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    I found myself alone at the melt table at one point. All alone. There’s the ^ pic. It happened.
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    2nd winningest smile of the batch:
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    The resident drow. Bones conversion class. Always fun! Three full tables of bones for nodding goodness. Some of the ones that I put together that are still intact. Nothing fancy. Some more of the other bones 4 minis Prepare for the cav kickstarter! September 19! CAV terrain! Figure the kittens are popular. So here's a shot of them all tired out from interacting with people. If others can attend in the future. Make sure to check out @Ludo 's hijinks corner. My attempt at paint by die. They roll a die for the color and then a die for where the paint should go. Like leather piece is marine real or metal is pink rock pink.
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    Some pictures of minis from the display cases. Jason Wiebe said the dragon turtle had been enlarged to three times the size of the one seen last ReaperCon
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    Picked this lady up after My GlaveWraiths. Love this sculpt A lot of fun to paint if a but finicky to build. Wasn't sure how the dress and Vail but I think it works as old linen rather well. Hope everyone enjoys it.
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    Man, it's been too long since I painted one of these... But here we go! In the campaign this mini is used in, he holds the place of Kriv Shieldbiter, a golden dragonborn paladin, so he got an interesting paint job to match. I'll be sealing him tomorrow, but if anyone wants to comment an idea or something that needs work, I'll be able to do some adjustments tomorrow before I do so. Apologies if the picture quality is not the best. I'm up way too late, but I tried my best. Enjoy~
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    It is a pet friendly hotel and one of the vendors brought foster cats to bring attention and some donations for a animal shelter they are feom my pictures. The last 3 are conversions husband and I did
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    I have been so busy painting other people's minis that I haven't had time to work on my own. I had started him for an RPG that never came to fruition, and he sat neglected for a long time. However, I finished him up last night and got him off the Table of Shame at last!
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    My husband and i’s conversions. his are the weapon and head swaps, mine are the bigger monsters
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    Did another figure for my Druid. A wolf spider.
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    I am eagerly awaiting a birthday card from my dad. He specifically told me to let him know when I get it, which makes me think there's something important in it. Since I bought my house privately and directly from him, it could be a "one free house payment" note. I, however, am choosing to be unrealistically optimistic and hoping that he'll just say I'm done with house payments and waive the remaining 7 years. After all, how often does one turn 30? And it would be a super amazing gift that would allow me to actually save some money and start fixing this freaking house...
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    You'll do great, Siri! I've been at Reapercon for a day and a half and I'm just so so so good right now. I really do believe the whole, "if you could choose your family, it would be the ReaperCon group" thing that I've heard so many say. <3 And I haven't even seen all of you yet! And some of y'all I've only seen for a moment, I'm sorry! Aaaand I'm still working on names.... I'll be wearing my antlers when I can (I didn't bring my bobby pins) but hopefully y'all can find me by my purple hair. Oh yeah, and purple fingers. I've been coloring my hair for a stinkin' year and never had any issues but oh, it's time to be seen by 700 people? Yes, brain, that's absolutely the time to not think and take a super hot shower. Purple everywhere.... I'll be sitting as close to the Artist Alley as they'll let me. ;) Since I don't have classes tomorrow, I gave myself some serious homework so I can get feedback while I'm here. I had some absolutely wonderful classes today and I need to get them into my brain! Anyways, come say hi and introduce yourself! I'm gonna learn names this year! My brain has been full of memory holes lately but I'm going to do my best.
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    They are modeling for Julie's "CAT DRAGON" sculpt
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    Follow up visit with the doctor about my blood pressure - no longer in the 'How are you still alive?' category, And a weird look from the doctor as she told me that I am the most self aware patient that she has ever had. Now, I get to tell Keith that the coffee isn't ready yet. (He should have let me know last night.) And Megan mocked me, lightly, for visiting the food co-op on the way home. I am, apparently 'so suburban'. The Auld Grump
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    Sue that company! There are only 11 flavors in that 12 pack! That won't do! ( Hickory Smoke makes a double appearance!)
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    A group I’m in on Facebook had an underdark challenger so I couldn’t share these until it was over, the big guy won it! I love these sculpts and I can not wait to get underdark (I’m sorry....darkreach) expansion pack when Bones 4 arrives...
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    The egregious part is that if you are going to repeat a flavor surely it should be BACON! On a pleasant note: we have a half day at work today so I am meeting a friend for an afternoon matinee movie later!
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    Right. Made it out to the fire pit. More like a coal pit, but the breeze was nice, and the company was better. ^^; Those of you who couldn't make it... we'll toast your intangible presence throughout the weekend, I'm sure. I'll fry some folks Saturday for ya.
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    The Swag/VIP/Hotel loot. We got a lot of loot this year!