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    I want to start a separate paint group, a miniatures gaming group AND a model rocketry group at the school, too. However all of the above have to have a faculty sponsor and I have limited time off I can take in the afternoons when most school clubs/activities meet. Right now, the D&D group gets an hour and 45 minute session every two weeks because that's overlap of what our faculty sponsor can do for us and that's all the time I can take off. PC generation and character leveling already take up too much of that time, so I'm not going to add mini painting to that right now, even if several kids have expressed interest. But we've only lived here a year and a half, and because I work from home, it's a little slower for me to build up a network of contacts in the community. As time goes on, I'm sure I'll expand that network. I'd like to build up a group that meets at my home, too - but I want that to be primarily adults. Even though I would have no problem having a select group of these kids over to my house weekly for a more in depth campaign, current social climate says that's a bad idea, especially considering the gender split in the group is pretty even. Not so well known guy moves into town and starts inviting teenagers over to his house? Yeah, no. Right now there are a couple of the kids whose parents have expressed interest, so my current thought is to try and build a family campaign with those kids and their parents. My wife just started working as a bus driver for the schools, so our network is finally starting to expand.
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    @malefactus sent me some old Games Workshop plastic night goblins, and instead of putting them together properly I decided to stick the heads on the bodies of some Frostgrave plastic gnolls. There's another one but he's badly unbalanced (in more ways than one) and keeps falling over.
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    I think I may stick this on Megan's GM screen while she isn't looking.... The Auld Grump - you had to have been there....
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    My wife is quite happy with @TaleSpinner right now, thanks to his quest/challenge for us. This is my painting area before (on Friday night): And after (as of now, after spending all day cleaning/organizing instead of painting:
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    It's finally fall. The apartment building has turned off the AC. Partner has brought out the knee high socks. I have my extra sleeves (cute arm warmers). And my orchid in the window has decided now is the time to bloom. This plant gives no elfs, I swear it.
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    Ran into some WOOF propaganda on Facebook - The Auld Grump Not exactly.... *EDIT* Spoilered, because... uhm, yeah... The Auld Grump
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    Today was my 8 yr old daughter's first time making something with polymer clay. I got her set up, gave her tools and showed her briefly how to condition the clay and mix colors. I then went to paint minis. I checked on her a couple times, and she had done simple things like coil snails. When she finally told me she was done, I found this:
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    Actually, the easiest way is to get a tiny straw of some sort (such as from a compressed air can), use it as a pipette to pick up a couple drops of paint and place them in the mouth, then blow through it to move the paint around where it needs to go...
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    Hey, I've been waiting over 26 years now. Looks promising but it's hard to know when you've got a final result. Probably not until I stop paying for his phone.
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    Man, I am so jealous of y'all with neat paint racks.
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    Oh, also posters tend to be way bigger than we expect. They need to be, to be visible. You know that famous Toulouse-Lautrec poster of the man with the scarf, the one Tom Baker allegedly based his Doctor Who costume on? 54 inches high, almost five feet tall, and a meter wide. And I've seen even bigger old French posters, gigantic in the original. Unless you're doing posters from punk bands that were limited to the size of 8.5x11 inch photocopies, posters are gonna be big.
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    In theory 28mm scale figures are alleged to be more or less 1/48, but as you've discovered things are complicated. Old school minis, 25mm scale, were supposed to be about 1/64, and farm toys at that scale still look pretty good next to them. The toy cars I use with minis are 1/48 scale because 1/64 Matchbox-style cars just look too small to me. Honestly, I would just take a figure and fiddle with newspaper scales until I got something that looked more or less "right" next to it, remembering that newspapers irl come in lots of different sizes from small tabloids to quite large broadsheets.
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    Look for Microbrush name for ones related to hobbies. I use them all the time but mainly for glueing.
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    How I initially read that. Will now contemplate your new Ark project.
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    Yeah, Amazon can be a dangerous place. ...To whatever you're trying to find. For some reason, their algorithms keep trying to get me to buy stuff that I'd have no use for, or aren't anywhere near what I'm searching for.
