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    It's always nice to be reassured that I'm not the only one who suffers penalties in sunlight. Pro Tip: if you absolutely must do things during the day, sewer networks connect to most banks, supermarkets, etc. Just watch out for albino gators. And also rat men. I haven't seen a ray of sunshine since Texas, and I've got the rickets to prove it! As an additional bonus, the stench makes people leave the line so you always get right to the front and they serve you as fast as possible. Sometimes they make mistakes in your favour at the bank, too, which is why I've become so effluent!
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    They kept an eye out for you huh? ***badum tish***
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    I just got a call from The Complete Strategist... They have a WizKids Beholder for me!
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    If you know what's good for you, yes. Especially since I have been entered into the medical records as my very own malady! If you smell something so bad that you retch yourself into organ/tissue damage it's an aromatoma. It's a trade secret anyway. I learned it from a disgruntled dolphin with a grudge. If I breathe a word of it I'm gonna get flippered. It's toxicity is OVER 9000. I'm quite proud of my new discovery. Look, look! It even visibly hangs about me, like a green smoky cloak! If you look closely you can even see the grass die!
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    Hmmm, a one of the guys at work is doing something to get rid of his child support payments... he is remarrying the woman that he divorced. She, for her part, is looking forward to having someone to take over some of the responsibility... on both sides, it sounds like they are going in with their eyes open, this time, and with more reasonable expectations. A whole lot less 'We're in loooove! ' and a whole lot more 'We can make this work!' Looks... hopeful. The Auld Grump
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    Oh. It... it was a new fragrance. I made that whale puke for nothin.
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    Fellow goblin! You have returned to us! *hcvk* .. .wow. Where'd you get the great stench? I need some of that, next I'm running orcs off the farm... There was rain last night, this was good. That I was herding pullets again, less good.
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    Wha tha... *gags* *swallows* Oh, hi Buglips. Should have smelt it was you.
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    Buglips... I thought that stench was familiar... 2.5 hours to go... Then freedom for the weekend!!
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    Glad to see you back Buglips, you've been missed :)
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    Arrived at home. Dinner cooking. Work being data dumped as we speak. Relaxation mode set to commence in T minus 5......
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    Today's movie is Flash Gordon: Spaceship To The Unknown (1936). It was on Comet, and I had never seen it. It's ... odd. Y'see, it's the original Flash Gordon movie serial, cut down to two hours, and edited for insertion of commercials. Since the original serial, as seen in theaters, was 13 half-hour episodes long, this gives the film a rather breakneck pace, as it seems to be in a hurry to jam in as much as possible. In addition, aside from some rather creative looking monster suits and the rocketships, EVERYTHING in this film was literally lifted from the existing stuff in the Prop Room; Ming's guards dress as Romans with some Greek accents, Thun the Lion Man seems to be some sort of Greek Viking, judging from his dress, and the storm troopers seem to have a rather medieval knight vibe to their costuming, aside from their helmets, which seem to have been buckets a short time before. Oh, that, and the Great God Kael, of which we see a statue amidst a bunch of dancing odalisques? Kael looks a LOT like what you saw on the Advanced Dungeons And Dragons Players Handbook, except he's got an extra couple of arms. No WAY they built THAT just for this movie, and I can't help but wonder what they DID build it for. All women on Mongo dress like they're auditioning for Malcolm McDowell's Caligula. I wondered about that, too, considering this was originally filmed as Saturday morning kids' entertainment. Flash Gordon is played by Buster Crabbe, an Olympic athlete who parlayed it into an acting career. I'm guessing this was filmed BEFORE he took acting lessons, although he's certainly entertaining to watch; he veers between rather wooden to wildly overacting, usually when engaged in a physical confrontation. I have heard it said that Ming the Merciless was a stereotypical Asian villain, but Charles Middleton looks about as Asian as I do; I could paint a Fu Manchu mustache on my dog, but that don't make her Chinese. The Hawkmen are great. I mean, just great. I could watch these guys all day. All of a sudden, Brian Blessed's performance in the 1980 movie looks downright sedate. And again, I wonder: did they make all these pairs of giant wings just for this movie? Or were they left over from some even weirder film of the past? It's also worth noting that on Mongo, power is generated by shoveling "radium" into "atomic furnaces." You know, same way steam engines worked by shoveling coal into a firebox under a boiler. I must question the scientific veracity of this, here... Altogether, I can think of far worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon. If nothing else, it's valuable history; if not for this stuff, we would never have seen Star Wars, among other things...
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    i need to find stuff to sell to get in on this. i mainly want the dinos, and the goddess. thats a must have. i was also wondering about this company. over at dakkadakka forums, someone mentioned that they were in the first kickstarter and it was a few months late but no issues. quality is awesome apparently. also someone put a detailed thought on the kickstarter and their past comparison. seems good. it seems they aren't big enough to do larger projects like this without kickstarter, but their site has one off miniature projects you can buy... regards, Sanjay
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    *does not want to know how Buglips made a whale puke...*
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    Do you have a rough idea of when you may see those proofs that you can share with us?
