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    Good day everyone, now that the contest is over, here are some pictures of entry in Reaper's Painting Contest #8. Congrats to the winners and all those who participated. I can't wait to see the next model selection. The model is 77364, Angel of Shadows and it's mounted on a 77247, Pillar of Evil both sculpted by Sandra Garrity. The last picture was my entry in the contest, I managed to finish second. I entitled my entry the Angel of Hope. I removed the sword she was holding in here right hand and I carved her finger as if she's pointing the way for the lost souls so they will to turn back to the light.
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    I'd go for potatoes and butter. All the nutrients you need to live, and it's Potato.
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    Won this guy at the kickatarter conclusion party. Started painting him and is fun, but challenging.
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    Bug guy is: 77608 Bonesylvanians - Jaques
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    77134: Hajad, Pirate 77481: Gwyddis, Dwarf Valkyrie 77057: Juliette, Female Sorceress 77167: Ingrid, Female Gnome 77387: Lanelle, Half-elf Rogue Can't remember the name of the bug guy. ETA: They're not in the order of the photo, I was attempting to look them up on my phone already based on my order.
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    Jon thinks that I switched to the Starjammers because something bad is going to happen to the other group. He's picking up on tells, but needs to refine his methodology. Looking forward to this.... 'You! Lockpick boy! You want out of here? I know a way out, but I can't get out of my cage... help me, and I'll help you... Quid pro quo, something for something, and then we can both be on our merry and separate ways....' 'Up to you... do you want to fight the guards, and all that they can call before you stiff them, or do you want to get out?' 'Tick tock, tick tock boy! Do you want out?' (Sounding a bit like a khaijit from Oblivion, with a hint of a basso rumble.) Coming from a pair of pale, white, glowing eyes in a cage that is completely in darkness - even when the prison is lit. I want the kids to go along with it, but be creeped out by it, and certainly not to trust it. Once past the secret door they can either accompany it, or make their own, separate, unguided way out of the maze. The prison is a bonus tile from Heroic Maps Patreon page. Always nice when a plan comes together. Need to pick up the mossy dungeon - one thing I am going to have fun with is the air in those twisting dungeons... clean and fresh, as is the water. I have a feeling this will worry a couple of the kids more that foetid air and brackish streams.... The Mossy Dungeon set doesn't look clean, exactly - but it doesn't look like a Hell pit, either. At least until you notice the scattered bones... Gee... do you think that there could be giant spiders down here? The party can't just follow the breeze - there are myriad grates letting fresh air and streams of water into the depths - neither a sewer nor a storm drain - the purpose of this dungeon like labyrinth was to direct groundwater away from the underpinnings of major stone buildings, and as a passage that the dwarf masons used when creating those massive buildings. Six centuries later the passages are long forgotten.... Except by the vermin and the derro. (Derro may be crazed, pale blue, dwarf things - but they are not squalid. And the Lantern Folk are not quite as crazed as their more evil cousins. If the encounters with them go well, then Lantern Folk become a possible PC racial choice, later.) Longer term goal is to get their ship back - a lean, fast ship - better suited for smuggling and passenger service than for outright piracy. (Sloop rigged - faster closer the wind than a ship rigged vessel, slower with the wind. Good for evasion, not so great in a prolonged battle.) The hook is that the PCs used to have shares on a ship - but that ship was impounded by the Crown, and the Captain executed for a murder he didn't commit. (And for the smuggling that he definitely did commit.) The PCs are due to an expedient trial, followed by summary execution. (Someone in the Council was part of the smuggling ring, and now wants to erase those ties.) *EDIT* The fresh, clean air and water is something I am taking from a cave I visited when I was younger and more flexible. I no longer remember the name of the place, but I do remember how... pleasant the cave was. Cool, and clean, and, yes, mossy. The Auld Grump
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    WIP of my exchange mini
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    I ordered a package from Reaper on Friday, and received a notice that it's on its way, but what arrived first was a group of three figures from Hero Forge. I haven't decided on the rules, but these are ultimately destined for some sort of Bordertown-like urban fantasy game. I am doing this utterly backwards, building some evocative (to me at least) miniatures and then constructing a setting around them. I figure if I don't order them any faster than I paint them, I can probably manage this. My initial order of two have been painted, and I have another group of three ready when I finish these. I didn't notice until after I had pulled the trigger that all three of these were sporting animal companions. My son's comment yesterday, upon seeing them, was to ask if I'd been reading The Golden Compass recently and the gave everyone a daemon. (No, although it would explain it, had it been true...)
