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    Hello all, i'm new to the forum and, first of all, I have to apologize for my bad English, not my mother tongue Used to paint minies around 20 years ago, had to stop for lack of time... Now I made the decision to start again, hoping i did not forgot how to paint So, I've just bought a bouch of paints, some minis and had a look at some tutorial, just to realize that, in all this years has passed, I have to learn a lot of new tecnics Anyway, want to show you my first (new era :P) mini: comments and advice super welcome! Thank you for reading Cicc
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    The figures are the "Urban Achievers", by Impact Ministries. Got these suckers at GenCon for my fiance, since she's a big fan of the movie. Been saving them for a Christmas present, but she's got a bit of a cold, and I'm terrible with saving surprises. A quick paint job, all in one sitting, and they're done. The base is just printed on an interesting jet printer and mounted on some bass wood. Comments and critiques welcome.
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    This was the best figure I could find to represent the Mysterious Stranger from the Fallout series of video games (as portrayed in the FPS games from Fallout 3 onward) -- a fashionable fellow in a trenchcoat and fedora, with a loaded .44 magnum, who sometimes shows up at just the right moment to blow away our hero's enemies with a few well-placed slugs ... but he only appears while the player is using VATS, and has mysteriously vanished by the time we get out of "bullet time" and back into real-time play. Anyway, he might make an appearance in my "Rooby-Doo and the Atomic Cafe 66" adventure (Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded with Fallout trappings - Savage Worlds RPG), this upcoming weekend at Necronomicon, in Tampa, Florida -- provided someone plays the "Mysterious Stranger" adventure card. The sign in the background was something I made freehand for the "Atomic Cafe 66" to match the banner I'd put together to advertise my game on the Necronomicon schedule: (That was built from graphic elements I cobbled together from taking some cloudy sky picture shots from my old office space, and of some distressed signage at the General Store in Steelville, Missouri, just a little ways off historic Route 66. The original sign was a "KROGER" sign, but I rearranged and morphed the letters to make it say "ATOMIC" instead, then added the "CAFE" portion and the "66" sign. Depending on which way the sign rotates, it's either "Atomic Cafe 66" or "Atomic 66 Cafe," I suppose, which might not be the best naming convention, but ... eh, it just gives it a little more character, I guess. Alas, I couldn't manage the neon lights. If I had more time to mess around with it, I suppose I might do something with some bent-out paperclips?
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    Well this was a different accident. I was painting and #2 son brought the toddler downstairs. We were watching her and she grabbed a box of Scale 75 paints off the shelf. Wasn't too worried about it. She kind of burped/puked up a bit. The box has an open slit along one edge where you can see the actual bottles. Guess where the mess went? Had to spend a few minutes cleaning it off the bottles and out of the box. On the plus side I finished painting a dragon that I've been struggling with for the last year. Not super happy with him but he's shiny. All done in TMM except eyes and mouth.
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    I've got some time off coming up so I might actually have time to keep up around here for a bit! I miss y'all. I was telling a friend tonight how much I love the forums and forumites.
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    Nothing fancy, just 2 lake town guards to harass adventurers who aren't behaving in the local tavern.
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    Here is my heroforge print. It was made from their premium plastic. Have done prints in both their regular plastic and premium I'm not sure the extra $10 is worth the "extra" detail for table top minis. Either way, I enjoyed designing and painting this mini.
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    Here is the Reaper Bones River Troll. Will use as the swamp troll for Ghost Archipelago. Nothing fancy here although I did use gloss mod podge for a basic water effect again.
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    Bright side - by the time you're done all of those black outfits, you'll be super duper mega awesome at painting black
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    I needed a mini for a certain monster for a game tomorrow, so over the past few days, I made it. First I grabbed Zavala's excellent design (here, https://www.shapeways.com/product/XWJQG4MSX/umber-hulk) and printed and assembled it. Then I basecoated it white. Nearly everything else is Daler Rowney's burnt umber ink. I mixed it with a bunch of water and matte medium for the first few coats, and gradually built that up for a few coats. I forgot how much that mixture beads up, but it gave a nice mottled look that carried through the later layers. Then I went back over the shell areas with a couple coats of pure ink (there's a red ink coat on there in the middle), and used it to darken and blend some of the light spots. The eyes, claws, and the teeth of the outer mandibles are all I had to touch up with paint. The base is generic stamped greenstuff with the hulk's feet imprinted into it. Pretty far from my finest work, but not bad for from-scratch in a few days. Overall, I'm happy with this result.
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    In your line of work...a slow night is a good night...yes? So much for the slow night.
