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    Title says it all worked on this for quite awhile and finally finished it though it was difficult to get pics. Hope you like it and any critique welcomed
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    One of my favorite D&D monsters, ready to unleash him on the party
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    Been awhile since I sculpted a miniature from scratch, so I decided to get some practice in. I tackled one of my favorite lovecraftian creatures the Yithians. I haven't seen many miniatures of Yithians that I liked so I decided to make my own. Sculpted from polymer clay and green stuff. A fun sculpt and I'm rather happy with it. Deciding on a color scheme took a few tries, before I was happy however. I have a few WIP shots here I''b love to hear what you all think!
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    02805, Rowena, painted up as a tribal witchdoctor/shaman sort of person for my "Darkest Africa" games; It's most enjoyable to see how a bit of magic upsets wargamers!
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    I have a scenario that calls for a green dragonborn archer, and I could not for the life of me find a half-dragon, lizardman, or dragonborn with a bow. I didn't even find any that struck me as especially suitable for conversion. So I popped off to HeroForge and designed this guy. This is the second mini I've acquired from them -- I don't do it very often, because they're super pricey, rather fragile, and the material tends not to hold detail as well as one might hope. But sometimes, the advantage of being able to get more or less exactly what you want outweighs all of that. The browns look a little hard to distinguish in these photos; the contrast is slightly better in hand. His pants are Sandy Brown, and the rest of his leather gear is Oiled Leather, all with a wash of sepia ink. His skin and scales were done with the Olive triad, with a bit of glazing with Formula P3 Yellow Ink in a few places. His bow is Blond Hair with the same sepia wash. The base is from Scibor miniatures. I rather like it, but unfortunately the mounting is ever-so-slightly off kilter. From some angles he looks like he's about to topple forward off the rock. This fellow showed up damaged. The upper finial of his bow snapped off at some point in shipping; I couldn't find it in the box. So I fixed it with greenstuff. Here are som pics of that stage. As you can see, he's wearing a chain shirt. There was indeed some texture in the surface of the torso to indicate that, but it did not survive priming in sufficient depth for dry-brushing. So I painted a bunch of little half-circles manually to suggest chain mail. All in all, a fairly quick paint job -- I didn't care to lavish a ton of time on him. One thing I did rather like was the minimal quantity of accessories. One belt pouch and a dagger strike me as about right. I don't really need my adventurers festooned with every piece of gear under the sun. Much though I like Wayne Reynolds' art, minis that follow the same aesthetic make me tired.
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    Funny story about that . . . . I generally don't display. I have a couple clear plastic display cases where I put them temporarily until I do a mass purge into the foam transport cases. The only ones I don't are my Darksword minis. Those stay up, but not really displayed because I'm the only one who bothers to look at them. But, when we moved into our current house, the previous owners left a huge china cabinet. My wife immediately took it over for china, wine glasses, various bowls we only use at parties, etc. Two years ago, she finally gave up some of those glasses, and we again had some space in the china cabinet I mean, who needs Christmas-themed wine glasses when you don't drink wine? Then, I painted a dragon that wouldn't fit in a case (Ebonwrath). Into the cabinet it went. Last year, I started mass painting with plans to start playing Kings of War. And I didn't want to individually move each mini off the movement tray, so I found a little spot in the cabinet for a unit of skeletons. These were joined by zombies, werewolves, a skeletal giant, cavalry, and various character models. Also a couple buildings from Tabletop World and 4Ground. The first few times I put something in there, she didn't even notice. It took her until Thanksgiving to realize I had started commandeering the cabinet space, because that's when she went in to get some fancy salad bowl. Luckily, I've found it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. I do not recommend others follow that advice.
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    Most of the minis I have painted are in a display cabinet. The GW armies for ease of set up (the display case is next to the table we play on) and for the other stuff, it's there for fun. I am running out of space though and am considering options... Considering this upgrade... or something similar. Purple lump is painting desk. I have painted some pieces for some of my friends and they have them on their desks, or in the case of army figures, wherever they keep their armies.
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    on the plate is a pineapple fritter, and a donut with sprinkles for minispawn. Anywhere else I get Diet coke, but not with donuts. Dragons go on the mantlepiece. Others that are large or especially well done go in the 3 shelves 6"x6 case on the corner of my painting table. Wife displays a library /joke diorama on her desk.
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    Yes I do, I have a small display cabinet, where the best and / or the newest of my painted minis reside. When I get bored and need them to be replaced or when I have painted something that won't fit, it will be moved to clear storage bins in the garage. I also have plans to purchase a little rack with wooden boards to display the most in the garage. The Busts and the best stay in the cabinet in the living room. I have not painted stuff and given it away. I did send people unpainted minis as gifts though. I have one of your Shrooms who plays a role in a diorama, that is on display in my cabinet. Also the War Turtle and Frog Cavalry and Turtleman you and the Captain sent me have been painted and reside in the same cabinet.
