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    Here my latest work. I keep trying and trying with black: highliting black. I tried with blue for a while till I was quite happy with it, and now I’m trying with grey which is more difficult... it does show here, since it completely reads as grey skin but oh well, it’s still a job I’m happy with. That’s Be’lakor, one of the finest demon figures ever made by any manufacturer. First chaos everchosen, first mortal to ascend to demonhood, blessed and cursed, the lord of the dark...
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    This is Reaper 80026, the Bones version of "Agatha Fox, Spy", sculpted by Andrew Rae. She is a modish young lady in a raincoat and knee boots, nonchalantly easing a gun out of the handbag behind her back. It looks like the original sculpt had a collar or necklace or something, but I didn't see it in the Bones version. WIP thread here. Comments and critiques are welcome, as always.
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    Howdy, Every tavern needs a bouncer... Kev!
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    1977 - the year after I first became a DM. During that time when Gygax was convinced there was no money in settings or adventures.... CSIO was probably the best city setting for D&D until either Chaosium's Thieves' World or Game Lord's Free City of Haven. (I forget which came out first.) Being a sandbox setting helped it stay alive - and the map was a wonderful tangled mess of tight alleys. I have very fond memories of the party making it out of the dungeon, wounded, out of spells, loaded with loot... and almost getting killed in a random encounter in the city, just as they were thinking 'Whew! Safe at last!' Good times! Good times! **** Megan is nervous about meeting her father. I'm nervous about meeting her grandmother. The Auld Grump
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    Howdy, I thought troglodyte meant cave dweller... Kev!
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    Howdy, Every tavern bouncer needs some backup... Kev!
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    my two color scheme ideas. BUt i think i'm only going to get one, so i think i'll do the bottom one.
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    There was a cartoon in Dungeon(?) magazine - I think it was Mount Zogon - where the rogue is saying that he won't sleep well until they are safe in the dungeon - after all, the purpose of the dungeon is to keep the nasty things out. Heck, the city encounter tables in the Dungeon Master's Guide, a few years later, were nastier than the ones in CSIO. In this case, the party was attacked by thieves and a corrupt guard - which actually made perfect sense. (And part of the reason why I was so annoyed by the 'advise' in 4th edition that the GM skip the PCs talking to the guards at the gate, because it wasn't 'fun'....) The Auld Grump - followed by more fun, as they tried a place to ditch the corpse of the corrupt guard. The thieves they just left where they fell. (And they pocketed his badge.)
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    You were thirteen? Boys' brains turn off at that age, and don't turn back on until twenty five. It's how Adam Sandler keeps his career. Dammit, now I have Adam Sandler running Tegel Manor in my head. Time to pour the brain bleach in BOTH ears!
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    Finally finished these two, been sitting around for awhile
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    (Adds to the pun train, despite it being many hours later) [insertion of meme involving cats] Enthusiastic exclamation! doubledashForumName grinsmiley
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    … is it bad that I am seriously considering taking a glass, a bottle of strong mead and a big scoop of ice cream and making a float with it? I'm just not sure what flavor to use. That mead is already super-sweet..
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    Howdy, Another sign of the times... Kev!
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    Howdy, May I introduce Chris P. Bacon? Kev!
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    Howdy, You dirty rat... you killed my brother! Kev!
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    Megan and I sometimes share a stout float. The Auld Grump
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    It's easier to peel them if you cool them quickly once they're cooked. So once you finish cooking, drain the water and run them under cold water until they're cool to the touch. Edit: I got ninja'd. I really should read ahead a bit more before replying...
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    The legal "system" was baroquely brutal, which I always found really interesting. And every business had some sort of plot hook, of course. You couldn't possibly use all of them at once, but taken a bit at a time, they were pretty interesting. You're right about the wandering encounters in the city. I'm not quite sure how any kid from there managed to survive his first game of stickball, but it was in keeping with the rest of the non-dungeon environment in most campaigns of the time: "Why are you going into that dungeon filled with horrible monsters that want to kill you, take your stuff, and barbecue your remains?" "Because it's so much safer than walking to the grocer or having a picnic by the river, man!"
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    Maybe not on your table. Bears raid my dad's kitchen and poop on his living room floor. So if anyone asks you about bears and pooping in the woods... nope. They poop in dad's house.
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    Grump, from behind, dressed in black tee, black trousers, black shoes, with is pony tail hanging down looks a lot like a priest. The older one, that gets killed when the exorcism goes wrong. Which gave me my next adventure for Eberron, when the body of that exorcist disappears from the morgue in Sharn. I like the little tiny plate that is BURIED under Mount Bacon.
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    Went into a local pet store, and wound up saying hi to a ferret.... She almost snuck into hubby's backpack (I suspect for the fruit juice we had in there), and then almost passed out in my arms... ... So made me wish I could bring her home, but alas, I'd have to ferret proof our apartment plus have somewhere to put said ferret for the night, and I'm not trying to ferret proof a place while I have an eager helpful assistant trying to get into every nook and cranny of our place... (that and can't afford to take said ferret home)
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    Turns Cyr into a 4E Eladrin warlock arcane slasher build....
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    I see no problem with this. I have done it with hard cider and a local burger joint makes alcoholic milkshakes. And amazing fries. And now I'm hungry.
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    I wish I could honestly say that I have never done that... But, I can't - so I will just bald faced lie about it. I have never had that problem. *** . Megan is trying to choose between different types and amounts of awkward. (And I am part of the awkward.) The Auld Grump Saturday, Megan's dad and paternal grandmother are coming back to Maine - to visit her, and to witness the Brigid The Auld Grump Thankfully, when Megan is feeling aggressive, there is nothing passive about it. (With one instance of actually telling me 'For that I will eat the last cookie!' Rom, nom, nom, nom... ) When Brigid is feeling aggressive... she chews on me. The Auld Grump - teething takes a whole lot longer than I had expected....