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    Finally got around to finishing this, just in time for it to terrify my players. I'm not convinced on the colors of the base. I wanted to make it look like it had just set off a rock trap deep in its underground lair. As always, any comments or critiques are appreciated :)
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    I finally got around to taking photo's of MuuMuu. I got her orgianlly as a possible bonus figure for modern Zombicide. Never got around to painting her before getting sucked into black plague. So I decided to finisher up. Here is MuuMuu: Thanks for any looking and any C&C you feel like giving.
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    Construction cults....I'm having to admit a certain jealousy at not having thought of this myself. Bob the Builder as youth induction propaganda into a cult run by resident geomancers who own the unions and the building commission, extended road delays so that the frustration produced can be gathered and distilled into some manner of power source, little something somethings dropped into the foundations of new buildings, (if the business owner stops paying his tithe, rather than break his legs or windows, a "Repel Customer" enchantment is activated instead, and since it's buried in the foundations...) On the other hand, there is the possibility for bands of city workers not affiliated with the cult running across odd things in the sewers and steam tunnels, comparing notes and being unable to trust their bosses and law enforcement with this knowledge proceed to form hunting groups and it's hard hat vs hard hat cultist in the deep places beneath the city, where the rats are large as sheep, and the light of sanity remaining in the world is entirely dependent on how much overtime has been granted this week...
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    Picked up a TerrainCrate set with a Wizard's Study, and between that and a number of other terrain pieces I've accumulated or made, I thought we had a wonderful faculty lounge/study! I've got a lot of academic types for Call of Cthulhu, and this is the perfect backdrop for them. So let's start off with our Head Librarian! She's from one of Black Cat Bases' collections. Judging from her grin, the tentacle, and the patchwork skin on her book, she's doing some light reading from the Necronomicon Exmortis. I made the lectern with the chained illuminated manuscript, and the Great Tomes, myself. And here's a Black Cat Bases professor and an RAFM Cthulhu professor, whom I fancy are from the Department of Languages and Literature. European Literature and Ancient Languages, I think? The fellow in green and brown is probably the closest to a self-portrait as I'll get.
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    This is the third of three big-mouth demons from a set by Duncan Louca. I tried a much more chaotic colour scheme on this one than I did on the first two, and I can't really say that it's a great success. However, inertia will no doubt keep it this way forever now.
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    While I did mostly follow the concept art once again, I also used the banshee as a test subject for my recently purchased cool greens triad. Details are in the WIP.
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    Well, I decided to start another WIP. This one a sort of Halloween theme. The Vampress Siobhana, Vampiress by reaper. Got some work done on her awhile ago and decided in the spirit of the season to try and finish her up. Unfortunately I couldn't remember exactly the method I painted up the face, so I got as close as I could on the legs and hands. Here's where she is at the moment. As always, any C&C is always welcome.
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    And another Village Attacks mini, this time one of the peasants. For the moment I'm still following the concept art, but she was also a test for a shade of green mixing Reaper, SC75, and VGC paints. Details in the WIP.
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    This is a hamster themed night apparently. @Crowley I found these in an image search for hamster barbarians.
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    Thanks for looking. @Rigel : Wow. "A Undine" didn't occur to me. It must have been fate. Thanks for pointing it out! @Darcstaar : I did some surgery on her right eye, cutting away the lower lid. The shiny surface of the cut-away metal was catching the light weirdly in the photograph. And the green stuff on her rear end was to give full coverage by the bodysuit, rather than just underpants. All that cleaning, conversion, and assembly work took about 5 hours. I spent the next hour on the basing: 30 minutes sculpting a few rocks, and 30 more minutes sculpting waves. Then a 90-minute speed-painting session -- first a value-study in brush-on primer (blends of White and Black), and then the skin and hair and 2 shades of blue glazes (variously on the water, bodysuit, and spear). She is pale like sea-spray or moonlight on the water. Derek
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    Hubby has an interview in the morning. He has a pretty good chance of getting this job, its with his favorite chef. It would be a bit of a pay raise, pretty chill from what we hear, and four ten hour shifts. The only problem is that it's from 11am to 9pm. So if he gets it, I'll be rearranging my work and sleep schedule. Nah, you just need to stop working night shift. I have the same problem with energy/time. Our bodies simply don't rest as well in the daytime, even if we are "night owls" naturally.
