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    This was my entry for the Quarterly Bones Reaper Fan Facebook Painting Contest. The Angel of Shadow. She was good enough for an Honorable Mention (Thanks Reaper Matt)! For the prior contest, I liked how people were getting interesting light effects by using a black backdrop, so I tried that. Another reason I wanted to do it was to see if I could put her on a standard gaming base, supported by a rod painted black to fade into the backdrop, to give her a good illusion of flying. Also, this was my first attempt at Monochrome. My final idea was to do a weapon swap to a wand (A cross-looking weapon from the BONES 3 Weapon Sprue), and sculpted my take on Acid Arrow, painting it green as the only color on the model, like those stunning black and white photos with colored flowers, etc. I would say I'm a much better painter than sculptor Her paints used As time wore down, I had to abandon thoughts of OSL, so I made it seem like her lantern had died out and the spell didn't cast much light. Here are some other photos against an out-of-focus rug to show some tighter details. I tried to put some texture into the fabric of her dress, which was another first. C&C Welcome!
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    In a classless society, all have the rank of Comrade, but SOMEONE has to do the job of overseeing, and today that someone is Boris. Boris loves his job. To do otherwise would be counterrevolutionary. Look at that expression of fulfillment. Currently he's overseeing a work order placement. Corridor 1735/B seems like an odd place for a delivery, but what, he should question the High Commissar? ...Unless, what if the work order was hacked? By a subversive capitalist pig-dog? But what if it WASN'T? Man, this dreeble-seed "coffee" is giving him an ulcer. And here are two more Yellow-clearance citizens fulfilling that work order. That is their job, not asking questions about said job. A different, much more highly trusted citizen has been assigned the question-asking job. "Comrade, are you CERTAIN you have read work order correctly?" "There is only the one way TO read it, comrade! This is surely correct place!" "..." . Another job well done! And here's this sector's cadre of engineering and maintenance from Lunar-Komplecs Alfa!
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    So when is she joining the forums?
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    MOON COMMIES were promised, and MOON COMMIES you shall have! Before the Last World War and the subsequent unification of the Earth Government, the Soviets established two off-world colonies. One, on Mars, used the advanced local technology and Martian social philosophy to create a pretty functional egalitarian society, where worker-owned hypertractors eke a living out of the Martian desert. Colloqually, Earth humans refer to these colonists as the Reds. They are a peaceful bunch, if given to proselytizing and boastfulness. The other colony entrenched itself on the far side of the Moon. Like the Reds, they correctly inferred that human-created systems will be subject to human failures. So instead of putting their planned economy in the hands of fallible humans, they put it under the control of the most advanced economy-planning machine possible: an artificial intelligence. The High Commissar, dozens of cubic meters of vacuum tubes and hundreds of kilometers of tape. Its judgments are infallible, its calculations unquestionable to the nth decimal place. It is also programmed to be absolutely ideologically correct. You can TRUST the High Commissar. The High Commissar is the Working-Man's Friend. You can probably guess the rest. Around the time the Last World War broke out, the High Commissar concluded that all Earth transmissions were bourgeois capitalist propaganda and shut off all communications. The lunar base is on perpetual alert, ever vigilant for saboteurs and agitators. Happiness is mandatory in the Workers' Paradise; unhappiness and poor hygiene is Counterrevolutionary Activity. The wretched inhabitants of *this* colony are known informally on Earth as "the Lunatics." Here are some citizens with Yellow clearance; trusted enough for oversight and maintenance. Their morale bolstered by a level of decoration precisely calculated to uplift the human spirit. And here is another Yellow Clearance hero engaged in needed repairs (due, no doubt, to Earth saboteurs and saboteuses). "Welp, comrades, here is problem." The figures are Heresy Miniatures Bureaucrats. The boots and coveralls and beautifully conveyed levels of job satisfaction seemed perfect for a PARANOIA-style setting.
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    Painted up the bones blacksmith last night. Blue jeans for everyone!
