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    I actually finished this figure last winter, but never got her based and photographed.
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    I got this figure 2nd hand and did not realize it was suppose to have a collar piece. Fiddled around with various color arrangements, ended up with a blue and purple color-shift carapace and the cool blue underbelly. He's been sitting around for months waiting for the base to get finished.
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    These are the two I finished during the Thanksgiving Paint Binge. A lot of figures got paint, but these were the only ones completed that week. I do not know the names or manufacturers, though I suspect the fellow on the left was some sort of clicky and the one on the right may be Grenadier.
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    Not sure what the name and number of this one is, but fairly sure it is a Ral Partha Shadowrun figure. In lead, no less. I pulled her out of a pile of random stuff over a year ago and didn't get very far. Decided I would finish her up in bright colors. Not sure what the staff is supposed to be, metallic green seemed appropriate. With mages you never know.
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    Oh night Diviiiiiiine Ohhh night Tyrannasaurs
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    It appears that a MEOW agent decided to play dirty.
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    I guess I'm sleepy, since I saw a new thread pop up! Read the Department of Acquisition thread and thought it said Department of Acquaintances. Thought maybe it was for posting pictures of not-so-close friends, I guess. Dogs have been de-watered, so back to bed for me. Maybe I'll be more awake in a few hours.
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    Same. Hubby is determined that I shall get at least one order. So I'll be getting Tinker the Gnome, the Stocking Dragon, and the Christmas Witch. Maybe the Christmas elf, not sure about her though.
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    We have 12 g-nieces and nephew. Ain't gonna happen....... :)
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    I got an idea/inspiration for a Carnivorous Plant to keep my Mushrooms company from this post on Pinterest: Yesterday I did up a dolly for the prototype: Today I made some progress on the Beasty: It has possibilities...it may be another possible obsession.
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    What I THINK or KNOW is not in question here. No. It was more the curse of working for a governmental organisation. So, yes. I am alright.
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    Good to hear she's okay and got you to keep an eye on her. (Obviously not 'liking' that she's got a health issue.) Yeah, conflicted about what smiley to use. Glad she's ok but that's not a good thing to have to deal with. Hoping everything will work out for the best.
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    Must be the season. Just bought my wife’s Christmas gift, a small hydroponic not-greenhouse thing. She’s been wanting an indoor herb garden, so this would fit the bill. Hopefully. Now, youngsters gather close. Wisdom is about to be passed along. Take out that wonderful invention you have nearby, called a smart phone if I recall, and prepare to use it. You probably have some ability to make notes with it, and I would wager you have it close at hand nearly all the time. Right now, open up that and start a gift list note for those you love. During the year, write down what they have admired, but have not yet succumbed to commercial pleasures. That means “bought themselves”, you see. Now come the time to gift, birthday coming up maybe, pull out that little device and look up what you done wrote. Keep it current and you will never be short of things to give to ‘em.
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    With an important meeting like that there should be notes, or a report. Ask for it.
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    Oh, that's what happened to my husband last year. It was scary AF! I'm glad your wife will be getting the care she needs!
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    amuller33- The iridescence doesn't really show as much in this pic but I think it gives the general idea. This is undiluted paint. 1 or 2 coats. For the amount of effort I was more than pleased. Inarah- agreed. They behave so differently from any other paint I've encountered. They've definitely been fun but frustrating too.
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    Good to hear she's okay and got you to keep an eye on her. (Obviously not 'liking' that she's got a health issue.)
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    09723: Rosy Skintones $10.99 x1 77537: Grave Minions (3) $6.99 x1 02870: Familiar Pack VI $8.99 x1 02887: Evil Toys $8.99 x1 29847: HD Rich Indigo $0.99 x1 29849: HD Umber Brown $0.99 x1 29829: HD Golden Brown $0.99 x1 29804: HD Rusty Red $0.99 x1 91006: Prarie Tick Queen $2.99 x1 A real assortment of stuff... Every Christmas I pick up another skin triad. Also, was happy to still be able to get some of the HD paints for a buck...
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    You think we don't have carriers all over the Atlantic and the Mediterranean? My mom is a fan of this stuff. The first rifle I ever got was wrapped in a weedeater box when I was 15. I refused to open the box for 2 hours, until my Opa came to visit and opened it for me because he knew what it was and knew I would be stubborn enough to never open it myself. At the time, I was being made to do the lawn work at my grandma's and my parent's houses, and the weedeater I used had broken at the end of the summer so it was very within the realm of possibility that they would have got me a new weedeater for Christmas. And since the box was for a weedeater that I'd never seen before, and I couldn't tell that it had been retaped, it made sense in my mind that it was actually a weedeater. And we've got home video of when my cousin was like 6 and my mom got him a Tonka truck, but she replaced the truck in the box with a big lump of coal. She didn't bring the truck out until he actually started to cry.
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    Question Dec. 6th: Who here snacks on the ingredients as they cook? (...if you cook?)
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    Yeah, really annoying stuff. Especially so short of 2019. You simply can't find anything in a regional capital that has a large military Base and a big university.
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    Ah..well good to hear you're alright. Good luck with house hunting then.
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    I hope there wasn't a fire or something? You alright? That's scary. Most people will recover and can go on without a problem, just make sure to take the proper meds and follow Doctor's advice. Sometimes there might be changes in personality or abilities even after a while. I wish you both luck and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't happen again.
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    Now @Weird-O, if you keep referencing this supposed "Zognoid invasion", we're just going to have to place you in the chair again. Overmaster Ooglax is most disappointed in your continued attempts to frighten the populace. Memory erasure isn't free, you know