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    I had the privilege of painting this year's ReaperCon Sophie, and I thought people might enjoy it if I shared a few views. She's a fun mini to paint. Everything's clearly laid out and apparent, and Bob did such a wonderful job sculpting her face. I think he really captured the pose and spirit of Talin's artwork well. If you aren't into the wings, it shouldn't be too difficult to fill in the plug on the back where they slot in. If you are into wings, the extra attachment point of a small hole on the skirt makes them nice and easy to glue on, and they seem pretty secure to me. (I"m kind of cursed in the area of gluing/assembly.) This is a special edition figure that will only be sold by Reaper during ReaperCon (maybe a little after, but I'd go get one from August 29 - September 2 just to be sure. Actually I will be grabbing more than one, because I would happily paint this again, but however many you want, that's your window. Maybe put it on your calendar to remember if you really want one of these lovely figures. If you aren't able to attend ReaperCon in person, she'll also be sold on the Reaper web store. Here is the wonderful art that Izzy did for the character concept. Here's a picture of Bob Ridolfi's terrific sculpt bringing that artwork to life. And this is a colour version of a seated Sophie that I used to reference to try to capture Talin's vision for the colours.
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    In response to a local club challenge, I painted this dwarf in 3 colors chosen by a computer program. written by @SirLarpsAlot Golden Yelllow, Winter Blue and Leather Brown + B&W edit, I do need to fix that eye...
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    I have put together a crew of North star and Bad Squiddo figures. A reaper druid is going to act as the warden and I will probably use the Bad Squiddo female pirate (drawing her sword) as the Heritor or buy a Reaper female pirate. The concept is that they are all ex navy or ex marines so have similar kit, red breeches, blue grey or linen shirts, dark brown boots. My goals with these are to do better work highlighting/finishing the faces, and to avoid them looking muddy. That looks fine for Frostgrave but a bit dull for GA. At the moment these have just had base/undercoats and a wash of Army Painter Light Tone. C and c always welcome on my posts.
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    Splurge...! All of this arrived this morning. Mrs Beagle is not amused
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    More class-conscious minis! Featuring a pair of Artizan's Domestic Servants, Reeves and Maisy; Artizan's Remy as the long-suffering waiter and Signor Ferrari as a Titan of Industry, and another of Eureka's 1920's Women as a Bright Young Thing. Remy, unfortunately, had a cat-related fall which gave him an unwanted nose job. The tycoon looks like his paint is abrading; that's an artifact of silver-on-grey pinstriping. Looks good in 3D but did not photograph well at all. TFW you've had about enough of your employer's broccoli: The whole crew
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    So I picked up the Burrows & Badgers rulebook. Then these kind of happened: Roderick: Tecendur: Sorrel: Llamroi: Epona: Jasper: Bucephalus: Bayard:
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    I made two versions of The Coffee From Hell - one that was just the coffee and some eggshells to take the nasty out of it (plenty of nasty left) then adding the molasses, the other with a mix of spices, in an attempt to make something that people could actually drink. The coffee itself tasted much better than I expected, the temp was low enough that it was more a very slow brew than a stewing. But... with the molasses... my hands are still shaking. Way too much caffeine for my innocent system. Cream helped a lot. Most of the people did not like it - but when Keith tried it... he poured everything that was left in the pot into his thermos, and stole it all. Black. He really liked it. The other stuff... was a lot more popular - and contained a few of what I would call 'cookie spices' - allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, and Secret Ingredient X. Okay, not so secret - I put some raisins in as well, then skimmed them off when they finally floated to the top.. I liked it better - and Megan... was at least able to drink it. But we both added a lot of cream - cream made all the difference in the world. But Keith? He is a brave, brave man... he carried off a quart and a half of pure nastiness, with a smile on his face. The good news is we didn't get the rain that was predicted, and both games went well - the party in the first game (set in The Blight) was ambushed twice in the exact same location, both times, and the third time they had to go through that location they looked around and spotted the person that was sending out the gang that ambushed them... and ambushed him. It seems that somebody thinks that they have a document and an item that they do not, in fact, have. (Yet.) Megan's comment was 'what is this, Dragon Age?' when they were ambushed on the same map for the second time. But, now they have a name, and a description of the person that hired the gang in the first place. The second game began with the PCs waking up in the dungeon, with no idea how they got there - they are not injured, none of their gear is missing, and the last thing they remember is going to sleep in a local inn, but can no longer remember the name of the inn.... And the member of the party that was supposed to be on watch woke up with his back to the wall, sitting with his weapon in hand and his shield at his side. He does not remember having to draw his weapon. And... for the first time in a few weeks, I remember last night's dream - which was strange, but gave me the start on a scenario for the Regency game - a song.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PdpIOf-2-M And a villain - http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/merchant/sku-down/03821 The Auld Grump
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    Does it really still count as "black" if the brewing of it requires you to dump half a bottle of blackstrap molasses into it? Usually "black coffee" refers to no sugar and no cream.
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    So my no mail orders till after RCon commitment went out the door today. I got my 25th aniv gift catalog from work the other day & while the items are ok, there were a couple I was really interested in. One item was Bose Companion 2 computer speakers. I went digging for reviews & such & while quality is great (I own a Accoutimas 5 speakers already) the problem was the connection, just a headphone jack. Since I don't have a soundcard in my computer this was a minor problem. I'd have to open up the computer & install that from a older computer. I really didn't want to do that so I went to Creative's site to see what was new in the world of Sound Blaster. I ended up ordering a set of Creative Pebble Speakers from Amazon. Hopefully the sound is equal to the raving reviews. As for the 25th anv gift. I ended up choosing a Toaster Oven. I've been wanting one, so figured now is the time.