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    Fell down an Amazon hole. Added many more things to painting wishlist. I need more monies and space for ALL THE THINGS!
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    Whew. Almost missed posting on the page of the Beast. looks around So did James McAvoy already leave?
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    Don't know why this didn't quote in my last post but looks like you can get 400 from Amazon for about $10USD. I wasn't fast enough. ETA: It also looks like you can get them on various sizes. The one I looked at and liked the most had 400 in an order with 4 sizes. Reviews say they are good for modelling which most others did not mention. Only $15usd.
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    I didn't consider this when I got mine. I haven't even opened it yet... So will be following this for ideas.
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    You could use Dental Microbrushes... They're designed to be bent so that they can get into awkward spots. (They're just bendable plastic with a very small cotton ball at the end.) Micro Mark used to sell them, but I can't find them there any more. I guess you'll have to buy them cheaper on eBay now.
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    Something I came up with during the first fingerpainting challenge... Blowing paint around without the straw was a bit messy, lol.
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    <helpfully writes "Do Not Cut Above This Line" on the otter's forehead>
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    Cool storage racks! Are those a Thing, or something you came up with?
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    There is a rather good Swedish computer game titled A Machine for Pigs... I will let your mind dwell on what it may be about. The Auld Grump
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    That'd require ALL THE SPACE. I don't know where I'd acquire that.
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    ...obligatory quasi-dark numerological reference... Anvil: 666 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IwKgy-4h8g&start_radio=1&list=RD1IwKgy-4h8g Berfore this post, I can't recall ever listening to this song.
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    You're right, and I think I'm overthinking the problem. As long as it doesn't look too big or small it'll be OK. I hadn't even thought of that. Good point, and thanks for the advice :-)
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    I tried with an 11x17 paper and it looked way too tall, so then I tried with British tabloid (A3) and it looked too wide :-) I'm going to try the Berliner size next. I'll keep playing until I get something that works.
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    Short answer. It’s hit or miss. Trial by error. Go with what looks good with the minis you are using for that particular project. Longer answer. The problem is there’s no standard to miniature gaming. One companies 28mm could actually be much closer to 32mm. Plus differences in sculpting styles, heroic vs realistic, etc. make a difference in how big the figures look on the gaming table. Then there’s the fact that miniature hobbyists tend to collect their minis, terrain, buildings, vehicles, etc from a variety of sources beyond miniature and gaming companies such as toy companies, hobby train manufacturers, souvenirs... you get the idea.
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    Thanks. @WhiteWulfe posted my WIP thread link already, so I won't repeat it. I should have my files and write up for building them posted to thingiverse in a couple weeks or so.
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    ...and with the Terrain Crate, they already had dungeon furniture from Dungeon Saga, so hopefully knew what they were doing. With Walking Dead, their miniatures turned out fine (better than Craptozoic's Walking Blobs), but I don't like their chunky designs. The additional mini-expansions made the game unnecessarily expensive. I figure their delivery on Vanguard will be another test, but I have enough skirmish games. Just picked up Frostgrave on sale for a dollar! Still have two battle boxes of KoW from Mantic plus a Warpath box. I'm good.
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    Ditto on the washers. I had some "dreggs" that I tried kitbashing (out of some Warhammer 40K Kroots) that were in frustratingly dynamic way-over-the-center-of-gravity poses, very prone to falling over at the slightest encouragement, but putting them on some metal washers helped immensely. Of course, it helped that my minis were mostly plastic and epoxy -- with a little wire for pinning -- so that meant that the overhanging portions were much lighter than if they had been PEWTER ... but the figures above look to be plastic as well, so I'd hope the same benefit applies. Also, the extreme caricatures of the Night Goblin heads plus the relatively more sedate proportions of the gnoll bodies (albeit very beastly with those digitigrade legs) make for some fascinatingly disturbing models. I could really envision using models such as these for a more sinister sort of "Grimm Fairy Tales" branch of fantasy gaming where none of the players gets to peek through the Monster Manual or the DMG, there's a lot more mystery to the Dark Forest, and even "mere" goblins are something quite sinister and loathsome, even for more experienced adventurers. Toward that end, I'd be inclined to paint them up in more muted colors -- probably under-painted in brown tones -- rather than the high-contrast, bright and garish colors I've come to associate with Warhammer Fantasy Battle. ... but regardless, I'm very curious to see what your take on them will be! :) I look forward to more progress pictures!
