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    A friend of mine is running a ToA D&D game, he asked for a zombie T-Rex. We decided not to go with the wiz kids model due to the big base that it has. I came across this T-Rex toy at a bookstore. With a little bit of dremel work, and a stick of hot glue, I came up with a ‘custom’ solution. My dinosaur anatomy is a little off on the ribs, but all in all I’m happy with the end result. As always C&C is more than welcome. I hope you enjoy it!
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    So here are a few of the Bones weapon sprue conversions I've done. 14069 Sir Malcolm, metal figure, opaque gray hammer. (Please forgive the chipped paint; this one has been done for a while and used in games.) 77413 Margara, Bones figure, clear red hammer. 77417 Ivar, Bones figure, clear red hammer. As a side note to anyone who is looking to paint this figure, the detail on the chain mail is very shallow. And a Wizards of the Coast Renegade Warlock, plastic figure, clear purple staff. All in all, easy conversions. I'm looking forward to doing some with the swords and shields.
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    @Unruly: You might think about telling the EMS folks what your boss wants you to do, explaining that you have to check the lot X times per night, and asking them what would be a good time to do that. (Ideally, this wouldn't be the same time every night, but whatever). Then log every time you check the lot, so you have evidence of your diligence when your boss starts to complain about the lack of tickets. Anybody who works for a government understands about silly rules and this might allow you to build a better relationship with them just in case you need their services urgently.
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    Thanks? for the setup... JSN applies elsewhere. The First Law of Wingwalking goes: Never let go of what you’ve got, before you have hold of something else. Applying this to ^ the job situation can be useful. ***Note:
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    And he's getting really close to being done. The decoration on his belt is carved/sculpted from a piece of solder. The sword and hand holding it are from a GW chaos space marine. The head is from a GW fantasy chaos warrior with the horns removed and the batwings from this guy: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/latest/77408 added Does the head/neck look wonky to anyone else, or am I being overly critical of my work? If it looks bad, please be honest, I want this to be as good as I can make it. Still to do: finish shield shoulder armor spikes for shoulder armor and left boot adding a dagger deciding if I want to really test my GS skills and try to sculpt his necklace/amulet or not general smoothing/clean up
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    We're too busy collecting and painting to post much... If I can do it, you can do it! Look Vallejo, Scale 75, Reaper...aren't they nice? Look at the colours, you KNOW you need more purples! How about those reds huh?
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    I'm a fan of the making it painful for everyone until they decide to stop. Java... and avoiding homework... *sigh*
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    Behold! Forum Bingo ID pins! Well, once I attach the pins to the back that is. Just tilt your head left. Come grab me when you arrive, and I can give you the pin. Figure it might help on the Bingo. And just realized I didn’t make myself one. Well, shoot. Paper and glue it is then.
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    Is he wearing a tri-cornered hat? Yes! With a feather? Yes! And possibly a ribbon bedecked badge? But of course! And does he have a long flowing cloak as well? Wouldn't leave home without it! . What kind of a saddle does a wolf need to ride a horse? None! And what about the stirrups? Also none!
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    *Phew* The players figured out what was going on for the second game between sessions - when they explored the dungeon during the first game they realized that it is a very small labyrinth, with no apparent exit - but a passage that ends in a blank wall. The first thing the dwarfs did in the second session was feel for anything out of the ordinary about the passageway, and the wall.... Discovering that there was a breeze, and a quarter inch gap all around the end of the passage - floor, walls and ceiling. So they went back to the central pillar and looked to see if there was anything odd there - and discovered a quarter inch gap all the way around the pillar - both floor and ceiling. And four evenly spaced and concealed holes that exactly fit some posts that they had found - the entire dungeon can be rotated if enough people worked together. So, most of the party slowly turned the dungeon around, while two watched the passage - with the first response heard being 'Help! Monsters!' as the passage rotated to face a tomb with guardians. - after the dungeon had turned a quarter of the way around. (The thing rotates in only one direction.) Repeat two more times. The third ends in a mirror, through which they saw their armed companion that had been on watch falling backwards against the wall while drawing his sword, in a room identical to the one they awakened in, while a skeletal figure holds up a gem.... As the session ended they were trying to jump through the mirror.... Round One - Fight! The Auld Grump
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    A little game store opened on Monday and actually sells reaper miniatures, so that's nice picked up 77625 Clear Kyphrixis and 3 paints: 09438 Tempest Grey, 09415 Dungeon Slime and 09430 Polished Leather
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    And the factory is underway. Keep your hands clear folks.
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    *Blows dust off thread* I never finished up all the pieces I bought in a lot last year. Now I have quite a bit from KS5 that needs a similar paint job, so I will work on the majority of those pieces while completing these. This is a little more than half of what I have to do. Should be a good way to break in the new paint area at the new house.
