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    I made Moussaka, Feta from the oven, eggplant with feta from the oven and Lambchops today. Side dish, salad and fried potatoes.
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    Bless Canada. Sir Cyr didn't check the street he's parked on frequently enough. Street sweeping sign went up and he missed it. He was supposed to move his car. His car got towed. They'd just towed the car to plop it a block away from where it was before, and gave him a warning ticket.
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    So, apparently when I wasn't paying attention I leveled up to Super Stealth Soup Skill. My boss didn't notice that I had made soup until he went to put his soup in the soup spot.
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    The Auld Grump - glad to see that Barbie is getting a little excitement, and not just going on shopping trips. (And I need to look for the Kali Barbie... that one is actually a bit surprising.)
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    That looks delicious. I am baking soup. Starting with home made chicken stock by roasting the bones and carcasses in the oven with vegetables. Then it will all go in the Crock Pot to stew.
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    Finally received my Reaper minis I ordered last month (I went the cheap route and didn't order direct from Reaper), surprisingly they came with both last months vampire lady and this months dwarf dude freebies. Can't argue with free minis.
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    Megan wasn't into dolls, either - until her Mum found some variant Barbies - biker gear, Star Trek uniforms... She didn't use them as dolls, she used them as action figures! (Which I still think is a sadly underserved area for girls toys - yeah, some girls just want to play dress up, but others want their toys to go on an adventure!) The Auld Grump - the difference between a doll and an action figure is how the kids play with them - I honestly think that there would be a market for suits of armor and swords - scaled to fit Barbie. I have never peeled a tomato in my life - nor do I peel potatoes before mashing. I don't strain the tomatoes either. Most of the good is in the peels, and it adds texture. But I do cheat and use red, white, purple, or gold potatoes for mashing, rather than russets. (I like mashed russets - with the peel - but I suspect that I am in the minority.) The Auld Grump
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    I did up some mushrooms to fill out the Faerie Dragon's base. AND wrapped up Petruchio, The Shrew (Gringe) Commander. Seen here with the rest of Mags' Boys: ...by himself: Until whenever.
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    As my first airbrush attempt on the Roman centurio was halted by the fact that the figure is so small, I decided to use a different figure, which would be ... bigger. So in Japan I got me a number of garage kits. One of them was a figure of a nun or mage (I don't know the figure, so I have no idea) and as it was some kind of a miscast or so, I got it for the cheap price of around 6 Euro. She's big enough to do some airbrush work. And as I want to train airbrushing, I don't want to ruin my first attempt by choosing wrong colours or too difficult painting concepts. Therefore: YOU CAN CHOOSE THE COLOURS! NO! I really mean it! Gimme some colours, people. Oh, yeah - That's the figure:
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    Here are a couple more vivid vavoom Venerians from RETRO-VENUS. They both have Master's degrees--in BEASTS. They are beastmasters, is what I'm saying, which is a valuable skill in the beast-intensive rainforest-marshes. DON'T call them beastmistresses; that's what you'd call Maurice's daughter Belle. Beast Mastery is a different thing entirely, quite independent of gender. This sculpt is Hydra's Valkeeri Controller A. The Beast in question here was a Paizo Hound of Tindalos, which didn't look creepy enough for Cthulhu use, but which would fit right in with the fungal jungles. I assume it fills a coyote-like niche, if coyotes could climb trees and swing from vines. This Controller is quite self-assured; you just need to take a firm tone with these creatures and establish dominance. And here's Controller B, dealing with a recalcitrant and obstreperous reptile. The Beast here started as a D&D grab-bag Basilisk, but those extra legs looked perfect for a Space Marine Iguana*, so I painted some eye-watering aposematic spots on it. This thing is poisonous and venomous and psychoactive and also pointy. RETROVENUS demands such adaptations of it to deter its natural predators. Now, imagine how badass the Venerians must be to have no spines, fangs, claws, or poison sacs. Controller B is making that point abundantly clear even to the dull-witted lizard brain of this Beast. *Do I mean a xenoequivalent to our Galapagos marine iguanas, or an iguana as tough as a Space Marine? Yes.
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    I've never been able to do that, I end up getting sucked into the movie. I can paint while listening to music, and I can paint while listening to hockey ( I can pause it and rewind to watch goals, fights, etc. ), but not movies.
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    um....er....I kinda LIKE that old military gear canvas smell....
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    I actually have that Hunger Games one; I got it predominantly for the bow and arrows... >.>
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    More of the Mole People!! Here we have this faction's Deep Command: the clan's chief, the loyal bodyguard with a blunderbuss, and their local religio-thaumatic hierophant. I wanted the robes of the chief and hierophant to reflect their elevated and sanctified positions. Again, look at all the expressiveness on that chieftain just from the body language! And here are some Mission Specialists: the Far-Scanner, the Demolitions Expert, and the Aerosol Medic. (The sculptors probably wanted that guy to be a suicide bomber, but this is MY game here.) And here's the whole crew! Again, wonderful little pig-rats, and a faction that doesn't come pre-packaged with decades of cultural resonance. Welcome to New Xibalba!
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    This is too funny. MisterShamWOW is actually my cousin. I got him hooked on Kickstarter with Bones 4 and he’s been enthusiastically backing projects pretty steadily ever since. I’ve been trying to get him to be more active on the Reaper forums as he and his daughter, and her friends, have developed an interest in minis and gaming. He’s not connected to this project in any other way.
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    I'm really thinking about that myself. The LotR ones, which I love, I always felt we just a *little* too big. These will be perfect for some Frostgrave barbarians...