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    Did a bunch of cooking tonight. The kimchi pork was too salty and tough. The Butternut Squash Meatloaf was tasty though. But now I'm tired. I want to paint but... Ugh... First day back from vacation is always rough. Worse when you have to go into work, and didn't give yourself a nice buffer day.
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    This is a hard thing to pick just 1, so I'm not going to! Instead here are some of the things. 1. The people, it's been a while since I've had good community and when we pair that with social anxiety it becomes a problem. With painting I can sit around and enjoy the company of others while not being dependant on them like the case of dancing. 2. I can participate in as little or as much as I want, and I can learn as little or as much as I want. It's interesting I would have thought college was supposed to be the time I learned how to learn, but it wasn't. I was always one of those kids who figure out how to do a lot of things easily and then stopped when the learning gets hard. With painting there are challenges that I can participate in to benchmark my growth, but I'm not required to do so which makes it so for once I'm actually able to learn what I want and be self driven and is super refreshing. I found I'm learning more. 3. The joy factor. I don't really have a purpose in life so the closest thing I can think of is to fill the world with little sparks of joy. There's something about someone saying "oh that's so cool" , or "you painted this for me? It's perfect!" That really makes my day
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    The Rob Dean box is on its way, and I have a new phone that will let me post pictures again! My takings: There was more in there that was very tempting, but I figured I should stick to things I was more likely to make the time to paint (or in the case of the demon lady, chop off her horns to donate them to another figure I was working on ). Thank you to everyone who added these goodies!
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    Presenting Ensign Roxy "Hotshot" Malone, the colour scheme test Voidsman for my Starstriders set. I think she came out pretty well, and the group should look rather striking, when I eventually get the rest painted. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    I love these kinds of conversations...
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    Bringing these awesome little statues to life with paint. Most of the minis I paint are characters, and even the ones who don't have player characters end up with some sort of back story while I paint them.
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    This. So much this. Hubby says that's the biggest reason why he supports me so much with it, since it's one of the few things that really does make the world melt away for me.... Even if sometimes assembly or cleaning mold lines leaves me with a cramped paw... Skaven heads are soooo small! There's a... it isn't pleasure or joy or even satisfaction, it's that oneness with the project that's amazing. But that isn't what gets me through the rough spots. The rough spots are the times I can't reach that zen. When I'm hitting one of those hobby rough spots it's usually a sign that I've hit some sort of technical or creative roadblock. This often manifests in a really messy & cluttered workspace. What helps me work through that is clearing it off and working on something else. Something EASY. Something I can get DONE! And done quickly. Being able to look at something that I've finished is a great feeling. Even better is looking at minis I was really proud of 2, 5, 10+ years ago, and seeing the progress I've made.
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    Oh @Crowley... https://www.npr.org/2018/10/14/650605114/with-austrias-hamsters-at-risk-better-call-the-hamster-commish
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    Started base coating the gnollblins. I tend to start with the medium shadow colour and work my way up from there. These critters are gonna be bright.
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    That's similar to what happened here. It went from 90F to 55F seemingly overnight. There's been a local Facebook meme going around that says "The weather went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper," which is a reference to how we all drive on the highways around here.
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    Little up, I redid the first one robe as it was overall more pale than the 3 others.also base the slot, will need to redo a pass on those once i put the figure on those and base as well the minis too.Now I am left with getting the weird spot on the robes, since the airbrushing was not perfect, so missed spot , not so good transition to try to soften xd, also couple highlight on some fold may be goodOnce that done , i guess I can say I am finished with those.
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    There's not enough time for me to do the things I want to do, and I don't have enough motivation to drive myself to do them with what time I have. I think I need a life coach or something...
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    IIRC, it's very close to what I think of as the saffron used in some robes. "Dude, you finally made chartreuse! First round's on you tonight!" ETA: And now I'm thinking about robes that change color based on power, but automatically, probably by direct deific influence: "Have you seen Roderigo? He's goldenrod with plum rising these days. I never thought he'd get above taupe."
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    @Clearman is on its way overseas! Sorry for any delays. Some really fun stuff in the box. You got a Broccoli man! It was fun to paint but I cant see most of the foiliage without seeing broccoli! BTW the base in the second picture is the one that goes with the figure. Didn't know if you realized that or not. Overall, great choices! looking forward to seeing them painted (of course I am looking forward to having time to paint my choices too... )