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    It happens with pit bulls a good deal People are told that pitties are vicious, so they buy one in the hopes of having a slavering beast. (Most that I have met can be better described as hyperactive, not vicious.) The last time we had a pit bull as a neighbor (actually a Staffordshire Terrier) she managed to get in through our bedroom window. On the second floor. And we didn't have a porch. Ground->trashcan->1st floor roof->window->floor, then curled up and went to sleep. Our cats were not happy - but she didn't chase them, just broke in and took a nap. She later had her picture in the paper, having managed to get on the roof of the building. (I guess nobody told her that dogs can't climb.) This new pittie is a sweetheart, but scared of a lot of things - I am worried that somebody might frighten her enough that she bits, which would be bad - she's a sweetie, just really, really scared. But I have hopes - her first response to a strange dog was to try to hide behind her new alpha person. She was shaking. The Auld Grump
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    Coffee, which I maintain is a bean-based broth. Also: chicken noodle.
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    make your own spells. put them in a book.
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    My mom's adopted pitbull is a sweetheart and also climbs - she's all front end strength and can pull herself up. She will go after small non-dog critters left to her own devices. To people? Total snugglebutt. An 80lbs snugglebutt. That was a bit problematic when she bounced into my lap and put all 80lbs on one paw on my arm while falling. Not jumping, just a bounce (I was encouraging her). Had a huge bruise that lasted weeks, to the point where people asked if I'd been beaten. Months later and the skin is still faintly discolored. Dog got her snuggles and her belly rubs. 10/10 would pet again. She tries to be polite but sometimes doesn't understand.
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    I can help with that... Almost anything is possible if I put my mind to it hard enough.
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    I do believe dm's guild has spellsheets on there. I've got the cards. They are nice to have but since I've gotten Beyond & my Chromebook, I've yet to use them. Problem with HL is its srd & community based when it comes to updates. It'll work as I've used it the past couple of years for my Rcon games. After seeing some options not in either, I switched to Beyond. Official & it makes my 5e gaming easier to run. HL will still get use for Pf (whether it's 1st or 2nd). Great program.
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    Ahhhh, my childhood heroes. Still kind of are.... With cookie monster a very close second.
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    I know it does, and it's a shame. Doesn't change my feelings towards those people, though.
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    Mithrandir, or Mith for short, easy. Ooh, or Mithril...
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    Well, that depends: are you donating, or 'helping' others to donate? People like that need to REDACTED DUE TO LARGE AMOUNTS OF PROFANE VOCABULARY INTERSPERSED WITH UNNECESSARILY VIVID AND DISTURBING DESCRIPTIONS OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE SOME OF WHICH MIGHT NOT EVEN BE ENTIRELY POSSIBLE. I'm glad to hear she has a better person now, though. Good luck!
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    This sweet girl was abandoned and had kittens at some point over the summer. I caught her going through the trash looking for food and have been providing kibble and water. Last month, just before R'con she brought her babies to our back door. When they are not on the deck they are in the woods behind our house, living wild. Anyway, she is going in tomorrow for a spay with our favorite vet, and I need to come up with something of a name more fitting than "baby mamma" to go in the records. Any suggestions? I am fresh out of ideas. We named the female tuxedo kitten "Sugar Boots", for her white paws, when she got spayed last week. One more kitten, a dark mackerel striped tabby, probably a girl, needs a name too.
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    We had a pack of 4 pit bulls living at the house adjacent to our gang mailbox for a couple years. These were love puppies who would come up to the fence, wagging from ears to tail in the hope of a pat on the head or a rub behind the ears. I would always take a minute to talk to them, eagerly lined up with their paws on top of the 3 foot high chain link fence separating their yard from the public street, and give them a little attention as part of the routine of getting the mail. GEM Or if you are willing to break some bones as part of the process. GEM
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    Any time you feel like popping the zit, watch this instead - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Kn1pNIlq8 The Auld Grump
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    I've got nothing, but thank you for taking care of them.
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    Misty same atmospheric reasons as Talespinner but she looks more peaceable[?] to me. The mackeral kitten could be Mackie that could work for either gender.
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    Stormy, as she looks like a storm cloud. Beautiful coat on her.
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    Looks silvery in these photos. How about Pewter?