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    Our cat has done this. She licks herself to comfort herself. She had her belly bald, and most of her legs & tail as well by the time we finished our move, and got settled into our new house. Now that we've been here for over a year, most of it is finally growing back.
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    Strangely I get a very strong indication of different salts. A medication I take blinds my tastebuds to the saltiness of sodium Chloride making the other trace chemicals stand out very well. Most other salts are rather bitter. I will say that this issue has fixed a lot of my craving for salty foods. a French fry without salt is pretty bland (unless you add chocolate and raspberry sauce to it, but that is a different sort of craving! -- and if you can taste salt, don't mix the two, its not nearly as tasty ) The pink Himalayan salts are some of the least bitter I have run into. of course they are supposed to also have all sorts of healing properties and give of a "warm healing essence" when heated, hence the over priced pink rocks with candles in them... for something that is one of the most common materials on the surface of the planet, we certainly go crazy about specific instances of it! I sympathize with your point Doug! there are some areas where concerns about purity and organics make sense and others where there is a moral concern, but to be anxious about what a purified chemical can do to you based on where it came from is pretty silly. Especially silly is what you are describing when someone says they want pure sugar or salt and are referring to organically grown, unprocessed materials... exactly the opposite of what they are describing. Somehow we became obsessed with purity of foods in the 40s and 50s and then slowly morphed what that meaning was until we reach today where purity and natural are somehow the same instead of on opposing sides. Just remember folks there is no more corrosive substance on earth than pure water: H20 without any impurities will eat through just about anything: flesh, plastic, metal, glass, wax, or rock to try and restore some impurities. But then again water is one of the weirdest chemicals out there. Consider the amount of energy released in its creation (hydrogen combustion) yet it can be separated again by a trickle charge from a triple A battery! Unlike just about every other material out there it expands as it freezes and its ability to absorb and release heat is pretty unbelievable. We take it for granted but its one of the most unique materials you will ever run into.
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    Except it seems figmentus is in a battle Royale with procrastinatus for longest time without a post in their threads.... :p
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    The second village of four in the region ... yes, there are four. The fourth is Jule Village which is on the full Markshire map but not on my region map. I present, Gabriel: Gabriel is much more of a hunting and gathering village for its use of the Dimmaskog Forest. The thatched buildings closest to the forest are collectively a hunters commune. The buildings directly above that are the inn of Gabriel. Merchant buildings reside across from the inn. The mayor's home is to the topmost on the main road with the two colored tiled roof. A windmill is to top right and fields of wheat or corn are located below that. The majority of the rest are homes. Naturally, a Temple of Odin exists in the town. This temple, being closer to Starcroft and the mines near there, has paving stones and a walled entrance at the front. Region map: Jule Village is located south of Waymeet lying next to another forest.
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    I have the Mithril Watcher at Sarn Ford... It's the only Mithril figure I still have in the box.
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    There is your problem, you're supposed to work with the postperson to ensure that they don't bring all the boxes at the same time. then its just the occasional package that gets forgotten... unless it all came in one box, then your postperson probably wanted to hit you with said box! Like I needed more Dwarven Forge stuff after the orgy that was the latest kickstarter, but the rooftops were available on the website again and I use the village regularly every Christmas as my Christmas town display (wonder if DF will eventually do pine trees so we can do "Dreadhollow: the winter wonderland of death" between the village and the couple of big resin pieces I have for churches and taverns, and the large GW keep complete with towers and gatehouse, its quite the display at this point. I also got some lighted walls and some ruin pieces so that when dreadhollow finally shows up I can do the ruined cottage in the woods (that's me! always thinking ahead! )
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    Absolutely no worries on that. Here's what I did the other night: Got the fur loin cloth done, and trimmed the belt a little bit.
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    Could you take a look around the floor? I think my jaw must be there somewhere...
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    Is he wearing a tri-cornered hat? With a feather? And possibly a ribbon bedecked badge? And does he have a long flowing cloak as well? . What kind of a saddle does a wolf need to ride a horse? And what about the stirrups? Just asking. GEM
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    @aku-chan Yeah, sounds like they’re covering for something. I’ll offer to print you up something if the bits are things that would work like that. .
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    Here is the latest of my Pathfinder figures that I painted: Barzillai Thrune (#60205). I sculpted this figure last year and he was newly available at ReaperCon 2017. If you go to ReaperCon this year, you can see this figure in person. As with Octavio Sabinus (link to my Show-Off thread), Barzillai also appears in the Pathfinder Adventure Path "Hell's Rebels" as a major NPC: link to cover image of #97. (Wayne Reynolds painted the cover art. The armor makes me think of a shark.) Barzillai is the new lord-mayor in Kintargo, and his notions of law and order are going to provoke a lot of resentment, especially from the PCs! I wanted the base to evoke a city under siege, so I sculpted the stone rubble out of Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and stuck some toothpicks in as stakes. Enjoy! Derek
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    Roleplaying games and becoming inordinately excited anytime I get to explore rockpools at the beach. Without a doubt, watching reruns of The A-team was the highlight of my week. To tiny 'lil me, stuck in the middle of nowhere in the Inner Hebrides, it was the most exciting, exotic thing in the world to watch the adventures of those soldiers of fortune :) I rewatched it a couple of years ago, and its still amazing. I don't care how cheesy it is, I still love it. Also, Mr T is still awesome
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    And the rocks changed color again! We are on the home stretch. I touch of highlighting on some points, but pretty much done. I wasn't completely happy with it the last couple days. Then the hubs said that a fairy dragon should be glittery. Yes! Not the easiest thing to see under the desk lights, but, oh yeah, the glitter from interference paint is joyous.