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    I have 13 dwarves from bones 3. I decided that I should paint them as a clan. then the Colorado painters (CMPA) did a three color challenge. I rolled golden yellow, winter blue and leather brown. after I painted the first one (Hagar with 2 axes) I thought why not stick with it? thus the golddigger clan was born. after the first, I used other colors but stayed with the theme. 13 is an unlucky number, I should probably add a halfling burglar. 77482 Hagar, twin axes 77482 dwarf brewer 77479: Klaus Copperthumb 77569 dwarf Jester 77413 dwarf female shaman argh her hair is a little blotchier than I wanted, let's add a wash.
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    Hi! I'm Marineal! It's been a while!!!! I used to post here rather frequently, but Life happened. So, after a year of no painting, and 2 years of 'not really' painting, I'm back!!! We had a baby (he's 9 months old now), we moved (boxes everywhere!!!), and I quit my job. So it's been a busy year, with a TON of excitement! But anyways, onto the mini!! This is the bones version of Corim ( couldn't find the correct SKU, sorry!!!). And he is missing his nose. Tragic accident, you understand. Since the move, all I have unpacked is my paints, a few minis, and my brushes. So, you will see mold lines and a nose in dire need of repair. These are things I will fix in future posts, when I find all my stuff. I hope you enjoy him! I really had a blast painting him last night. I do a lot of my painting in bursts during nap time, so this guy was done in about 3 hours yesterday. I'm all about getting back to where I was, and getting better from there, so I'm very open to C&C. You can also check out my blog post at pimpmypewter.com/2018/09/27/why-hello-there/ . I'm planning on updating in both places in the future as well. Historically, I do longer, more in depth posts there than I do here. Paint bottle pic for scale... I can't find my Sir Forscale either. -marineal
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    Way back in May, I finished a Lava/Magma elemental that I teased as being a practice piece for something larger. It’s been longer than planned, but I’ve completed him, and I’m 99% happy with the results. I introduce the fearsome Marty the Lava Dragon. And one last one with his little buddy for comparison. There are definite differences in how the lava effect played out on the sculpts. I like them both for what they are. Colors used: P3 Heartfire, Magma Red, Walnut Brown, and P3 Coal Black (barely there in the very blackest areas). Technically, I also used Pure White as a base coat and later a couple times when I messed it up badly enough that I had to start over.
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    The old Winterthorn Estate has long been abandoned. Yet rumors persist that the grounds are haunted, and that the last of the Winterthorns, Countess Adrasteia, still lives on. Who knows what lurks in the gloom beneath Castle Winterthorn? Starting October 1 through October 31, you can get this FREE "Adrasteia Winterthorn, Vampiress" with your qualifying order! For more details, please visit reapermini.com! Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, painted by Josh Davis! http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/07010
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    Received the replacement 2018 triad today! Only took 9 days to get here which is pretty quick, All things considered. Thanks Reaper!
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    As happens from time to time I went looking for a sale. Rather than minis though, I was looking for games. Playing Village Attacks made me realize how few games I have just lying around so I decided to work on that - just not at retail prices. At one time I was picking up a new gaming book to read every month but that kind of ended with my old gaming group. So I picked up something to read as well. In the end the box that arrived weighed 37lbs. AEG Black Box 2016 - I guess when these are issued you don't know what's in them, but by now everybody knows it's a card game called Phase. The box has a huge dent in it but everything else in my package looks fine so I wonder if it didn't happen prior to shipping. Anyways, a card game without having to worry about the CCG side of things. The Dark Crystal - I have a coworker that I believe will get a kick out of this, so I got it as an early present. The coworkers aren't worth full price, but $10 is fine for an office gift. B-Sieged (Core Game) - A CMON game; I'm not sure what kind of sign I should take the deep discount as. But I like castle defense so I'll give it a try. Of course I don't get the KS exclusives they throw in, but I didn't pay for them either. Primeval Thule Campaign Setting Game Sys: 13th Age Roleplaying (HC) - The first of my reading material. I didn't go in for the KS and didn't read any reviews so we'll see if this is money well spent. Zombie 15' - It seems like a bit of a gimmick but I'll give it a try. Doomtown Reloaded ECG: Core Game - Another potential gift, but maybe not. If not it is mine. Drakerys: Sceneries Set A Accessory Box - I did not get any accessories when I backed the KS, but I don't really have much tabletop wargaming scenery either. Now I have a bit more Infinity (#710): JSA Sectorial Army Pack - I never play Infinity but I like the minis. It looks like the pack comes with an "exclusive," which seems to be the usual practice. Pathfinder RPG: (Flip-Mat) Sunken City - Someday I may need such mats again. Polaris RPG: Core Rulebooks, 2-Book Set - A French RPG translated into English. I guess it's from the people who take care of Piazo's French distribution so Piazo is selling the English edition of their game. It was up for some Ennies last year so there should be something worthwhile here. More reading material. Warlord: Guardian Beast - OK, I got some mins. Warlord: Skadi, Goddess Of The Dwarves
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    I stole some spell effects from a nolzurs beholder who didn’t need this one. Pretty proud of this guy!
