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    Préparation : scenery + minis (deburring, assembly, undercoat and so on) : 6h00 painting scenery : 11h Painting minis : approximately 50h Note : these bases are mine, those from the pledge are tranparent. Heroes (8 ) : Gargoyles(2) : Primordial chaos sorcerer : Chaos warriors (4) :[/b] Gobelins (6) : Orcs (8 ) : Ogre : Squelettons (4) : Mumies (2) : Zombies (4) : Spectre : Drrakks (3) : Tentacles of chaos :
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    Today was long. Helped my mom, mostly, move everything she was going to take from the house into storage. This time much less stuff went in than the last. She is currently staying in a hotel not far from here. I'm now trying to destress and watching forged in fire. It's a Halloween episode. Pretty great.
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    I learned something new today. Thanks! :D If I couldn't interfere by accident, I would absolutely love to time travel. So many things to see in the past and future! So many things to learn! Goodness, I'd need a lot of money to fund these expeditions. And an excellent clothesmaker on demand.... I wouldn't want to stand out!
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    I feel as though I should pick something profound and meaningful, such as my copy of Hamlet, with notes scrawled in all of the margins, or perhaps a truly great movie, such as Seven Samurai, The Man Who Would Be King, or Young Frankenstein... But in reality, I would more than likely put in some kind of joke in the time capsule. If the ability to travel through time includes the ability to travel through time and space, then I would choose that one.
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    Oooh, Ba'altimore. You may have made my Facebook status.
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    Shame on you, @redambrosia! Next time, I'll show you how to refine the casting so that he turns into an axolotl instead.
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    Nothing to see here... ...this is a ghost post.
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    This X2. I buried a couple of friends very young and know how it hurts. Still carrying the scars that don't show. So I got a big bag of dropper bottles today and started transferring my old GW paints to them. A couple had totally solidified and were chucked, a few were a bit chunky and the rest seem ok with some water and flow improver added. Had one oopsy on a scale I haven't done in years. The tentacle pink was slightly chunky and I was thinking of how to get the still usable paint. I'd read on here not long ago about someone using a bent wire in their dremel as a mixer. I found some wire. But it was kind of thin so I twisted it around itself and left a small loop at the end sort of like an egg beater. Turned on the dremel and everything seemed ok. Stuck it in the paint and after a second or two at low speed the wire flopped over 90 degrees. Before I could turn it off it basically scooped out all the paint and flung it around. Most got me in the belly and some splattered on everything with a few feet. There was practically nothing left in the pot I was still holding in my left hand. Took a bit of cleaning to get the worst of it out of my shirt and off the floor and counter. I didn't clean up some of my tools that were nearby. I'm man enough to use a drill and jigsaw that are black with pink polka dots. Was kind of sad because there was a lot of good paint still in the bottle before that. One of the other chunky paints I strained and think got something useful. The last was a bottle of nurgling green which definitely lived up to it's namesake. It was almost full and only 2 years old. It was a nasty, multicoloured glop with chunks. Paints like this are why I quit buying GW. It was old and nasty when I bought it and it was still sealed. Found an attachment for my dremel that looked like it might work better than my pink wire and stirred it a lot. Then ran it through a strainer after mixing a fair bit of water and flow improver in. Not sure what it'll paint like but I'm weird about not wanting to throw things out if they might be usable. Just need to do a dozen or so inks and washes tomorrow. I know that they could use some watering too but I'm not sure how much to do in the bottle. I'm also going to throw some additives into smaller bottles. I have big bottles of alcohol, Liquitex medium, flow improver and drying retarder that are really difficult to mix with paint on the scale I use because so much comes out at once. It'll be handy to use small drops for a lot of things. Thanks to @knarthex for telling me to try this. Only took me a year to get around to it.
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    How are you doing Pezler? Hope the funeral wasn’t too rough.
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    If an undead creature is contacting Titania (queen of the Summer/seelie court) it means her no good. That or it vastly underestimated the hatred the seelie court has for the abomination that is undeath. If its contacting the fae realm looking for allies, the most appropriate contact would be the unseelie court. But unless he already had an invite from their queen, he (a pathetic mortal who has to bargain with more powerful beings to gain a semblance of power) should stick to talking to one of the lesser fae. Unless he's their pawn.
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    You can not fly without traveling in time. Sure it is slow one way travel, but it is time travel.
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    Definitely flying, it'd make getting down from mountains after a long hike soooo much easier If excessive consumption of terrible films has taught me anything, it's that time travel NEVER goes well.
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    Well, I finally got around to painting my rendition of a Purple Worm. A little background: I got back into painting figures due to discovering "DM Scotty" on YouTube. I was inspired by his projects and decided to try my hand at it. This is actually my first creature project (I built terrain scatter pieces first). It has sat on my shelf for about a year in primer so I decided to finally finish it. The construction is paper towel tubes, cardstock, toothpicks, paper towel mache' and lots of hot glue. It is painted with a combination of craft paints and Reaper colors. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Can't wait to spring this bad boy on some unfortunate party!
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    One of my players had this character made through Hero Forge. I painted her to his specifications. This is Poro Gemfixer, a kobold sorceress. It has been raining like mad the past few days so I haven't been able to Dulcote her so she is very shiny. Also, the fingerprint on her base is not mine. It is actually in the plastic. Weird!
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    If I read it on the internet it’s true, yes...?
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    Nov. 8: You are gifted by a mutation, what will it be?
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    The slower I go... ...the less I weigh. The faster I go the less time goes by. Or have I got that backwards?
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    a very pro-Christmas friend of mine shared an article a couple of days ago that claimed that people who put their Christmas decorations up around Nov 1st are happier than the rest of us. Considering the number of us who wanted to slap her for that, she remained upbeat and was starting to put her own decorations up - so the article may have a point... Thank god I got out of the Navy before PowerPoint got to that point.
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    When the mummy was performing the ritual, was it swiping left or right? As for the reasons, the mummy doesn't have to contact the fae at all for them to serve his schemes. Merely bringing them over to this side to serve as a distraction can be enough.
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    Oh noes!! The inquisition wouldn't get me... probably. The Nazis only would if I was hiding with my mom and brother. I am blonde-haired and blue-eyed; the only Jew trait that is noticeable is my nose. My mom and brother look extremely Jewish (hit most of the stereotypes). Fly. I love flying already. If I had unfettered flying? Even better. Time travel processes give me a headache anyway. HOWEVER.... I must be able to fly to locations with soup, and eat soup while flying. Any time travel, if I went with that, must involve trying soup in every timeline.
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    This is the Dwarven Brewmeister set painted by @Clearman for the Summer Exchange. I love them so much and am going to make special NPCs for them in my D&D game. Such clean paint jobs and my favorite colors are there (purple and green!)
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    Hi everyone, here's a simple paint job on a translucent version of 77096, Labella DeMornay. This model was sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I painted it with green ink and acrylics.
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    I gave up on hanging lights on the house, it's easier to just put them on the bush marking the end of the driveway.