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    I do, but only in my home office / hobby area, which is about the least visited part of the house (aside from me). I primarily display the minis I'm most proud of most prominently, which is currently still a short-ish list. I also tend not to display the minis that need o be available for game play, since it can make it harder to reach them, if they're in a case. Like @TGP, I also submitted a member of Bryan's Legion ForScale, which may, or may not, be on display. I should also mention that, whether he likes it or not, I have @Kangaroorex's Hippocampus, from a past Secret Sophie exchange on display, so he qualifies for the bonus round whether he knows it or not. Now that you mention it, I should also find some room for a mini from the most recent Secret Sophie exchange. (edited to correct a typo)
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    Finished the area up other than a few things I’d like to add in. Spice racks for loose items on the empty spaces. Plastic drawers the will fit the shelves better. I got got super lucky on the lights. About 30 of the original price, had to make a power cable for them. Final shelves before staining. The lights First mini assembly at the desk.
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    What's gonna happen if she does? Nothing good. The ability to Summon a Demon in no way confers the ability to Control it. I know the feeling. I've done a lot of prep work lately. And A bit of slapping paint on terrain.
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    I'm about to start working on my first small diorama. I don't really have enough space to display big ones, as much as it pains me: so I never tried, but I've seen this one on Reaper's catalogue and since it's not too big, monster base size, I will give it a try. My idea is to pay hommage to my all time favourite Disney movie, "The sword in the stone". The miniatures themselves as Reaper sells them are just perfect to represent a "live image" versions of Merlin and Arthur, on Merlin's laboratory. I also bought one of the familiar packs to have an owl to represent Archimedes. Initially I just wanted to work with these items, from this amazing set http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/wizard/price/03186 + the owl. Then I get a bit too excited and I added an open book & a wizard staff leaning on the table. So, two questions: Is it too much? do you think it will look too busy? Is the base not big enough for all of that? And the other question... I have to create a stone floor to level the miniatures with the base. I've never done such thing on that scale. I was gonna use that putty, wait till it was a bit solid and mold the floor's texture. Will anyone recommend another method? Part of the reason why I want a big book open on the floor is just to hide how badly will probably look lol
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    I have Kaladrax on the top shelf of my computer desk, Ch'thulu on the end of the mat of my gaming table (we are playing Call of Ch'thulu at my house) am Maldrakar unpainted on the second table in the man cave. Also my wife displays four of my minis in her shadowbox of miniatures. A Banjo player, a cleric, a firefighter and a Bard turtle Clothahump from Alan Dean Forster's Spellsinger series. Does that count as someone else showing my minis? My wife is in to miniatures, just not my type of miniatures normally. Notice that none of the miniatures she displays are armed. The cleric has his hands in prayer in front of him.
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    Not really; i.e., most are wrapped up/packed away to avoid all the dust. I have a couple of wall mounted display cabinets...I had more but they fell off the walls once too often. I don't have any visitor/friends to drop by & see them; so not being on display is alright...kind of. There are quite a few Folk that have pieces I have done. I have no idea whether or not they are on display. One of the reasons I give things away is that they now will be seen by someone other than myself. The other major reason for gifting them is the fear they will all be trashed when I have gone elsewhere.
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    Mostly no. Alas. There were a handful on a mantle. They’ve been packed away. ReaperBryan was, because I had contributed an example of Sir Forscale to the Regiment of Full Measure. But... I know not the fate of the Regiment. Perhaps @Dr. Wyrm can shed some light.
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    Some speed painting of some of the terrain:
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    SWMBO and I are going to see it tonight.
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    Megan has told me that she can almost always tell what game I am working on, and how much she should worry, just by what music I am playing.... Tonight, I came home while she was working on her game, and this was playing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIb6AZdTr-A I'm bleedin' terrified! The Auld Grump
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    Yes and no. No, because I don't have an official space, and yes as all the minis from the LTPK that have been painted up are technically all on display in front of my benching rig where anyone can look at them. I do plan on an actual display space at some point ^_^;;;
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    I think my favorite thing about Ant Man are the many many cheesy names he gives his ants.
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    This could be dangerous, very dangerous. ...You go first. /Sala GEM
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    It's just the Circle of Life........and a good dose of Karma.
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    It seems a gang of poachers in South Africa have been devoured by a pride of lions after they entered the reservation illegally. They had weapons and tools and were probably after rhino horns. Go Lions!
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    I want to paint but it's ridiculously hot. Maybe I'll wait until the sun starts going down a little more.