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    My partner this time around was Clearman. He requested a heroic character painted heroically, and nothing says heroic quite like the word "Hellknight." Of course, I haven't actually played the adventure(s) that Pathfinder Hellknights appear in so maybe they are cuddly people. We'll say she just finished up a heroic day of undead slaying. Metals are TMM, which my camera hates, but I think I managed to get a few decent shots. For something different I painted the base using pigments rather than hobby paints. I used the wet method of applying them and the color shift is huge, so I wasn't sure how they would come out until they dried. Of course you can be intentionally sloppy because any pigments on the mini's boots just help "tie the figure to its base." I freehanded some wood grain onto the shaft of the weapon just to add some interest to the boring space.
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    "...The wyvern is not a true dragon, having no forelegs, only wings and powerful hindquarters that it uses to launch itself into flight. While it has no fiery or poisonous breath, it has a particularly long tail upon which it can balance itself, ending in a barb which contains a deadly venom. Woe to any who feel the wyvern's sting, for they seldom recover from such an attack...." - From The Codex Draconis "The rock wyvern makes its home in arid stony places, particularly mountain heights, where it basks on ledges in the sun. Its natural coloring aids in disguising itself from prey or unwary adventurers." - Phineas the Elder
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    This is an ork Deffdread - basically an armoured type mech piloted by a grot (or three? always was fuzzy on the number). His base is still WIP but he's done enough to show off his paint job =D HE JUST WANTS HUGS!!!
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    Howdy, More Board Game goodness... Kev!
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    Howdy, Board Game goodness... Kev!
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    Nelly - Continued (Sept 27th-28th) The next steps were working on the skin on her arms and feet, blocking in the colors of her shoes/sandals, and working in the colors and shading of her sword. I also blocked in the colors of the knife tucked in her apron. For the great sword, I wanted to go for a more "worn" look than the previous ones, like it was stashed in some dingy corner of the bar - so I added a bit more shading and less shine than the other instances. The next steps will be working on the white sleeves of the shirt, and finishing up her footwear.
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    Here are a few icons for KS backers to use as they see fit...
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    Howdy, Some adventurers just aren't cut out for this... Kev!
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    Finally finished her up after being sick for a few days. I loved painting this one! It was great fun, even with my frustration at my lack of freehand skills. Practice makes perfect, though, and if I want to get better, I've got to keep going for it!
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    Right, I hemmed and hawed over the best way to show these off, and sadly, ultimately decided on linking to an external album, rather than uploading 70 some odd photos to Reaper's servers. I've shown off several of these minis/units before over time, but I just got a new phone with a way nicer camera and I thought it would be nice to get the whole thing documented. I'm nowhere near done, I have always enjoyed painting the Undead and will likely continue to add to it forever, but here it is in it's current state. It's based for Kings of War, includes tons of Reaper, Mantic, GW, and a few other manufacturer's in small quantities as well. Enough talk, here's the album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CrTmoTDLmJte6agt9 And here's a sample excerpt: It's about 5 years +/- in the making but includes some minis from my previous war gaming days as well, I think all were repainted though. EDIT: Apologies, some of the models are dustier than I realized. Next time I get shots I'll dust first. There's even a small cobweb on one, but that kinda looks awesome. The dust not so much. Thanks for looking!
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    Pizza has been ordered and now to decide what to binge. A night out was too much for today.
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    We used to, but now that the kids aren't really 'kids' anymore, we've kinda fallen out of the habit. That, and the last time I did up the house/yard for Halloween, I got in trouble; it was too scary.
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    Well I pushed the button to roll out this morning. It should be live any time now in the Play store. It includes all the new Reaper paints, Green Stuff World, Liquitex. It adds support for explicit color distances in Color Tools and the megaFilter feature. The megaFilter allows you to turn off manufacturer subclasses so they don't show up in Library or Color Tools. This should address a lot of the concerns people had with things like "I don't ever use Air paints", or "I can't match against metallics". Well now you can have only the the parts you want to see! As always if you see anything funky, please do let us know so we can fix them. Cheers, y'all.
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    That sounds like South Park
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    Thanks! The back left corner is Mantic, the others are all Reaper. Back center is metal, all others are Bones.