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    I think class went well! They all said they had fun at least =P
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    Hey, been a while since I've taken any pics. Mostly because I hate my camera on my phone. Should resolve that in December, but here's what I can do picture-wise for now with my latest addition to my Undead Kings of War army. Includes several Bones zombies. Due to the depth of field on my camera being awful, I've taken a couple pictures of each base, you'll notice the front ranks in one is blurry and the bank ranks in the other is; sorry, that's just a limitation of my phone. I have to back way off and get a low res picture if I want everything in focus with this. Zombie Legion: Zombie Regiment:
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    Class just finished! I think everyone had fun. They definitely took off on it, look how great their dragons look
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    I think I have an idea for the Sophie too. I want to combine her with the lamp post from this one (or another similar lamp post) for some OSL fun times.
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    I forgot one of the rules for this happy family. "Don't jump into the shower with Grump to surprise him. I will be jumping out just as fast going Ow! Ow!Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot!" How somebody that can't handle hot weather can manage scalding showers, I will never know. Give him a warning, and he turns it down so you can no longer cook in the water.
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    I hope Reaper hurries with posting the leftover swag bags, because today I hiked 2 hours up a mountain, then 1h40min back down. My feet and back are sore, and right now an inflatable bathtub sounds like a really, really good investment... I can only afford the bag or the tub, but not both, so...
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    Right I added two more Thunderhoof's total 3. This is my final pledge: Darkreach Expansion Lost Valley Expansion Fan Favorites Snake Cultists Braziers Ghost Pirates Zombie Dragon Dragon Turtle Paint Set A Paint Set B We Will Roc You! Frost Giant Raiders Thunderfoot Behemoth 3x Blacktooth Terror 2x Stygian Barge 2x Argent 74023 74030 74046 74066 74069 Baba Yaga's Hut King Cobra Nyarlathotep 74063
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    That's strange, I wouldn't know of anyone who has a project filled with reptiles and insects..
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    $40,000 worth of insects and reptiles have been stolen from an insectarium in Philadelphia. Since Buglips is at Reapercon, we can safely rule him out as a suspect. (also the insects would have no trade in value at the melt table) So this leaves the researchers at the University of Exeter as the most likely culprits. They may have resorted to theft to gain spell components after having spent most of their budget on beer.
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    A set of Orc Shamans recently released through Duncan Shadow's Patreon. All were printed on my Ender 3. My favorite of the batch, the, ahem, "Vomit Mage". The design was apparently inspired by the Warhammer Ogre Firebelly, who has always been a favorite of mine. This was my first print using clear filament: The most generic looking of the Shamans. The corrupted Warlock. I think I'll call him Dan.
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    Yup class on painting dragons and color theory
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    More for those of us that do GEM Busy getting exhausted by too much fun.
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    So far 2 halfpainted 1 unpainted Warhammer armies and 2 halfpainted 2+ unpainted Kings of War armies. Plus hundreds(thousands?) of mostly unpainted minis. And yes, I’ll be taking them all with me so I think I should be good.
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    So I added Mossbeard (looked too cool from in the pics from RCon) and Fire Giant (only $10 so I figured why not). Still may add the paint sets.
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    Well then. Time for me to sign off for this evening. Aleph is now sending out its bloodhounds. Haha! I'll get you, you dirty nomads! I've got Google maps!
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    Adding even more to my Thundering, here's a duo of Giants designed by the talented Duncan Shadow Louca. I printed and painted them. The Frost Giant. Here he is with his compatriot, who I had posted earlier. Smart reuse of parts. The Fire Giant.
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    Some more 3D prints for my recent Dungeons & Dragons games. First is my fiance's Half-Elf Warlock, designed by HeroForge and printed on my Ender-3. Next, a Goliath Barbarian in the same game, the file was designed by the talented Miguel Zavala/DM Workshop. Last is the infamous Strahd von Zarovich, printed for our recently finished "Curse of Strahd" campaign. This design was also by Miguel Zavala.
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    Metalhead Minis YouTube is doing a live stream of the minis currently entered into the painting contest!
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    I read that as platypus tushie. But no. I’ve not seen either.
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    Look for Christmas Village type decor. The Auld Grump - all but two players are here, waiting for that two.... Megan has something playing that I don't recognize, with lots of drums.
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    Color theory is something that I could really use a class on! Maybe some day I will make it down for your class.
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    I gave my donation to @Chaoswolf while he was wandering around.
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    I still need to donate to that too otherwise I will just melt them alllol
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    Tell me about it. I finally upgraded from my standard of 25 years: "2 emacs frames and a bunch of terminals" to Windows VS Code (and a bunch of terminals) in the past year.
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    Yes! Rise my children! Rise! Rise and feast! They look awesome! I really love all the different skin tones you used instead of making them too uniform. I actually just finished painting my horde of zombies from Green Horde and this reminds me that I need to post the pics. Although I hate my camera phone too. Maybe I can use my wife's phone or camera.