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    More MOON COMMUNISTS! These two--Briony, the Cybertechnician and her faithful robot (50064) and Rosie, the Chronotechnician (50016) also seemed appropriate for an urban-industrial spacefuture setting such as Lunar-Komplecs Alfa. The boots and gloves sealed the deal. Here's Rosie, a go-getting plumbing logistics expert: and Briony, programming and wiring savant. I also had a Zombiesmith Mad Scientist whose goggles, gloves, and boots made him look like a natural fit for this setting, driven to continually improve counter-saboteur blasting technology:
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    A couple I finished up last weekend. Gloria has been sitting around a while, she has the tiniest arms that had to be glued in, and massive "football pad" shoulders that look really awkward on her tiny frame. There's also a big gap where the arms go in, so rather than file a lot, I painted it to look like sleeves. While she has the whole "urban gangster" look that would typically be black I wanted to give the piece some color so I chose the neon orange for her crop top. For the base I played with one of the HappySeppuku base stamps I got at Reapercon. Stone is a character from a Deadlands game, I think. I haven't played in a decade or more. This came out of the BoGW, IIRC. He had a western look to him so I went with weathered jeans and grimy duster. His base is painted and shaded sand.
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    What I didn't like of the LotR trilogy was how Gimli was mostly a comic relief while Legolas was the "Too cool to fail" character. Contrast dwarf tossing to shield surfing while shooting arrows.
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    Our party in Megan's game now has a base! Hurraay! And, we got enough treasure from the gang of necromancers that had moved into the basement dungeons below the property to almost pay it off! Seems that family of artificers that had used the place as their home and workshop were not very nice people, and got taken out by some even less nice people - they had a flesh golem manufactory going on down in their basement. Then the necromancers that killed them took it over, to continue the business. And were making sure to use fresh parts for their golems. (We managed to rescue some of them - and partially rescue another... the golem was walking around on his legs.) Julie got a chance to really strut her stuff as a white necromancer. Next adventure is tracking down their customers. The place is an inconvenient distance from town, but has the facilities we need - especially since we want to repair that Juggernaut. The Juggernaut wants to keep the tree that was growing out of it.... (I think that Megan just wants to keep using the same mini for it - which also means that it is likely that the base will be attacked at some point... so she can use the mini.) For tonight's game, Duncan is again trapped in retail Hell until eight - but is getting overtime, so is not complaining too much. Switching back to the Starjammers in the Regency game, for between four and eight weeks. And... I now have my opening scenario for the kids game - the poor tykes will be starting off in prison, I'm afraid... (I has a map, and a cunning plan. ) Two to a cage (cage, not cell), with... something in the cage that the kids aren't in. It will help the players get out, in return for its own freedom. (Juju zombie Oracle - one of the things that the PCs will need to get for it is a strangely ornate scythe... it is not one of the good guys, but keeps its word. However, they will be meeting it again. Not quite a free willed undead, but an intelligent one - it's master is a real piece of work.) Happened because I had a free map, and had just been playing Oblivion. So... the kids will be starting in the dungeon, and need to get out, rather than going into the dungeon. Starting with no equipment, except for one tiny item each. (I will lay heavy hints that the rogues will want to both have their picks.) Step one will be retrieving their equipment, and then getting the heck out of Dodge. Two ways out - a combat way - fighting against the guards that captured them in the first place, or creeping off through a secret door into the mossy dungeons. (Did I mention that I have been playing Oblivion? ) The Auld Grump - cooking a big pot of pork lobscouse for the Regency game.
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    My take on an iconic DND demon prince as sculpted by Paul Muller for the Fractured Dimensions line. Paul resurfaced here recently to show off some of his new sculpting, and I pulled this fella off my shelf of shame to paint him up.