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    Not currently. I don't have the space to display them safely. I have plans, though. Bonus: I have participated in a few of the seasonal mini giveaways, so I hope so. Side note: The Legion Forscale is still valiantly battling evil and saving lost puppies at Reaper HQ. (I'm fairly certain that Bryan said he left them with Ron)
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    Ashen Brown coated well and stuck well - maybe because it was an HD color? (One of the models does, indeed, look like crap... and can go either behind the horse or into the wheelbarrow - I have plans for the kids game.... ) The Auld Grump - I should have bought another Town crate....
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    Have they said anything about the setup of the flying troops? I notice that the dino heads of the archer variant and the spear variant are quite different. Do they each ship with two heads, or is it packaged as shown? (I'm not currently a backer, so I can't ask in KS comments.)
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    I have PMed the creator and also asked some questions in the comment sections. They are quick to respond, good communications are often a good sign.
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    If I buy this I'm going to keep it hidden, paint it when noone is around, and then volunteer to DM the next time either of my groups finishes our adventures... and lead up to a big boss fight at the end, lean over and pull this out of a box and (gently) slam it on the table. Or maybe take the time to build a gaming table with a trap door and an elevator to have him rise up... and toss some dry ice in there with him...1 1(elevator idea stolen from typo360 at BGG forums)
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    Man that's one ugly looking Star Trek figure:(
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    I do not. Not yet. I don't have the space. As for others... I did commission painting for a while there, perhaps. Also I'm sure my ex still has some of all those minis I left behind. I always was a better painter than him.
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    That was my thinking as well. Now I just need to acquire one. Seen a few on the bay, just not sure if the one guy is upset with me because I declined his counteroffer:) on another set. Looks like a futuristic MG42:)
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    Question. Important one. You're in Texas... If I remember correctly, production is in China... Will the War of Escalating Tariffs affect Reaper and/or Bones 4 in any way?
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    The rifle on the far right is appropriately sized for a bear's hand: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Lanse/sku-down/50025 Just sayin'.
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    It's hot. We discovered our new AC was leaking so we had to shut it off before if caused any water damage to the carpet. So we're kind of suffering for a while. It wouldn't be so frustrating if the AC was evaporating the water like it was supposed to be doing.
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    So I am looking at the concept art...then I look at the figure...then I look at the concept. First, do not get me wrong, it is great concept art, but now that I see both I feel that the figure DOES look like a frost giant, and (and I think I thought this when the art was out, but never said) the concept art... I dunno, more looks to be Barbarians? They look just too on the light side to be Giants IMHO. As for the extension of PM, it's just making it harder NOT to be complete and get Chronoscope. And I keep getting more ideas to use them in some kind of Diorama setting: 309-311 - I could either do some kind of Mars Attacks or (using 310) some kind of Captain Pike Star trek dio. Does anyone know of a good Pike stand in, and weena (or whatever her name is, she reminds me of Weena from Time Machine) 319 - I could saw off the horns and spiky bits, and do a Jesse Ventura mini, after all I am sure he has no time to bleed and would make a great sexual tyrannosaur! 327 and 328 - a Metropolis dio? 321 - ooh, a monsters inc! Dio Not sure what to do with the rest, maybe just practice techniques or *gasp* put them on that bay place
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    I was seriously considering the mini gun from that chronoscope mini coming out:)
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    Conan snake on Reaper 3 inch round base.
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    I have one miniature to complete start to finish. I have two others on deck. Hoping to finish them.
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    Stargate paints up well. Mantic security guard, bones cultist, and Stargate dialing device just for show.
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    Excellent paint job!
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    Obligatory response: There is no such thing as overkill. There are only "open fire" and "reload". And if anybody is going to be firing an M-60 offhand, it's probably going to be an ursoid.
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    I will ask. Will get back to you when they provide the answer.
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    Very nice! She's casting a curse on somebody.
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    He is a bit narrowminded! Looks great!
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    There's a youtube video of that humorously large Cthulhu and lots of other miniatures too here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxhvN9jMd1Q I wish the big Cthulhu didn't have all those sucker pods things all over its back and butt. See 52 seconds in. Reminds me of Zombicide: Invader. There also appears to be a more reasonably-sized Cthulhu visible at 20 seconds in.
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    I hadn't considered the inner workings of the Mushrooms. From some of the expressions, there may be a scarcity of gray matter. Then again... Thanks for the reply, Glitter. ..glad you like him.
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    Some nut named Darryl Sandell actually asked that question on the livestream They actually answer it right around this point in video: https://youtu.be/U7bRp8vkc40?t=22m7s
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    *** Peeks around the corner*** *** Am I safe? No interesting reptiles or amphibians here????*** *** [email protected]! *** *** Ok, wallet, this might hurt you more than me!***
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    Unless your really good & using a lasso & have a really long one! Never know where you'll go thou.
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