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    Here's my team in their new display case. Cheers, H
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    someone else recently posted this mini that they had painted as a statue, and I immediately wanted to do the same, so here's my take on her: Real quick paint - primed her black, and then just dry brushed her successively lighter coats of Black Pearl, Metallic Espresso and Bronze (all craft paints), then followed that with a wash made from MSP 09304: NMM Copper Verdigrisrdigris. Base was made using polymer clay, one of my Linka system molds and some mat board
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    This is Reaper's 60184: Meyanda, Android Priestess, from the Pathfinder line, sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I painted her up as a Jadeborn for a game of Exalted. The Jadeborn come in three castes, one of which looks like elves made of jade and the other two look like dwarves made of earth tones. I used this as an excuse to paint up some dwarves, which I hadn't done much of, in the WIP thread, "Jade Green and Seven Dwarfs, here. She was fun to paint. There is a lot of great detail on her.
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    It is time for the photos of this month's stuff beginning with some Group Portraits: The Mushrooms of the Month: The Mushroom/Goblin Shaman...he may be a combination thereof: Faerie Goblin with experimental, paper punch wings: The new fang face Pumpkinheads: The Spectral "it's-the Great-Pumpkin-from-HELL!, Charlie Brown" Pumpkinhead: There now, wasn't that just a horrid experience?
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    Hasslefree has some fun sci fi characters, including quite a few space dwarves. This is HG405, Pilot Hayden. I'm not entirely sure, but I think she might be a tribute to Starbuck on the "Battlestar Galactica" remake. She has a cigar and a complex gun. It's the first time I've painted a gun where I'm reasonably happy at how the shiny look turned out.
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    I do actually finish some projects. Well, some minis, anyway. This is only half the party for the kids at the High School game I DM for, so technically this is only half this project. Nothing special here - these are all pretty quick paints of Bones minis that I'll give each of the players that sticks with the campaign for the entire year.
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    So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Been mostly painting terrain and going back to a mini was a little bit of an adjustment. I just finished this guy up for one of my D&D players who’s playing a halforc barbarian. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. Still need to toss another clear coat or two and then maybe some blood on the axe. c&c welcome as always!
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    But, but... Off the rails is so much more fun! I definitely get what you mean though! I have to agree, it's a tad... nuts. Doubly so if you wind up losing a good portion of time to surprise contractors! o_O ~~~~~ Second Rockstar, opened! Tea... Half drank, because hubby wanted tea (and therefore I did too).... Probably should brew some more coffee, just to be certain... I should be painting, but... Hey, stuff is drying! :P ^Yeaaaaah, my area's just a tad bit of a mess. It'll be cleaned up after, I swear! ^Found a colour that'll hopefully give what I want for the dragon's eyes. Yes, I'm serious.... It'll also go on that spot on the sorceress' staff that's conveniently the colour of grey liner still... Might go for a different one on the dwarf's staff, since that still hasn't, y'know, been painted. The orb under the anvil. Still have a bit of washes to do, and then some drybrushing. I suppose eyes too, since they all have BLANK VACANT STARES OF DOOM still...
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    Totally forgot what paints I used. Sorry! Strongly suspect flesh wash and armour wash were used.... Just under 11 hours to go on the clock! .....Insert text here about things. Well, someone has to, I'm going back to painting! ^Some have a guiding light, a personal saviour, something something dark side to help them along in the final stretch. I just have DELICIOUS LIME FLAVOURED CAFFEINE! I suspect filling out of things that haven't been properly painted is next, followed by, I dunno, drybrushing, and maybe some more washes *nods sagely*
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    Paint paint painty paint. I was terribly frustrated with the faces I was working on earlier — oils, close to life size, had to rub out the mouths a couple of times. But then with about five minutes to go something went right. Needs more work but I need to let it dry first.
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    Or at least if it's going to be a dystopia, can't it be one of the ones with more cannibalism and muscle cars? Throw in some androids, a brain-computer interface, a rogue AI or two, and all sorts of mechanical body modifications and I'm all in.