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    random plug for charity: our FLGS is hosting Dungeons and Donations for our local children's hospital. We have 3 hours left in our 24 hour marathon of gaming featuring the classic Encounter at Barrier Peak. We're live on twitch and the main page is here. Feel free to donate- must rescue the children! Also... you can Bane or Boon the players. It's awfully fun to hit them with random acts of cruelty! The death counter is currently at 26.
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    That's a darn beautiful puddytat. In more news: I recruited an Aussie to D&D and painting. He had to leave his paints in Australia when he came up here, but brought some of his Malifaux minis. YAY FRIENDS.
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    The latest batch of kittens seems to have settled in. I finally managed to get a decent picture of Galahad.
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    Because someone was being "helpful" .... or something. Seriously there is no logic to why some are and some aren't on bases. Makes me crazy.
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    Possible good news. I may have my paints 2 weeks late! :) Saw an update finally and it says it has left the Distribution Center in Coppell. Which probably means Allen gets it tomorrow and it goes out to be delivered on Monday! :)
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    I want to see if I can make a card to fit in the hole, and fit it to a small magnet so that I can change the card in the hole. Paint the card with scenes of places. Then I can have alternate destinations through the portal
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    When I first saw Fellowship in the theater, there were two adolescent girls that went 'Eeeee!' every time Orlando Bloom made an appearance. I... had always thought that was something that somebody had made up... (Not really complaining, mind... they were really enjoying the movie....) And... I was somewhat disgruntled at the lack of the barrow wights and Tom Bombadil. Other than that... I felt like it was a craftsmanly job - not a masterpiece, but obvious that he respected the work. But, Lords and Ladies! How I disliked The Hobbit films.... Though I have a feeling that the studio bears most of the blame for that. The Auld Grump - and the music was incredible. (Even in The Hobbit movies.)
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    The Weed from HELL! is now based & has some tendrils/tentacles to add to the overall creepiness: I should have it base coated with some moss, mushrooms & stuff later today...or not.
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    I actually have in mind a diorama that needs this portal. I have most of the metal minis for it already. "She can show you the world" with the female sorceress on a flying carpet. I can give her different places to see
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    So glad I got in on the .99 sale! Brought my painting to a whole new level!! First paint was the half elf cleric using cheap craft paint Second try on was 03775: Tengu Wizard was using the HD paints And I just had to make a holder too..lol
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    Platypus has been in hibernation mode. *waves hi to all*
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    Ooo if you can then figure out a way to have the scenes rapidly shift (maybe on something rotating behind it) you get to make the players worry about timing their crossings. Especially if you can get one of then to go through while the others are just checking it out. Like in that Star Trek episode City on the Edge of Forever.
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    Here is my Viridius the great green dragon, protector of the Woodspike forest. This is a pewter version of the model that was sculpted by Jason Wiebe. I made the magnetizable set of giant goat-like horns and the set of stag antlers with green stuff.
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    Got my Oathsworn order in... Hedgehog Warrioress (Medium, Hedgehog) Hare Warrior (Large, Hare) Wildcat Warrior (Large, Wildcat) Fox Huntress (Large, Fox) Gwasila, Fennec Fox (Large, Fennec Fox, Rare beast, Freelances) I wanted to order a few more, but this order should just squeeze in under the VAT limit. Oh, and I got half a dozen glass christmas ornaments in yesterday... The one I've checked so far has an 18mm opening, but with the way the edge has been trimmed, it may be possible to file it out to 19mm. (Store is Little Crafty Bugs in England) Tantrix arrived a few days ago, too, and I've been messing with it. The 14piece challenge is... painful... Tamiya punches also arrived, and they eem to be OK. But I need to try them out on some more tricky materials than the cardboard bacing of the blisterpack they came in...
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    My November order arrived; I got a few HD paints (including a spare Dragon Blue - have to decide if I give it to my mom or not). Got Alaine metal figure for sake of repainting; she's one of my favorites that I painted ~8 years ago and loved. Got Avatars of Wisdom and Protection for Mom, along with War Dog, and some kobolds. And jackalopes for Sir Cyr, because he loves Wyoming.