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    Hey! Me again! I am in a mood to paint the little people, apparently. I hope y'all enjoy my little guy. Unfortunately, I still don't have my basing mats or tools... So there will be mold lines and broccoli bases! Enjoy! C&c always welcome and appreciated!
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    Some of this month's (sept) work. Will probably post separate pictures of each when I can get around to them.
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    They say every army needs it's centerpiece, it's keystone... It's.... Leader. Many have glorious names, that warriors will flock to battle under, to defend some sort of principle, moral code, or... Other stuff. Not this one. Nope, not him, a warlord who doesn't even bother with a name. Some say his name was lost to the ages, others say that anyone who dares utter his name winds up meeting an untimely fate. All that is known, is that the murderous mutant rats under his command are some of the most bloodthirsty out there, and they all speak with a hushed reverence for some critter that's simply known as "Steve", most without realizing Steve is the impaled skull on the warlord's shoulder... Two things are well known though... He, and his forces are typically only known by their actions, namely that any town or outpost that they attack, there are no survivors left behind, and an absolutely bloody amount of carnage is left in his wake.. ^Originally tried to just use the box art behind him, and keep things relatively tidy, but I was having trouble with my mobile phone's camera hunting for focus, and so after a few attempts I wound up switching to a plain white sheet of paper. Putting these two up though because a)I like them, and b)the colours turned out fairly close to how the mini is in the real world, at least to my eyes. This is the first character mini for my "Unrelenting Tide" Skaven army... Comprised of a combination of the 25th Anniversary Warhammer Fantasy Battles Skaven boxed army set and the Island of Blood miniatures, this is the first miniature I've tried to go further than just tabletop with, and saw what I'll describe as mixed results. While I did want to try certain techniques such as OSL, I decided as I was going on to simply work on basics such as lining. Now yes, I could have gone a few more layers on the flames, and especially his lower half, I wound up calling him "done" due to a few things, but mostly because I'd repainted certain parts three or four times and it was getting to the point where I just wanted him finished. Oddly enough, thanks to some things on him and other minis I'm still working on, I was able to come up with a colour scheme that seemed to just... "click" and work for him.
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    Most of you have heard me talk about the paint and take that my husband and I run for our local convention. It is sponsored by the local high school game club and held in the gym. Thanks to donations from local gamers, and people at Reapercon we are able to offer this event completely free to the kids (and their parents) who attend. Here are some photos of the many figures that were painted this weekend. As you can see the little dragons and fairies, and mouslings are very popular with the kids. We had a greater number of kids this year for which this was their first time at a game con, and their first time painting a mini.
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    Never go to pet shops. Their practices are totally unethical. Last thing you want is to end up with an inbread dog.
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    I shared a link recently to a blog post I wrote about understanding the feedback 'needs more contrast'. A common response that I've gotten to that is the feeling that high contrast is not realistic so what is a person who wants to paint in a realistic style supposed to do? So I thought I'd talk more about WHY so many instructors and painters emphasize increased contrast so much, and why painting with more contrast might be more realistic than you might think. https://birdwithabrush.com/2018/10/01/contrast-versus-realism/
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    If you've gotten this far, thanks for looking. We had a god time, the kids had a good time. We're grateful for the donations that keep this going.
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    Woooooooooo! *runs into the thread and does a victory lap* I got MrBoot's computer full functioning again! Once I was able to actually get Windows to load, it only took about 20 minutes to find the video drivers, remove them completely, install the most recent versions (which caused the same issues to reoccur) uninstall them again, then install the previous version. Super easy compared to yesterday! So, it looks like something with the most recent driver update was the root cause of the original problem. Apparently, all MrBoot did to cause stuff to start going wrong was try to update the drivers, which is usually a trivially quick and simple thing to do. I know either my brother or brother-in-law (both programmers) would have probably figured it all out much faster and with far less frustration than I did, but I'm glad I didn't ask in this case. I always feel awesome when I'm able to figure out and solve a gnarly problem on my own. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    These are a couple figures I picked up at the factory while at Reapercon this year. I painted them over the last week or so; lots of browns and greys. I couldn't manage to get a decent picture, but their eyes are glowing green, too. I hope you like them.
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    Working on my Watchman
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    This is the culmination of a few weeks of gluing junk together to make a mini that I can't find on my budget--a miniature one-person submersible bot/undersea mecha. I had a drawer full of junk, a ping-pong ball, and a brass plumbing gasket, and it clicked. BEHOLD!! It's almost all found objects with a touch of greenstuff. I bought about $5 worth of hardware for it. Best part? The hips and the shoulders swivel! Or can be removed, or swapped! Hooray magnets and keps nuts! Here we see it with a trio of intrepid aquanauts, Reaper's own Nemo and Diver, and Bombshell's Vivian Gale. Finally, we can meet the Deep Ones on their own turf!
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    Here's another fearless deep-sea explorer, Bombshell's Vivian Gale! I probably could have given her better eyes, but it'll do for now. Blue reindeer moss is great for undersea coral.
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    With the finished lamp my wife helped me build, the gaming area is officially done.
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    I painted these Heresy Miniatures Maggotmen to use them as worm nagas in my Pathfinder Age of Worms campaign.
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    A quick Saturday project, a Mage Knight repaint. Ready to annoy many adventurers!
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    Oct 1: What is your favorite soup? (or top 3 if you are a soupiphile like me and cannot choose) (based on a question by Inarah)
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    I seem to recall @buglips*the*goblin mentioning moldy paint (seriously, not as a joke). Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I relish seeing the bread that will be required to duplicate the picture when the puppy becomes a full grown pooch. GEM
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    This a Bones elf ranger that I started painting a while back and decided to finish just to be done with him. Done to a tabletop standard. Thanks for looking.
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    bites Monday’s leg for @Glitterwolf Blood drive at work today. We’ll see how that goes.
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    Yup, I've seen it myself. I opened a pot that I got in a bundle from a garage sale and it had a mold spot on it. It was also mostly dried out, so I just tossed it.
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    I seem to recall @buglips*the*goblin mentioning moldy paint (seriously, not as a joke). Huzzah!  --OneBoot :D  According to interwebs, acrylic paints can become moldy. Specifically, some binding agents can cause mold. From what I found, if the mold is just on the top of the paint you can remove it and continue to use the paint. If the paint is stinky that means it's developed bacteria, and there's conflicting information about continuing to use stinky paint.
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    Sir Cyr and I got bicycles. I got a used bike, $70 for the bike (was on a 50% off sale), and ~$100 for the basic accessories. He got a moderate new bike, and is going to start biking to work. I think I need to get used to biking in general first - that, and it is uphill to campus, ack! But I could put the bike on the bus going there, and ride back.
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    Okay, mental note: don't try and hastily assemble TEN murderous rat things in one go, space it out five at a time with breaks. But man do I ever want to get these guys assembled today, and then do some greenstuff work on other minis after... So many small fiddly parts!