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    Well, the molasses actually makes the color darker.... The numbers reversed today - more people having the straight up horror. - it seems that it is a taste that... grows on you? Megan also skipped the doctored version - and everybody finished their cups - and everybody but Keith adding cream. (His description - 'This is the real stuff'. *EDIT* Keith isn't even in the game! The only reason he's drifting by is for the coffee! *** On break for lunch - first group finished finding both of the major clues - and discovered that they had thrown the first one away. They bought fried fish and chips from a street vendor, who gave them the food in a brown paper cornet... that had been salvaged from the news seller next door... that had a map in brown ink on brown paper.... so their map was a handout of brown map on brown paper that had been crumpled up pressed flat, folded kitty corner, rolled into a cone, covered in grease, then crumpled up again.... I did not add genuine fish odor for extra realism... Then they realized that they had missed something about the battle mat that they had already been on three times - that there was a freakin' stairway hidden under the broken down cart that had been sitting there, each and every time they had been there.... (Megan noticed, but didn't say anything - she had been through part of this adventure already.) And now they know that the thug that was after them was after them because his child had been kidnapped, along with the kids of several of the other street gangs. So, tomorrow is the short game - which will wrap with a rescue, a combat, and... something nasty. (Two sessions of four hours on Friday and Saturday, two sessions of two hours on Sunday, then we wrap up the retreat for another year.) The Auld Grump - rain last night, clear again today - possibly the best weather we could hope for - the retreat will have its bonfire and fire walking.
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    So, before I touch them up and base them, here were my speed paint entries from Gencon, Reaper, Iron Wind, Reaper, and Reaper final from left to right.
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    Dn't forget Andrea, Army Painter, Golden, Mr. Hobby, Tamiya, Coat'D Arms, Citadel... Yeah, I have paints from them all... Oh, my latest aquisition is the 'nano' size True Fire templates from Mike Lavallee. They're supposedly good for models down to 1:24 scale. And a 60ml bottle of Vallejo Candy Red. (I will need a couple of other colours also in order to do true fire, though. )
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    For those of us (me) that live in caves and don't come out regularly, what is D&D adventurers league? When I'm looking at the rp games and it says that it is a 'tier 1' adventure, what does that mean?
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    It was a hard to get started today. I burned a sculpt yesterday (boiled it from the inside out) and lost a lot of time investment. But I made it to the desk this morning and got to work giving this guy a cool axe and a giant shield! I also restarted my burned sculpt and I'll be moving on to her after I finish this guy up. Only a few more things left to do for him. Gonna put everything together tomorrow and give him some hands to hold on to stuff. He'll get a hairdo and I'll need to fix the bottom of his boot that's been cracking.
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    This is my 4th one now. Peter Pauper Press is the brand, they made the one I'm currently using as well. It's got a very shiny dragon on it.
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    Nailed it! Tangled webs of intrigue! A *secret* engagement, of course, for Wodehousian dramatic purposes. And of course neither bridge nor whist is being played, for certain!
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    Love it when orders come early!! (Tracking had both coming Monday) 3D printed pool using OpenForge from Thingiverse. Terrain for an encounter @ ReaperCon!! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:224639 Badger Summer Sale items!!! (Missing, the airbrush hose thou.....the big reason for the order . I'll email Badger here shortly.)
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    Nice! I cannot survive without a pressure cooker. When my old stove top one got over 15 years old I bought an Instant Pot about three or four years back to replace it. I even bought one for my Mom a couple years ago for Mother's Day. I have a big 8lb pork roast smoking on the pit right now. In another couple hours I'll throw it in the Instant Pot for about 45 minutes to make pulled pork. May not be as good as smoking it for 16 hours, but it tastes great and it only takes about 4 hours total! That sucker is also the best thing ever for making soup stock. So easy.
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    From the comments here is a comparison pic:
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    Very nice! I use one of the Reaper U journals that was in a ReaperCon swag bag a few years back. Definitely not a colorful as yours.
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    Arteza makes awesome fine line pens, I got more than 70...78, I think, for like $20.
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    Though I've had bad experiences with fumbles, from my point of view, it's not so much that I don't like fumbles, but that the likelihood of fumbling increases with experience instead of going down. Staying with Pathfinder or D&D 3.x, while the hero becomes better at combat, the foes also tend to become progressively harder to hit, and those extra iterative attacks will just increase your chance of fumbling. I've played a monk in Pathfinder, and we used the crit failure deck. It was not to my advantage. The frequency of my fumbles was much much higher than my critical hits. And we did lose people due to the lingering consequences of some fumbles. Critical misses should still happen. I just expect my legendary heroes to have less chance (not zero chance) to fail embarrassingly.
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    Was going to have to work this afternoon, but that got waved off until tomorrow. Perhaps. Maybe Monday. So... going to do some other stuff then.
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    RBG minis tend to be smaller then Reaper. Love Tre's work, as he is one of my favorite sculptors out there right now but the size difference is enough that haven't bought any, other then what Tre handed me at a past ReaperCon. Thou I may back for the orcs. Love the sculpts.
