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    BIG NEWS! We're making a change to our 12 Days of Reaper Promotion. You'll still be able to get the FREE mini of the day with your $40 order, just like we've always done. But, when the 12 Days promotion is over, we'll be offering ALL 12 of the Daily Minis for sale starting December 17 for two weeks only. Now, you can pick and choose what you want! Want a free mini? No problem. Want to pick and choose the ones you want? Feel free! Happy Holidays! And remember: your first FREE 12 Days mini is available starting tomorrow!
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    I've been playing Stuffed Fables lately- it is quite a nice dungeon crawler. One of the things that drew me to the game were the fantastic miniatures. Most of them are in that sweet spot between cute and creepy that comes out just brilliant. When I'm painting my own sets of minis, I tend to avoid the official color schemes and instead look for ways in which I can reinterpret the sculpts with color. For Stuffed Fables, I decided to try and make all of the stuffies and enemies look worn, dirty and used. I think this fits in with the Velveteen Rabbit's concept of stuffed animals- they're real when they're stained and worn. Overall, I feel like this made the minis look a little more like Wyrd's Malifaux minis than most versions of Stuffed Fables that I've seen. So here they are. I made these photos very large even though the minis are quite small (especially the Stuffies themselves).
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    Just a quick speed paint to get back into the swing of things. Hope you all like it.
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    So we have a small road trip scheduled for tomorrow and the next day. I'm checking my "boot" money [cash stash] and my wife wants to know "How much mad money do you have?". I calmly replied "It isn't mad, in fact it's not even mildly annoyed,". GEM
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    Speaking of MEOW, it appears that either @Froggy the Great has been experimenting on their agents again, or the Wizard Most Wild, @Pezler the Polychromatic, has wild surged. Hope she's feeling/gets better soon.
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    So the Iter gobliness that was deemed lost in the mail (and was replaced) arrived. It was ordered in the first week of September, and was deemed lost in the mail during the middle of October (via contact with Iter). The replacement arrived November 7th, one week after it shipped. The original arrived, with the address tag falling off the package - she must have been on some wacky trip. I let Iter know; it seems to be a one-man operation and he was really nice about the replacement and I felt a bit sad about troubling him. He said to keep her. I'm going to give her one last adventure: she's going to find a home with a friend in CO so that the merriment is shared. Pretty much Iter is winning with the customer service and the sexy goblin gals, so if you want any of their stuff and need a recommendation, I give all-thumbs-up.
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    d'awwww Someone is getting brownie points. Quick, someone send a plate of brownies to Reaper ASAP. Bite sized mini brownies, of course.
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    So, I knew I had a set of Dreadmere mercenaries... But somehow I have a whole second set... I have no memory of acquiring them. It must have happened it ReaperCon, but... *Shrug*
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    Belly rubs at all times, rustproof fire hydrants, treats for all, and the destruction of MEOW.
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    This is what happens when you drop too many cat's-eye opals into the aquarium.
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    @Erifnogard this little guy belong to you? @Tripleh5133 seems to have located it.
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    Reaper is gonna get more of my money now... I'm still hoping someday they'll make an adorable baker sophie with a tray of cookies for reapermas.
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    That's awesome! Now I don't have to explain the five Reaper orders showing up within days of each other! Lol!
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    I have been in the habit of rereading favorite books periodically. It is like visiting an old friend. Over the last few years my reading has dropped off; so I haven't read or reread much. The only exception to the current lull in reading is, when I have trouble sleeping; then I grab a rules book. Nothing legal puts me to sleep as quickly as a rules book.
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    If you're wanting to add a little color and some iridescence to the clear portions of the unpainted wizkids line, the folk art color shift paints do a great job. They are transparent enough that the clear effect isn't "wasted" while at the same time adding little more life/interest to them. I was just messing around with the wings on the Aasimar female and was really happy with the results. Unfortunately don't have a pic (the iridescence would probably be lost in photos anyway) but thought I'd share.
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    you are actually good on the Adventure League side. Minimum legal table size is 3 players....4 people includes the DM. I had 4 people in my game tonight. Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Player got some good rolls. I was hoping to get them with a nasty trap. Alas, they got the reward instead. And I messed up while describing the room. I revealed the hidden monster.
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    The loud boom and mushroom cloud you see in the west is a weeks worth of careful plotting going up in a radioactive cloud. You guys are so awesome!!! Now to redo all the careful logistical planning and add in even more orders, even closer to Christmas. GEM
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    I don't know what I'm doing with little pieces I've torn off of fake plants but it sure is fun. :D I need to write down what I'm seeing in those videos or I won't remember. I still wanted magic edges for a minimal base but since that won't work out, I'm doing that wood edge base instead. I wish I could make the connecting putty not so.... straight? I might try carving at it some more.
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    I would suggest you ask your doctor if there's a safer alternative, or if you really need it. High blood pressure can also be a major pregnancy risk, so it might be that the risk from the medicine is much smaller than the risk from leaving it untreated. Most prenatal doctors will let you phone in questions like that without you necessarily needing to come in for an appointment. (Of course if they have to take vitals then you'll have to go in.) I went through a similar thing with asthma inhalers. Steroids are bad to take when you're pregnant, but not breathing is worse. A lot of times the risk from a random medication is actually quite small, it's just that the bar for "safe to use while pregnant" is exceptionally high.
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    I would buy the heck out of that! I love you! For realsies!
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    I did at one time, but reading competes for time with all of my other hobbies and it has lost out lately. I need to retire so I have time for multiple hobbies.
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    I got a whole lot of metal in the post today... 5x5x300mm Nanobeams, brackets, screws and nuts. Photographed with a Warjack instead of Sir Forscale, because... eh, it's metal.