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    May not get this done today but will work on it this week. Will be sure to post photos when done though!
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    It's a rather creative one, I agree! Even better, @kristof65 did a thread on how they built it! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81322-kristof65s-new-paintinggaming-area/
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    I find fender washers (the kind of washer with extra small holes) make good bases to give a little weight and solidity to off-balance figures. If epoxied on a scrap of parchment paper, the epoxy fills the hole and the paper peels right off when it's dry.
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    Might as well do a mid month update too because I've actually accomplished a fair bit. Basic castle is finished but I still want to make some ruined pieces and maybe stairs to get from the courtyard to the walls. Finished the dragon last night. Made a siege tower and am working on a covered battering ram. Lots of little things to make before I'm ready for my big castle assault. Painted a barbarian to test out the Bronzed Flesh triad and a female wraith that's been laying around half painted for months. Wow goals 100% accomplished. Still got lots to work on though.
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    Just got an email saying he is shipping the ones he has, which is all but 4, since he had gotten a shipment in. He will ship the last four later. We are ok with that as long as we don't have to pay extra shipping.
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    US broadsheets are around 2' x 2.5'. People often read them folded, so we don't necessarily think of them being as large as they are. Miniatures from most companies (including Reaper) are strangely proportioned, with ratio of head to body much higher than that of most people. This makes scaling other things odd. A 30mm miniature of a 6' tall human, assuming standard proportions, would be a bit smaller than 1:60. 1:48 would be much too large. But because the heads of many miniature figures are about 30% too large, 1:48 can look right for some things.
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    I asked on Bookface and the creator confirmed they will be sold individually as well Live https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juegorama/the-adventurers-high-quality-fantasy-resin-miniatu?ref=discovery
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    I found my Sir Forscale! The backgrounds by hangar 18 and the dslr help with the photography. Lol. But they're great sculpts. I definitely recommend them. Almost no flashing or mold lines, clean sculpt, and great big eyes to play with!
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    Those are UBERCOOL conversions. The heads go WONDERFULLY with the bodies. GREAT START! I usually remove the attached base as best I can & pin the minis to a sceniced base.
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    I am still in at the dropship level +, since the kids will like the tshirt. I would really like some of the wheeld vehicles. Oh well, maybe next KS.
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    I’ve backed a number of Mantics Kickstarters and while some have had lengthy delays, and changes made from what had been promised in the kickstarter... I’ve never not received something from a kickstarter of theirs I’ve backed. Although I’ve occasional been disappointed by the quality of some of the final product, I’ve also been very pleased and even surprised by others. And that’s the frustrating thing with Mantic. Not knowing which Mantic is going to show up.
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    Thing is I already went through the order process, because I chose everything I wanted from the Nickstarter. I later went through their whole selection and well, those cultists ... I'll message them, if they do order fusions, it's great, if not, it'll spare my wallet some damage.
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    Posted a thread over on theminiaturepage hopeful it might add a bit more traffic Nice to see some forward momentum again now the Autumn & winter approaches I'll be starting another new painting thread as I paint another themed Cav force from my previous KS, probably an Adon force, still deciding on colour schemes that I'll be using for each force. And continuing the 10mm City buildings thread with more buildings that will be added.
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    That is so adorable! :D And the colors are so vivid and amazing. Really, it's hard to believe that those are around 25mm scale or so.
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    Woo! Happy Leveling-up day! May it be awesome.
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