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    Sculpt by Bobby Jackson. This Halloween themed project was stolen borrowed from a comment made by @strawhat in the "Acquisitions" thread, Re: the shiny orange MSP sample. He suggested that the Halloween Knight would look good with shiny orange plate mail and a white pumpkin head. So that's what I did: Very pleased with how this piece turned out! The shiny is much shinier in person, but I think my favourite part, is the use of a white pumpkin. Definitely the right call! Paints I used for the majority of the work: Also made use of MSP Shadowed Stone for the shield, and MSP Pale Olive for cape highlights. As always, comments welcome! :)
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    Howdy, Painted this up for the contest, but I have so many giants, now I'll just have to paint up another... Bam, Kev!
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    Howdy, I'd like to meet his optometrist... Look, Kev!
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    Pictures?! If we're doing pictures, I'm suggesting baby bat burritos and baby goats in sweaters. AHHHHHHH. If we're doing life news, the brain weasels have been especially bitey this week but leave just as fast as they arrive. I am very thankful for this. I've been fighting especially hard all year, y'all. I want to stick around. I want to make art! We went to the beach last weekend and I got to look at stars and birds and fish, we even saw a jellyfish and a porpoise! <3 Tonight: I played Guild Wars 2 with some of my favorite guildies. Friday: my lovely husband is running a new 5e game for us on a snazzy mat from @Clearman! Thank you! My brother-in-law even wants to paint with us for a little bit before the game. He's so awesome. Saturday: we're driving down to see @Rainbow Sculptor and @emmagine for tabletop and party game fun times! A very packed weekend with fun folks. I'm going to be all peopled out by Sunday!
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    Howdy, I don't know what this is... But I like it, Kev!
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    Howdy, Step off, blackguard! The shield is from Celtos, Kev!
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    Howdy, Foxy the wolf, or wolfie the fox? Those grapes were probably sour anyway, Kev!
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    Howdy, Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... Yummy buns, Kev!
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    To continue on with my series on contrast in miniature painting, I have a two part article. Part one talks about the mental aspect of commiting to paint with more contrast: https://birdwithabrush.com/2018/10/06/how-to-paint-contrast-mind-games/ Part two gives you suggestions for how to visualize the light, and some methods of applying that to your miniature: https://birdwithabrush.com/2018/10/16/how-to-paint-contrast-hands-on/
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    Thank you everyone! :-) Some new colors!! I'm trying different things :D What do you guys think ?
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    Got a box of stuff from EvilBuy today.... Opened up the box and the first thing I saw on the newspaper stuffing was an ad for Hobby Lobby. (No. I am not falling for their blatant advertising tricks.)
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    Got stuff done today! Changed the headlights in the car, almost, all by myself. Brain weasels have let up some today. So might get more done after dinner. Hoping to clean the paint desk some and actually paint (whether or not it's on said desk is still to be seen.
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    Hobby Holder order arrived. I got: 1 Hobby Holder (white and pink) 1 green handle attachment (grip/handle #1) 1 pink tripod attachment 2 five cap stand things (for smaller models) 1 three cap stand thing (for larger models) 4- 44mm base extender (to hold larger models) 3 laser cut based (they were free!) A button
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    Just a few things I saw on the internet today that made me smile. This last one reminds me so much of my daughter
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    See those Chessmen. ^ I designed them. I also did the knigget-in-the-corner. (He flips from white to black depending on whose turn it is.) Anyway, the positive thing is my artwork is featured in an app! that is live and available in an App Store. The app was released earlier this year. (I would link to it but ... sorry, not allowed.) Other details: The name of it is Chessagon™️ and the White pieces (mine) went on to win that game.
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    My plan of diabolical goodness has finally taken effect; @PaganMegan finally received the Mysterious Package that I sent @TheAuldGrump, a Nolzur's beholder! Happy belated anniversary, you two!
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    So before I got onto the controls side, I used to work for a major car wash machine manufacturer with locations all over the country as a field service tech. We drove vans that were not only to carry our tools, but used to test the to make sure the washes were cleaning. The vans were getting run down, primarily because they were being washed 10-12 times a day on average, and management had pledged to replace all the vans in the fleet, starting with the oldest ones first. They were bragging about how they had gotten a great deal on a new fleet of vans with all sorts amenities that us techs would love. The first of these vans were delivered about six months after I left, so I didn't get the pleasure of a new one. But they day they were delivered, one of my former co-workers called me up hysterically laughing because management had bought new vans that didn't fit in their own car washes.
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    The Undead of October continue to claw their way from the grave. Tonight the skeletons neared the gates, ready to burst forth upon an unsuspecting world. Only a few details are left to touch up... Behind them are the more characterful undead. A more motley bunch, but they'll bring a far more significant challenge to any that dare stand in their way. Then there are the mummies. I didn't actually touch them at all tonight.
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    OK, I still painted something. This is a bit tricky. Not only is her head turned to the side, it is also tilted a few degrees. As you look at it the light should be coming from right to left so that is how I placed the highlights. Unfortunately this is one of those times where I won't be able to tell if they're correct or not until after she's assembled. The good news is that as long as they're close I should be able to just glaze on some shadows to adjust. Given that I'm going to set this aside until later.
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    Good things about today: the 'new' shop vac that my mom got at an auction, then sat in her garage for a while, then sat in my garage for a while, works!; the migraine that kept me from using it has gone; I am about to head out to do some much needed laundry and I will start some soup before I go so there will be tasty dinner ready when I get back.
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    More progress today.
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    Here's a picture of my cat, thinking heavy thoughts....
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    Today is my last day of work before a long weekend to travel with my wife to visit old friends and see Florence + The Machine in concert! Of course, we'll be playing a ton of D&D while we're up! The only thing slightly negative is that we won't be bringing our dog (seen here playing with a baseball he found at a park) with, but he'll be with his friends, so it's OK.
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    From my phone, photos taken this year... Sunsets, pizza and faerie nests. If one of these doesn't get you to crack a smile, I'm not sure what to do.
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    The body dollie is pretty much done & ready for green stuffing on the Pumpkinhead Specter: The hands will be a challenge I am sure.