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    Man its quiet in here.... here... here.... Was Glitterwolf providing that much entertainment for everyone? if its important, I can probably find some of his fur and glitter to fling into the air
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    Still have a few details to pick out, but 95% done. Not as easy as I thought it would be...I actually reprimered it half way through and started over
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    Thirty seconds. Thirty elfing seconds. That’s the amount of time it took to get thru domestic airport security. So jelly.
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    I was just thinking the same thing. Well, not the part about flinging glitter around, but the rest of it. I'm guessing that everyone has either melted due to the heat, or been washed away by the rain (we had torrential downpours here all day).
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    Glass can hold a monomolecular edge. Surgeons use obsidian scalpels for the most delicate surgeries and glass knives are used to slice samples for transmission electron microscopy.
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    Oh.. melting. Definitely melting. Also, trying to find the energy to set up my new toy so it can run for a bit before I go getting crazy and adding live things to it.
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    Gygax's dice sack, that looks yummy... I think I need to go shopping... Melting, then being washed away. Pulled myself out of the gutter. Time to get things done. Like shopping...
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    hi all i have been out of practice of painting 28mm scale for a number of years in this time i have been working on 6mm painting and sculpting , im am now releasing some 28mm miniatures and want to paint all my own figures, see the pic below, im not overly happy with these although some parts i think worked well, but im really struggling with eyes. any tips here would be greatly received. have had to re-learn pretty much everything from scratch from thinning paints to highlighting layering, 6mm requires little of this. thank you for any tips in advance
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    Okay, bacon and beer acquired! Tonight is looking up!
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    Thunder outside, maybe a storm tonight... And Jack is starving. (Unsure if these two are things are connected.) I should probably get off the damn puter and go eat something before I waste the entire night.
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    Big bad guy for current campaign
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    This was becoming a real pain to base coat and hold so I glued 2 legs on and pinned it to a board .
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    Combination of busy at work today, trying not to expire from heat stroke and/or be washed out to sea by the rather overaggressive rain. I mean I get we need rain. Just maybe not all at once like that.
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    The movie Black Death. I was expecting a medieval action-adventure/mystery/drama thing from the write up on the movie case. It was sort of that, but it was a whole lot bleaker and grim than I was expecting. Yes, I did.
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    I know on here, Jziran, posted it was pushed to August. That was a very big wave, so we'll see how it's handled. Gorilla superglue doesn't fog clear parts. That's all I use. Seriously thinking about pre-ordering myself thou I guess it all depends on what I might need for my Vegas games in Feb. Other then that I can wait for whenever.
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    I was curious, so did a google search. Average salary in Pakistan is $1500/ year. So st $45,000 that’s 3 people for 10 years. Not bad.
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    im currently using a mix of brushes a small GW layer brush, army painter insane,character and regiment brush, and an army painter masterclass brush , only two of these are giving me the tip i want. my paints are a mix as well, vallejo model colour, games workshop base/layer paints and some army painter washes, finding the new GW paints have a very high sheen which i not keen on. i have just picked up flow improver something i haven't used for so many years. i was at a good standard 5-6 years ago see pic below, but im struggling now i think this may be down to years of commission painting 6mm figures which requires speed and very strong highlighting. haven't done the bases yet not really sure how i want them. any ideas
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    Bones IV is coming (in only 7 months)! I need to get some minis done from my backlog. My goal is to paint a noticeable number of the monster minis I have. (So I can make room for more!) Sandra Garrity’s Hydra was a quick paint over two afternoons and is ow out of my storage boxes and ready to maul some PCs.
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    Hi all, I feel a bit bad that this is my first post here on Reaper Forum advertising a kickstarter. I used to go by the Moniker Kaybee or Kaybee81 (can't remember) but as I'm known as beefcake on other fora I thought it best to go by the same name everywhere. Anyway here is a link to some STL files for purchase. The Wizard's Tower contains stackable tower sections to create your own unique Wizard's Tower. Files have been scaled for 28mm miniatures but, as with all 3d printable files, you have the ability to scale them up or down to suit your gaming needs. The initial reward consists of 7 different modular tower pieces and a ladder. All of which have been created on Blender, run through a repair tool, to check for any non-manifold parts and other errors, and printed. [li]Tower roof[/li] [li]Single window tower section[/li] [li]Tower section with door[/li] [li]Tower bridge (2 bridge sections link together)[/li] [li]Double window tower section[/li] [li]Windowless tower section[/li] [li]Tower base[/li] [li]and a ladder[/li] [/li] [/list] All for NZD $10 (roughly USD $6.80) The tower pieces can be oriented in almost any direction to provide a different look each time you game. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1173449368/the-wizards-tower-3d-printable-modular-tower-syste
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    Another little dragon I was always very fond of.
