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    Howdy, Stripped and re-painted... Strange Magic, Kev!
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    I have a resin master of the Bones 4 anklyosaurus so I will be trying to do as a good a paint job as I can manage on him
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    Howdy, Some ReaperCon swag action... Who's a good boy?, Kev!
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    Howdy, A Reaper fungus for your delection... Kev!
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    Howdy, Blessings upon you all this day... Kev!
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    Ain't that a flying dinosaur? Never heard that term before but my best friend and his mom both have it too. @redambrosia, congratulations and my sympathy to your husband. Yeah, the mom's got the toughest job but being on support duty isn't easy either. My youngest is a week away from one year old so dealing with pregnancy is still pretty fresh in my mind. It's worth it though. For me I love spending time with my kids. Being a parent can be the hardest but also most rewarding job possible.
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    *puts on nerd glasses technically pterodactyls are not dinosaurs, but rather flying reptiles unrelated to them :P but yes. I have clinodactylys. They fly so majestically
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    This is why I am here! Congratulations You'll feel both miserable and happier than you have ever been, both at the same time! And you will FEEL your body moving things around to make room for baby! Your feet, tummy, and ankles will HATE you, but your heart and soul will feel incredible - spouses are HIGHLY recommended to learn the sensual art of foot massage! They tell you that you will be peeing for two, but they LIE. You are going to be peeing for at least THREE people. And complete strangers will rub your belly like you are the Buddha. But it's WORTH IT! Your attentions were both highly appreciated, and horribly timed. When a woman has just offered a meal that she VERY MUCH ENJOYED up as an offering to the Porcelain Throne, she does not want somebody trying to be loving and understanding. Telling her that she is beautiful can be fatal at those moments. But your foot massages were appreciated, and had perfect timing. When I was taking self defense classes, Grump used to play Crash Test Dummy, and let women spray him with pepper spray. And then, if they didn't duck away, he would grab them and yell GOTCHA! That after spraying the thing to do is get distance from the person you just sprayed and GET AWAY. Maybe pause long enough to stomp their foot HARD. I got really good at ducking down, behind him, and kicking him on the back of the knee so his leg folded and he fell to the mat. Good times. Good times!
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    So here's the last of the trilogy I was working on, another Shadowrun figure that I finished this morning so that I could start a little vacation tomorrow without any pending figures to distract me. She's a Dennis Mize piece, female gang member with pistol from the great old Shadowrun line As with the other ones I'll eventually photograph her with the set of four figures in total she comes with, so kept her off a base and just painted the base she came with. Otherwise, the four figures with such large bases wouldn't fit in the photo. These bases in themselves are pretty large so she's pretty stable on it, even though she's kind of teetering on the back side of it. So enjoy, more miniature mayhem when I get back!
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    Thank you! Look! Shiny new signature!
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    This year I learned that you can GROW decent peppers. On the porch. In MAINE. Not many, but you get to pick them twice before the plant gives up on you. Even habaneros, which I would never have believed you can grow here. Learn something new every year. After a while, you realize the peels are the best part. Just DIFFERENT. I think more people have played KotB than all the other old adventures put together. It was the first I ever played, and I played it again last year, but I have never run it. Diary. Start it early, then keep it up. It helped me a lot when BAD things happened, and helped more when I realized that I WAS getting better again. Even if it did lead to my stalking an old grump. I don't think he even realizes it was stalking, even after I CAUGHT him.
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    Oh come on now, you were in the military, I know you've had worse.
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    Thank you so far I haven't made an offering to the porcelain throne, but I do have a very annoying combo of acid reflux + nausea + hunger. I can keep it mostly at bay by eating snacks or small meals... so far so good. Organizing and stuff can be very relaxing. Hehe, awesome. A nerdy extended family Tonks is adorable! How dare they say she's not! Please tell my hubby that! When I thought this was just bad pms, I got a bunch of chocolate and now he's threatening to eat it, because I shouldn't have sugar Thank you everyone for the congratulations and well wishes
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    Can’t see it. Mobile gadget does not show them. @Doug Sundseth is there somewhere to switch them on...Did I turn them off somehow/where? @buglips*the*goblin will eat TacoBell items, ravenously, ......so yeah, maybe not.
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    I’m not even sure that counts as food.
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    As if I didn’t have enough to do, I started playing around with the design systems on the Hero Forge web site. I finally ended up ordering a couple of figures to see how they looked when done. I’ve been reading the various Bordertown books lately, so ended up drifting into some urban fantasy territory here. It’s a little unfortunate that their system doesn’t have a playing pose, given the availability of the violin and bow. I do seem to accumulate musicians, though... The necromantic spell effect wasn’t my first choice, but it looked like the safest from a structural integrity view, so I went with it. Both of these were done in the higher grade plastic, and I was pleased to see that the layer lines were pretty much invisible after painting.
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    *laughs nervously* Sounds like all of you enjoyed painting one... I've already a thought that I might wind up doing the 7 day challenge for the first one (even if now that I have a sense of it's scale, it's definitely one of the "and why am I contemplating this again?"), and then a second one gets "full on" attention... Or something. Pez, you seem really REALLY excited by the prospect of a newbie to a 7day challenge attempting such a challenge... I do have one slight benefit though, or so I'm thinking that in my head..... I tend to normally paint with a size 0 brush. Arguably that's got to help in some way :P
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    And you're surprised? You really REALLY shouldn't be. I expect great things from her. DtY's ferrets are not the biting kind, but they do like to hide in your purse, bookbag, groceries. Anywhere they can fit, and think they won't be noticed. We are always careful about furry hitchhikers when we visit them. Stuffed baked potato skins. Stuffed FRIED potato skins. Potatoes spiced up and stuffed into peppers, then smothered in cheese. Grump does THINGS to potatoes. Deliciously bad for you things. Then leaves them for Mum and me, because HE is on a diet. Sometimes I think he is Italian, not Irish, and can't stand having a skinny wife. Adulting is rubbish until you are adult enough to realize that you don't have to adult all the time.
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    So uhm, which one? You had like a dozen going at once....