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    How I spent my summer vacation by Pingo Some of you have noticed my absence from the forums since roughly the end of last June. I thought I should explain, since it wasn’t fair to leave you without a word. I have a regrettable habit of retreating into myself when sad, however much I love this place and the people on it. Last June I got sadder for political reasons, and felt a need to withdraw when my sorrows caused friction here. I am not entirely sure that was wise. We need each other, not just for the sharing of hobbies and art tips, but for the common human community. To remember that we are not alone. Though I missed this place the whole time, I spent a very busy summer. I traveled around some, marched in the company of tens of thousands with a handpainted protest sign more than once in gruesome heat – much gratitude to the volunteers who handed out water bottles – dealt with voter registration drives, gardened, caught influenza (possibly twice), traveled a few thousand miles, met many interesting people, a puppy and a kitten, started some oil portraits, and painted up a good chunk of game miniatures. We drove cross-country, only to have our faithful quarter-century-old station wagon finally die in the middle of nowhere a thousand miles from home – very beautiful, scenic nowhere, with eagles and swans, but still … Many thanks to the fine people at Enterprise Rent-A-Car who came to our rescue and eventually sold us a quite decent recent model gently used sedan with massive trunk space. As for me, I must apologize. It appears that politics is in my blood and cannot be separated from my life or actions, even the actions of painting tiny pewter sword fighters. I cannot help but have my heart break under certain circumstances, and I shall no doubt be made agitated and even angry by world events. I cannot pretend I am unaware, nor act as if all were well when it is not. I don’t intend harm or offense to anyone, but I can’t help being who I am. I did show up in the national media. Here’s me and my sign at the immigration march in Chicago last June. It’s a political image, so please don’t click if that would bother you: Click here to see Pingo and her sign in real life Chicago
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    After a quick run-through of stuff I hadn't managed to ID from the auction pics of this and the previous auction, I've discovered that I also acquired an additional two figures from the TSR 5307 GenCon RPGA box set, bringing my total to 10 of the 12, although two of them have broken gear. I also discovered I'd just acquired all ten figures from Ral Partha's Chaos Wars 10-414 Warlords box set... As well as AD&D figures 11-605 Thor, 11-502 Death Knight, both11-433 gargoyles (without the wings) and another of the 11-475 Lizardmen. There was also a couple of the 02-508 Wolf Pack and a pair of 15mm Battlesystem orc archers, the complete 01-316 3-stage Ranger, the second stage of 01-319 Elf Thief and the third stage of 01-320. On an interesting note, there was also a Grenadier piece hanging out in the bottom of the box - one of the tiny dragons from the Dragon Lords game. As near as I can tell, it's supposed to be a brass dragon.
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    One of the figures is now getting a neon pink accent.
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    Here is a warden from the North Star official Ghost archipelago range. Painted and based quite simply. Not sure why he has a quiver full of arrows and no bow but oh well.
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    worked on the skin , 2 more to do then that will be couple last light stuff on the clothes
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    These two are done I think although my do some more highlighting in white on the sea elf's base.
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    I painted the laces and called her good, then moved onto the next one. Now that I've tried the Reaper triad out for jade, it's time to make my own. For the experiment I've chosen one of the villagers and am once again following the concept art. Once I army paint the rest I plan to move the colors around to create some variety, but the first one gets a green dress. For this green it will be Reaper Forest Green -> SC75 Boreal Tree Green -> VGC Livery Green. Livery green will stand out so much from the Forest green that there shouldn't be a need to take the highlights to Ivory, but I probably would on a larger scale mini. And what do you know; it looks like the VGC Jade and it's shadow, but with way better coverage than either. I'll call it a success and put it in my recipe book. Also, for the peasants I'm just going to keep it simple and give them all a black base. Stippling the texture on actually doesn't take a lot of time if you're just paining a few figures but it would add up over a few dozen.