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    I can almost kinda understand wanting to ensure that you've got some food around so you don't starve in the wake of 'interesting' weather, but I would think the emphasis would be on canned goods and stuff that doesn't go bad if there's no power for refrigeration. My wife and I went to my office Christmas party last night which was ok. It was held at a local hotel that is a very popular place for parties/receptions/weddings/stuff like that. The inside of the building is done up to look like it's outside and you're walking down a street with all kinds of different shops on both sides. My wife and I thought it was pretty neat. If anyone is actually interested, Google 'the Desmond' on Albany-Shaker road. The thing is, now I'm all out of whack. Since I just saw my coworkers yesterday, a small part of mind thinks it's Saturday, not Sunday.
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    After 13 tries, I finally found a room in Kiel. And it's even affordable. That means, I can finally get all my stuff together and move. I already plan to make the main room into my personal miniature assembly and painting room. Which brings me to the thought of the day.
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    I have a few times, but will probably start being specific when there is a good How-To guide. I've also referred her to Miniac on Youtube. She seems to be doing well asking all the right questions and puzzling over common stuck spots! I think she's getting the hang of it pretty fast. She even goes for putting eyes on figures this early on! But sometimes I'm at work or doing other stuff, and she could use another outlet in case she's on a roll and I'm not there. I like talking to her about all of this, and think she'd do well to have more friends to talk to about it. You guys are here when I'm busy. Lately Mom gets to paint more than I do - it is almost taunting!
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    Won this guy at the kickatarter conclusion party. Started painting him and is fun, but challenging.
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    It's snowing here! Or maybe it's transitioned to tiny ice pellets. Maybe I should say "It snowed here!" My part of North Carolina doesn't reliably see snow. (The first winter I moved here, we didn't get any snow at all. The next winter, the only snow we got was a flurry in April.) So snow is always a treat. It'll probably be gone by Tuesday. I don't know what it is about people around here but "interesting" weather (snows, hurricanes, etc.) result in a run on bread, milk, and eggs, like everyone's gearing up to make French toast during or in the aftermath of whatever's going on. Recently, I have also noticed a run on cheap beer. I don't know if that's always been part of it or if this is a new thing.
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    Beautiful all around. I’ve gotten a new appreciation for brown to yellow blending. You are the king at brown to yellow and all the beiges in between.
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    I like your mom already! But it can get tiresome being on autodial for painting questions. Sometimes you learn better finding the answer yourself.
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    That's just about everywhere, to my understanding. And yea, beer is usually a part of it. Or at least it is around here for families with a beer drinker or two. It may seem weird, but to be fair bread, milk, and eggs cover a majority of your daily nutrients. They're also relatively calorie dense, and in the case of eggs they will keep for a LONG time. Seriously. I've pulled eggs out of my fridge and used them after they've been in there for 2+ months with no issues. Because eggs don't really go bad if they're constantly and properly refrigerated, they just eventually dry out.
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    Having lived in east-central NC all my life, the beer has always been a part of it, it has just gotten worse as the beer has gotten cheaper/worse. We got around 4.5-5 inches of snow here in Rocky Mount, has changed over to sleet as of now and freezing rain is the next step. Have all ideas that work will be delayed by at least an hour tomorrow to give those that drive the furthest time to get there in the daylight.
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    I just got my $65 "Stocking" freebie today, and am pleasantly surprised in the quality and quantity of the minis included. Is there any easy way to find the sku# of these? Eg, is there a predetermined subset they are coming from? Or am I going to need to do some site-wide searching?
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    My LGS found some old stock in back and I found a metal Scorpion! It's already built and will be primed tomorrow! Woohoo! Say, is it restricted to Adon as a Borsig Spline, or would it be open now?
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    And here they are all done. There is no banner for the unit, so I might add one later. The boar chariot is the last thing to do before holiday travels.
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    ...AND The Beasty is green. I am in the home stretch on it now. Some dots on the mushrooms, a little touching up, some grass tufts, & done.
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    Post a quick photo of them here, and the group will have them ID'd in minutes.
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    Yay for finding a place to stay! As for the other stuff, it could be caused by something simple like sleep apnea that can be easily treated. Hope everything goes well for you.
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    love the feather detail and the shading on the yellow. what did you use?
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    No adventurer will be able to resist........the Cruller of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!
