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    Here is something I sculpted a while back. My son's amiibo of Samus Aran accidentally lost her head, so I decided to sculpt her a new one (thread here). I thought it would be fun to have her head without helmet. It was nice to be able to paint in a larger scale - so much easier to do the eyes! I followed this really nice tutorial on youtube. It didn't turn out quite as nice as the example (does it ever?), but I followed some of the techniques and I think it helped a lot. The end result turned out better than what I expected based on the quality of the sculpting.
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    I love these little Reaper dragon hatchlings. I have them all, waiting patiently to be painted. I don't generally do minis this tiny - they are just too hard to see! But the hatchlings are too cute to pass up.
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    So an EDIT: I changed up the photos and added one more different view because I took them from a slightly lower angle So it looks like Frost Giants are all the rage these days on the forums, so I'll add one more, eventually two. I have been watching Patrick Keith's frost giant queen ever since she came out on the Bones Kickstarter and got her not too long ago, but didn't feel that I could actually start on her until I got some of my older frost giant pieces out of the way. The first two on the docket are John Dennett's classic Frost Giants from the Grenadier's Giant's Club, where each giant set came with the piece of a map and an obelisk. I'm not sure if after collecting all these you were able to send them in for something? Anyhoos, here is the female frost giant, one of my all time favorite figures. I'm working still on the male frost giant who is a little more labor intensive, but I'll get him finished one of these days hopefully soon. and some of the face's close ups because I think I took the farther away photos from a higher angle which didn't quite capture the face. One thing I've found out especially towards the end of this project is that super glue and tight spaces really don't match and I managed to get the snow around and in a few places where it shouldn't be, including over the left hand's fingernails, which I took painstaking time and effort to make nice, only to get them covered by snow. The snow I used came from some modeling snow I had bought years ago. Up until now I'd been using baking soda for my snow effect, but I worried a bit that over the time it might yellow (time will tell I guess) and it would not look so nice in a few years. In case anybody's interested, here’s the WIP I've been working with: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81156-grenadier-frost-giants/ where you can also see ongoing process on the male as well. Anyhows, I hope you all enjoy taking a gander as much as I enjoyed painting her!
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    And I had thought the hatchlings were tiny, until I painted this little guy. Thank goodness for magnifier lamps!
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    Here is Barnabus Frost, the Bones version. Once again, I had a couple of spots where the paint simply didn't want to stick. I also have the metal version of him, which I am looking forward to painting at some point.
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    We have all had brushes with the hard to explain , the apparent impossible , the out of this world ... here's a chance to share a memory or few ... So way back in my younger days me, my brother and two friends we coming home from an all day "monsters of rock" concert in San Francisco, we stoped at a store to pick up some liquids refreshments and snaks for the ride home when I saw them ... coming down the street was a largish gang "wilding" , basically thumping everyone that came across their path ... they were a block away and I was the last one to get into my car ... "hay guys get out" , I said, "let's teach these punks a lesson" ... now I was the assistant wrestling coach at the local college wail I was still in high school and have had a wide range of training over the years so this wad kind of a natural response for me ... the other three had way more common sense, asking me to get in so we can go , this went on as the gang kept coming down the block beating up all who crossed their path ... Just then I herd a car screech to a stop, out of it flew a figure dressed all in black with the bat man emblem on his chest , he dashed across the street in short order armed only with two sawed off baseball bats and laid into the gang ... after over ten years of hand to hand combat training I can tell you, he knew what he was doing and executed every move with impressive precision ... after one of the best fight scenes I have seen in any bat man movie he dashed back to the bat mobile (A primer black ElComeno) and was gone ... leaving a mess of moaning thugs and cheering fans ... What a day, Monsters of rock and Bat man ... hard to say witch was more intense.
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    This pair of gryphons also played an important role in my Imperial Rectifiers game.
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    Just came back from seeing "Ant Man and the Wasp"; how cutting edge is Reaper, that Baba Yaga was referenced a couple times in a Marvel movie! Everybody needs a Baba Yaga hut now! https://youtu.be/FzqehA8d0jI
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    When I go to the Goodwill to donate stuff, I never bother to get a receipt from them so I can claim it on my taxes - it says on the receipt that you can claim "fair trade value" or something like that for the items... But if I dump off a stack of two dozen books (most of which I probably bought used myself), I'd feel ridiculous about claiming I donated something like $100 worth of stuff at $4-$5 per book, y'know? My back makes cracking and popping sounds all the time. Sometimes my chest does as well when I breath deeply. It turns up on Evilbay every so often... You used to be able to get them at the Warstore, dunno if they still carry them... Also...
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    RAFM Hartha the Death Machine, Orc War Triceratops. A great vintage lead kit.. Of course it HAD to go into my Lost World Project. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=105 Enjoy!
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    I love those plastic dragons at the craft store. Some are OK the way they are, but a lot of them look like they are in serious need of a repaint. This was one such. Chaoswarlord gave him to me as a present, and he was just a plain green dragon for a long time. This was my first try at repainting a plastic model, and he turned out OK. Again, though, despite several coats of matte sealer, he is still on the shiny side, but he likes it.
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    A while ago @Jasper_the_2nd sent me some minis for my Lost World Project. I painted the Clan Wars Naga Champion to fit in my world. This one is a captured Asian Pirate "improved" by the Transmuthor and turned into a Serpent Warrior. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=110
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    Yet another character from one of our D&D games, this one for my son. He's a deva, hence the purple skin. Alas, he met an untimely end, dissolved by a gelatinous cube. That was a particularly unlucky party - my son's next two characters also perished, along with two other party members. By the time we finished the campaign, only one PC was from the starting group! And apologies for my thumb in the one photo. I was trying to get a good shot of his face and had to tilt him back, as his head is down and covered a good bit by his hood.
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    Another character from one of our D&D games. Sorry the pictures aren't so good - I'm still getting used to taking my own, instead of having someone else do it for me. :-P
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    This is a hippogriff from my Imperial Rectifiers campaign a number of years ago. I know the photos aren't the greatest - my photo-fu is not the best, and I am working off a jury-rigged setup in my craft room.
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    I have been gifted the start of a miniature aquaponics setup. Now all I need is.. water, fish, decorations and plants. I am rather squee, I've wanted one of these for a while.
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    Howdy, Nope! Kev! P.S. Nope, nope, nope!
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    Decided not to mute the colors. Got her arm attached, fixed the eyes on the wings, and base coated the base.
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    Been doing that to @Glitterwolf ‘s threads :: because @Erifnogard
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    Woooooooo, Vacation Bible School. Everything's smaller than I remember 25 years ago. Except Jesus. He's still to scale.
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    Threw this together for today’s game of dnd.
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    This is the DragonLock newsletter freebie skeleton STL that I printed the other day in 0.04 mm, 0.08 mm, and 0.16 mm layer heights to see how the difference in quality affected them as playing pieces. They've been painted very quickly, with just a black primer and white zenithal shading, followed by coloured ink glazes and an Agrax Earthshade wash. I picked out some of the bone highlights to finish. I wasn't keeping close track of time, but I guess each one took about ten or twelve minutes to complete, not counting drying times. Unsurprisingly, the finest layer heights suited the glaze and wash paint method the best, but even the coarsest will do fine as one of a large group of mooks — at tabletop distances, the difference in detail is insignificant, to my eyes at least. Though having said that, my eyesight is pretty crappy.
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    Nah, probably baklava. Which, I've got to admit, sounds pretty good right now.
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    Just managed to get ahold of the Nolzur's Beholder. Really pumped - I've been looking for one for two months.