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    They look good. I'd appreciate the chance to buy single miniatures (at a slightly higher price even) as I have a number of townsfolk miniatures (I have three innkeepers, don't need another one, as well as two or three blacksmiths), but could use certain others.
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    Wow, this picture turned out rubbish. Anyway, the model is from the Hand of Glory KS, and the base is Secret Weapon Miniature's Runic Mountain. (I actually fished it out from SWM "Bag-o-Crap". SWM has a 20% off sale right now, and the Bag is a great sampler for their bases.) I figured the runes (aborted attempt at glowing) matched the skin, but dunno how to color his "We wear short shorts" pants, or the obligatory shoulder thing. I guess the wrists will be either gold or silver, to match the model and base. I'm wondering if I should add any green to the model to compliment the broccoli-moss on the base (it's actually supposed to be gravel, but I didn't know until after painting. :P Anyway, suggestions appreciated so I can get this model off my desk!
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    I suppose I should go with a boring answer and say a car - I've run several of them into the ground during my Rocky Horror-related travels, had several minor accidents and flipped one onto its roof off a 10-ft embankment at 70mph... The interesting answers are... well, let's just say I couldn't tell you about them on this forum even if I was prepared to explain them to this crowd.
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    if you feel ambitious, black with glowing orange runes/geometry around the leg holes, and waist to keep him from taking them off
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    I'll most likely be late. Coming back from tour and will be grabbing dinner at cheddars.
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    We've hit In'nOut and Whataburger, which we don't have at home. Saw the firehouse and may have to hit that tomorrow. Tho I must be getting old... After 3 days of burgers and fries, I'm hankering for a big mean salad.
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    Just a little more crazy than I enjoy. I've been a couple of times and I'd rather be at ReaperCon. I usually go to GeekGirlCon in October that's more my speed. I did manage to find just lamp posts from Wyrd, I think. Was going to use it with Carol the Christmas bard, but had to skip in favor of getting it done. If you find a source let me know!
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    Discovered a Firehouse Subs near the hotel. I have to drive an hour or so to find one back home.
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    It's a Scarecrow from Ristul's Extraordinary Market. Comes in a pack of 3 different scarecrows.
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    Final Damage: 2017 Core Set - B Dreadmere Expansion - G Fire Giant Huntsman - B Baba Yaga's Hut - G Living Statue Spartan - B Living Statue Amazon - B Tree of Despair - G Paint Set A -B Paint Set B - B Frost Giant Raiders - B Rulers of Hell - B Fantasy Scenics - B Fan Favorites - B Stygian Barge - G Darkreach Expansion - B Lost Valley Expansion - M Zombie Dragon - B Agramon - B Blacksting, Wyvern - B Skeletal Dragon - B Wraiths - B Skeletal Monsters - B Dance of Death - B (Anniversary) Narglauth - M Thunderfoot Behemoth - M Blacktooth Terror - M Trolls - B Nyarlathotep - G Mossbeard - M As you can see - Brigid has ordered more than either Megan or Grump. The Auld Grump - B are the sets and figures we are sharing. Brigid is still at the 'If it fits in my mouth then I will eat it' stage of miniatures painting. *EDIT* Total Damage Taken By Wallet - $697. With about a hundred of that damage taken because of the increased time added to the closing date. (More, with postage.) *EDIT 2* Tempted to add $3 in bases to bring this to an even $700.
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    Same here. He and I crossed paths just after I finished taking pics of all the minis entered for judging and while I was on the way back to the room for some rest and meds. Between wife ad I [and she doesn't paint {yet}] we had a nice selection to share with our friends who can't be here. Thumbs up for the Chaoswolf for organizing this project. GEM
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    Great job! Both the Legion and the Regiment are characterful, and the zombies swarming over the cemetary gate are a nice touch. With the regiment I like how it has a more autumn/Halloween tone with the scarecrow and the fence. As stated in previous comments the variety of skin tones and figures,(the big guy in the cemetary, and the spine ghoul in the regiment) really gives the appearence of a shambling horde.
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    I can't seem to find the reapercon BoGW. Trying to throw Remus in.
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    Doesn't look like more than 4 tags is acceptable anymore? Might want to update the OP, since it asks us to use them liberally.
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    Oh dragon painting class? I bet you did wonderful! I really like the green one in front but they all look great so you must have done well
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    Undead! One can never have enough of the living dead! They look great and I like how you mixed the unit! Awesome!
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    ...Once more out of The Box, Dear Friends.
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    I have a ribbon as well. All you to do is ask. Wearing a blue shirt with my avatar on the chest.
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    But who will fight for you in the afterlife?
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    *** Come on guys, we need to leave this place*** *** Hmmm, kinda high, YOU FIRST!***
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