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    Easy answer - Yes, they should make you miss more badly, more often. (At least with the Touch Attack based fumble) - a mobile target is both harder to hit and is more likely to make you lose balance. In point of fact, that is what a whole lot of Aikido is based around - get the target to over extend. Even in the SCA, the trick with sword and board is to pull people into a pattern, and then exploit it. Contrary to your assertion - people do fumble, and the only way to avoid fumbling in combat is to avoid combat. If you are striking twenty times in six seconds then that is twenty chances that you will mess up. But you are very fond of reducio in absurdum - the fact is that you just plain don't like fumbles, and no argument will convince you otherwise. So, for you I am introducing the following table - Roll: Natural 1 - when attacking- your character must make a Fort save or die immediately. Modified 1 - you miss. Nice and simple! Another, more likely method, is that when you get a Natural 1 and then confirm the fumble, your target gets an Attack of Opportunity on you, following the normal rules for AoO. (So, if they have already used their Attack of Opportunity/Reaction for this round, they cannot capitalize on your mistake.) If you are using a Ranged weapon, then make a check to see if you drop the weapon or break the string. Bowstrings break. It happens, and with the materials available in a D&D world, probably more often than in our modern world. In play, I have never seen a character die from a fumble - critical hits are much more likely to cause death, and for many years I have used a rule stolen from Swashbuckling Adventures - if a character would die from the damage from a critical, they may instead opt to roll on a permanent damage table, effectively losing an arm, leg, eye, or etc. rather than do the Mortal Coil Shuffle. Regenerate, Heal, or similar magics can fix the damage, but Cure Light, Moderate, or Serious Wounds will not. If there are twenty goblins firing bows, it is a lot more likely that one of them will Critical than it is that one of them will Fumble. And that is a lot more likely to do in the heroes than any amount of fumbling. In the real world, the killer was infection, or a piercing of the bowels. The Auld Grump
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    Thanks, Glitter. Color does add to their appeal.
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    ...actually it mostly looks green. Thanks for the reply, Glitter. Thanks, Wolf...glad you like it.
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    All dragons are known to have pretty high AC (the older, the tougher). So I included the high DR on the dragon because there will be the 1 in 400 chance of a confirmed critical hit from an arrow. They sting! With a high DR, they tickle. Practically acupuncture. I could use an elder air elemental who has very high touch AC. My original point was that foes with high AC are already easier to miss, but should they make you miss more badly more often? For critical failures, I think I'd be more comfortable with a sort of table that does take into account your BAB. You rolled a 1 on this attack? Roll 1d20 on this table and add your BAB. A low result is bad (self injury; weapon damaged; dropped weapon), a high result is merely annoying (lose next action; -1 next attack; -1 AC; etc.). A result beyond the table is a regular miss. Specialized in your weapon? Or it's a natural weapon? Add +5! Even less chance of great failure. Last of your iterative attacks? Still use your highest BAB on the table. This way, hasted level 20 monks with Fury of Blows will not end up in wheelchairs at the end of each battle.
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    Or is Pathfinder Society the "D&D RPGA" of Pathfinder?
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    Cool! Thanks for the info!
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    D&D Adventurers League (DDAL) is a worldwide campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. You create a character, and can continue to play it in any DDAL game. Many local gaming stores schedule days/times for DDAL games, and it's a great way to play as often as you want: just show up and play. And since you play the same character, he/she continues to gain experience, gold, etc. Most games features individual published "modules" that are either 2 hours or 4 hours in length, and your character can only play in that mod one time. Note that you could create a second character (or a third, or a fourth, or...) and play that mod again with a different character. To help coordinate the games, modules are written at different "tiers": Tier 1 is for characters level 1-4. Tier 2 is for characters level 5-10, and so on. In addition, the modules are written to be adjusted a bit within each tier, based on number of players (anywhere from 3 to 7 players) and level. For example, if your party for a game is four Level 1 characters, the DM adjusts the mod to make it more manageable. Likewise, if your party is six Level 4 characters, the DM will scale up the difficulty. To play in a DDAL game, you need to create a character. DDAL uses the official D&D 5th-Edition rules, and it's standardized for fairness; for example, instead of randomly rolling your stats, you use the "point buy" system. There are also Level 1 pre-generated characters available which you can use. (Don't worry if it's not quite the character you want: DDAL allows you to "rebuild" your character at any point before it reaches Level 5, so you can change literally ANYTHING about the character... except its name.) If you're not familiar with D&D 5th-Edition rules, you can find most of the ruleset online. You'll need to keep track of each game your character plays with a DDAL Logsheet. You can download the DDAL Players Guide and a DDAL Logsheet for free at DMs Guild.
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    Looking forward to see them painted. The collection grows.
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    Awesome! I can see there is a lot going on! I'll bet that manservant has the hots for the maid, but she is already engaged to the younger one in the red coat. Of course the butler knows all. He even knows where the lady of the house goes at nights when her husband is playing bridge with friends. Or is he?
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    From time to time you just need to take a step back and listen to your heart. Starcadian - He^rt https://youtu.be/7-KlLriSLRs?t=17
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    Much belated birthday happiness to youd
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    Well elf, I've been having internet problems for the past month which have mainly been limited to the evenings. Its has now been done 3 hours so far today. Called support & they are going to have to send a technician out. Soonest is Monday evening.
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    I have a chronic condition which makes it so that I always know where the nearest restroom is. Fortunately it's pretty manageable, but it does occasionally lead to abrupt ends to conversations.
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