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    This was lunch from a local Italian deli. Fresh bread, imported mortadella, salami, some other meats I can't remember, provalone, peppers, oil& vinegar dressing. I ate half, the other half will be lunch tomorrow. It was good, but their bread is a little on the tough side when it is fresh, so it will be better tomorrow after it has softened up a bit. Later I had a donut and coffee.
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    Where's the "furiously blushing" icon when you need it o_O *goes back to painting*
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    Here is a conversion I did using a Bones Ghast. I like to use Nothics as spies, infiltrators and recurring villains in my DND game. I used copper wire as a starting point for spiky prominences on his back, added some spikes on his elbows and lastly, sculpted a central eye to cover the top of the ghast's face. I'm happy with the result, despite having to use painting skills to cover up the sub-par sculpting skills.
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    Got my Reaper order for October.. I must have gotten one of the last Ghoulie bags.. no paint sample, but i got two bottles of BC Pink Which I think gives me either 4 or 6 bottles.. The upload feature keeps flipping my pictures sooo
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    Not under control yet, but they've downgraded the warning level.
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    I noodled some greys all over "The Green One" (Antimatter Games' AMG SS4001: Slithack, Clal-Chk Scavenger), just to have some color on its armor etc. The greys are mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue, lightened with Titanium White. Then I mixed violets from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta, lightened with Titanium White, and laid down some color on their crystalline and alien tech. The basic mixed violet without white in is transparent, so I glazed some darker on to intensify the color and I also lightened it through a few steps to an almost violet-white for highlights.
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    Kodiak Bear, because the name sounds so cool KODIAK BEAR! Yah, it's the glitter:) I have been making egg sandwiches all month, sadly no pictures. Sometime this weekend, ill have split pea soup:) Still no pictures haha
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    Love it! Eerily enough, despite moving quickly, I've still yet to drink paint water. Or even reach for it. Then again, I made it somewhat obvious by having either Paw Patrol (old cup, used for metallics now) or Reaper's Sophie rinse cup (for non-metallics), and my water thingy is either a mason jar (rarely), or a 1L Nalgene Chute, so it's... Difficult to do such. ~~~~~ Okay, I lied, I'm posting a quick update since I had to get up to move around, stretch (since i was REALLY craning my neck, oops), and of course start supper... ^Yup, several of them have some rather pale skin, because I went with Scholar Flesh as the base. Everyone has mystical glowy eyes because, uhm, well... Man those eyes are small. o_O Expect to see a LOT more red on the sorceress, and a lot more green on the archer/ranger next time ^_^;;;; Paints used: Uhm, uhh.... Some? lol Woodland Brown, Scholar Flesh, Rach Red, and Bleached Linen... I think.
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    Here we have another starting class- the Quatryl Tinkerer, While he is mostly made out of green stuff, there are bits from a Reaper Bones Kobold underneath there. And a few of the monsters- Harrowers and Ancient Turrets: The Harrowers were made by taking the Mr. and Ms. Bones hoods and putting them on various different robes. A lot of the robes were just skirts that were originally part of taller minis. Again, I worked with bones materials for these- Bones are easy to convert with and cheat to boot. For the Turrets, I rummaged through my bits box for various things that would work. What I ended up with were a lot of mech bits. These each were unused arm options- it is sometimes nice to have leftover arms from various warjacks and mechs.
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    ^Oh hey, my box of big stompy robots came in. Extra paints not shown in picture. Additionally, those candies are no more, mwa ha ha ha ha! Sadly, no luck on either the blue or the gorgeous metallic orange sample.
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    Got my terrain stuff Water Effects and Ice Sparkles The webshop has thrown in a free exacto knife again.
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    Received my Carnevale pledge (1 mini) and my resin pledge from Awaken Realms: Dawnfall Super nice minis from all Carnevale: Dawnfall
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    I used a little cutter to make the leafs on the base.