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    These are the “premium plastic”. I had no particular issues with the first two I painted...think I just used a white spray primer on them:
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    Day of chores... Yesterday we went to visit my sister, and we tried to make sourdough twists (cookies my mum made every year) and we came close, but didn't quite get it right. I wish she had taken better notes on her recipe cards. *shrug* Next time they'll be better.
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    Had a fun surprise at my LGS today, they had found some NOS in the back and it included a discontinued Reaper/Talon Scorpion CAV. It is now assembeld and will get primed tomorrow when it is a bit warmer. Oh, they also had a CAV Starhawk 6 and I grabbed a Blackstar Corsair to round out for a bonus.
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    have you considered can of snakes? like wand of summon nature's ally except always snake.
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    That level of tired where adding a Trunk Monkey style trap to a chest seems like a good idea.... (Magic trap - summons a Fiendish Chimpanzee... who goes ape on the person opening the chest.) The Auld Grump
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    Whoops! Word from on high to stop spoiling the Kids Game - since I will be running Razor Coast for the grown ups... eventually. (I hadn't planned on using the same opening, but she's right - there is no reason not to.) And here I thought that stealing from Oblivion was being kind of open.... The Auld Grump
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    That is shaping up to be one mean green mother!
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    Thanks for your comments. I used Ink, I base coated the entire model, painted some detail and applied a brown ink wash. I highlighted a few spots with lighter tones of the same colors I used for the basecoat and worked on the final details like the eyes, the feathers tip boots laces. I then applied a light-yellow ink glaze on her left wing, face, dress and stone pillar. At the end, I highlighted the edge of the feathers closer to the lantern. Ink is a media I just started to use this year and I love it. It was quite a discovery for me who had only washed my models with diluted paint in the past. Ink is something worth trying and it makes a great and inexpensive gift.
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    Glorious, and ah! bright Wings. The tree is the perfect backdrop.
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    Steal away; waste not! In retrospect, I should have glued some tiny wheels or gears to some of those round nubbins, to act as valves.
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    We will see. But it's a real mess and I am sick of it. I've lost most of my English, Japanese and German knowledge because of it and everyday I feel like I run around like a dementia patient. Even reading is work for me nowadays. As for now, I can happily look towards my new place and maybe by the end of december I can move in. That will make things a lot easier. At least for the time being.
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    Great work! Congratulations on placing. I love the detail you gave to the feather tips and your OSL.
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    Ugh... last week the owner of the restaurant looked at how BIG the local orders for stock were, and told the managers to cut it in half. So, while I was enjoying my day off, every single restaurant in the local chain ran out of basic supplies at the same time. You know what costs more than big shipments of supplies you are going to need? Getting emergency shipments of food because an idiot that owns the place cut the orders in half. $500 extra in fees, for each store that ran out - which was all of them. Locally, that was 15 stores. Hooray. Not even the younger guy that is CoO - this was the older guy, that has been in the business for forty years - so he has no excuse, whatsoever. (The younger one is an MBA - and had no restaurant experience until he was made chief of operations.) I swear... there is something about the food industry that attracts idiots to upper management. *** Meanwhile I am going to go home and play Fallout 3 - using my own custom Christmas radio station - there is just something primal about rampaging through the radioactive wastelands, while I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas is playing on the radio.... The Auld Grump
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    Clearman box received from @Arc 724, and it grew. Gonna have fun going through it.
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    I really like the scheme. Have you thought about accentuating the folds in the dress? Taking some light color and mix with that with the dark brown/red you used, and then applying to the folds. Doing this in gradually lighter shades would make it pop and take it to next level.
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    I've finished my first WK mini repair - I had a fire element arm pop off at the shoulder. It broke on the assembly joint rather than the material, which is good. The joint itself went back together with just regular CA, though it was very nearly a flat on flat joint - not pinned or keyed like you see in bones. I suspect the joint wasn't correctly/completely made at the factory.
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    These are something that I dearly wish we had the money for right now - great minis, terrible timing. Those drunk halflings and 'casualties'... (Dead? Or just dead drunk?) And I love that wraith.... The Auld Grump
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    I absolutely love the use of old sprue. I am definately stealing that idea!
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    That halfling shieldmaiden warband is insane value. About one Pound per mini ... and there are some big ones in there.
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    Inspiring use of the sprue as ductwork. The setting reminds me of a manufacturing plant I once worked at, right down to the neon green goo...
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    ...priming is kind to my old eyes. I have the Plant Beasty with moss & mushrooms now. The painting is under way.
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