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    I started a kinda weird challenge today: I'm going to try to not squish pimples for a whole week. I go more than a bit beyond just getting rid of zits that are obvious, or easy to remove. I go for them large or small, ripe or unripe, even when I know I'm doing more harm than good. Yeah, some gotta go, but most... it is just taking out aggression or frustration on my own face. If there is a mirror, I'll spend a while tearing at them. I've gone so far as to use my fingernails to tear into small blackheads and end up bleeding from it, and keeping a pin around to get at deep ones. Not good. Today is Day 1. I am allowed to wash my face, use whatever lotions and scrubs, but no squishing. If I make it a week, I get to go to a spa where a professional can get rid of whatever appears. I probably haven't gone a day without doing this for years (less so during camping trips without a mirror, but even then sometimes). I'm sure I'll end up looking worse for a while until my skin gets used to not being abused, but the habit has to stop. *grumbles*
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    I love that we've gone through 2.5 pages discussing soup!!! Myself, I'm partial to Ramen soup.
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    Hi guys, so I'm slowly working my way through some Shadowrun figures, and here is my latest one. This is number three of a set of four Street Mages, one more left to go on the set. Tried to use pretty much just greys, blues and purples, didn't want too much contrast! So anyhoos, not too much metal on this figure, which was kind of nice. Next one hopefully in a few days to complete the set!
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    I'm a sucker for big stompy robots, and the current (third?) kickstarter looks pretty darn cool. Are there any good reviews out there that give a nice summary for the game? I also have a few quick questions: Does it use a hex grid, or rulers? I don't see any infantry in this KS, or previous ones (just looked quickly though), how often do you use infantry in your games? What's their battlefield role? The vehicles also look super cool. How often do you see them on the battlefield, and do they have their own cards too (ie, become weaker as they take damage)? Related to that: does every figure on the board get a card, or just the big stompy robots? How are vehicles, aircraft, troops, etc. treated in the game? What's the initiative deck for, in the starter set? How many factions are there? I'm thinking of backing the $100 pledge, but really just want figures for two factions. It looks like the current KS base pledge is just for two factions (that's good IMO!) Thanks in advance!
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    Puts down someone else's barge pole and backs away slowly...
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    What a gorgeous wee thing- and smart too, she obviously knows how to find a good person to rely on "Kiri" is Japanese for fog/mist. Y'know, like the line from that poem- "The fog comes in on little cat feet"
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    @Kuroneko - seen some of her stuff. It is fascinating LOL.
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    Per my Khornate Chaplain’s text the correct answer is both. Khorne cares not from where the blood flows.
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    I got a barrel... Now I gotta make another batch
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    Um....the basic pledge comes with free North American shipping....I wonder which is the actual case..... Anywho, I could possibly see getting one or two for use as photo backdrops.
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    Thank you maam. i will now commence with the throwing of money at reaper
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    If the tabby is a girl, Tabitha.
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    Soup! Not my own: Panera's Broccoli Cheddar in a sourdough bread bowl. Mine, made at home: butternut squash and pumpkin, or leek and potato.
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    Its just not econimically feasible to do this in Canada apparently 15$ for 1 set of shelves including shipping? Double that if I want books for it? Just not good value.
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    If she isn't a large cat, one step further with our nerdery... Minnie. Mini. HAH.
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    Meanwhile, in upstate New York
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    Hey, in Russia it may already be snowing buckets for making snowmen
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    I like how you paid attention to details and even painted the ungual crest. You did a wonderful job. In my case one of the monsters my gaming mate feared to most is the Ghouls. The description I made of the creature, with their long sharp claws and zombie appearance, really made them nervous to fight these undead. I didn't take any pictures of the models yet. It was very humid the day I sealed them, and the varnish made a whitish fume. I need to rework the paint before I take pictures.
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    May you have the bestest birthday day ever. GEM
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    I think it looks great, my eye read the base as tarmac on first glance so it cant be that bad! I do sympathise with you about buying all the basing material though- I seem to buy more sand, cork and static grass than I do minis :D
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    New England Clam Chowder. Hard for me to not order it when I see it on the menu.
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    Gollum said, “Gollum, Gollum, Gollum.”
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    Yes, All Your Base are Belong to Me! ;-) Not to worry - I put lots of other goodies in. I practically had to sit on the box to get it closed enough to tape up! And I promise to put those bases to good use and post pictures.
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    There's a few places downtown here, but their prices are rather trendy and they cater more to the bar scene than family dining. I have trouble paying $$ for a bowl of noodles, when I see the price of ingredients (even fresh frozen handmade noodles) at the asian grocery store.
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    GF box on it's way to Goddesstio. You should receive it Wednesday.
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    I thought it has a '50s Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers vibe to it. I really like how it turned out for a out of the box look.
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    The Charger is a really intriguing design. Sort of like the weaponized hover police cars in The Fifth Element.
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    Once I have a new house with a dedicated game room and table, I can think about investing in something like this..
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