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    Jackie Chan's original Drunken Master (1978). I was expecting Jackie's character to be more likeable, or to become a better person by the end of the movie. He was a dick talented in Kung Fu at the beginning of the movie, and was still a dick, but with better Kung Fu at the end. Ultimately, I felt sort of let down. I'm still glad to have viewed one of Jackie Chan's earliest movies, but it hasn't aged well.
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    Semi-melting, only when I try painting. Ughhh. It is nice at least in the bedroom. AC unit is pumping out well. Glad I finally came to my senses & put the darn thing in the window. Oddly it hasn't been that bad here so far. Prior to the AC I think we had 1 bad day that it was hot ie unbearable. I just wish it was just as cool or half of this in the paint room. Alas, most of my painting is either done early in the morning or late at night.
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    It's rare these days for a program to cache screenshots and then only output them to a file when you exit. In fact, I don't think they've really done that for the last couple decades. I know that games in the early 2000's were insta-saving screenshots. Check various folders for them. Try the main software directory, try your documents folders, etc. They're probably somewhere.
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    Dear Stranger I Love You. So I read a short review, which i can't find, and the description made it sound more like a standup comedy type show. It was very much NOT that. In the first few minutes, I was very worried that I'd wandered into some weird nouveau post modern cacophony of... something. And, well, it sort of was. But it was also good. And touching. And in the end I really did enjoy it.
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    Thanks! He was fun, although I nearly went cross-eyed painting him. He is so teeny-tiny.
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    Thanks! They were mostly the base color, and then washes and washes and washes, then finally highlights.
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    He was just a really bad shade of green. Blue suits him much better. I am always drawn to those plastic dragons, thinking I can return them to their glory. ;-)
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    Halfway through the month. It has been somewhat productive too! -Blog is slowly getting going again. -Minivember photos and show off are done! -Finished the Sphinx last night. -Still trying to figure out how many projects I have lined up. -Have figured out a giveaway mini! (Bones Frost Giant Queen)
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    Great paint job on some old classic figures!
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    Is that... Palomino Gold?
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    I think he looks great!
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    Very nicely painted!
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    Good stuff! Congrats on adding a whole bunch of nicely painted minis to your collection.
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    Bones 3 and so it begins. young wizard (for a PC) Mule monk yeti foo dog Dwarves! (4) - will likely move into August I have found at least 9 dwarves in the bones 3 core- but that seems a lot to bite off. really not looking forward to the 20 lizardmen - thats too many scale people.
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    You did a great job on him!!
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    Lovely young dragon - great use of orange! I have not had the trouble with paint sticking to bones... maybe I'm just lucky. In any case can't tell you had problems by looking at the finished dragon!
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    Pathfinder and Starfinder will have option for your own or pregens if you are a Society member.
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    I’m jealous of all you guys that have gotten some painted already. What am I doing with my life?
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    I hadn't seen this thread before, but let me tell you all that reading through it has been an enjoyable way to spend my lunch. Not that I enjoy seeing anybody inconvenienced at all. But it has been quite a page-turner.
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    I would be terrified of letting them have even a dollar. If they actually tried to fake a complaint to Kicktraq to get the page taken down .... There are still 1200 people backing this.
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    4 days left to sign up for this exciting Summer Exchange ....
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    Melted by the heat is partly right for me. I'm having a terrible week between the heat, breakdowns and my own stupidity doubling the work load. Yesterday I had 10 hours of very tiring work to accomplish what would normally have taken an hour or so. That was the worst day but almost all the last 5 days have been similar. Between me and the oldest kid we've done about $10,000 damage to various equipment. Hoping that insurance will cover the worst and stupidest of it. Broccoli happens but I'm getting really, really ticked off that my own idiocy was a major cause of the problems. Thinking of going away for a few days before I wreck more than I can fix. I'm practically brain dead and tired of it.
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    Don't you just love it when your program crashes, and you lose about 20 or so perfectly-timed screencaps that you will never have the chance to grab again?
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    I don't know what everyone else was doing, I was busy sending "polite inquiries" to school district people, driving to Costco to find out they don't have tires in my vehicle size, trying to find books on Amazon, etc. It's been so much fun I'm going to go have a coffee break before I start breaking other things.
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