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    Oh hey I remembered to take a current picture but forgot to post it! Here it is:
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    I finished up this lovely lady last night. She was wonderfully sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I really enjoyed the details on her and she was a lot of fun to paint. I always mean to paint a Halloween figure before Halloween but am usually too busy to actually manage it. I got this figure while at Reapercon though and decided it was meant to be, so I put aside a couple of other things to make time for her. I had a lot of technical issues with her due to my clumsiness - I dropped her THREE times which resulted in extensive repair work and having to reattach her to the pumpkin each time. There’s no indentation or any other indication for how she’s meant to be attached to the pumpkin and assembly is not my strong suit so I struggled a bit with that part. The way I have her attached leaves her foot hanging past the base by a good bit so I’ll need to build the base up on a little bit of cork, but she looked the most correct to me this way. (She is currently still sitting on top of foam tape and the craft paint bottle that I used as a holder, I just painted them black for pictures.) I was asked over on facebook how I painted the wings, so I’ll copy that info over here as well: I basecoated with MSP Black Indigo. (That’s one of this year’s Reapercon swag bag paints. I think Nightmare Black would probably be fine to use in its place.) Then I layered up using paints from Nocturna’s Imperial Purple Set. They’re Vallejo paints made for Nocturna and I highly recommend both that set and the Crimson Red set. Both sets come with little painting guides and the purple one walks you through how to do both cold purples and warm purples. I went in the warm purple direction starting from the darkest colours and layering up to the lightest. So Imperial Purple > Purple Hex > Amethyst > Witch Purple > Lipstick. Then I glazed over everything with MSP Gothic Crimson which was also a LE Reapercon paint, I think from the 2016 swag bag. (I can’t think of a replacement for that off of the top of my head but it’s a wine-maroon colour.) Then in the areas that I wanted to darken, like the transitions going back into the shadows and the backs of the wings, I glazed with the Black Indigo.
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    Andrea Nr. 3 Scale 75 Rlyeh Green, Misfits Greem, Innsmouth Blue, Inktense Wood and Crimson Bloodfest Scale 75 Crimson Bloodfest Vallejo Dried Blood Vallejo Fresh Blood Andrea nr. 3
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    Inspirational pic for the Raptors Scale 75 Fuchsia A wash of Scale 75 Rlyeh Green, some Reaper Christmas Wreath and some Scale 75 Sunset Purple Some Vallejo Gold Brown
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    I was staring at the beholder figure that I picked up and realized that it is going to kinda be miserable to paint in some areas. The inside of the mouth is going to be awful to access. I might put a few drops of slightly thinned black paint in there and just shake so that at least the super shadowed areas where a brush won't reach will get something. I usually hate assembly, but that mouth needed to be in multiple parts.
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    We made it to the temple and the crashed airship - and found Jon's barbarian's full orc older half brother - who was with the anthropologists. Apparently, part of the reason why Jon's older brother was with the expedition was because a human anthropologist worked so well with his dad.... (Half orcs in Eberron are mostly the result of marriage.) The problem is that the Society is already working the ruins - so trying to sneak in is complicated by not wanting to be found out by potential allies. I solved this conundrum by selling our services to the head of the expedition - they have already lost people during the exploration - there is at least one damaged iron golem type thing guarding the passages, and we are pretty sure that there are more - likely in better condition. Plus, the Society is not the first group working the ruins - their airship wan't taken down by halflings on pterosaurs, they were taken down by something all too familiar to us, after our journey into the ruins of Metrol. The flying monster created by the kytons. The archaeologists are in the ruins as much to hide from the kytons as they are trying to explore. And the kytons, in turn, are being attacked by gargoyles that arise from the top of the temple - there were three of the blimp monsters, and now there are only two - the gargoyles swarmed the first one. Lots of dead gargoyles, but.... (I think Megan is using the damage taken by the blimp monsters to balance things - the one we ran into in Metrol almost killed us all.) The gargoyles have not tried to attack the Society - and this is Eberron, so I am not certain that the gargoyles are among the bad guys - they may be protectors of... something. Since we have taken one of the blimp monsters already, it makes us the best choice for the vanguard. But if we find what and/or who we are after then we made to hide it/him from the Society. (The mad scientist Artificer that made whatever happened in Metrol happen fled with something, and was heading to this same area - this is where whatever happened was first explored. (Recovered magic, not a new invention. I have a bad feeling that what happened to Xendrick started in these ruins... an extraplanar invasion sounds... familiar.) Oh, and the fire elemental that drove the Society's airship has escaped, and may be hunting the expedition.... (Fortunately, fire elementals are not good at hiding in shadows. Funny, that.) One major change from the previous scenario - I have pumped points into my Use Magic Device, so we now have some area effect spells available, just not from the spellcasters.... My character mostly relies on Web, but he has both Fireball and Lightning Bolt wands for emergencies. Still, going to waste about one shot in four, since I will have to roll. I didn't want to use the wands until I leveled one more time - one lost charge in four I will risk, one in three - not so much. And Julie has kept one of the pterosaur corpses - the one we didn't eat. (Yes, pterosaur tastes a lot like chicken....) I think she plans on reanimating it. And... I am going to try to talk our way past the iron golem before trying to fight it - it looks like a primitive warforged more than a standard iron golem. And the construct is brightly painted - greens and golds, along with all the rust... well, crap. I just realized there are probably rust monsters in there, aren't there? Iron golems don't normally rust on their own. The Auld Grump - Megan has also painted at least one undamaged Bones iron golem - so, let us say that I am pretty confident that there is an undamaged one wandering around as well.