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    The Faerie Dragon is going to get some more normal mushrooms to fill out the base: AND The Shrew (Gringe) Master, Petruchio is now done: There you go until later...whenever that is.
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    Just to make sure it's clear, the new paint rack is the mostly empty 6-tier shelf style one. The rack that is full is the 6-tier corner that I already had, and the empty dropper storage was already owned as well. They're all very nice pieces, though. The brush rack definitely needs a dab of glue, because the top plate likes to fall, but the paint racks are pretty tight fitting and sturdy even without glue. Also keep in mind that part of that cutting mat is underneath the paint racks. Almost 8 inches of it is under the racks on the side, and there's a couple inches under the racks at the top too. So the exposed portion isn't the whole mat. But it is the 47" desktop. All told, with the paint racks and everything it's a little more cramped of a workspace than what I'd like, but if it comes down to it I can always pack up the spray booth. As for the question about the booth, I don't have any ducting to vent it towards the window like some people do(some are sold with it, too). It's just a straight shot out the back for me. And yes, you will get some paint escaping through the filters and coming out the back. I really don't care about it much, but if I did I'd just put some thick cardstock or poster board up on the wall behind it. I could always get some dryer exhaust ducting and throw it out the window, but until I start working with lacquers and enamels more often I won't really have toxic fumes at a level that they worry me beyond wearing my respirator. A little bit of lacquer thinner vapors from cleaning out an airbrush once in a blue moon is manageable just with good air circulation and the window being open.
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    WDAC <==must remember that one. Me too. ^^;
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    ...I'm not sure what the sculptor had in mind. There is something of Saturday Night Fever about him. In the grouping, he may be trying to hide /blend in among the Mushrooms. Thanks for the kind reply, Cicciopiu. I'm looking forward to what I will come up with for a color scheme also. Right now I haven't a clue....that always makes it more exciting for me. Thanks, Glitter...glad you like them thus far.
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    Of course you do! Painting a dragon and watching Fellowship of the Ring
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    There are tiny scissors for people who like to trim their fingernails with scissors instead of clippers. I think those would do the trick. It isn't really *needed* but might help with the moss versus grass in there
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    Well I don't want to get into this discussion again, because it's a revolving thing. So just let me say: I know the theory and I understand it. The problem I developed is that I cannot resolve the practical thing anymore. I cannot see it myself. So when I said practical help I meant - practical help. Where to put the lights, how far go with the highlights, maybe thin paints more and so. Like an idiot I need to be pointed to the things so I maybe see them again or can think about it. // And we are back at square one.
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    That moment when you are working on a Pirates RPG, and need a hidden base for the evil pirates... and can say to yourself 'Hey! I've a map for that!' Even better, it was a free map. (Captain Bastide's from Heroic Maps - a free bonus on the Patreon, and only a buck at the store.) Which reminds me, I need to check Micael's, and see if they have the Sharks Toob. Going to need some sharks for this one.... The Auld Grump - but I could not quite bring myself to add Space Sharks to the Regency Space game....
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    ...he is that; & an unique character at that. It is his grin that sold me on the miniature. Once painted he reminded me of Willy Nelson. I am glad you like him...as a Reptile Guy I thought you might like the tail. Thanks for the reply, Glitter.
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    I may be wrong, I usually am, ask the wife, but, why do 9/10th of dwarf minis have axes??? I want a dwarf with a hammer mid swing.
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    First of all, you might be a tad too harsh on yourself. As for transitions , blending is difficult, but it will work if you can manage. Some people use liner to separate dections like face/clothing etc. I usually use glazes and washes to tie it together. There is no law here. Take it easy, start from inside out, skin first etc..
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    I would wager that ending the campaign so close to black friday also might have something to do with this game not selling out. This really is not the time of year to be running KS campaings.
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    I passed my will save on going to the game store sale today. Let's see if I pass tomorrow. They have flash sales and I'm expecting their BOGO paint sale to be tomorrow if I haven't already missed it. EVERYTHING in the store is 30-90+% off. Apparently one year they had Myth for $1. So crazy good sale. I need to get a few minis and want more paint.
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    From the pictures I've seen you need to step up your game for "armed" snowmen. The "armament" you are currently using will punch nice holes, which Old Man Winter can quickly fill in. You need, at a minimum, an Industrial Grade Snow Blower and preferably Military Grade Flamethrowers in order for Old Man Winter to consider your "armaments" effective. GEM Some Military Traditions carry on no matter what. The new gear is probably warehoused in the same building as the old gear was. It will take years, and more likely decades, for that "old military canvas" smell to disipate. It may well still be there after the building is bulldozed. GEM
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    This caught my eye. How's you freehand? Even if you change up the flowers, I like the color transitions.
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    I have no experience with airbrush, so can't help with the techniques behind that. But as for choosing colours. Is there any box art or examples of the finished mini? Or do you want her to look different, original? I'm unfamilair with who she is. But I would like to see some caucasian light skin, anime hair in a blueish tone maybe?
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    Arrived in good order, picked up today. Should go out Monday.
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    She looks like as much of a pepperbox as her pistol! Great work bringing out the attitude on this one!
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    Update Those of you following the thread that have not received anything please let me know. I am trying to make sure all participants receive a mini. Thanks
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    That's a great character! Love that tail!
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    Looks great! And he just broke his nose a few fights ago..
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    Another nice job! I really need to get to work on my 20 mini's
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    Nice Job, another I need to paint:( Did you get the same free mini's I did in last years reaper stocking
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