? Well, the late 70’s/early 80’s was a golden age for action films, and with this in mind the sequel follows Det. Leland (now retired) as he visits his daughter and grandkids at a party at the oil company headquarters where she works. In a skyscraper. In Los Angeles. On Christmas Eve. Where they are all taken hostage by German terrorists. The sequel is Die Hard. Now, Fox was contractually obligated to offer the starring role to Frank Sinatra. He turned it down though, mostly due to “being too old for this broccoli.” This cleared the way for a younger, more marketable actor to appear in the film, and the producers eventually found their 80’s Action Star: Richard Gere. Gere turned down the part. It was also rejected by Arnold Schwarzenegger (as a possible sequel to 1985’s Commando), Sylvester Stallone, Don Johnson, Burt Reynolds, Harrison Ford, and Clint Eastwood, among others. With things looking desperate, they made an offer to Bruce Willis, known for his work on a declining TV series and making some awful music. And they offered him $5 million, a payday unheard of in those days outside the very top of the A-list, let alone someone who’d only starred in one previous major film. These days, Die Hard is known for making Willis a star and spawning a franchise, and is regarded by many as a classic Christmas movie. But one can only imagine how things would have turned out if it had been Frank Sinatra jumping off that exploding roof. Edit: in addition, Die Hard featured actor Hart Bochner, son of The Detective’s Lloyd Bochner, in a major role.
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    Purple....carnival purple specifically. But any dark purple, when glazed into the shadows of the red will help add more depth.
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    You are being too hard on yourself. I have only recently added the skin triads to my paint collection. You don't have to have the triads. The photos of your palette look like you are doing a good job of blending your paints. You can see that you got a smoother gradation with your purple/pink on your palette. I would definitely go for the pupils in the eyes. Like Cyradis said, you can always paint over it if you don't like. I feel like if you wanted to do a bit of freehand without covering all of your blending, you could do a little bit of stippling of different colors from your inspiration photo on a few areas. You wouldn't have to go crazy and do it all over. Just a thought. The blue looks nice and the picking out the areas with the ice blue makes them pop out. He is coming along nicely!
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    I stole the idea of where my favorite thief carried his tools.... Inside the collar of his coat! He also had a second set that was easy to find. ...
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    Seriously, these are looking fantastic!! Bravo!!
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    Thanks! Nope! I don't think I'll let it sit around too long though, just in case... 1 beer. If I have 2 I can't concentrate/focus enough. Uh... grey stone? As he's rather fleshy looking, I didn't think he was actually made of stone.
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    Looking good so far! My suggestion would be to keep working on the shadows. Even just a line of the darker shadow color in the deep creases would help make them stand out. Keep up the good work
  42. 1 point
    The eyes are big enough to get more than one color in without hideous difficulty. Give the pupil a whirl! If you don't like it, paint over it
  43. 1 point
    77416: Formorian Giant That's a nasty looking leg he's got.
  44. 1 point
    Finally we have the picture of the full team (painted by DOA) If you want to join the Kickass Cossack team on Kickstarter there are only 2 days left.
  45. 1 point
    Gaming, display, giveaway, sale, I do it all. Have recently finished several Star Wars figures from Imperial Assault, and slowly working my way through the load I picked up at Reapercon.
  46. 1 point
    Oooh, okay! I can see the appeal of that. I agree with you, though. Buffalo sauce is one of my favourites, and sriracha is delicious!
  47. 1 point
    And some more stuff. A wooden figure I bought in Bavaria. I really like her, so I will try to do a very decent paintjob on her ... Oh, boy - what have I done? And the finish to all of my paratroopers. I had some of the original base coat left, so I primed them like the rest to match the base colours. That finishes all the WWII Germans for Bolt Action. Well done, Sis. Well done. More to come later.
  48. 1 point
    Pure deliciousness. And no one cares how. All that matters is that they have it. But...But could someone please describe this sauce?? I live in southern Ontario, so It's unlikely I'll ever eat Chick-fil-A. Please, paint me a flavour picture!
  49. 1 point
    Never use a Dremel on Bones for anything other than drilling holes in larger areas - engraving and cutting bits go right through the Bones material like thin air and turn it into a melted mess... With a sanding drum or disc, you'd need a very, very fine grit paper and a touch like a brain surgeon. Otherwise, the Dremel may as well be a belt sander or angle grinder...
  50. 1 point
    I'm very surprised to see Space Hulk minis in that list. I don't think I've ever heard of polystyrene causing problems. Have primed successfully with a semi-gloss before? With GW, you at least have sprue that you can test with. The others may need to be taped off and have the bottoms of the bases tested when you prime again.
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